Proton T-1.5 Hard Drive & Magnetic Media Degausser Specs Sheet by monomachines


Proton Magnetic Media Degausser

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                DATA DESTRUCTION

Product Description:                                          Benefits:
The new Proton T-1.5 is a drawer style degausser that         • Destruction of confidential, sensitive and classified data
destroys data on hard drives and other magnetic media to        is in accordance with recognized standards and provides
help organizations protect sensitive information and stay       compliance under FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, DPA, etc.
in compliance with various Government regulations for         • Meets data sanitization standards set by the US National
data sanitization. The T-1.5 is automatic, light weight         Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and The US
and simple to use so it will fit easily into existing           Department of Defense
operations. An effective magnetic field of 1.5 tesla makes    • Provides peace of mind that confidential data will not
it the strongest drawer style degausser available today         fall into the wrong hands
capable of erasing 3 TB drives. As hard drive and other       • Will erase any hard drive or magnetic media that fits in
magnetic media densities increase, the T-1.5 will continue      the drawer: Including Laptop, Desktop and Network
to be the ultimate guard against data loss that can lead to     Hard Drives, Various formats of LTO and DLT Tapes.
costly data breaches.                                         • Offers environmentally responsible way to handle and
                                                                dispose of electronic media
Technical Specifications/Features:
• Magnetic Field Intensity: 5,000 Oe
• Magnetic Flux Density: 15,000 G (1.5 tesla)
• Automatic On/Off operation
• Erasure cycle time: < 1 minute
• Duty Cycle: Continuous                                      Manufactured by:
• Table top or floor operation                                Proton Data Security
• Weight: 48 pounds (21.8 kg)                                 9703 South Dixie Hwy, Suite 207
• Dimensions: 12 X 12 X 20” (30.5 X 30.5 X 50 cm)             Miami, FL 33156
• Drawer opening 1 X 4.3 X 6” (2.5 X 11 X 15 cm)              Ph: 305-670-5202 Fax: 305-508-6664
• Power/Amps: 8 @ 120 Volts, 4 @ 240 Volts          
• Made in The USA                                   

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