Installing Lotus Notes R6 On Macintosh OSX

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					Installing Lotus Notes R6 On Macintosh OSX

                                                                                             MSCITS Service Desk

- If you are a medical student and you need to load Lotus Notes onto your personal computer please proceed
to Step A.
- If you are a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-year medical student who currently has Lotus Notes installed on your
personal computer, or if you wish to upgrade your Lotus Notes installation, proceed to Step B.
Step A
You must copy your Notes ID from your student folder to a floppy disk. On any of the Media Center computers,
login using your NT username and password. The student folder is located on the H:\ drive. Double-click on Notes
folder, then double-click on the data folder. Your ID file is either called “” or its name is composed of your
login name plus “.id”. Take the floppy home and copy the ID file to your desktop. Now proceed to the “Install the
Lotus Notes Program” portion of this brochure.
Step B
Find the Notes ID on your computer and move it to the desktop. Double-click on your Notes folder, then double-
click on your data folder. Depending on which year you are in, your user ID is called “” or its name is your
login name followed by “.id”. Close all windows. Next, double-click on the System folder, then double-click on
"Preferences". Find the file "Notes Preferences" and throw it in the trash. Proceed to “Install the Program.”

Install the Lotus Notes Program
1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.
2. Double-click on the CD icon.
3. Double-click on the folder “Notes Install Disk.
4. Double-click on “Install Lotus Notes”.
5. Click “I accept the terms in the license agreement”.
6. Click on the “Continue” button.
7. Click “Install”
8. Click “Continue” if a message box appears.
9. Restart the computer when it prompts you to do so at the end of the installation.

Running Notes R6 for the First Time
1. If you have an Ethernet connection in a dorm room proceed to step 2, otherwise you need to run your dial-in
    software to establish a PPP connection.
2. Double-click on the Notes icon to start it up.
(From this point on, you want to keep the defaults in the dialog boxes)
3. At the Welcome screen, click “Next”.
4. Type your username under “Your Name”.
5. In the Dorm: Under “Domino Server Name”, type “Caduceus”.
Off Campus: Under “Domino Server Name”, type “”.
6. The Notes dialog box will say, “My Notes user ID has been supplied to me in a file.” Click on the “Browse”
     button. Click on the “Desktop” button. Find your ID file and double-click on it. Click “Next”.
7. If a dialog box appears asking you to copy your ID file to your data directory, click “Yes”.
8. Type in your password. Click “Next”.
9. Click “Next” to accept the defaults.
10. Click "OK" to finish.
(Notes will finish starting up and you can begin using your mail and accessing databases.)

Need Help?
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