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									uMhlathuze News
Official newsletter of the uMhlathuze Municipality
                                   August 2009

Budget business breakfast
at the Bay
Savings, budgets, financial literacy and the economic crisis were
on the agenda of a business breakfast hosted by the KZN
Department of Finance at the uMhlathuze Civic Centre in
Richards Bay in July.
    In his welcome address, Mayor Zakhele Mnqayi said that
the City is still growing at a fast rate and that it is a challenge
for Council to continue providing infrastructure to facilitate
development. “Our budget of R1,8 billion is not enough for the
rate of growth. We aim to put a lot of money in the ground in
terms of infrastructure so that we can attract new businesses,”
he said.
    He added that while the City has been able to keep tariff
increases below double digits, they have had to borrow money
to balance the books. “We don’t want to kill the ‘goose that lays
the golden egg’ and through our budget public participation
                                                                                                      KZN Finance Minister Ina Cronje (left) and City of uMhlathuze
process we have ensured that all people in the City understand
                                                                                                      Mayor Zakhele Mnqayi (right) arrive at a post budget meeting
the budget process.”                                                                                  hosted at the Civic Centre in Richards Bay.
    Presenting an overview of the provincial budget process and
the state of the province’s economy, MEC Ina Cronje said that                                             Regarding tourism she said that 2010 offered the tourism
their goal for all 58 municipalities in the province is to achieve                                    industry great potential but warned that it may be out-pricing
unqualified audit reports, an indication of good governance.                                          itself.
    “There is no tolerance for being under- or over-budget.                                               “The City of uMhlathuze has huge potential to develop into
Municipalities and departments must be on budget. If they are                                         one of the most wonderful places in the country. Watch out
under-budget it means that there is money lying around that                                           eThekweni. The challenge now is to use these difficult times to
should have been spent on service delivery to the people.”                                            your advantage,” said Cronje.
    Cronje added that they would have “no mercy” for fraud and                                            Meanwhile business raised their concerns on the lack of
corruption and that they would also be looking at the private                                         progress on a number of projects such as the IDZ, the delay in
sector, which may be facilitating corruption in government.                                           the upgrade of the John Ross Highway and cross border status
    Focusing on the province’s economy and how it is being                                            for the Richards Bay airport.
affected by the recession, Cronje voiced her concern at the                                               Spokesman, Frans van der Walt chairman of the Uthungulu
decline in the agricultural sector, which above all other sectors,                                    Strategic Development Committee added their dismay that the
should be showing growth. “We appeal to successful commercial                                         much-anticipated national container terminal, believed to be
farmers to give of their expertise. This, above all other sectors                                     developed in Richards Bay has been moved to the new and
in the province should be thriving and we should even be looking                                      under-developed port of Ngqura. “However, I believe we will get
at exporting our produce.”                                                                            the bulk of infrastructure spend by government post the economic
                                                                                                      crisis and if we don’t prepare ourselves for that, then we’ll miss

In this issue
                                                                                                      out,” he said.

Budget business breakfast at the Bay ...............1                 Library piling contract awarded ........................6     Sad Passing ....................................................10
Municipal Strike ................................................2    UHlelo loMkhandlu Dolobha lokweSekela                         Belangrike uitstalling in Museum ....................10
Home grown Senior Manager for Finance.........2                       Ezolimo selungene esigabeni sesibili ................7        Fraud prevention and anti corruption
Young managers converge on City....................3                  Novel influenza A/H1N1 Swine Flu ....................8        policy put in place ...........................................10
The best laid plans ............................................4     Reminder of new vaccine for 12 year olds ........8            Expo announces new main sponsor................11
Beach advertising gets a makeover...................5                 Appeals Board to start work in September........9             Tenders awarded for “Digital City” project ......11
UMtapowolwazi Ube Nohlelo Lwamaholide.......5                         Progress made with housing project ................9          Dates to diarise ...............................................11
Kukhiswhe Ithenda Lokuhlelwa kwedolobha                               Peermont looks to develop casino ....................9        Controlled parking for Richards Bay CBD .......12
eMandlazini.......................................................6   UMkhandlu Ukhiphe Imisebenzi                                  Coaching for the future ...................................12
New street names need public opinion .............6                   Yamabhizinisi Asafufusa .................................10   Important Municipal Telephone Numbers .......12
Municipal Strike Home grown Senior
                 Manager for Finance
As the Chief Executive Officer of the City of uMhlathuze,
I feel duty bound to explain the Council’s position regarding
the recent Municipal strike.                                          Finance and financial matters
     I would like to start off by apologising to our ratepayers       affect everybody and some
and residents for any inconvenience that they may have                make finance their career.
suffered during the strike. As was reported extensively in                This is the case of
the media, the municipal workers belonging to two different           uMhlathuze City’s new Senior
Trade Unions were striking to demonstrate their unhappiness           Manager: Finance, Mxolise
with proposed wage increases, which are negotiated at the             Kunene, who started his career
National Bargaining Council for Local Government. This                as a clerk in the finance
was a nationwide action and affected service delivery at
                                                                      department at the uThungulu
municipalities across the country. The Municipality finds
                                                                      District Municipality. Through
itself in the position that it cannot negotiate salaries at the
                                                                      studying he worked his way up
local level and is bound by negotiations and decisions,
                                                                      the ladder to the position of
which are taken at the national level. We are compelled by
law to implement the decisions taken by the Bargaining                Deputy Chief Financial Officer.
Council.                                                                  A leader by nature, Kunene was prefect from grade 8 and in
     Another issue, which should be made clear, is that the           matric he was deputy head boy at Salesian High School in
strike was a legal one. The Constitution of South Africa              Swaziland. He also captained his soccer teams, from his position
and the Labour Laws, based on the constitutional principles,          mid field or as striker whether it was at school, his club or at
allows employees to go on strike on condition that certain            Tech. Golf is his new challenge although he says he doesn’t
procedures are followed. In the case of the municipal strike,         stress about the game, “it’s fun getting out of the woods”.
all legal procedures were followed and the strike was                     And equally he is up to the challenge of guiding the uMhlathuze
therefore a legal one. I received many suggestions by                 Municipality through these tough economic times. He commented:
residents of our municipality that we should just fire the            “There are good systems in place and we have good people
people who are on strike. In view of my explanation above,            working in the department. I have my own ideas and areas where
this would not only be against the law but also against the           I believe we need to improve.”
values adhered to and accepted by the uMhlathuze                          Kunene said he would like to improve the customer care
Municipality.                                                         aspect so that the person dealing with enquiries in his department
     We do, however, join the Honourable President of South           can efficiently answer any question about the entire municipality
Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma, in his repeated condemnation of                and direct the person to the correct department. “I have been
the illegal actions, which accompanied the strike. The                on the other side of this counter so I know where the gaps are.”
spilling of garbage on public spaces, the vandalising of
                                                                          Likewise he has also been in almost every position in a
property, the sabotaging of municipal services and the
                                                                      finance department and is determined to empower the people
intimidation of our employees and our clients in going about
                                                                      in his department through training as well as sharing knowledge.
their normal activities is regretted and condemned in the
                                                                      “I want a department that can compete in terms of good
strongest terms. Individual cases where evidence is available
                                                                      governance. We are there but need to be just that little bit better.”
of illegal action by members participating in the strike will
be followed up. Should any member of the public feel that                 An area of concern for him is the dependence of the
he or she wishes to submit a complaint, such can be done              Municipality’s finances on land sale income. “We need to move
at the SA Police Services.                                            away from our reliance on land sales and concentrate on other
     Since Monday, 3 August 2009, everything has returned             avenues of income.”
to normal. We hope that service delivery will return to such              He believes that the Municipality needs to react now to
a degree that a high level of satisfaction of our clients can         external investors who are still keen to come to the City. “We
be recorded.                                                          need to put ourselves out there,” he said but warned that the
     We are grateful to the public for their understanding and        Municipality must also “tighten its belt”. “Decisions need to be
patience during this difficult time. We would like to assure          made on sound financial principles and not just because it is in
you that as an organisation, we remain committed to service           the budget.”
delivery and upliftment of the quality of the lives of all our            Maintaining recovery of debtors is also crucial at this time
communities. When I make these statements, I can assure               when people are struggling to make ends meet and the
our residents that the Trade Unions and their members are             Municipality must continue its policy of financial discipline.
also committed to a high level of service delivery.                       Determined to continue improving not only himself but the
                                                                      Municipality as well, Kunene said he would like to know that
Dr AW Heyneke – City Manager                                          should he leave in five years time he would leave a legacy of
                                                                      having made a positive difference to uMhlathuze.

Young managers converge on City
The City of uMhlathuze hosted the
Institute of Local Government Managers
(ILGM) at the end of July for the 4th
Annual Young Managers’ Forum, which
was attended by over fifty delegates from
across the province.
    The forum coincided with the
nationwide strike action by municipal
workers which added more weight to the
theme of the forum, “Towards a New
Professional Unit of Young Responsible
and Empowered Local Government
Managers: Are we up to the challenge?”
    In his welcoming address, City
Manager, Dr Tonie Heyneke said the
ILGM plays an important role in local
government and the development of
                                                 At the opening of the ILGM forum were (back left): Nathi Madondo (ILGM Treasurer and
m a n a g e r s. H e e n c o u r a g e d t h e   CFO of uThukela Municipality), RP Mnguni (ILGM Deputy Chairman), MH Nkosi (Mbonambi
participants to be active members and            Municipal Manager); (front left): Mayor Zakhele Mnqayi, Mbali Ndlovu (Senior Manager:
to help find solutions to the challenges         Corporate Services), Siyanda Nkehli (uThukela District Municipality and ILGM KZN Chapter
facing local government at present.              Chairman) and motivational speaker Zama Phakathi of Splendid Marketing.
    “There are very capable people in
local government, people with great              management as it would be difficult to go       disease for the young democracy” by
promise and I would like to see these            back once this happens.”                        Hilton Renald, Acting Manager of
people develop to their full potential. Don’t        Chairman of the KwaZulu-Natal               Financial Services, City of uMhlathuze
get negative about South Africa and local        Chapter of the ILGM, Siyanda Nkehli             as well as a motivational talk by Zama
gover nment because there is a                   spoke about the need for managers to            Phakathi of Splendid Marketing.
tremendous amount of promise and many            have alter native plans to create                  The delegates also broke away into
positives and we can resolve our                 employment and generate income for              groups to discuss:
problems.”                                       their municipalities in light of the economic
    Similarly Mayor Zakhele Mnqayi               recession, which is impacting on local          •   Staff tur nover – causes,
challenged young managers to be                  government.                                         consequences and possible solutions
innovative and to “think outside of the              He said there should be effective           •   The role of sports and recreation
box”. He said they should strive to make         communication with communities so that              development in local government
their municipality run better than other         communities can fully understand why            •   How to achieve clean audit reports in
municipalities so that they can leave            municipalities are not able to deliver              local government
behind a positive legacy as young                services to the satisfaction of the             •   Rolling out e-gover nment and
managers.                                        communities.                                        l eve r a g i n g I C T ( i n fo r m a t i o n ,
    In this regard he also spoke about the           Mr Nkehli also addressed corruption             communications technology) to
need for “walk about management” and             in local government and said it is                  enhance ser vice deliver y and
said he would like to see managers being         important that corruption is stamped out            sustainable development
more enthusiastic about going into the           because it negatively impacts on service        •   IDP (Integrated Development Plan)
communities to see what is happening             delivery. He explained that if a building           as a tool to promote good governance
in their area.                                   contractor is required to give a “gift” to a        in local government.
    In commenting on the thin line that          municipal employee the contractor would
exists between management and political          recoup this cost by, for example, using
leaders he added: “We don’t want political       fewer bags of cement to build a house,
activists as managers. We need                   which would impact on the standard of
managers who can stand their ground as           service delivery.
managers and focus on corporate                      He added that over-legislation of local
governance. Political leaders are there to       government, the impact on management
govern, to make policies and monitor the         due to changes in a municipality’s political
implementation of these policies.                structure as well as the lack of funding
Managers are experts in their fields             for local government are concerns that
whereas as councillors we are not. We            need to be addressed.
are elected to govern and not employed               The forum included several topical          Delegates give Mayor Zakhele Mnqayi a
to manage. Managers should think very            presentations including one entitled            round of applause after his thought
carefully about involving councillors in         “Fraud and corruption – the slow killing        provoking address.

The best laid plans…
What happens to building plans once they are submitted to the Municipality? And why does approval sometimes
take so long? uMhlathuze News finds out how residents and investors can ensure a smooth approval process.
In terms of the National Building Regulations and Building                How can the approval process be ‘fast tracked’?
Standards Act 103 of 1977 every landowner has to submit to                By making use of a knowledgeable draughtsperson or architect
their local municipality building plans for the construction of all       to draw up the plans can assist in approval process as these
buildings and structures such as lean-to carports, swimming               people know what is required in a plan. They are also aware of
pools, lapas, garages and extensions to their home.                       the instances when the approval of the neighbours is needed
    According to uMhlathuze’s Acting Building Control Officer,            and sometimes take control of this process on behalf of their
Mr Bongi Ngema, the only structures exempt from the Act are               client.
pergolas, wire fences and those buildings erected by or on behalf             In the case of large buildings it is advised that the architect
of the State if the Ministers of Justice, Law and Order and               or draughtsperson consult with the town planners, engineers
Defence are of the opinion that the building is in the interest of,       and fire prevention staff before submitting plans so that some
or connected to the safety of the State.                                  of the concerns can be ironed out beforehand.
    In the case of the uMhlathuze Municipality building plans for
properties in Richards Bay, eSikhaleni, eNseleni and Vulindlela           When is rezoning required?
must be submitted to the Building Inspector’s counter in the              If the use of a property is going to change to a use type, which
Department of City Development Planning on the Third Floor of             is not permitted in terms of the present zoning of an erf, a
the Richards Bay Civic Centre. Plans for Empangeni and                    rezoning application must be submitted. An example is if the
Ngwelezane are to be delivered to the offices of the City                 owner of a “Special Residential” zoned property wants to turn
Development Department on the first floor of the Empangeni                the property into a business, other than a Home Industry, to
Civic Centre.                                                             accommodate a use such as Professional Chambers.
    In terms of the National Building Regulations and Building
Standards Act, the Municipality has 30 days in which to approve           When is a neighbour’s consent needed?
or reject building plans for buildings less than 500 square metres.       The building lines and side and rear spaces applicable to “Special
This is extended to 60 days for buildings of 500 square metres            Residential 1” zoned properties may vary according to the size
or more.                                                                  of these properties. The normal building line on the street
    This time period is necessary for the municipal Building              boundary, is 5,0m, while the side and rear spaces are normally
Inspectorate to circulate the plans to other municipal departments        2,0m, for a single storey building.
whose input is required before the plans can be passed. This                  Applications for relaxation of side and rear spaces are only
is particularly the case with plans for habitable rooms, such as          entertained if one side space remains 2,0m wide for the possible
extensions to homes, or plans for industrial buildings and                installation of municipal services and/or emergency access to
shopping centres.                                                         the rear of properties, while a relaxation may be considered up
    For example, the Health Inspectors will consider aspects              to 0,0m on the other boundary, subject to approval by the
such as the sanitation, ablution facilities, natural lighting and         adjacent property owner, in the event of the proposed building
refuse areas. Similarly, in the case of industrial buildings and          being constructed closer than 1,0m from the boundary.
shopping centres, the Chief Fire Officer is required to assess                All “Special Residential 1” erven are allowed to have double
the plans to ensure there are sprinkler systems, fire detection           storey buildings, as long as the total floor area of the buildings
systems, fire extinguishers and smoke ventilation. Other                  remain within the total floor area restrictions. Should the land
departments are also asked for comment with regards to civil              owner plan to construct a double storey building, the side and
and electrical services, town planning as well as the traffic and         rear spaces need to be 3,0m. It is not necessary to obtain the
parks related inputs, depending on the type of development.               approval of a neighbour for the construction of a double storey
                                                                          house, if the proposed house has been designed within the
What can cause delays?                                                    applicable parameters.
Delays in the process are sometimes caused when the                           Having to first approve the relaxation of a building line can
Department of City Development is relying on the availability of          delay the plan approval process, because building plans depicting
other departments to give their comments on the plans, as this            proposed buildings closer than
is not the core function of these departments. Incomplete                 the prescribed building lines and
information on the plans can also cause delays, for example if            side and rear spaces will not be
an architect or draughtsperson is not aware of the submission             considered, unless the
requirements of the uMhlathuze Municipality.                              relaxation procedures, including
     Rezonings and amendments to title deeds can also take                the inputs from the neighbouring
months to process. And in some cases, there may be restrictive            land owners, where required,
title conditions preventing the use of a property for a certain           have been obtained.
purpose, requiring the removal of such restrictive condition.             Continued on Page 5

Continued from page 4
When is Council’s consent necessary?                           Beach advertising
The Town Planning Schemes which apply in Richards
Bay and Empangeni allow the owners of properties
to apply for Council’s special consent to utilise the
                                                               gets a makeover
properties for secondary uses and building plans for
such uses may not be considered prior to the special
consent procedures having been completed. Land
owners of properties who are therefore under the
impression that their building plans are delayed
unnecessarily in such instances, should understand
that the staff involved do not have the authority to
consider a plan depicting alterations which would
accommodate a land use for which prior special
consent needs to be applied for.

Did you know?
Any person erecting any building without an approved
plan shall be guilty of an offence and liable on
conviction to a fine not exceeding R100 for each day
on which he was engaged in erecting such building.
    Any illegal structures on a property need to first
be legalised before the Municipality can approve any           Visitors to Alkantstrand Beach will be met by vibrant new litterbin advertising
other plans submitted for the same property. For               displaying both warning and environmental messages. The revamped
example if the previous landowner built a lapa without         advertising is aimed at uplifting the appearance of the beach and was
the necessary approval and the new owner then                  undertaken by the Municipality’s Outdoor Advertising Division in conjunction
                                                               with the Parks, Sport and Recreation Section and Kuhle Advertising, one
submitted plans for a double garage, plans for the
                                                               of the Municipality’s outdoor advertising suppliers. Inspecting the colourful
lapa would first need to be approved before the                advertising are (left): Sipho Majola (Special Workman: Beaches), Moosa
double garage could be considered.                             Mgetyana (Lifeguard), Shaiks Hiraman (Chief Sports and Recreation Official),
    For more information about the submission and              David Ravenscroft (Senior Lifeguard), Mandla Ndimande (Kuhle Advertising),
approval of building plans contact the Building                Shernon Murray (Outdoor Advertising Officer), Sibusiso Ndimande (Kuhle
Inspectorate on 035-9075409 or 035-9075410 for                 Advertising) and Harry Harilal (Kuhle Advertising).
Richards Bay and 035-9075619 for Empangeni.

The path of plans                                              UMtapowolwazi Ube
• The land owner appoints an architect or
   draughtsman to prepare the plans.
• Plans are presented to the Building Inspectorate
                                                               Nohlelo Lwamaholide
   w h o d e t e r m i n e s t h e s u b m i s s i o n fe e.
• Plan fees are paid at the Rates Hall and the
   receipt, together with the drawings and application
   is submitted to the Building Inspectorate so that
   the plans can be recorded in the municipal building
   plans register.
• The plans are allocated to a Building Inspector
   who undertakes a pre-site inspection. This
   inspection seeks to identify any illegal structures
   or any reason why the building cannot be erected.
• The Plan Examiner circulates the plans to the
   other departments whose comments are required.
• The comments are sent back to the Plan Examiner
   who then scrutinises the plans in terms of the
   National Building Regulations Act.
• The plans and comments are sent back to the
   architect or draughtsperson for corrections – if            UMtapowolwazi waseSikhaleni ube nohlelo lwamaholide amafushane
                                                               lokuthokozisa abantwana ababeluhambele abangama-49 eSikhaleni.
   there are any.
                                                               Abantwana babegcinwe bematasa ngezinto ezahlukene ezibandakanya
                                                               ukwenza amaphephabheki, ukupenda nokudansa ijikamajika. Abadidiyeli
Once the plans have been revised so that they comply           baloluhlelo bekungoBongi Ngcamu noTholi Shezi abangabasizi
with the recommendations of the departments the                bomtapo-lwazi kanye nesiphathimandla somtapolwazi uZinhle Buthelezi.
plans are then resubmitted – without additional fee,
and may then be signed off.                                    E: The eSikhaleni Libarary hosted a short holiday entertainment programme
                                                               during the July holidays attended by 49 children.

Kukhiswhe Ithenda                                              New street names
Lokuhlelwa kwedolobha                                          need public opinion
eMandlazini                                                    uMhlathuze Municipality is to enter into a public participation process
AbakwaSiyazama Consulting banikwe umsebenzi                    for the public to consider suggested new street names approved by
wesamba sama R2.5 wezigidi ukuqedela uhlelo                    Council as well as the renaming of uMhlathuze Village outside
lwedolobha eMandlazini. Agri-Village ngenjongo                 Empangeni.
yokudluliselwa kweziza esezenziwe ubunikazi                        The new street names include:
babangabodwana.                                                • Badger Bend for the road off Via Mammalia giving access to the
    Lenkampani inethimba eligcwele longcweti                       new erven in Wildenweide
abanolwazi olunzulu lokuxhumana nomphakathi,                   • Aloe Loop for the road off Via Verbena giving access to new
ukuhlela idolobha, lokusaveya, ezomthetho kanye                    erven adjacent to the Central Sports Complex in Veldenvlei
nokubhalisa amatayitela, elobunjiniyela bamapayipi             • Davidson Lane for the strip of road, which is a continuation of
nogesi kanye nolwazi lokuphatha namakhomputha                      Davidson Lane and gives access to Erven 11501 and 11499
okululwazi oludingekile ukuphothula lomsebenzi.                • Kraft Allee for the portion of the old Alumina Allee coming off
    Ukwengeza kulokhu okungenhla abakwaSiyazama                    Kraft Link and giving access to Erven 1876 and 1877 in Alton
Consulting banolwazi lwendawo kanye nokuqonda                  • Ocean Edge for the road leading down from Bayview Boulevard
izinselelo zezinto ezenzeka eMandlazini. Sebake benza              to Alkantstrand Beach in Meerensee
umsebenzi omkhulu ofana nalona besebenzela                     • Cent Circle and Cedi Crescent for the peripheral road that
uMnyango wezeZindlu KwaZulu-Natal kanti namanje                    intersects with both Bullion Boulevard and Guldengracht and the
basawusiza loMnyango ngezeluleko ngokusetshenziswa                 internal road which in turn intersects with it, both in the southern
kwezinqubo-migomo.                                                 section of the Richards Bay CBD.
                                                               There are also seven unnamed roads in Felixton that have been
    Kulesisikhathi esiyizinyanga eziyi-18
                                                               proposed as: Cane Avenue, Molasses Meander, Bagasse Bend,
abakwaSiyazama Consulting kulindeleke ukuba
                                                               Niwe Lane, Sea Breeze Drive, Eagle View Road, Tradewinds Lane
basungule icebo elinobunyoninco babuye balisebenzise
                                                               or Seascapes Crescent.
ukuze baphothule isizinda sokuhlala abantu. Mayelana
                                                                   Council has also recommended that uMhlathuze Village be
nalelicebo lenkampani ithole ukuthi izinselelo ezinqala
                                                               renamed to Dumisane Makhaye Village subject to a public participation
yilezo ezibhekene nezinto ezithinta abantu. Ukubhekana
nalezizimo baphakamise ukuqokwa kukuKhomishana
                                                                   In addition the public participation process is to consider street
wokuLungiswa kwamaTayitela oMhlaba ebe eqokwa
                                                               name themes for three suburbs within the City. It is proposed that
nguNgqongqoshe weZindaba zoMhlaba ngezindleko
                                                               Mandlazini and Mzingazi Village have Zulu
zoMnyango weZindaba zoMhlaba.
                                                               culture, historical figures and gemstones
    Inkampani ithole ukuthi indlela yokuxazululwa
                                                               as themes while uMhlathuze Village will
kwezimpikiswano kuzoba yinto exaka kakhulu, kanti
                                                               have animals/reptiles, Zulu culture and
kuzomele isebenze uma uhlelo selusetshenziswa.
                                                               historical figures as its themes.
    Nokho bona kumele babheke kakhulu ukuqeda
                                                                   The proposals are to be advertised in
ukuhlelwa kwedolobha ukuze kungene imisebenzi
                                                               the local newspaper for public comment
yezinsiza kuleso naleso siza enjengemigwaqo,
                                                               and will be referred to Council before final
amapayipi ezikhukhula, ukuthuthwa kwendle, ugesi
                                                               adoption. In addition to the notification in
nokufakelwa kwamanzi.
                                                               the press there will also be participation
    AbakwaSiyazama Consulting bakholwa wukuthi
                                                               through ward committees and Home Owner
lokhu kuzonciphisa ukubambezeleka okuyaye
                                                               Associations, where applicable.
kubhekanwe nakho uma inqubekelaphambili incike
ekubonisaneni nasekuvumelaneni kwabathintekayo.
Lokhu kuzokwenza ukuba umthetho ukwazi ukusebenza
ngegunya ukuthatha izinqumo emva kokuzwa zonke
izinhlangothi ekufinyeleleni esiphethweni. Nokho kumele
                                                                 Library piling
kunxenxwe uNgqongqoshe ukuba aqoke uKhomishane
nokubeka isabelo sezimali esifanele.
                                                                 contract awarded
                                                                 Ground Engineering, a division of Aveng (Africa) Limited, has
E: Siyazama Consulting has been awarded a contract               been awarded an R8,6 million contract to install pile foundations
in the amount of R2,5 million to finalise the town planning      for the construction of the new uMhlathuze City Library.
at Mandlazini Agri Village with a view to effecting transfer         The work comprises the installation of 480 continuous flight
of erven to private ownership.                                   auger piles.

UHlelo loMkhandlu Dolobha lokweSekela Ezolimo
selungene esigabeni sesibili
UHlelo loMkhandlu-Dolobha lokwesekela                    Ekhuluma eNgwelezane emcimbini
ezolimo selungene esigabeni sesibili                wokunikezelwa kwempahla uKhansela
lapho kukhishwa impahla yokwelekelela               uMzimela wathi lomsebenzi kuhloswe
imiphakathi ukuqala ukulungiselela                  ngawo ukuba umphakathi ulime wondle
usuku lomkhiqizo omusha olwenziwa                   abeDolobha. “Lomsebenzi uqiniseka
kanye ngonyaka kanti luzoba eRichards               ngokubakhona kokudla ikakhulukazi
Bay kulonyaka.                                      kulezonxenye ezinabantu abahlwempu.
Lempahla ibandakanya izinhlobo                      Umkhandlu weZolimo watholwa
ezahlukene zembewu njengetamati, u-                 ngenkathi aboHlelo lweNtuthuko
anyanisi, umbila, ibhithiluthi, ulethisi,           oluDidiyelwe benza umsebenzi wabo                   Ukhansela uBC Mthembu, iSekela-Meya uCeliwe
isipinashi, izaqathi kanye nomanyolo,               wokubheka izidingo okumele zifezeke                 Madlopha kanye noSomlomo woMkhandlu
imvundisa kanye nezinto zokunciphisa                ngokushesha. Impahla yokusebenza                    uKhansela Elphas Mbatha banikezela ngempahla
ukhula.                                             ekhishwayo yelekelela ukulungisa                    engeziwe yemisebenzi yezivande zomphakathi
      UMkhandlu wamukela loluHlelo                  umhlabathi ukuze imbewu ikhule kahle                eSikhaleni emcimbini owawenzelwe eHholo Elisha
lokweSekela ezolimo ngo2007. Loluhlelo              ize ibengumkhiqizo ongakwazi
luhambisana nezidingo ezavela                       ukuthengiswa ngosuku lwemakethe
njengenxenye yoHlelo lweNtuthuko                    eRichards Bay.
eDidiyelwe kaMasipala olubandakanya                      Wangezelela ngokuthi imifino
ukubambisana nemiphakathi.                          iyinxenye ebalulekile yokudla kanti
      Injongo eqavile yaloluhlelo ukuvula           imifino ekhiwe isemisha esivandeni
amathuba angabonakali entuthuko                     ayinazinto ezifakelwe ngokho-ke
kwezolimo kubantu baseMhlathuze                     iwukudla okungcono okunempilo.
ngendlela ehlelekile ukuze kutholakale                   IMeya uZakhele Mnqayi ekhuluma
ukudla kuvuleke namathuba omsebenzi                 nomphakathi waseNtuze wagcizelela
ngebhizinisi lezolimo. Kwethenjwa ukuthi            ngesidingo sezivande zomphakathi
izivande zomphakathi zizokhula zize                 ukuba zisimame zizimele ngoba baningi
zifinyelele ezingeni lokuba ngezabalimi             abantu abalahlekelwe yimisebenzi                    UKhansela NB Mzimela noKhansela PM Ntanzi
abafufusayo.                                        ngenxa yokwehla kwezinga lezomnotho                 ekunikezelweni kwempahla eNgwelezane
      U k u g q u g q u ze l a u k wa b e l a n a   “Lomsebenzi kaMasipala uhambisana                   njengenxenye yoHlelo lukaMasipala lokweSekela
ngolwazi nokuba uhlelo lusimame,                    ngqo nokugqugquzelwa yisiFundazwe                   ezoLimo.
uMnyango weNtuthuko yeDolobha                       ukuba abantu balime emkhankasweni
wasebenzisa uhlelo lwezigaba ezintathu.             waso wokuthi “umuzi awube nesivande,
Isigaba sokuqala sasiqonde ukuveza                  isikole asibe nesivande nomtholampilo
lezovande zomphakathi ezaseziqaliwe                 ube nesivande.”
nezazidinga ukwelekelelwa ngempahla                      Wengezelela                ngokuthi
nezinto zokusebenza kanye noqeqesho                 kungumsebenzi womphakathi
kwezolimo. UMnnyango wezolimo kanye                 ukuqikelela ukuthi amahholo
neNxenye yokuThuthukiswa koMnotho                   omphakathi angadicilelwa phansi
weNdawo kaMasipala yiyona                           nanokuthi izehlakalo zaloluhlobo
eyayiqaphele ukusebenza ngendlela                   zibonwe zibikwe emaphoyiseni.
efanele yalemisebenzi.                              “Ukulungisa lezizakhiwo kumba eqolo
      Kwaphenywa imisebenzi                         kuMasipala kanti kusetshenziswa imali
engamashumi amahlanu kanti                          e b i n g a b a l u s i zo e k u b h e ke l e n i   Induna uZibane, iMeya uZakhele Mnqayi
yesekelwa ngoHlelo lokweSekela                      imisebenzi edingeka kakhulu                         noKhansela uVirginia Mpungose kanye
                                                                                                        namalunga omphakathi ekunikezelweni
ezoLimo osekusesigabeni sesibili                    emiphakathini.”
                                                                                                        kwempahla eNtuze.
njengamanje. Lokhu kubandakanya                          Kwabuye kwavela ithuba lokuba
ukuqeqeshwa                   kwezolwazi            amalunga omphakathi afake izicelo
ngamabhizinisi, ukukhishwa kweminye                 zawo ezazibandakanya ukubiyelwa
eyengezelelwe kanye nokuqashelwa                    kwezivande zomphakathi kanye
kwemisebenzi yileminyango emibili.                  nokwelekelelwa ngokusungulwa
      Isigaba sesithathu nesokugcina                kwenkulisa endaweni.
sibhekela ukuqashelwa kwemisebenzi
eyahlukene ngekota noma emva                        E: The Council’s Agriculture Support
kwezinyanga ezintathu nokuqiniseka                  Plan is now in its second phase with
ukuthi iyasimama. Emva kwalokhu ibe                 the distribution of materials to assist
i s i n i ke ze l wa e h h ov i s i l e n d awo     the various community groups to start
loMnyango weZolimo eliseNgwelezane                  preparing for the annual fresh produce
okuyilona eliqhubeka nomsebenzi                     market day to be hosted in Richards                 Amalunga omphakathi waseNtuze athathe ithuba
wokuqaphela.                                        Bay later in the year.                              lokufaka izicelo zawo nokubonga iMeya.

                                            Focus on public health
Novel influenza A/H1N1                                                              Parents reminded
Swine Flu                                                                           of new vaccine for
When to suspect swine influenza A/H1N1:
An individual should suspect swine flu should they have a recent onset of
fever ≥38 degrees Celcius PLUS ONE OR MORE of the following acute
                                                                                    12 year olds
                                                                                    Parents are reminded to keep their children up to date with their
respiratory symptoms:                                                               vaccinations, particularly the 12 year olds. New immunisation
• sore throat,                                                                      cards will be issued if required for this vaccination.
• runny nose/ nasal congestion                                                          South Africa’s Expanded Programme on Immunisation has
• cough                                                                             introduced the Td (Diftavax) vaccine, which will be administered
• body pains                                                                        at 6 and 12 years of age. The new vaccine replaces the old DT
AND who gives one of the following histories:                                       vaccine that was previously given at five years of age.
• Travel within 7 days prior to onset of symptoms to Mexico or other
                                                                                        Children who received the DT vaccine at 5 years of age will
    countries with confirmed community-wide outbreaks.
                                                                                    only need to receive a dose of Td at 12 years of age and will not
• Had close contact with an individual who is a suspected/confirmed
                                                                                    receive the dose of Td at 6 years of age. However, children who
    case of Novel influenza A/H1N1 in the 7 days prior to onset of symptoms
                                                                                    did not receive the DT vaccine at 5 years of age must wait until
NB: Report to nearest health facility / doctor if any of the symptoms in
                                                                                    they are 6 years old to receive the Td vaccine. Another dose of
conjunction with travel history are present
                                                                                    the Td vaccine will then be given at 12 years of age.
Close contact includes:                                                                 The revised immunisation schedule is as follows:
having cared for, lived in the same household with, or had direct contact             Age             Vaccine              How given
within 2 metres of a suspected or confirmed case of Novel influenza
                                                                                      At birth        BCG and Polio        BCG in right upper arm
                                                                                                                           Polio drops oral
Confirmed case of Novel influenza A/H1N1:                                             6 weeks         Polio                Polio drops oral
An individual with acute respiratory infection in whom Novel influenza
A/H1N1 infection has been laboratory-confirmed by a designated reference                              DPT-Hib              Injection in left thigh
laboratory.                                                                                           Hepatitis B          Injection in right thigh
                                                                                      10 weeks        Polio                Polio drops oral
Management of suspected or confirmed cases:
Mild cases should not be admitted to hospital. They should be isolated at                             DPT-Hib              Injection in left thigh
home for 7 days after the onset of symptoms and managed symptomatically.                              Hepatitis B          Injection in right thigh
The patient and their contacts should be given infection control guidance
                                                                                      14 weeks        Polio                Polio drops oral
as follows:
• Regular hand washing with soap and water                                                            DPT-Hib              Injection in left thigh
• Cover nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing and sneezing (or                                   Hepatitis B          Injection in right thigh
    use the upper part of your sleeve).
• Dispose of used tissues in a dustbin, and then wash hands with soap
                                                                                      9 months        Measles              Injection in right thigh
    and water.                                                                        18 months       Polio                Polio drops oral
Contacts of cases should stay at home at the first sign of illness and follow                         DPT                  Injection in left arm
guidelines as above. They should seek medical care only if required.
Antivirals should not be given to mild cases or their contacts.                                       Measles              Injection in right arm
                                                                                      6 years         Polio                Polio drops oral
Management of close contacts
                                                                                                      Td                   Injection in left arm
Persons having cared for, lived with, or had direct contact with respiratory
secretions or body fluids of a probable or confirmed case of influenza                12 years        Td                   Injection in left arm
A/H1N1 should be advised of the following:
1. Self-monitoring (passive monitoring) for symptoms including fever                Parents are reminded that vaccinations are available at all Municipal
    and respiratory symptoms in identified contacts as advised by the               Clinics during the following times:
    health care provider                                                            • Richards Bay and Empangeni Clinics – Monday to Thursday
2. If symptoms indicative for influenza appear, contact health care provider            from 08:00 to 15:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 12:30.
3. Quarantine of close contacts is not recommended. Oseltamivir post-               • Aquadene – Monday from 08:00 to 15:00.
    exposure prophylaxis should only be offered to high-risk close contacts         • Meerensee – Wednesday from 08:00 to 15:00 and Friday
    of confirmed, probable or suspected cases of infection due to influenza             from 08:00 to 12:30.
    A/H1N1.                                                                         • Brackenham – Thursday from 08:00 to 15:00.
                                                                                    • Empangeni Baptist Church – Tuesdays from 08:00 to 15:00.

  Appeals Board to start Peermont looks to develop
  work in September      Empangeni casino
  The Department of Local Government has indicated that the            Peermont Hotels, Casino and Resorts, operator of the Tusk Umfolozi
  Property Valuation Appeals Boards for the various districts will     Casino in Empangeni, has informed Council that they will not be
  be operational by September after having received orientation        proceeding with the proposed casino resort complex in Richards
  training during August.                                              Bay.
      This is good news for the City where there are thirty-three          The proposed development had been earmarked for a 15-
  property rates appeals needing to be dealt with by the Property      hectare site located to the west of the ‘steel bridge’ between the
  Valuation Appeal Board for the uThungulu District.                   John Ross Parkway and Mzingazi canal. However one of the
      The appointment of the Appeals Board members for the             suspensive sale conditions, namely the obtaining of the Land Claims
  uThungulu District has been hampered by the non-acceptance           Commissioner’s approval, could not be met. Other contributing
  of the rate of remuneration as approved by the Department of         factors include the economic recession, the serious rise in building
                                                                       costs and the unforeseen requirements of the Environmental Impact
  Local Government. Two of the approved valuers declined the
                                                                           Peermont has now refocused its attention on the development
       To overcome this hurdle the Department was advised that
                                                                       of the portions of land adjacent to the Empangeni casino. The
  uMhlathuze Council was willing to remunerate the Board members
                                                                       company has advised Council of its intention to finalise the purchase
  at a higher rate. The Department noted Council’s proposal but
                                                                       of the erven and to commence with the development of a hotel and
  emphasised that the other Boards will most likely accept the
                                                                       conference centre.
  approved lower rates. Should this occur then it would be difficult
                                                                           A spokesperson for Peermont said that plans for the proposed
  to approve the higher rate for the uThungulu Board.
                                                                       development have been submitted to the KwaZulu-Natal Gambling
                                                                       Board and the Peermont Board for approval. A decision is expected

Progress made with                                                     by the end of August and should approval be granted, it is the
                                                                       company’s intention to commence with the development by

Aquadene housing project                                               October 2009.

The packaging of the Aquadene Greenfield Housing project
is underway and Council has decreed that the development                Richards Bay Clean Air Association
plan provide for a mixed housing concept. The development
plan will also include the newly introduced Community                   Monthly Report: June 2009
Residential Unit programme to provide affordable rental
accommodation.                                                           SO2 Guideline Exceedances
    The mixed housing concept has been successfully tested               There were no measured exceedances of the DEAT National Standards
at uMhlathuze Village where there is harmony between the                 or SANS National Limit Values during the reporting period.
households from various income categories. This model
also makes provision for the middle-income categories that               Air Quality Complaints
are always left out of the government public housing scope.              There were 21 air quality complaints received for the month, 16 of
    In terms of the Municipal Community Housing Sector                   which were attributed to Mondi Richards Bay.
Plan, 1 000 units are planned for the Aquadene expansion.
The project is in line with the objectives of the Integrated
Development Plan to ensure the social upliftment of its
communities and to maintain and provide new infrastructure
and services in a sustainable manner.
    The project, which will take place on land to be transferred
to Council by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Housing,
is to be funded by the Provincial Housing Fund at a cost of
R56 million.
    The Department of Land Affairs is to also be approached
to provide legal and financial assistance towards the
acquisition of additional portions of land owned by Mondi
and Sappi, which Council would like to include in the project
land to maximise housing opportunities.
    Meanwhile, in order for the project to be “community
centred”, it is required that participation of the community
and other stakeholders from the packaging of the project
                                                                                         For more information contact:
through to its completion, is reduced into a Social Compact                              Sandy Camminga (Public Officer)
Agreement.                                                               Tel: 035 -786 0076 Cell: 083 515 2384 E-mail:
    The social compact issues as well as the criteria to be                    Complaints can be logged at:
employed for the compilation of the beneficiary list are to                       
be addressed in detail with the Ward 2 Committee.

                                                                           Belangrike uitstalling
UMkhandlu Ukhiphe                                                          in Museum
                                                                           ‘n Fantastiese en belangrike uitstalling van handewerk uit die

Imisebenzi Yamabhizinisi                                                   Noorde van KwaZoeloe-Natal is te sien in die Empangeni
                                                                           Museum vanaf 19 Augustus tot 12 September 2009

Asafufusa                                                                      Die Kuns Gallery in Newcastle het gedurendie die laaste
                                                                           vyf jaar kunshandwerkstukke versamel vir hierdie uitstalling.
Kuthe ngoJuly uMkhandlu wakhipha amathenda emisebenzi                      Die idee hiervoor het oorspronklik van die Natal Kunste Trust
emine yosomabhizinisi abasafufusa ngokwenqubo yoHlelo                      gekom toe hulle ingestem het om kontemporêre kunshandwerke
                                                                           aan te koop vir so ‘n uitstalling. Hierdie versameling sal aangevul
lukaMasipala lweNtuthuko eDidiyelwe lokugcina imisebenzi
                                                                           word met stukke uit die Carnegie Kunsgalery se permante
nezingqalazizinda ezintsha kusesimweni sokuzimela kusimame.
                                                                           versameling asook stukke wat elders geleen word.
    Imisibenzi ibandakanya ukwakhiwa kwendawo yokugeza
                                                                               Ten einde die kunswerke te versamel moes daar na
izimoto eSikhaleni okuzoba namagumbi amathathu, ihhovisi
                                                                           verafgeleë dele van KZN gereis word, soos byvoorbeeld die
elakhiwe ngezitini, izindawo zangasese kanye nendawo                       Noordelike dele van die Drakensberge, die Mono Mark buite
yokupaka enethunzi kanye nendawo yokulindela. Lomsebenzi                   Nongoma en die Tugela Ferry en Msinga streke. ‘n Volledige
wezinyanga ezine unikwe abakwaMthangala Multiservices                      versameling van al die kunshandwerk wat tans gemaak word
ngesamba samaR540 000.                                                     is versamel.
    AbakwaMthangala Multiservices babuye banikwa umsebenzi                     Die rede waarom daar op Kunshandewerk gekonsentreer
wesamba samaR552 000 sokwakha indawo yokugeza izimoto                      word is om kontemporêre handwerk kunstenaars uit hierdie
kanye namatafula okudayisa kwabahwebi basemigwaqeni                        gebiede publisiteit te gee en hulle te inspireer. Baie van die
eNgwelezane ozophela ezinyangeni ezine. Lomsebenzi                         kunstenaars woon in diep landelike gebiede en hulle het dikwels
wokugeza izimoto ubandakanya amagumbi amabili, ihhovisi                    nie dieselfde geleenthede as kunstenaars wat optree of visuele
lezitini, izindlu zangasese zesitini, indawo yokupaka enethunzi            werke skep nie. Danksy die Toerisme en Kurio Mark is daar
kanye nendawo yokulinda. Indawo enamatafula abahwebi                       dikwels ‘n oormaat van produkte wat nie tradisies en waardes
basemgwaqeni izobayisakhiwo esakhiwe ngezitini                             uitbeeld nie. Dus bly oorspronklike, inheemse kunshandwerk
ezobanophahla ikwazi ukufaka abahwebi abangama-20. Izoba                   verborge.
yindawo egandayiwe phansi kanti izoba yindawo ekhiyekayo.                      Van die belangrike kriteria in die proses om spesifieke
    Umsebenzi wokwakha indawo entsha yokuwashela izimoto                   kunswerke uit te kies vir die uitstalling was die uniekheid,
wezinyanga ezine unikwe abakwa-Inzomuso Business Enterprise                toewyding, individuele vermoë en die aanskoulikheid van
ngesamba samaR722 000. Lomsebenzi ubandakanya igumbi                       stukke. Die uitstalling is onderverdeel in verskeie kategorieë
lokugeza izimoto, ihhovisi elakhiwe ngezitini, indawo yangasese,           van kunshandwerk.
indawo yokupaka enethunzi kanye nendawo yokulinda.                             Daar word gehoop dat hierdie bekendstelling van plaaslike
                                                                           kunshandwerk aan ‘n hoër marksegment sal lei tot ‘n groter
    Umsebenzi wesine owokwakhiwa kwezindlu zangasese
                                                                           belangstelling in die kunswerke wat plaaslik gemaak word..
kanye nezokushintshela eMzingazi. Lesisakhiwo sizoba
namashawa, izindlu ezincane, amagumbi okushintshela
                                                                           E: A fantastic and important exhibition of Northern KwaZulu-
abesifazane nabesilisa. Lomsebenzi unikwe abakwaNonjenje
                                                                           Natal craft is on view in the Empangeni Museum from
Trading ngesamba samaR689 000 kanti umsebenzi ulindeleke                   19 August to 12 September 2009.
ukuba uthathe izinyanga ezine ukuwuqeda.

E: During July Council awarded tenders for four SMME
projects in line with the Municipality’s Integrated Development
Plan aim of maintaining existing and providing new infrastructure
                                                                          Fraud prevention and anti
and services in a sustainable manner.                                     corruption policy put in place
                                                                         Council has approved a Fraud Prevention and Anti Corruption Policy
                                                                         for uMhlathuze Municipality and has recommended that management
                                                                         ensure that the policy is strictly applied across the organisation.

                                                                              Councillors and employees are also to be workshopped on the
                                                                         contents of the policy and the policy is to be incorporated into the
                                                                         Induction Programme for all new employees.
                                                                              The policy is an endorsement of the business processes, internal
  Councillor Mzikayise William                                           controls, procedures, rules, regulations and codes already in place
  Ndlela of the IFP passed                                               at the Municipality, which are designed to provide a platform for
  away on 28 July 2009. The                                              sound ethics and the prevention of fraud and corruption.
  Independent Electoral                                                       In approving the policy it was commented that the principle of
  Commission has been                                                    creating a culture of “passion, interest and diligence”, which is
  informed of the vacancy that                                           captured in the policy, is one of the most powerful tools the Municipality
  now exists in Council.                                                 can have because the power of the majority who are working
                                                                         correctly will weed out those who are not.

Expo announces Dates to diarise
new main sponsor    AUGUST
                                                                               • 26 August Richards Bay WI monthly meeting at 09:00
Zululand’s premier entertainment and exhibition showcase, the Zululand           at the Richards Bay Library Hall. Contact Diane on 035-
Expo, which takes place in only a month’s time, has announced that ABSA          7891682.
Bank has come onboard as the main financial sponsor of this year’s event.      • 25 August Business Women’s Association Buzz Hour
    Absa joins a host of other sponsors including the City of uMhlathuze,        at Richards Bay. Contact 035-772 5518.
which is a long standing sponsor of the event, providing a monetary grant      • 28 August Free rabies clinic at the Veldenvlei Hall in
as well as services such as electricity, traffic control, refuse removal and     Richards Bay from 08:00 to 14:00.
    Zululand Expo will take place in Richards Bay from 24 to 26 September,                    SEPTEMBER
and this will be the second year that Absa Bank has shown its commitment       • 1 September uMhlathuze Municipality Executive
by being one of the Expo’s largest sponsors.                                     Committee meeting at 14:00 in Council Chambers,
    Expo Manager Virna McMaster, said: “With the present economic                Richards Bay Civic Centre
climate, the battle for sponsorship has been extremely hard this year, but     • 1 September uMhlathuze Council meeting at 17:00 in
we are very pleased that Absa Bank has committed to being the Expo’s             Council Chambers, Richards Bay Civic Centre.
major sponsor, with a significant financial contr ibution.                     • 2 September Cancer Support Group meets at 18:30
     “We believe that our renewed partnership with Absa Bank will be of          at the Bay Hospital Boardroom. Contact Theresa on
value to both parties and the commitment shown by Absa not only to the           035-7806123 or Zonke on 035-78924723
Zululand Expo, but back to the community is to be applauded.”                  • 2 September Mzingazi WI meets at 17:00 at the
    In response Absa’s Regional Executive KZN, Themba Mathe said:                Richards Bay Library Hall. Contact Pat on 0833013515.
“Absa recognises the growth potential within the bigger Zululand area,         • 3 September Richard Bay Floral Art Club meets at
and we are extremely excited to be part of this event – to stimulate growth      14:00 in the Richards Bay Library Hall. Contact Bev on
and development and support the communities in achieving their dreams            0824525744.
and ambitions.”                                                                • 8 September Monthly meeting of the Richards Bay
    The Zululand Expo is the largest social and business event in our City,      Division of the Zululand Chamber of Commerce and
attracting over 200 exhibitors and 25 000 visitors annually. This year is        Industry at 12:45 at the Pelican Hall, ZCBF. Contact
the Expo’s 10th birthday and highlights will include a variety of three          035-7971858.
music concerts each night, a Miss Expo beauty pageant, public food             • 9 September Interdenominational Prayer Meeting at
cooking competitions, a local artist variety concert, a food and wine hall       the SAPS Empangeni inner garden from 07:45 to 08:15.
extravagaza and lots more.                                                       Contact Janine Stone on 035-7725083.
    Anyone wanting further information, can contact the Expo office on         • 14 September Empangeni WI monthly meeting at
035 7973188.                                                                     Leisure Gardens at 14:30. Contact Shelly King on 035-
                                                                                 7924939 or 0839896278.
                                                                               • 14 September Autism Support Zululand

  Tenders awarded for                                                          • 15 September uMhlathuze Municipality Executive
                                                                                 Committee meeting at 14:00 in Council Chambers,

  “Digital City” project
                                                                                 Richards Bay Civic Centre
                                                                               • 15 September Business Women’s Association Buzz
                                                                                 Hour at Richards Bay. Contact 035-772 5518.
  Council’s Information Communication Technology supplier, GijimaAst           • 17 September Monthly meeting of the Empangeni
  will be supplying forty CCTV cameras and domes for the CCTV                    Division of the Zululand Chamber of Commerce and
  project at a cost of R1,15 million. In addition CableWise has been             Industry at 12:45pm at the Empangeni Country Club.
  awarded a R630,000 contract to supply and erect a 15m galvanized               Contact 035 797 1858.
  mast and 25 nine metre galvanized masts on which the CCTV                    • 23 September Richards Bay WI monthly meeting at
  cameras and domes will be fitted.                                              09:00 at the Richards Bay Library Hall. Contact Diane
      Khuluma Projects will supply 220 VAC power supplies to each                on 035-7891682.
  CCTV camera point in order to complete the next phase of the CCTV            • 24-26 September Zululand Expo at Richards Bay Show
  camera project. The contract, which is valued at R142 000, requires            Grounds
  about 1 500 metres of trenching.                                             • 25 September Free rabies clinic at the Veldenvlei Hall
      The supply and delivery of network switch equipment required               in Richards Bay from 08:00 to 14:00.
  for the provision of network communication for the CCTV cameras
  has been awarded to Engineered Systems Solutions and CHM                     Talking about Drugs, a support group for rehabilitated
  Vuwani Computer Solutions in the amount of R217 000 and R18                  drug users, meets in Brackenham at Bay Primary School
  000.                                                                         on Fridays from 19:00 to 20:00 and at Arboretum at the
      Meanwhile CHM Vuwani Computer Solutions has also been                    AGS Church on Saturdays from 19:00 to 20:00. Contact
  awarded two contracts with a combined amount of R440 000 to                  Ps Christo on 0836458772 or Matthew on 0744384980.
  supply a blade service and related equipment as well as storage
  equipment and related equipment needed to expand the Storage                 To advertise your event for free in uMhlathuze News
  Area Network (SAN) as required by the financial system, ProMIS               and on the Municipality’s website,
  and the CCTV project.                                                        contact Mandy Nel on 035 907 5403.

                                                                              Important uMhlathuze
                                                                              Municipality telephone
Controlled parking for                                                        In case of uncertainty, the main switchboard in
                                                                              Richards Bay can be reached by dialling

Richards Bay CBD                                                              035-9075000

The Inkwazi Boardwalk Centre has approved the implementation of
controlled parking areas to offer safer parking to its shoppers and
assist in addressing complaints from the public regarding harassment
by car guards, car washers, damage to vehicles, theft and hijackings.
    Council and the Centre have agreed on areas that will be closed
off with palisade fencing, at the Centre’s expense, for the purpose of
controlled parking. Safe parking inside these areas will be controlled
on a similar lease as the undercover parking areas at the Centre. A
guarding service will also be provided.
    Importantly other areas of the parking will not be affected thereby
providing motorists with a choice of where to park.
    In addition Council has advised the owner of the adjacent Lakeside
Mall that he can proceed to similarly enclose the
south-eastern section of the Mall’s parking area.
Council will be finalising the details and agreement
in this regard shortly.
    Meanwhile the action taken by the City’s Traffic
Department to issue fines to motorists who allow
the washing of their cars in the CBD parking
areas, has reduced the number of cars being
washed. The public is reminded that this action
will be ongoing.

Coaching for the future

The Sports and Recreation Section of the Department of Community Services
hosted a Soccer Coaches Workshop at the Richards Bay Civic Centre in
July. This was one of the Department's 2010 build-up programmes, which
aims to leave behind a legacy after the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. A total
of 30 aspiring coaches from all wards attended the workshop, which was
presented by SAFA accredited facilitators from the SAFA head office in

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