Boston-Logan Airport, Boston, MA

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					Boston-Logan Airport
Bradley Airport                        REGIONAL AIRPORT INFORMATION
Portland Airport                                  SUMMER 2010

Boston-Logan Airport, Boston, MA
In conjunction with the American Camp Association, New England (ACA New England),
Massport has once again adopted a plan to assist with all camp movements at the

Jack Hemphill has approved vehicle parking in the Harborside Limo Pool and Cell Phone
Lot as well as the Limo Pools in A and E. Under no conditions will curbside parking
be allowed.

All vehicles will have signs in the front window that will read: American Camp
Association, New England 2010 Airport Parking Permit. (Signs are downloadable from
Member Resource page of ACA New England website)

When possible, ACA New England camps will provide travel schedules. Camp Directors
should contact the airlines in advance, if possible, to work out plans prior to arrivals and
departures and they should report directly to the airlines for gate passes and any other

Observe TSA traveling requirements:
   • Check items such as tennis rackets, golf clubs and baseball bats
   • SCUBA tanks, gas containers and fireworks are not allowed on flights
   • Follow directions on how to travel with medication.

For questions regarding celebrity children and campers with parental issues contact Phil
Orlandella at this email: For urgent issues, State Police will be
notified immediately.

Any media calls or requests will be handled by ACA New England or the Massport
office. ACA New England contact person: Lucy Norvell (781) 541-6080 x14.

Bradley Airport, Windsor Locks, CT
Please remind all campers that all liquids, gels, etc. must fit into a one quart zip lock bag
and must be 3 oz or less if they want to carry it on board the aircraft. If they pack these
into their checked bags, container size is not an issue.

Camp vehicles can park in the Commercial Vehicle Holding Lot adjacent to both
terminals and accessible from Cargo Road with the ACA New England Parking Permit
prominently displayed in the windshield. Vehicles may not be left unattended in the pick
up or drop off areas on either the arrival or departure levels. Unattended vehicles will
be towed. Only active loading or unloading is allowed curbside.
Note: All airlines are now operating from the newly unified Terminal 'A". Old Terminal 'B"
is closed.

Brian L. Baik ( Transportation Planner, Bradley International
Airport, Terminal A, 3rd Floor, Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Portland International Jetport, Portland, ME
Please remind all campers that all liquids, gels, etc… must fit into a one quart zip lock
bag and must be 3 oz or less if they want to carry it on board the aircraft. If liquids and
gels are packed into checked bags, container size is not an issue.

Makeup items such as foundations and creams, perfumes, moisturizer, toothpaste,
fingernail polish, and deodorant must be 3 oz. or less and must fit into the one quart bag
-- only one per customer. (Should they try to carry on more or larger sizes, they will be
asked to throw it away or to make arrangements with someone to ship it.)

If you haven't been to the Portland Jetport for awhile, it’s under construction and things
are very tight. The cell phone lot is open towards the baggage claim. You need to stay
with the vehicle there unless you have the vehicle inspected by one of the security folks.
To do so you must go up to the far end of the lot, lock the vehicle after inspection, and
get a parking pass from the security guard. You can still use your ACA New England
pass to identify your camp, but you must have a pass from security on your dash
also. The security pass will need to be returned after you gather your group.

Contact the Communication Center number in cases of emergency. The
Communication Center is staffed 24-7 with a direct line to police dispatch and the ability
to handle any emergency that might arise. This number is (207) 756-8310.

Additional Information:
   • Please tell your Counselors that throwing food over their heads at a check point
       is not permissible.
   • Please make sure your people don't block stairs and keep their coolers and
       things out of the way. If water or juice snacks are left over and you don't want to
       take them back to camp, bring it to the “Comcenter” (Communication Center) on
       the second level, where it will be disposed of appropriately.

PWM is wishing you a wonderful summer -- thank you for using our airport. Thank
you so much for your assistance. Let's hope for sunshine.

If any counselors have questions when they arrive, feel free to contact: Linda Nieves,
Airport Security Coordinator, 1001 Westbrook Street, Portland, Maine 04102,
Office: (207) 756-8030, Cell: (207) 653-4959, Email:

It would be greatly appreciated if you could fax Linda Nieves (Fax: (207) 774-7740)
the list (as you have done in the past) so people at PWM will know when campers
are arriving.