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           Virus and Immunity 28/1 - 8/02/2008
                        European UE, ENS –Lyon, Amphi Bio
Coordinators of the course:        Branka HORVAT ( )
                                   Viktor VOLCHKOV (
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Monday 21/01
16H-18H (sale 117, ENS, research, 1st floor) Information meeting for all students.

Monday 28/01
9H-11H        Jean-Luc DARLIX (INSERM U758, Lyon)
             « Novel findings on HIV-cell interactions. »
11H-12H      Viktor VOLCHKOV (INSERM U758, Lyon) : Working group session (TD1)

14H-16H           Olivier Delelis (Université Paris Diderot, CNRS UMR7151)
                  « Foamy viruses: between retroviruses and pararetroviruses »
9H-11H        Hans Dieter KLENK (Marburg, Germany)
       «The interplay between influenza virus and the host mechanisms of defense and adaptation»

14H-16H           Alain TRAUTMANN (Institut Cochin, Paris)
                  « Imaging different aspects of communication within the immune system ».

Wednesday 30/01
9-11H        Dominique KAISERLIAN (INSERM 851, Lyon)
             « Mucosal immunity and tolerance : from pre-clinical models to clinical studies. »
14-16H            Mary MALISSEN (CIML, Marseille) :
                  « Transmembrane adaptor molecules and signal transduction in immune cells »

Thursday 31/01
10-12H       Anna SALVETTI (INSERM U758, Lyon)
             « Adeno-Associated viruses (AAV): the wild type viruses and the immune reactions to the
             recombinant AAV vectors. »
14H-16H           Lena ALEXOPOULOU (CIML, Marseille)
                  « Toll-like receptors: sensors of viral infection. »
16H-18H           Viktor VOLCHKOV (INSERM U758, Lyon) : Working group session (TD2)

Friday 1/02
10H-12H           Henri AGUT (Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Université Paris 6)
                  « Pathogenicity and genetic variability of human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) »
14H30-16H30 Adrian HAYDAY (Guy's King's & St Thomas Medical School, London, UK)
            « Unconventional T cells and control of infection. »
           MASTER BIOSCIENCES, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

2nd week

Monday 4/02
8H30-10H30 Noël TORDO (Pasteur Institute)
            « Rabies and Lyssaviruses. »

11-13H         Round table:
               J.L. DARLIX, N. TORDO, V. VOLCKOV, B. HORVAT

14H30-16H30 Ilya FROLOV (Texas University, USA)
           « Inhibition of cellular response during alphavirus infection ».

Tuesday 5/02
9H-11H       Stephan BECKER (Marbourg, Germany)
             « Molecular Biology and Immunology of Filoviruses.
11H-13H        Beneditta ROCHA (Necker Institut, INSERM U591, Paris)
               « CD8 differentiation is tailored by individual pathogens »

Wednesday 6/02
9-11H       Fabian WILD (INSERM U758, Lyon)
            « Henipavirus : A new family of emerging viruses »

14-16H     Daniel D. PINSCHEWER (Dept. of Pathology and Immunology, University of Geneva)
              « Infection, immunity and autoimmunity »

Thursday 7/02
9H30-11H30 François-Loïc COSSET (INSERM U758, Lyon)
« Hepatitis C virus: characterisation of cell entry and the humoral responses in infected patients. »

14-16H         Thierry WALZER (CIML, Marseille)
               « NK cells and control of viral infection »

Friday 8/02
9-11H       Cristophe CAUX (INSERM U590, Centre Léon-Bérard, Lyon)
            "Dendritic cells at the interface of innate and acquired immunity"
12H-13H30      Lunch with students (salle 117)

14-16H         Branka HORVAT (INSERM U758, Lyon)
               « Measles virus-induced immuosuppression ».

Friday 15/02
9-18H        Presentation of student research projects (amphi I).

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