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                                                                                                           Microformats Findability
                                                                                                                with        with
    Molly Holzschlag                            Christopher Schmitt                                                  Emily Lewis                                        Aarron Walter

      9 am–12 pm CT                                   2–5 pm CT                                                   9 am–12 pm CT                                  2–5 pm CT
As the open standard for                      Recent implementation of                                     Microformats are HTML-                      Connecting with your audi-
Web applications, HTML5                       CSS3 features in modern                                      based design patterns that                  ence is objective number one
takes markup to a new                         browsers allows for greater                                  add semantics to common                     for any website. Findabil-
level, requiring Web de-                      design control and creativity.                               web content, such as that                   ity—the discipline of helping
velopers and designers to                                                                                  about people, places, events                users discover the content
re-examine the way they’ve                    In this workshop, Chris-                                     and links. Microformats have                they seek—not only helps
worked in the past, and                       topher Schmitt, author of                                    a wide range of benefits,                   businesses get their message
will be working in days and                   The CSS Cookbook, walks                                      including SEO, standards                    out, but it improves the user
months to come.                               attendees through new                                        compliance and extensible                   experience too.
                                              design possibilities available                               data publishing.
Presented by Molly Hol-                       in CSS3. We’ll cover work-                                                                               In this workshop presented
zschlag, Web Standards                        ing with colors, shadows,                                    Spend three hours exploring                 by Aarron Walter, User Expe-
advocate, evangelist, devel-                  multiple background and                                      these subtle but essential                  rience Designer at MailChimp
oper relations team member                    border images, gradi-                                        design elements with Emily                  and author of Building Find-
at Opera Software, and                        ents and transitions, and                                    Lewis, author of Microformats               able Websites: Web Standards
author of several standards-                  multiple columns. And in                                     Made Simple. In addition to                 SEO and Beyond, you’ll learn
based Web design books,                       addition to font embedding                                   covering the basics of micro-               techniques to make your site
this workshop helps to                        techniques and third-party                                   formats & why you should be                 more meaningful to search
demystify HTML5 as well as                    font bureaus, we look into                                   using them, you’ll get your                 engines, easier to index, and
provide actual insight into                   designing with older brows-                                  hands dirty with exercises                  strategies to get your content
how to begin using aspects                    ers in mind when coding                                      to help you start publishing                in front of a broader audi-
of the language today.                        with CSS3.                                                   right away.                                 ence.

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Description: The predecessor of the draft HTML5 called Web Applications 1.0. In 2004 was WHATWG proposed by W3C in 2007 to accept and set up a new HTML working group. In the January 22, 2008, the first draft of a formal announcement is expected in September 2010 formally recommended to the public. WHATWG said the specification is being done, still many years of effort.