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November 2003

      Table of Contents
Up-Coming 4-H Activities……..1
Youth Leadership...……….…....2
Leader Trainings……………….3
                                                 Up-Coming 4-H Activities
Youth Contests ……………….4
Project Meetings .……………...4
                                                 Presentation Days
                                                 One of the requirements to enjoy the privilege of exhibiting at either/both Fairs is
Club News………………….….6
                                                 giving a presentation. First year members may give their presentation at the project
                                                 or club level. Senior members, 9th grade and above, who have won 2 blue or higher
Presentation Day Entry………. 9
                                                 awards at County Presentation Day and have attended a Judging Certification
4-H, FFA, Grange Agreement…10
                                                 Meeting may take a leadership role (Presentation judge, room coordinator or
                                                 tabulator) at this event in place of giving a presentation. All other 4-H members must
Mark Gonzalez, 4-H YD Advisor                    give a presentation at the County level. Members will have an opportunity to give
                                                 their presentation at any of the THREE scheduled days. There will be no make-
                                                 ups and pre-registration is required. Entry forms are in this issue of the
                                                 Cloverleaves and can also be found on-line on the Butte County 4-H web page. The
Nick Bertagna, 4-H YD Program
                                                 dates are as follows:
                                                 November 15th – Park View Elementary School, 1170 East 8th Street, Chico. Take
The Butte County 4-H Council is your             the Hwy 32 exit off of Hwy 99 and go toward Forest Ranch Turn left on Forest Ave,
organization made up of 4-H leaders and          then left on East 8th Ave (Near Deer Pins). The school is about 1.5 miles down the
older 4-H'ers. The council sets many county
4-H policies. It also helps organize, present    street on the right.
and evaluate the many events of Butte            January 31, 2004 in the Gridley area
County 4-H. All leaders and 4-H'ers 14 years
or older are invited to attend scheduled         February 21, 2004 at Butte College
council meetings.                                March 20, 2004 at Butte College for Regional Competition Only!
Cloverleaves 4-H newsletter is published ten
times yearly: September, October,                Certification Meetings for Presentation Judges, Room Coordinators and
November, December, January, February,           Tabulators
March, April, May-June, July-August. News
articles are due to the 4-H office on the 10th
                                                 A Certification Meeting will be held November 6th at 7:00 PM for Presentation Day
of the preceding month. Persons with special     judges, room coordinators and tabulators at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Oroville.
needs wishing to attend a program should         The Church is located at the corner of Edgewood Dr. and Foothill Blvd. In order to be
contact the Cooperative Extension office in
advance, 538-7201. Efforts will be made to       eligible to fill one of these roles, you must have attended a certification meeting. We
accommodate your specific need. FAX:             strongly recommend that youth who were certified last year also attend. Adult
(530) 538-7140. After hours, call (530)
538-7202 and leave a message                     leaders are welcome. The Oroville Foothill 4-H Club will be providing the valuable
                                                 instruction. If you are unable to attend, your only other opportunity to be certified
University of California, and the United
States Department of Agriculture,
                                                 will be in January of 2004.
Cooperating with Butte County
                                                 4-H at Farm City Week
To simplify information trade names of
products have been used. No endorsement of       Butte County 4-H will have a booth during Farm City Week at the Chico Mall on
named products is intended nor is criticism      Saturday November 8th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We are looking for members and
implied of similar products which are not
mentioned.                                       leaders from every Butte County 4-H club to help man the booth for a two hour period
                                                 during this time. Each club can bring items to showcase and create interest for people
Inquiries regarding the University’s             to join 4-H. Please call Sylvia Guzman at 533-0392 to sign up for a time slot. Call
nondiscrimination policies may be directed to
the Affirmative Action/Staff Personnel           soon to make sure you get the time slot you want!
Services Director, University of California,
Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1111
Franklin, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607-5200
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Butte County Hi 4-H 2003-2004 the New Year
The Butte County Hi 4-H Group would like to invite all high school 4-H members to come and join them at their next
meeting. There will be lots of fun as well as fantastic food at their 2 nd Annual Hi 4-H Thanksgiving feast!! The group will
meet at the Durham High School multipurpose room from 6:00-8:00 PM on Wednesday November 19th. This yummy
event is the last event for the 2003 calendar year and will include turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, pie and other
tasty treats. There will also be a fun activity and Officer installation following the feast. Interested?? RSVP to Margaret
(342-7462) or just bring a salad or dessert, hope to see you all there!
Reported by: Jessica Perez

Foods Fiesta 2003 Alert!
Time to fine tune those recipes and get the decorations ready! Foods Fiesta entries are due to the 4-H office on
Wednesday, November 12th. We have 2 exciting and NEW workshops planned for participants. Please remember the
time changes! 10 a.m. at the Durham Elementary School! We have 9 special food categories this year and the 4
theme categories. I‘ve seen some of the baskets to be awarded and they look great! Leaders, parents and teens – I need
judges – so please consider taking a few hours on Saturday, November 22nd to judge this competition. Your taste buds
will not regret it.
Thank you.
Gale Carrillo

Potluck Buffet Food Safety Tips
Club Awards Night and Thanksgiving evoke images of potluck buffets and yummy foods. Keep the fun and mouth
watering dishes part of these events. Please don‘t allow harmful food borne bacteria to spoil the food and the mood!
Keeping food safe, particularly food prepared at home and brought to another location, is very important in reducing the
risk of a food borne illness outbreak.
When deciding what to bring, think about:
      If the item is perishable, will you be able to keep it hot or cold until it is served?
      Will you be able to heat the food or keep it warm once you arrive at the event?
      Will there be refrigeration available at the event so foods can be kept cold?
If you won‘t be able to keep cold foods cold or hot foods hot, consider bringing food that needs no refrigeration.

  Four Simple Food Safety Rules to Remember

         Keep hot food hot (above 140F)
         Keep cold food cold (below 40F)
         Keep hands, work surfaces & utensils clean
         Never leave perishable food out of the refrigerator over 2 hours!
          Refrigerate food before starting your program

Youth Leadership Trainings & Opportunities
Hi, my name is Lee DeLuca and I am with the Durham Parkview West 4-H Club. This year I am doing an Emerald Star
project on 4-H uniforms and white clothes. The goal of my Emerald Star Project is to collect white pants and shirts that
you no longer use or have outgrown, clean them, size them and distribute them back out to members to use for 4-H events
such as Presentation Day, Showmanship at Silver Dollar Fair etc. I also have a committee that will help make scarves
and make minor repairs to the clothes, like sewing on buttons. I would like to be able to visit clubs and present my project
or if you have a member willing to work with me, that would be great! My plan is to collect as many clothes at the Awards
BBQ and during the months of November and December. Then in February at Fun Night I will have an area set up to
pass out the clothes to members. I would appreciate leaders sharing this information with members and if it would fit into
your agenda, please let me know when I could visit your club. My phone number is 894-5325.
Thank you! Lee DeLuca
Page 3                                               Cloverleaves                                           November 2003

The Emerald Star Program
The Emerald Star Program gives a 4-H member the opportunity to develop leadership skills beyond the local club level. It
requires the 4-H member to submit a service leadership plan, gain approval, supervise the work, and report the results of
the project upon its completion. Those interested must be 13 years of age or older on December 31st of the current project
year and hold rank of Gold Star in their club. Does this sound like something you would be interested in doing? If so,
please call the 4-H office at 538-7201 for more information

California Focus & Washington Focus Information
We are looking for responsible citizens. Would you like to talk with your California State Senator or Assembly member?
Maybe you‘d like to meet your U.S. Senator or Congressman? Information about the California Citizenship Focus
Program has now arrived. Check it out.
California Focus will be held June 25 – 29, 2004. Participants for this program must have completed the 8th grade. At
California Focus, you become a registered voter in the state of Sierra Cascade and take on all the rights, privileges, and
responsibilities of citizenship.
Washington Focus allows you to travel and study in the nation‘s Capitol, Washington, D.C. You learn how government
works and enjoy the traditions and history of the Capitol. A visit with your elected officials is the highlight of both
programs. Washington Focus programs are open to all adult 4-H leaders and to all youth members who have completed
their sophomore year in high school or will be 16 years of age by the time of travel.
Washington Focus #1
    “Road to Democracy”         June 19 – 28     Gettysburg, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York.
    “Heritage Trail I”          June 19 – 26     Gettysburg, Washington, D.C.
Washington Focus #2
    “Global Journey”            July 10 – 21     Gettysburg, Washington, D.C., Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg.
    “Heritage Trail II”         July 10 – 17     Gettysburg, Washington, D.C.
Come get involved in this hands-on experience with government and community involvement. Applications, with a non-
refundable deposit, are due in the California 4-H Youth Development Office on January 12, 2004 for Washington Focus
and January 31, 2004 for California Focus. Financial assistance applications will be available in late October.

  Leader Trainings
Western Regional Leaders Forum
Alaska is being the host for the 2004 Western Regional 4-H Leaders Forum in Anchorage, March 3-6, 2004. Enjoy the
experience of interacting and exchanging ideas with those from other states, territories and provinces. You‘ll find
everything you need at

Shooting Sports Trainer Courses
Shooting Sports Trainer Course                            Pistol Leader Training Workshop
Discipline: Rifle                                         November 22 & 23, 2003
November 7, 8, 9, 2003                                    Modesto, CA
Location: Santa Maria, CA                                 For details contact Jim Atherstone (209) 993-7971
For more information contact John McGray at:

! 4-H Council!
Leaders' Council is open to all Butte County 4-H leaders and members who are 14 years and older. We are encouraging
clubs to have a teen representative come with their leader representative to all 4-H Council meetings this year. This would
give our youth leaders' experience and a valuable input into their youth organization. The purpose of the Council is to
work with staff in organizing, promoting and carrying out the 4-H youth development program. The Council meets the
second Thursday of each month at Durham High School Library. This is a good place to meet other 4-H leaders and youth,
exchange ideas, and participate in programmatic and policy decisions. Please join us at our next meeting November 13th
at 7:00PM so you can report back to your club of all the interesting items covered at the Council meeting. Come and let
your voice be heard! See you there!
Page 4                                              Cloverleaves                                           November 2003

Youth Contests
National 4-H Week Window Display Winners
This years National Window Displays were outstanding. They presented the 4-H message with a very eye catching
appearance. The theme of ―The Power of Youth‖ was demonstrated in a very effective way. The Butte County 4-H Clubs
that did this for us where Durham Parkview West and Oroville 4-H. Thank you for your time and effort to let our county
know more about the 4-H Youth Development Program.

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is sponsoring a writing contest. This creative writing contest
is open to all grades from 3rd thru 8th and has to be 750 words or less in length, with a deadline of November 1st.
Encourage your third through eighth graders to write a short essay about agriculture. They can choose the exact topic, but
ideas could include how agriculture touches their lives in non-food ways, how pizza just isn't pizza without California
commodities, or what the world would be like without agriculture. Six winning stories will be chosen from entries
submitted from up and down the state. Those winning stories will be animated, narrated and made into a video for
everyone to see. Join the excitement of competition - write a story about agriculture! For more information and entry
forms please contact Jacki Zediker at 530-459-0529 or at

National 4-H Council wants your photos
National 4-H Council needs winning photos from your state and county fairs (1997 - 2004) to create the 2006 4-H
Calendar. Winning photos will be gallery-mounted and framed, and engraved with the photographer's name and then
displayed at the National 4-H Conference Center and on from September 2004 through November 2004.
More information available at

Project Meetings
Butte County 4-H Rabbit Club
All Butte County rabbit members and leaders are encouraged to attend. Their meetings are the 2 nd Wednesday of every
month at the Farm Bureau Office in Oroville at 6:30 PM. If you are interested in attending please contact Donna Crosby at

Back Yard or County Wide Gardeners We Need You
We are starting a Butte County 4-H gardening project. A garden plot has been arranged, if you do not have an area
available. This project can be for cooking projects to grow their own dinner, craft projects to grow flowers or gourds, or a
vegetable project for your club or Farmers market. Come up with an idea and present it to the 4-H office. We are also in
search of gardening leaders for this project, so if you're interested contact our 4-H office 538-7201. Let‘s start growing!

4-H Rocket Project will get Started.
There is a 4-H member who wants to start the 4-H rocket project. Are there others interested in this project? If you think
this sounds like fun, please contact the 4-H office and lets us know! We have an adult volunteer to lead this exciting
project! If this sounds interesting to you, then contact the 4-H office and we‘ll give you the information.

4-H Dog Projects Are Available
We have a leader for a dog training and obedience project and there is also a possibility of a guide dog project in Butte
County. If you are interested in these projects please contact the 4-H office for more information.

Attention 4-H Poultry Projects for 2003-2004 4-H Year
Great news! The Quarantine restrictions for Exotic Newcastle Disease in California have been lifted by the USDA. We
now can have our poultry projects back in full swing. It will be nice to see the avian projects back in action, so here is
wishing for a good hatch in this 4-H year!

Sewing Project Members
There is a new sewing studio in Chico named ‗Love To Create‘ located at 1351 E 9 th Street. They will have sewing lessons
for all ages and levels, individual and group sessions. For more information call them at 530-894-1800.
Also the Embroidery Club in Chico wants to share their talents with 4-H members. Here is an opportunity to learn this
beautiful art. Please contact Bev Cullen at 899-0244 for more information.
Page 5                                              Cloverleaves                                           November 2003

Exciting New County Wide Project
Want to know what the people in India or Africa or the Middle East or even other areas of the United States like to eat?
Do you know what they like to do for fun, or what they wear for ceremonies and/or special occasions? Who breathed the
air one hundred years ago that you are breathing right now? Why is there so much rice grown in Butte County, and is
there REALLY a shortage of water? What does the Greenhouse Effect have to do with me?
For answers to these and many other questions you always wanted to know, but didn't know who to ask, come and join us
for the "My World and Me" project. Our organizational meeting will be held November 4th at 7:00 PM at the Durham High
School. Regular meetings will be held the third Tuesday of every month at Durham High School Library at 7:00 PM
starting November 18th Call Mark Gonzalez at the 4-H office to save your space. Only a few spaces left. Don't be left out!
Field trips, Ethnic tasting parties, exciting individual experiments, and many other wonderful activities await you in this
exciting new project. Sign up, NOW!

Sheep Project Members
The California Suffolk and Hampshire Sheep Breeders Association are implementing a Youth Started Flock Program. This
new program is designed to assist young livestock people in starting a Registered Suffolk or Registered Hampshire Sheep
Project. To qualify for this program the youth must be a minimum of ten years old, be a member of either 4-H or FFA, and
have adequate facilities to care for a growing flock. The member would need a letter from their parents stating their
support for the project, one from their 4-H or FFA advisor pledging their support, and one from a member of the
CS&HSBA in the area that would serve as a consultant. The participants would be required to join the association and
enroll in the Voluntary Scrapie Program. The member would also be required to keep complete health records and photos,
videos or other documentation to be presented at the annual membership meeting. For more information contact the
Association Secretary, Denise Poncetta, at 661-833-1161 or Bob Walters at 805-467-3035

For Your Information
Silver Dollar Fair Market Steers
Entries for market steers in the Silver Dollar Fair will be limited to 35 animals. Steer entries will be accepted by mail or
in the Main Office beginning Friday, November 14th at 8:30 AM through Tuesday, January 13 (weekends and holidays
excluded). or until the maximum number is reached. At the point that 35 steer entries are received, entrees shall be closed
regardless of the date. Individuals will be allowed to summit one entry form. Weights will be 950 – 1350 pounds. Entry fee
is $10.
Please note a change in the judging schedule for Market Steers and Junior Beef. In 2004, this judging will be done
Thursday, May 27th, at 10 AM We hope this will help those exhibitors graduating from Chico high schools. The Bill of
Sale, Brand Inspection, or the Out-billing from a Sale Yard made out to the Junior Exhibitor, showing a 120 ownership for
steers, MUST be present at weigh-in, Tuesday, May 25. A State of California Transportation form (blue or yellow),
completed and dated the day of weigh-in MUST accompany the steer to the weigh-in.

4-H Enrollment
Members and leaders must fill out enrollment cards each year! If you have not completed an enrollment card, please
contact your leader. The 4-H Youth Development Program of the University of California is committed to provide a safe
environment for young people in Cooperative Extension activities. All leaders are required to fill out a leader enrollment
card (each year), be fingerprinted for a background check and attend a leader certification meeting. Only after completing
these requirements satisfactorily, can a leader hold project meetings. Following are the Leader certification meeting dates
that all start at 7:00PM.
October 23rd at the Oroville Farm Bureau Office
November 24, 2003 at the Butte County Library in Chico, please note change of date from what was stated in
the September Cloverleaves.

Cavy Showmanship Clinic
The Sacramento County 4-H Cavy Steering Committee is presenting a Cavy Showmanship Clinic. This will take place
Saturday, November 22nd at 4145 Branch Center Road in Sacramento. There will be a complete demonstration and
explanation of cavy showmanship and practice sessions followed by competition. Medals and ribbons will be awarded. The
dead line to enter is November 12th. For more information and entry form, contact the 4-H office at 538-7201.
Page 6                                              Cloverleaves                                          November 2003

Club Web Sites and Training Available from State 4-H Office
The California 4-H Youth Development Office and the California Computer Corps are pleased to announce                     the
Clubs/County Server Initiative. This service will allow 4-H Clubs, County Councils, etc. to host their websites on the   4-H
YDP Server located at UC Davis. This service is free and will contain no advertisements. The official start date of      this
service was August 1st The role of the County 4-H YDP Staff in the 4-H websites will be to authorize 4-H members         and
4-H leaders to create a 4-H YDP website and to periodically review 4-H YDP websites created in your county.
The California 4-H YDP Office along with the California 4-H Computer Corps have created 4-H YDP Website Guidelines.
The guidelines will help to ensure that 4-H YDP websites provide accurate and appropriate information and adhere to
UC/ANR/4-H polices. These guidelines are available from your 4-H Office. Note: This service does not replace official
UCCE 4-H websites.
Questions and comments should be directed to: Steven Worker, ANR, California 4-H Youth Development Office,
530-754-8519 or email to You can access information at the web address:

Butte County 4-H Member of the Month
Butte County 4-H Youth Development Program is instating a 4-H member of the Month Recognition.
Does your club have members that do a lot of work and activities that go unnoticed? Here is an opportunity to give them
the recognition they deserve.
Each individual 4-H club in Butte County can summit a name, with the reasons of nominating, of a 4-H boy and girl at
each monthly 4-H council meeting that they are attending. Only the clubs that are present at the Council meeting will
nominated their members and the Council adults will chose the member of the month. The Members of the month will
receive a Certificate and a 4-H member of the month T-Shirt. Then from those who were chosen, at the end of the 4-H year
the Council will select a boy and girl 4-H member of the year.

4-H Participates in “Reach for the Stars” Energy Efficiency Campaign

Butte County 4-H has been selected to participate in a statewide outreach campaign to promote energy efficiency
programs and products. The campaign is funded by California ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public
Utilities Commission. The goal of the campaign is to educate rural communities about the importance of participating in
energy efficiency programs that help reduce energy usage and energy bills.

During the fall, the Butte County 4-H will be participating in a variety of activities targeted at raising awareness of
energy efficiency programs and products. Individuals and organizations that would like to learn more about ―Reach for
the Stars‖ may call the campaign‘s toll-free phone number 1-877-228-STAR (1-877-228-7827).

Club News
As many of you already know, the Gridley Fair, also known as the Butte County Fair, was recently held from August 20-
24. Many Shasta 4-H members participated in the fair, and quite a few of them left with some great awards.
For example, Maisie Currier was the Overall and High Point winner for English Riding, ages 13-17. Rachell Currier was
the High Point winner at Butte County Fair for Western Riding, ages 12 and under.
Daniel Govan won the 3rd place trophy for lamb carcass at the Silver Dollar Fair. The CSUC Farm presented this award.
The Silver Dollar Fair was held from May 21-26. I am sure that there were many other winners from our club as well, and
these were only a few of them. Congratulations to all of those that won an award at either of these two fairs!
Page 7                                              Cloverleaves                                         November 2003

I would also like to congratulate Amanda Henman and Megan Stevenson for making the All Stars, and Charlie Bladorn,
who will be co-leading with Janet Henman and Margaret Stevenson as a community leader.
There are a couple of new projects entering our club. Shooting Sports will again be held with Pierre Urrutia and Brad
Henman as the leaders. Another new project is Scrapbooking, of which Diana Oliva is the leader. Thank you to all of the
leaders for making these projects possible!
        Holly Byrom, Club Reporter


The Cohasset 4-H Club is pleased to announce that we have a new group leader, Midge VanderVelden. Two meetings
have been held this year, the first on September 4th, and the second on October 6th. Future meetings are scheduled for the
first Monday of every month, at 6:30 PM, held at the Cohasset Community Association building.
                                    On September 4th, the following officers were elected:
                                      President                      Travis VanderVelden
                                    Vice President                       Geneva Weeks
                                      Secretary                           Emily Sutton
                                      Treasurer                          Connor Gehrke
                                      Historian                          Rebecca Sutton
                                       Recorder                             Eli Allen
The Cohasset 4-H Club will be sponsoring the following projects: Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Swine, Rabbits, & Pygmy Goats
Cohasset School and the Cohasset 4-H Club will be sponsoring a Halloween Carnival at Cohasset School on Thursday,
October 30, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.
The Oroville Foothill 4H had their second meeting of this 2003/2004 year on October 13 th. At this meeting we talked
about the Halloween party we are having on the 24th of October. We also discussed the pancake breakfast that our club
members will be serving at. The breakfast will be at the Lutheran Church on Foothill Blvd in Oroville on the 18 th of
October. Proceeds from the breakfast will be used to support the Webber family. Our next meeting will be on November
A correction to the September Club Report: The Grand Champion Dairy Goat at the Butte County Fair in Gridley is owned
by Monique Beach. (It was previously reported that the goat was owned by her sister, Margaret Beach--sorry Margaret--
better luck at the next fair!)
         Michael Beach, Co-Club Reporter


Palermo 4-H will be having our monthly meetings at the Palermo Grange on Irwin Ave., second Tuesday of the month at
7 PM. Also, we‘d like to welcome our new members Jessica Ricker, Ashlee Richardson and Morgan Jones.
October has been busy, we plan to have a dance at Palermo School on Oct. 24 th. Also we worked hard on putting together a
big basket full of great items for the 4-H BBQ Auction. We will also bake items for their bake sale. We want 4-H to stay
strong so we ask our members to help support our 4-H Council. We hope everyone else does too.
Community Leaders contact Sylvia Guzman at 533-0392, for Farm City Week schedule, Nov. 8th at the Chico Mall.
     Palermo 4-H Reporters


The Feather Falls 4-H Club had our first meeting last month and it was very well attended! We had punch and cookies
and elected new officers. Our new officers are:
        President -             T.J. Holdaway
        Vice President -        Sara Byrd
        Secretary -             Steven Catt
        Treasurer -             Andrea Catt
        Reporter -              Sydney Hanaway
        Historian -             Okalani Riess-Cooper
        Sergeant at Arms -      Ashley Hayes
We are very happy with our newly elected officers and know that they will do an excellent job for our Club.
Congratulations to them! We voted to change our meeting dates to the third Thursday of every month at the Mountain
Springs Grange at 7:00 PM. Everyone is very excited and we looking forward to the challenges and festivities of the
coming year.
        Sydney Hanaway - Club Reporter
Page 8                                             Cloverleaves                                         November 2003

The Feather River 4-H Club held their first meeting of the new year on September 10th. This year‘s new officers are:
       President                      Amanda Kaelin
       Vice President                 Justin Schohr
       Second Vice President          Billy Miner
       Secretary                      Natalie Reis
       Treasurer                      Terry Miner
       Reporter                       Nicole Reis
       Sentinel                       Tayler Schohr
This year‘s new leaders are:
        Community Leader                Linda Peasley
        Resource Leaders                Pam & Max Ramirez
                                        Lisa Schohr
                                        Susan Schohr
         Advanced Livestock Leader      Tracy Schohr
         Beginning Livestock Leader     Cheryl Berge
As our first Community Service event our club is supporting the Farm Bureau‘s Young Farmers & Ranchers Harvest For
All. All of our members will be accumulating food donations to be turned in at our next meeting.
We are looking forward to a busy and fun year showing our animals and contributing to our community.
        Nicole Reis, Club Reporter


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