Status and Outlook of MEMS in Taiwan by gfc19530


									Status and Outlook of MEMS in Taiwan

                Yan-Kuin Su
      Department of Electronic & Engineering
         National Chung Kung University
              Tainan, Taiwan, ROC
• Strategy
   – Strategy based on Paradigm
      • From Fabrication Driven to Application Pull
   – Support MEMS Fabless Worldwide
      • Knowledge Supply Chain and Targeted Fields
      • Min. of Eco. Affairs, Nat. Sci. Council, and Min. of Edu.
   – NEXUS Bench Mark: MEMS and Nanotechnology
• Status
   – MOEA: Common Facility Opening, Technology Transfer, MEMS
   – NSC: MEMS Tech. Adv. Team, Three Regional Research Centers
   – MOE: Manufacturing Technology Program
   – Large Investment on Commercializing MEMS
• Cooperation: Domestic & International Fabless House
• MEMS Metrology Instrument Developments
• Conclusions
Evolution of Microelectronics Industry

                                                •US semiconductor production
•US defense semiconductor
production                                     Source: US Census Bureau, Census of
Source: US Census Bureau, Current Industrial   Manufacturers, Industry Series, Industry #3674,
Report, combined many year’s report            combined many year’s report
Strategic Meeting on MEMS
Industrial Technology Development
                                                  Date : Nov. 15-18 , 1999
                                                  Place : Grand Hyatt Hotel , Taipei
                                                  Host : MOEA, Co-responsibility : ITRI? CSIST

                                                  Key to successful MEMS industry:
                                                    (1) Product and market.
                                                    (2) Entrepreneurship – people.
                                                    (3) Timing – NOW.
                                                    (4) Place - infrastructure & environment.

Experts:                                          Suggested considerations:
       Ko, Wen H. (USA), Chang, Shih-Chia (USA)     (1) Reduce the risk of new company.
       Muller, Richard S. (USA),                                 (a) Small Business Innovation
       De Rooij, Nico (Europe), Menozzi, Gaetan                        Research (SBIR)
          (Europe), Saile, Volker (Europe)                       (b) Tax incentives in high tech
       Esashi, Masayoshi (Japan), Shimoyama,                           field.
          Toshiro (Japan)                           (2) Human resources – special training
                                                          program on Ph.D., post-doctoral, and
Attendee :more than 150 representatives about
                                                          technician levels.
    Industries? authorities? academiaes   and
    research institutions
Strategy based on Paradigm:
From Fabrication Driven to Application Pull

The domestic infrastructure should include:
(1) MEMS device/system fabricating lab (MOEA Common Lab).
(2) CMOS/MEMS integrated facility for MEMS and necessary
    interface circuit fabrication. This facility should have
    CMOS/MEMS integrated equipment and capability and
    committed to support MEMS R&D with highest priority.
(3) Packaging and system integration unit.
(4) IC design and service center.
(5) World information gathering and market survey group to
    provide easy access for all interested parties.
(6) Sufficient trained human resources at all levels (NSC Regional
(7) Periodic MEMS workshop or conference.
Target of MEMS Fields in Taiwan: MOEA and NSC hand in hand
                                          Industrial Processes/Devices
     Information Technology              • (1) Precision molding                                Communication
                                         • (2) H-T/HAR molding                       A                                       C
                                         • (1) Scientific instrument/metering: µ -       • (2) Optical Switch
 I   • (2) µ -Scanner (with Industry
                                           AFM, spectrometer, interferometers, etc       • (1) Optical Connector / Coupler
                                         • (1) Magnetic monitoring                       • (3) µ -Wireless Power Transmission
     • (1) µ -Power Supplier
                                         • (1) Nano fabrication                            (RF/microwave/infrared)
     • (1) Monolithic Inkjet Printing
                                                                                         • (1) RF Tx/Rx, include RFID
                                                                                         • (1)Portable data link
     • (3) µ -Display :head
                                                                                         • (3)Optical Tx/Rx
     • (1) High Density Data Storage
       & µ -AFM                                   MEMS/
BASIC Strategy                               Core Tech. & Common Lab.
                                                  MOEA Strategy
of NSC MEMS                                                                              Bio Medical Technology
                                                                                         • (2) DNA Chip/Protein Chip
     Consumer Electronics                                                                • (1) Diagnostic Chip
                                                  Semiconductors                         • (1) Sample Preparation Chip       B
     • (2) µ -Generator / Transformer,
                                                                              S          • (1) Screening Chip
                                             • (1) µ -Probe Card                         • (1) Electronic Nose
       include switching power supply
                                             • (1) µ -refrigerating system               • (2) Cell Culturing Chip
     • (1)µ - Fuel Injector
                                             • (1) High Density Lead Frame               • (3) Prosthetic devices (include
     • (1) Uncooled IR Imager
                                             • (1) µ -MFC                                  hearing aids …)
     • (1)Micro safety/security
                                             • (1) µ -Bump /µ -Package                   • (1) Drug delivery system
                                             • (1) µ -Fin/µ -Heat Sink/ µ -              • (2) Minima invasive instrument,
     • (1) Games & toys
                                               heat spreader                               include instrumental
     • (2) Home appliances
                                             • (1) µ -assembly                             catheters/endoscope
                       MOEA MEMS Program
                       Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
                       Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
                                     Technology Division
                                      Technology Division
          Program A                                                          Program B
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)    Chung-Shang Institute of Science & Technology
                                                    Chung-Shang Institute of Science & Technology
 Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)                     (CSIST)
    Mechanical            Electronics Research
                           Electronics Research
Industrial Research
 Industrial Research      Service Organization
                           Service Organization                  Optoelectronics Lab.
                                                                  Optoelectronics Lab.
Laboratory (MIRL)
 Laboratory (MIRL)              (ERSO)
* Nano Tech. :            * Micro System Tech.                      ♦ µ -Structure
♦ Laser Machining            Center : (MRL/OES)                     ♦ Laser LIGA
♦ LIGA                    ♦ MEMS Core Tech.                         ♦µ -GCE
♦ AFM                     ♦ Common Lab.                             ♦µ -Hall Sensor
♦ E-Beam Machining        ♦ µ -Photonic Systems
♦ µ -Polish/Grinding      ♦ µ -RF Systems
♦ µ -EDM                  ♦ µ -Fluidic Systems
                          ♦ µ -Structure
 Material Research
 Material Research            Biomedical
    Laboratories           Engineering Center
                            Engineering Center
       (MRL)                    (BMEC)
* Nano Material:
♦ Nano Field Emitter       * Biochips
♦ Micro Fuel Cell
                                                   NSC MEMS Program
                                                                     National Science Council (NSC)

                  Department                                  National Laboratories                                   Affiliated
                                                                                                                                                   Precious Instrument
                                                                                                                                                  Center (located within
Engineering &        Life Science                                              Chip                      Precision Instrument
Applied Science      Department                                           Implementation                 Development Center
                                         Radiation Research
 Department                                                                Center (CIC)                         (PIDC)
                                          Center (SRRC)

                  The National Science                 National Center for                  National                               Tainan
    MEMS                                                                                                                        Science-based                     Academic Excellence
                     & Technology                      High -performance                   Nanometer
  Technology                                                                                                                    Industrial Park                  Program (co-sponsored
                      Program for                      Computing (NCHC)                    Device Lab.
                   Bio-technology &                                                          (NDL)                               Development                     with Dept. of Education)
                   Pharamaceuticals                                                                                                 Office

                                                         Computation &                                                     Microelectronics    Testing and
                                                                               ASIC        Mask Making       LIGA Like      and Precision
   Various         Industry-University
                                              LIGA         Simulation                                                                        Characterization
  Academic        Collaborative Projects                                                                                   Machinery (one of
    Fields                                                                                                                     3 zones)

          •MEMS Technology Advancement Team:
                     •Establish MEMS Centers (Fabrication Technology)
                     •Move to System Driven Paradigm
                     •Renamed as MEMS and Nanotechnology Advancement Team, April 2001
Taiwan NSC MEMS Technology Advancement Team
 l   MEMS is an inherent interdisciplinary technology
      Þ integration of engineering, science, and medicine

 l   Interaction among various NSC Academic
     Fields/Teams is key to MEMS activities
 l   Established in 1996 to promote ROC’s MEMS related
 l   “BASIC” Strategy
     Þ   Biology
     Þ   Automation
     Þ   Semiconductor
     Þ   Information Technology
     Þ   Communications
    NEXUS Bench Mark
                                                       NANOTECHNOLOGY / SYSTEMS
Size /                                                   l Nano Materials
                                                         l Quantum Well
                                                         l Spin-valve Electrons
                        Molecular Electronics            l Quantum Dots
                                                         l Wafer Grinding
                                                         l Single Electron Transistors
           Nanotechnology / Sys                          l Scanning Probe / AFM
                                                       MOLECULLAR ELECTRONICS
    2000     05    10      15     20   25       Year
                                                        l Storage
                                                        l Self-Assembly
                                                        l Neural NETS
•     Need more interdisciplinary Research/Educational Programs
•     Min. of Edu.: Manufacturing Technology Program
•     Each phase: 4 years and Year 2001 marks the beginning of the New Phase
MEMS Core Technology
 Technology             Process          Industry   Application
  Module              Integration

High Aspect Ratio    CMOS Machining
   µ- Structure
 Flat µ- Structure      SCREAM
  µ- Integration                            y
  MEMS Layout
   Generator           Actuation
                        Device                      Communicatio
   µ- Actuator
                     Photonic Actuator
   µ- Package
  (Wafer Level)
                       RF Actuator
< Common Lab. >
                     Fluidics Actuator     IDM
 (1996 – 2000)       (2001 – 2005)
  Fabrication Technologies (Central NSC Centers)

   • MPMC (Multi-project MEMS Chip) - 1st at Taiwan
   • SCREAM - 1st at Taiwan
   • Surface/Bulk Hybrid processes - 1st in the world (patent pending)

+ A 2P1M comb actuator driven   + A 30 µm thick comb actuator      + Optical switch
  at resonant frequency~15KHz

  MPMC                           SCREAM                         Hybrid

        R.-S. Huang, 2000             R.-S. Huang, 2000                  W. Fang, 2000
  Research Results/Programs (Northern NSC Centers)
  microwave devices           CMOS-based actuator   Microwave switch       In-mold pressure sensor

     Micromachined               Micro magnetic
piezoresist pressure sensor       servo motor       Micro optical switch         Bio-chip
    Research Results/Programs (Southern NSC Centers)

         700 µm                       actuator                     Micro
  High-aspect-ratio                                           electrophoresis
  devices (LIGA-like)          Technologies                        chips
                                                                   1 cm

200 µm

                                     Microfluidic chips
                                                                outlet    inlet
           Micro flow sensor          for continuous
                                     sample injection     Micro dialysis chips
MEMS Core Technologies Established

           Micro Machining                         Integration
   .   Think PR Lithography & Lift-off   . CMOS Integration of Uncooled
   .   Si Deep Trench Etch                 Thermal Imager
   .   Low Stress Si-rich Nitride Film   . Micro Fluidic Chips & Systems
   .   Corner Compensation                 of Micro Mass Flow Controller
   .   Si Wet Etching                    . Micro Heat Sink & Spreader for
   .   Sacrificial Layer                   Cooling
   .   Corrugated Suspension Membrane    . Micro Fabry - Perot Interferometer
   .   Double-sided Process                (FPI)
   .   SOI Wafer
   .   Micro Polish
                                            µ –CAD & Simulation
                                         . µ -CAD Design Center
   . X-ray Lithography                   Micro Package & Assembly
   . X-ray Confocal Mask
   . Low Stress & High Hardness          . Vacuum Wafer Bonding
     Micro Electro-plating               . Vertical Feedthrough
   . Micro Forming                       . Planar High Density Feedthrough
Targets of MST/MEMS Development in Taiwan

                                   Action Plan
                                   Action Plan
Core Technology
Core Technology                                                   Years to 2010
                                                                  Years to 2010
                              * Establish NSC MEMS Center,
                              * Establish NSC MEMS Center,
                                ITRI Common Laboratory &
                                 ITRI Common Laboratory &
•• NSC MEMS Centers &
   NSC MEMS Centers &           Core Technologies.              * Sales: ~US$ 1 Billion
                                                                * Sales: ~US$ 1 Billion
                                 Core Technologies.
ITRI Common Lab:
ITRI Common Lab:                                                * Worldwide share: 4%
                                                                * Worldwide share: 4%
                              * Enhance the Investment of
                              * Enhance the Investment of
  -- MEMS Core tech.
     MEMS Core tech.            New Company for MEMS            * Major Industries:
                                                                * Major Industries:
                                 New Company for MEMS
     CMOS/MEMS                  Fabrication & Foundry
                                 Fabrication & Foundry
       Integration              Service
                                 Service                          ..   Precision Molding
                                                                       Precision Molding
                              * Create Niche MEMS                 ..   Semiconductors
                              * Create Niche MEMS
•• Micro systems Tech.
   Micro systems Tech.          Replacement of Existing
                                 Replacement of Existing          ..   Information Tech.
                                                                       Information Tech.
  -- Micro Photogenic
     Micro Photogenic           Products
                                 Products                         ..   Consumer
     Chips & Systems                                                   Consumer
     Chips & Systems          * Generate New MEMS
  -- Micro Wireless Chips &
     Micro Wireless Chips &   * Generate New MEMS                      Electronics
                                Applications in
     Systems                     Applications in
                                                                  ..   Bio Technology
                                                                       Bio Technology
  -- Micro Fluidic Chips &       Optical/Wireless
     Micro Fluidic Chips &
     Systems                    Communication and Biochips
                                 Communication and Biochips       ..   Communications
                              * Promote International
                              * Promote International
                                Cooperation for OEM/ODM,
                                 Cooperation for OEM/ODM,
                                Technical Exchange/Transfer,
                                 Technical Exchange/Transfer,
                                and Cross Licensing
                                 and Cross Licensing
 The NEXUS Microsystems Roadmap
• Organizations (Task Group and User-
  Supplier Clubs):
  – (Bio-)Medical, (Bio-)Clinical
  – Instrumentation, Process Control
  – IT-Peripherals, Multimedia
  – Aerospace, Geophysics Comparison of BASIC
                            strategy of Taiwan’s National
  – Household Appliances Science Council:
  – Telecommunication       •Automation
  – Automotive              •Semiconductor
                                           •Information Technology
 Source: MST News No.
SEMI M3 Technology Roadmap
• Chairs: Dr. Job Elders, President of TMP B.V & Dr. Steven
  Walsh of Anderson School of Management, University of New
• Roadmap activity secretariat: TMP, P.O. Box 318, 7500 AE
  En-schede, The Netherlands, e-mail:
• Roadmap Chapters:
   – Simulation, Modeling             −NON-IC compatible
     and Design                        manufacturing methods
   – Reliability, Testing             −Potentially IC compatible
     and Metrology                     manufacturing methods
   – Packaging                        −Standards
   – Assembly and Cost models         −Commercialization
   – Glossary                         −Integration: Monolithic versus
   – IC-compatible                     hybrid
     manufacturing methods
  Electronic System Development Structure
  of NTU MEMS Group
  Linear Laser                                           PCI-DIO
                    FPGA                               High-speed
    Encoder       Real-time                           Proprietary PC
                    Digital                              Interface
Rotary Laser      Processing                                           PC
                    ADC           DAC        MCU
                  Analog -       Digital- Stand-aloneRS-232 serial
                   Digital       Analog UI & low-
                  Interface     Interface speed PC
     AVID                                              GPIB
                                                      PC Software-
                 Analog, digital,or A-B quad signal
                  real-time output for stand-alone
  PEARL: A Miniature Ellipsometer
•Innovative Features of PEARL
   –built in paraboloidal/spherical metal mirrors set to
   form a powerful optical combinations
   –ultra-high precision optical beam incident angle
   control for data retrieval
   –inherent alignment/imaging microscope
   –a family of design configurations for various

                                      –measuring thin film stack thickness, n, k
                                      –semiconductor processing in-situ monitoring
                                      –disk drive disk characterizations and flying
                                      height measurement
                                      –biomedical sensing systems
A Cluster Tool Configuration
 Test and Test Equipment Difficult Challenges
Ÿ>=100 nm/through 2005
   −Test Equipment costs will rise toward $20M and wafer yields may
   suffer without DFT and BIST
   −Automatic test program generators to reduce test development time
Ÿ<100 nm/Beyond 2005
   −Optical probing techniques
   −Full wafer test
   −Power ad thermal management problems, especially with 30 mm wafers
   and increasing parallel test sites
   −Develop new test methods for MEMS, sensors, and new IC technologies
   −Research on new burn-in techniques is needed
   −Realtime analysis of defects in multi-layer metal process
   −Failure analysis for analog devices
 Ref: The Inter. Tech. Roadmap for Semiconductors, 1999
              Video Port

                           Light source

                             Laser Doppler
 Objectives            Frame

                      Fine adjusting
                        Screw for
                        Focusing          Ref: AHEAD Optoelectronics, Inc.,
                                          No. 13, Chin-ho Road, Chung-ho City,
                                          Taipei Hsien 235, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Opening Ceremony of Common Lab
                                         Date: Jan. 11, 2000
                                         Place: Bldg. 51, ITRI
                                         Host: Dr. Ming-Shyong Lin
                                         Attendee: more than 100

                                         Information delivered:
                                         1. Current status and development
                                         2. Core technologies of Common
1. Provide a base for idea realization      Lab
2. Accelerate R/D and pilot-run speed    3. Technical modules and industrial
3. Enhance international cooperation
                                            service provided by Common
AVID: 3-in-1 Optical Configuration
                  Rotatable                                                                  Rotatable                                                                            Rotatable
                            Aperature                                                                                                                                                         Aperature
                  Mount               PBS 1                   Mirror                         Mount APERTURE                   PBS 1          R/A MIRROR                           Mount                        PBS1                  Mirror
Laser     Fiber
                             mirror                                         LASER FIBER                  MIRROR                                             Laser                              mirror
                                                                                                                                     BEAM1                                                                                    EA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             B M1
                Observing            BEAM2
                  port                                                                       OBSERVING                                                              Microscope
                                                                                                                  BEAM 2     SINGLE / DUAL
                                                                                               PORT                                                                    lens                            BEAM2
                             4 % NPBS                                                                                      BEAMCHANGING
CCD                                                                                                       4 % NPBS           MECHANISM
                                                                                                                                                                                                4 %NPBS
                            QW(45)                                                     CCD
                                        Corner cube                                                                                                         CCD
                                                                       L1                                QW(45)                                                                                W
                                                                                                                                                                                              Q (45)
                                                                                                                                                  FO ING
                                                                                        PBS 3                                FOCUSING              LENS 1                   PBS 3
                                                                                                                              LENS 2
        PD1                                           C1
                                                                   PBS 2
                                                                                PD 1
                     PBS4                                                                                                                                             D
                                                                                                                                                                     P 1
                                         Mirror (with                                                                                             PBS 2
              PD2                                                                                            PD 4                                                                                                                             PBS 2
                                        calibration PZT)                                                                                                                                           PD4
                             PD3                                                                PBS 4                                                                                                                                                 C2
                                                                                         PD 2                          R/A MIRROR                                                                           Mirror (with
                                                                                                                       ( WITH PZT)                                                                        calibration PZT)

                                                                                                           P 3
                                                                                                                                                                                                P 3

              configuration                                                                     Dual-beam                                                                                                                           Mirror

                                                                                                configuratio                                                               Long-distance
                                                                                                     n                                                                     interferometer
Diffractive Optical Element Writer
MEMS Investment in Taiwan / 2001

    Company              Major Products              Investment Scale
      A       l   Inkjet Head                          ~ 20 M US$
      B       l   SAW & AWG , ODM                      ~ 50 M US$
      C       l   SAW & RF Receiver                    ~ 20 M US$
      D       l   Optical Comm. & Wire Comm. , ODM     ~ 50 M US$
      E       l Accelerometer/Pressure/IR Sensor       ~ 10 M US$
      F       l DMD ODM                                ~ 30 M US$
      G       l VCSEL & Thermal Sensor                 ~ 10 M US$
      H       l Integrated Micro Phone                 ~ 10 M US$
       I      l Biochip & Micro Array                  ~ 20 M US$
       J      l Nozzle Plate                           ~ 10 M US$
      K       l VCSEL & LED                            ~ 20 M US$
      L       l Optical Comm. & Wire Comm. , ODM       ~ 50 M US$

                        Total                        ~ 300 M US$
Development Strategies
Select Niche Products to Perform           Enhance the International
       Commercialization                        Cooperation
 New product ideas :                         - Advanced Programs
  - replacement of existing products         - NSC MEMS Centers, |
  - new innovative products                    ITRI Common Lab Operation
                                             - CMOS/MEMS Integration

                                                    Move with the
Strategies                        Taiwan            MEMS/MST
                                                    Product Cycle
 Establish MST/MEMS                          Set-up SOP/SIP & ISO
  Common Facilities                              Documents for
                                             Product Development
 -Establish NSC MST/MEMS Centers,
  ITRI common facilities & core tech.        - Establish ISO quality systems
 -Provide services to industries             - Verify product technologies
   and R&D organizations                       through pilot runs
Development Strategies based on Cooperation
        Cooperation                   Infrastructure Promotion
    q International Cooperation                 Ø Global Technology Transfer
    q Advanced R&D Programs                       (US$ ~300 M /2001)
    q Cross-Disciplinary                        Ø Foundry Base & Replace.
    Integration                                   Product Investment
                                                Ø US$ 1B Revenue /2005 move
                                                  projection ahead by 5 yrs

                           Environment Construction
     l Establish MST/MEMS Common Facilities &
       Core Technologies for Personnel
       Training/Development, R&D and Product
     l Leverage MEMS Core Technologies for
       International Competitiveness

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