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									                                                                nine hours with District 9980 Director, JB Munro, and         PROJECT OVERVIEW
                                                                RNZWCS Administrator, Stuart Batty, reviewing                 Contributed by Gordon Hooper,
                                                                management/decision-making, financial and administrative      Chair, International/WCS, District 9970
                                                                systems, project identification, planning, management,        I recently had the pleasure of leading a FAIM team of
                                                                appraisal, monitoring and evaluation. Prior to the meeting    eager Rotarians from D9970 to Fiji to work on the
                                                                JB and Stuart completed extensive self evaluation as to the   Rotahome Village just 3 km out of Lautoka. Three teams
                                                                methodology Rotary adopts in World Community Service          in all left a week apart to spend 14 days building homes for
  = NEWS UPDATE =                                               projects. The reviewers will also conduct two field visits,
                                                                selecting one project completed two years ago and one on
                                                                                                                              the growing number of homeless in Fiji

                                                                completion. They will hold meetings with the overseas         The village is called Koroipita which, translated,
          No. 10 – September 2006                               Rotary clubs and the project beneficiaries to confirm that    means “The Village of Peter”
                                                                the objectives have been met and the projects are
EDITORIAL - A SPECIAL ISSUE                                     sustainable. The outcome of the review will be published      The Rotahome project in Fiji is driven by the vision,
The regular issues of this Newsletter                           in a later issue. In the meantime we are confident that our   dedication, and commitment, of Lautoka Rotarian Peter
demonstrate the wide range of                                   management systems are in good health.                        Drysdale who has driven this humanitarian program for
international projects in which Rotary                                                                                        more than 21 years during which time time 751 Rotahomes
Clubs and Rotarians are committed.                              PDG Morris Robertson                                          have been built and 3850 people have been housed.
This issue is somewhat different in                             Acting Chair, RNZWCS Ltd.                                     The project was started in March 1985 following the
that it concentrates principally on two                                                                                       cyclones ”Eric” and “Nigel” which devastated large areas
stories. One revolves around the                                THE ROTAHOME STORY                                            of west Viti Levu and left thousands homeless in the
story of Peter Drysdale, a totally                                                                                            Lautoka/Ba area. Peter’s vision is “to eliminate sub-human
dedicated Rotarian who has responded to the needs of            For over 21 years Peter                                       living conditions in west Viti Levu by providing basic cyclone safe
homeless families in Fiji for over two decades. Peter’s         Drysdale of the Rotary                                        homes, clean water and living essentials”
efforts, with the support of Rotarians from many                Club of Lautoka has
countries, has resulted in the success of the Rotahome          been the driving force                                        Peter’s father went to Fiji to set up a sawmill in 1936 and,
project. As reported in our last issue this work has been       behind the highly                                             whilst there in 1940 met his mother who was a nursing
recognized by NZAID to the point where they are looking         successful Rotahomes                                          sister stationed in Fiji during WW2. After the war she
to make a substantial investment in its future.                 Project. A large                                              worked at the Mission Hospital/ Leprosarium at Taveuni
                                                                number of Rotary                                              His mother originally came from Levin in NZ and, at a
Not all of our Pacific Island clubs are on the receiving side   Clubs and Districts                                           sprightly 93, she now lives in Melbourne. She still visits the
of development aid. The other main story comes from the         have contributed to the                                       Rotahome Village each year. Peter was born in Melbourne
Rotary Club of Norfolk Island where it has been                 project which includes                                        and returned to Fiji and completed primary and secondary
demonstrated that Rotarians from a country of 1,000             the ambitious                                                 education at Marist Brothers in Suva. He later studied
residents can make a contribution to the needs of a country     Koroipita Village.                                            Forestry Science at Aberdeen University and returned to
of 1 billion residents. Their story, and desire to be part of                                                                 Fiji to help set up Fiji’s Pine Forestry Industry. He worked
closing the final gap in the Polioplus campaign, should         This month we look at the project through the eyes of         in this industry for the next 22 years.
serve as an inspiration to others to become involved at the     District 9970 which sent three FAIM teams to Fiji earlier
grass roots of Rotary.                                          this year. Each team constructed one Rotahome and             Peter later joined Williams and Gosling, a shipping,
                                                                assisted with a number of infrastructure projects including   transport and airfreight company. He is now the director
Every five years agencies receiving funding from KOHA-          the construction of the “Crusader Crossing”. The teams        of their Fiji operations employing about 350 people. Each
PICD are subject to an Institutional Review. This year          were made up from the clubs of Bishopdale-Burnside,           day almost without exception, after finishing a 10 hour day,
Rotary is being reviewed along with three other NGO's.          Christchurch, Christchurch West, Ferrymead, Kaiapoi,          he leaves work to spend the next 6 hours on Rotahome
The main focus of the review conducted by independent           Lincoln, Papanui, and Riccarton. More teams are planned       business. Peter’s family have, for the past 9 years, lived in
consultants is to verify an agency's compliance with            for the future.                                               Brisbane and he only manages to see them every 3-4
KOHA-PICD criteria. The reviewers have spent some                                                                             months, such is his dedication to this cause. He misses his
family greatly but in his own words “if this project is my              Playing fields have been created and sports teams are being    Tourism will play a big part in the future and it is hoped
mission then this separation is my Everest. My reward is on the faces   formed. A playground for the smaller children has been         that, when the landscaping is finished, it will attract visitors
of the mums and kids as they pour into town”                            built next to the Kindergarten                                 who will purchase home grown and home made products
                                                                                                                                       and artifacts from the village people. A group of
Peter’s assistant on the Rotahomes is Satyendra Narayan,                The three teacher kindergarten is the hub of the village and   “adventure tourists” were there during our time, filming a
or Saten to all who have worked with him. On his own has                upwards of 30 children attend each morning. The kindy          documentary to sell the village as part of their “Fiji
worked on more than 720 Rotahomes often sleeping                        doubles as a learning centre for adults in the evening and,    experience”. The village will grow by double its current
amongst the materials. He would see his family only on                  on most Saturday nights, it becomes the movie theatre as       size when stage two of 160 homes is started next year.
Saturday nights. He has done this for 19 years and is the               they gather to watch DVDs. There is a very good Primary
unheralded hero of this project which begs national                     School only two kilometers away and the High School is 3       It was a very enjoyable experience and a great opportunity
recognition. Saten travels many miles, by several buses, to             km away in Lautoka which easily accessible by bus.             for fellowship and I would expect that there will be four or
reach the site, leaving home before 6am each morning.                                                                                  possibly five teams from District 9970 up there in
                                                                        The funding for this project has come from Rotary clubs        July/August 2007
For many years homes were built wherever the need                       world wide and by generous grants from many countries
required and around 670 are scattered over a 3000 sq km                 particularly New Zealand and Australia. The current cost       The happy and positive disposition of the villagers could
area of hills and cane farms. The first village complex,                of a complete Rotahome is F$5900                               be summed up by the words of this song sung by the
Koroipita Model Town, is attracting considerable interest                                                                              children at the Kindergarten to the tune of Frere` Jacques.
and being closely watched by officials in Suva, Wellington
& Canberra. The number of homeless people in Fiji is
growing all the time and currently stands at 82,500 with the                                                                                 Kindergarten Children
total expected to grow by between 11 - 14,000 over the
next few years as sugar leases expire.                                                                                                 Koroipita, Koroipita
                                                                                                                                       Model Town
Koroipita which is almost complete, will have 84 homes in                                                                              Clean and Green
an engineered fully serviced environment, with water,                                                                                  Always getting better
power, sewerage and rubbish disposal. It will house around              District 9970 Team has the roof on                             Always getting better
400 when finished. Each home is cyclone safe with a toilet,                                                                            Poor no more, Poor no more.
shower, & kitchen. Each tenant is offered the prospect of               The three teams from District 9970 built home numbers
legal title to a serviced lot on a 99 year lease with the low           80, 81, & 82. Number 83 was under construction by a            Koroipita, Koroipita                    Koroipita, Koroipita
rental of $100 per year. Each plot has sufficient area to               team from Victoria and the final home in this stage of the     Watch us grow                           Model Town
grow food. Rental is paid to the Native Lands Trust Board.              village will be completed by another Australian team.          Proud and Strong                        Always Clean
                                                                        Whilst we were there a team of 26 young folk from Merck        We the people happy                     Show the way together
It is socially supportive with each family assisting to keep            in New Zealand spent three days helping out. They were         Always getting better                   Working for the future
the village clean and a happy place to live. Villagers are              part of a bigger team who were assigned to other tasks in      Love our town, Love our town            Koroipita, Koroipita
taught to recycle bottles, paper and plastic. Assistance is             around the Lautoka area.
also available for school fees, bus fees etc. Medical
treatment is provided at frequent Medi-camps.                           Over the past 30 months more than 350 Rotary (and a few
Landscaping is being undertaken all the time with a recent              others) volunteers have worked on this project. Over the
planting of Vertiver grass to stabilise banks and to prevent            past decade they have built one home every week and
silting of drains. Villagers are self sufficient in eggplant,           more than 400 rain water tanks have been installed. There
bananas, pineapple, dalo, and tapioca. In the nursery are               have also been 36 containers of clothes, books and food
hundreds of Palm Trees and Flambouyants which will add                  and these have been distributed at times of drought or
to the beautification of the region.                                    coups.
                                                                                                                                                                               Children en route to school
CRUSADER CROSSING                                                 reticulate the water and level building platforms for the        be quite rapid, but can be controlled so easily with the
In 2004 the District                                              final 10 Rotahomes.                                              Sabin oral vaccine. Recently Nigeria and Egypt joined the
9970 International/WCS                                            The name Cr usad er Cro ssing will be there forever with a       long list of countries to be declared ‘Polio Free’, and the
Committee was looking                                             large red and black sign obvious to those who descend the        final push is now down to areas in India, Pakistan and
for a significant project                                         hill onto the bridge.                                            Ethiopia. Once all children in these areas are treated, we
to mark the centenary of                                                                                                           can sit back and rejoice in the eradication of such a
Rotary International in                                                                                                            wasteful disease. On-going vigilance will be necessary for a
2005.                                                                                                                              few years to guard against outbreaks where someone has
They hoped to involve as many clubs in D9970 as possible                                                                           slipped though the net but we hope very soon, to be able
by combining their DDF allocations with cash grants to                                                                             to say the World is finally free of Polio. One of the
form the basis of a seeding fund to apply to the Rotary                                                                            problems is the natural migration of poorer people who
Foundation for a matching grant. Eleven clubs in all                                                                               move around looking for work. If they are carrying the
decided to get in behind the cause. The Committee then                                                                             disease, of course they will spread it into other areas.
contacted Peter Drysdale to ascertain whether he had                                                                               Another problem is the ignorance of the uneducated
anything significant which could be done at the Rotahome                                                                           people who simply do not understand what the dosing is
Village.                                                          Rotahome with kitchen/bathroom block on left.                    about and fear that it might harm their children. Rotary in
                                                                                                                                   India has a range of information in many formats to try to
Peter’s reply was that they needed some roading and a             NORFOLK ISLAND GOES TO INDIA                                     reach everyone. These include the more obvious media,
bridge to span a small creek separating the east bank from                                                                         but for those who don’t have TV, radio or read
                                                                  A Country of 1000 helps 1,000,000,000
the rest of the village. Whilst it is only a small creek in dry                                                                    newspapers, there are Posters, comics, leaflets and even
                                                                  Contributed by Barb Elvey, Rotary Club of Norfolk
times it can become a torrential river during the wet                                                                              competitions for children and lectures by people who are
                                                                  Island, District 9910
season. Thus began the project to become known as the                                                                              trusted in their community, such as their Doctor or Priest.
                                                                  Late July three like-minded people set off from Norfolk
“Crusader Crossing” as all the eleven clubs came from             Island on a journey to India to participate in one what will
within the Crusader rugby franchise area.                                                                                          Lindsay Ford, President of Norfolk Island Rotary Club,
                                                                  hopefully be one of the last POLIO PLUS Days to be
                                                                                                                                   with his wife Alison myself, Rotarian, Barb Elvey, attended
Retired engineer, Ron McLeay, of the Riccarton Rotary                                                                              the Polio-Plus Campaign in the town of Meerut, near New
                                                                  Rotary Clubs all around the World have been working with
Club traveled to Lautoka to scope the project. Whilst Ron                                                                          Delhi. This is one area with a significant number of recent
                                                                  UNICEF and WHO over the last 20 years to eradicate
was there Peter asked him for advice regarding the forming                                                                         cases of Polio and we saw it for ourselves. Young children,
                                                                  Polio from the world. What a huge undertaking.
of the roads and the reticulation of the water. A grant from                                                                       with severely crippled wizened legs, are a sad sight. Rotary
                                                                  For those of you too young to remember Poliomyelitis, it
NZAID to D9920 had already been approved for the                                                                                   Clubs have also been responsible for arranging for artificial
                                                                  is an acute infectious viral disease which affects children.
water. Following Ron’s design and costing work an                                                                                  limbs for victims of Polio. Our presence at the SUB NIDS
                                                                  In its paralytic form, the brain and spinal cord are involved,
application was made for a matching grant. Whilst awaiting                                                                         Booths highlighted the Polio Plus Campaign, publicized
                                                                  causing paralysis and wasting of muscles. Also called
the approval of the grant the Rotary Club of Riccarton                                                                             the objectives and encouraged the people to approach the
                                                                  Infantile paralysis. Permanently
funded the work that was required to be done urgently,                                                                             booth and thus have their children dosed.
                                                                  crippled muscles, particularly the
particularly the water reticulation.                              legs, inflammation of the brain may
                                                                  result, and in worse cases, if the
Two Rotarians traveled to Fiji to oversee the roading, take       breathing muscles are affected,
levels, and supervise the early construction of the bridge.       permanent artificial breathing
Bridge builder/engineer, Greg Husband, joined the                 apparatus is necessary.
District 9970 FAIM team in late June 2006 and completed           In developed countries, children
the abutments and wing walls pouring many metres of               have been dosed with oral vaccine for several decades,
concrete from the trusty old concrete mixer. Although the         eliminating the disease. However in poorer, under-
bridge was not quite finished it enabled heavy trucks and         developed countries, with poor standards of hygiene,
diggers to gain access to the east bank and form the roads,       sanitation and water supply, the spread of the disease can
                                                                                                                                   The team’s visit, as reported in an Indian Newspaper
We all took part in assisting with the actual dosing of the      This was just a small part of our visit to India, but this part    The Chair was Sean Plunkett, well known early riser and
children, (all children under 5 years are targeted as they are   was our main focus and we hope that our small                      National Radio News Presenter.
most vulnerable). They are then given balloons, whistles         contribution will make a difference.                               Marian Hobbs led off with a discourse on her history of
and other trinkets, quite valuable to these children who         The journey continued with numerous Rotary meetings as             advocating increased aid and referred to her record in
have so little. Our visit also served as an encouragement to     we tried to establish where we can offer some assistance           revamping NZAID. She put forward the interesting
the dedicated men and women who are working so hard              with needy projects in co-operation with the local Rotary          proposition that, if increased aid assisted countries to
on this mission. “ We don’t want the interest to fade just       Clubs. Examples are things like mobile health vans,                develop their economies, they would become our future
when we are nearly there” commented one doctor, who              education sponsorships and health facilities. There is so          trading partners. John Hayes, now national spokesperson
funds the booth in his area himself.                             much need in India, with 50 million people living below            on aid, spoke of waste he had seen in misjudged aid
                                                                 the poverty line, and another 20 million living in                 programmes during his previous career as a diplomat,
So moved were we with the day’s work in the hot sun, that        inadequate shelter with barely enough food to sustain
we volunteered to return the next day for part two of the        them. The total population of India stands at over a billion       Underlining the presentations and cross challenges it
campaign. This was to go ‘House-to House’ and into the           and is increasing at approximately 18 million per year, (the       became clear that New Zealand’s aid, whilst not great in
schools to try to ensure that every child in the area was        population of Australia).                                          quantity, was now very effective in quality and
dosed if at all possible. The schools in themselves are an                                                                          sustainability. This confirmed the RNZWCS editorial view
experience, as of course are the ‘houses’. In this particular                                            During the course of       set out in News Update 9. Marian Hobbs singled out the
area they are extremely poor and home is usually a                                                       their visit to India The   Rotary Polioplus campaign as an example of partnership,
concrete or crumbly brick shelter in a yard which has a sort                                             Norfolk Island             commitment and delivery.
of ‘privy’ and a tap for washing of person and clothes. I                                                Rotarians had the          For more on the Pointseven campaign go to
was impressed at how clean they manage to keep                                                           opportunity to meet with
themselves, under such conditions. The UNICEF staff                                                      the Dalai Lama             Morris Robertson
record in chalk on each door the date they visit and note
                                                                                                                                    RNZWCS Ltd. NEWS UPDATE has received
whether the children within were dosed or not. All dosed                                                                            many complimentary messages from readers
children receive an indelible black marking on their left
                                                                                                                                    including Members of Parliament and
little fingernail.                                               THE POINTSEVEN CAMPAIGN DEBATE                                     Government officials. Amongst the distant
                                                                                  “I can smell the                                  responses was this one from Rotary International.
In the small school of about 650 children we entered the
crowded classroom of the little ones and the nurses quickly                       stinginess on your
                                                                                  breath”                                           Dear Past Governor Batty,
sorted out who had been done and who hadn’t. This is one
                                                                                                                                    “Your Rotary New Zealand World Community
way to catch any children whose parents may have refused
                                                                                                  The Council for                   Service News Update was forwarded to me in my
earlier. These are the lucky ones as there are many children
                                                                                                  International Development,        capacity as Coordinator of the World Community
not at school and we nabbed as many as we could!
                                                                                                  together with the United          Service program for Rotary International. I think
                                                                                                  Nations Association               your News Update is fantastic and I would
What a day, it was hot and tiring but hugely satisfying. We
                                                                                                  organised a lively debate at      appreciate it if you could add me to your mailing
encountered one serious refusal and had a verbal battle
                                                                 Victoria University on 24th August. The topic was –                list. Please feel free to contact me in the future
with the older sister (about 9) holding her baby sister ad
                                                                 “Wit h less t ha n 10 years to g o to achi ev e the U N go al      for any assistance you might require.”
struggling to keep her out of reach. She was determined to
                                                                 of ha lving the extreme povert y, New Z ea lan d need s to         Regards,
protect the baby from dosing and it was only the
                                                                 urgent ly com mit to a tim eta ble o f giving 0.7 % o f Gr oss     Barbara Wiczek
intervention of the local doctor who simply snatched the
                                                                 Nati ona l Incom e in aid ”                                        WCS Program Coordinator
baby from her, passed her for dosing then returned her to
                                                                                                                                    International Service Programs, RI.
the sister who was only doing what she believed was in the
best interests of the baby. It must be very confusing for        The Team for: The Hon. Marian Hobbs MP, The Hon                    Material wanted
them to have these strangers bursting in on their lives          Matt Robson MP, and Holly Walker, student debater. The
                                                                                                                                    To contribute to the newsletter please send details to
pushing stuff onto the children, we must understand that.        Team against: John Hayes MP, Matthew Hooton,
                                                                                                                                    PDG Morris Robertson, Box 22 249, Khandallah,
                                                                 columnist and Gareth Richards, student debater.
                                                                                                                                    Wellington 6441. Email:

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