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HIRING A NEW EMPLOYEE A Flow Chart by corinnebrown

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									                                          HIRING A NEW STAFF MEMBER (A Flow-Chart)

                                                                                      Job Posted                          Interviewers trained
                                                                                     (min. 3 days)                       by Human Resources
                                                                                     Bulletin Boards

 Review/Revise                                                                       Job Hotline
      Job                            Employment Requisition
  Description                     submitted to Human Resources                       Internet
                                                                                     Advertise (optional -
                                                                                     Hiring Dept. pays)

                                                                                     Applicants selected for              Interviews by Hiring
    Applications                                                                           interview                           Department
 tracked and logged               Applications forwarded                                                                    Note: Applicant
       by HR                       to Hiring Department                                                                  signs Application and
                                                                                Rejected applications returned           Disclosure of Consent
                                                                                 to HR with explanation on                 Form (if required)
                                                                                         cover sheet

  Reference checks by                   Applicant selected for hire.                                           Offer & Briefing form submitted
   Hiring Dept. (keep                  (Notify HR & submit signed               Background                        to HR for approval (with
    notes 1 yr min)                    Disclosure of Consent Form)              Check by HR                      Application and Reference
                                                                                                                      Checks attached)

      Offer made to applicant by Hiring                    Applicant accepts and signs Offer &                          Notify applicant of
        Department after receipt of                        Briefing Form. New Employee Form                           required documentation
      approved Offer & Briefing Form                             filled out by Hiring Dept                               for I-9 verification

Applicant brings New Employee              Applicant fills out                            Benefits Briefing
 Form, O&B Form, and signed               necessary paperwork          Orientation        Hiring Dept (groundwork for first performance review)
app to HR before or w/in 3 days              at HR (I-9, tax                              Human Resources (mission/vision/history)
            of hire                         forms, Acc Use)

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