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									      Children Looked After Policy and Procedures

     Paperwork for Looked After Children

                              Maureen Cavanagh, Katherine Peddie
                               Julie-Anne Saunders, Vivienne White

To be reviewed June 2007
Paperwork for Looked After Children

Prior to a child being looked after
Initial Assessment                          SWIFT

Establish parental responsibility           Initial Referral (via SWIFT)
                                            BIC 101 – Multi-agency referral

Core Assessment                             BIC 103

Chronology                                  BIC 801

Child in Need Plan                          BIC 140
    - To include what family support,
        actions taken, extended family
        members etc.
    - To include analysis of what being
        Looked After would achieve to the
    - To include potential history from
        health / education of both child
        and parents.

Resilience Matrix                           BIC 141

To request that a child becomes looked after
BAP application                          BIC 701
   - Decision to be Looked After
      under either Section 20 after
      recommendation of a Child
      Protection Meeting, or if planning
      to take proceedings, to get
      permission to hold a Legal
      Planning Meeting.

   -   In an emergency the Assistant
       Director of Children in Need is
       required to give permission for
       the child / young person to be
       looked after and then take to the
       next Bedfordshire Allocation

   -   Social Worker notifies
       Conference and Review that the
       child has become Looked After

   -   Conference and review notify         BIC 500
       Education, Information and
       Performance Group, and the LAC
       Nurse that child has become
       looked after

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                                                             To be reviewed June 2007
Request for placement
Family placement referral                      BIC 707a

Risk assessment referral Form                  BIC 707b

Keeping Safe Plan                        BIC 453
Before or immediately after placing a child
   Child care change form - sent by      BIC 500
   CRS to LAC Nurse who will expect
   BIC441 from allocated Social Worker
   Health Assessment Request to be             BIC 441
   completed and sent to LAC Nurse
   within 5 days of child becoming
   looked after
   LAC paperwork-if planned should be          SWIFT LAC - Care Episodes
   done prior to placement
   - Essential information Part 1
   - Essential information Part 2.
   - Placement Plan part 1 –
      Placement Agreement.
   - Placement Plan part 2 – Day to
      Day Arrangements.
   - Care Plan

Timescales for paperwork-if not
prepared prior to placement
      Child cannot be placed without           Essential Information Part 1,
                                               Placement Plan Part 1 and
                                               Care Plan
   -   Within 72 hours a placement             Placement Plan part 2 – Day to Day
       planning meeting should be held         Arrangements
       with carers, support workers,
       parents and children (if
       appropriate) to complete
   -   If in residential on admission          BIC 600
       “Belongings on admission”
   -   If with foster carer “Inventory         BIC 221
   -  Within 14 days to complete               Essential Information Part 2
      Essential Information Part 2.
   SWIFT Inputting
   On day child becomes Looked After           SWIFT
                                               -Record child looked after and reason
                                               -Record a service (placement type) and
                                               provision (carer)
                                               -Record the child’s legal status
                                               -Record the objectives and the people
                                               -Record any legal orders relating to the

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                                                                To be reviewed June 2007
 Health Assessment to be arranged               BIC 441 – Must be completed by Social
 through the Health Assessment Team             Worker and sent to LAC Nurse.
 prior to accommodation if at all               Incomplete forms will be returned. Initial
 possible, with parents attending. If not,      assessment should be completed within
 within two weeks of being looked after,        28 days of receiving fully completed form
 again if possible with parents to attend       to be available for 1st review.
 to give relevant information.

 The child’s health record i.e. The Red
 Book needs to be provided so that
 checks can be done on immunisations
 and health issues can be addressed.

 The Initial Health Assessment will be
 done by the Paediatrician for Looked
 after Children. If the child is likely to be
 placed for Adoption within three months
 of placement i.e. Relinquished Babies,
 then the Paediatrician will undertake
 the Adoption Medical at the same time.
 The paediatrician will complete the
 action plan and return to the social
 worker. The social worker is
 responsible to take this to the first
 ROA, for review managers to review
 and ensure actioned.

 The paperwork for the Adoption
 medical is available as a package from
 the Looked after Children Team.

 The Healthcare Needs Plan should be            BIC 608
 completed arising from the health
 assessment and a copy placed on file

 For children going into residential            BIC 606
 care/respite placements and on

   PEP to be completed within 20 days           BIC 400-409
   of placement.

   For problem attendees                        BIC 813
   Referral to education –child not
   attending school.

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                                                                 To be reviewed June 2007
   ROA – review of arrangements
   To generate invitations                    SWIFT Involvements

   ROA Part I to be completed by social       SWIFT –Review tag on the assessment
   worker 5 working days prior to review      framework module
   social worker to bring health action
   plan and PEP to Review Manager,
   - Consideration to be given at the
       first ROA, whether there is a
       possibility that rehabilitation may
       fail, although the primary plan that
       parallel planning needs to
       commence and a referral made to
       family finding.

Other information and issues that need addressing and potential other forms
   - Contact arrangements               BIC 429

   -   To be completed and sent to CRS        BIC 551
       including date put on SWIFT

   -   Obtain passport: Need Mother /         See Looked After Children Procedures –
       Father Birth Certificate / passport    Quality Of Life (Application procedure for
       numbers.                               passports)

   -   Red Health Book

   -   Life Story Work to begin to gather
       information and photographs for
       the child. Identify meaningful
       relationships. Photos of birth
       parents before and after specific
       difficulties e.g. drug using
       parents, get early photos as well
       as here and now, as likely to be
       dead by the time the child is an

   -   LAC Pack / Participation.              Children’s Participation Officer

   -   Put in writing to parent or the
       child if appropriate any decisions.

   -   Child’s Advocacy form                  BIC 520

   -   Chronology from other agencies
       on parent’s health and education.
       Education Department, learning
       disabilities, special schools, info
       for the child in the future.

   -   Note lifestyles – drugs, alcohol,
       abuse, chronic illness in carers
       and extended family. Get health
       reports if others are working with
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                                                                To be reviewed June 2007

   -   Gather information from previous
       proceedings – Legal

   -   Potentially relinquished babies      CAFCASS policy for relinquished baby.
       have Permanency Report – so
       can be taken to adoption panel
       within days of birth

   -   Risk assessment form – Child         BIC 834
       who goes missing from care

   -   Missing from Care Checklist          BIC 840

   -   Missing child record form            BIC 835

   -   Travel /taxis to school etc          BIC 640

  - Referral for family finding             BIC 707a
Audit files once child looked after

   Within one month (to be done by          BIC 550
   team manager)

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                                                            To be reviewed June 2007

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