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					                               Gulf Coast Edition

                                                                In     Florida
Volume 4, Issue 2                                                                                    Summer 2007

         Help                  The Truth About Bottled Water
   Available                   Temperatures are rising—summer                  erally do not create a health issue.
                               is here! Looking for a way to keep              Bottled water is lower in minerals
Newcomers and visitors to      cool? Water is still the #1 choice of           and salt but in blind taste-tests
Florida often come unpre-      drink to keep hydrated. Drinking                does not always win against com-
pared for the challenges of    eight, 8-ounce glasses a day is es-             mon tap water. One thing for sure
living in a tropical and       sential for our daily body functions            is that it is expensive, averaging
sub-tropical climate with
                               and survival!                                   $1 per bottle in vending machines
high population density
and many demands on
                                                                               and up to $5 in fancy restaurants.
                               Many people believe that bottled
natural resources.
                               water is cleaner, safer and health-             Look closely at the label. In most
The Florida Extension Ser-     ier. Water that comes into your                 cases, bottled “drinking water” is
vice and its team of profes-   home from a public water supply                 just reprocessed tap water.
sional educators can help      must be tested regularly and meet
to provide practical, re-                                                      Bottled water sales increased 81%
                               certain state and federal public
search-based information                                                       over the past five years, making it
                               drinking water standards
to help visitors and new-
                               (chemicals, bacteria, mineral and               the 5th best-selling beverage in the
comers quickly learn about
and better adapt to their      inorganic compounds). Bottled wa-               U.S. It is a 10 billion dollar busi-
new environment.         To    ter sources are also inspected but              ness with over 60 companies in
make your stay safer and       can be contaminated just as easily              Florida.
more enjoyable, visit or       in some step of the process.
call the Extension Service                                                     The truth is, if you are buying bot-
in your area.                  Florida water is very hard and                  tled water because you think it is
                               some areas have iron and sulfur                 better, safer, or healthier, you
        (See page two)
                               which also affect the taste. These              have probably been mislead by the
                               substances leave residue and stains             all those expensive ads—the big-
In This Issue                  on fixtures and appliances but gen-             gest difference is just cost!
Help Available            1

The Truth About Bottled
                          1               Welcome to Florida
                               Brought to you by your University of Florida IFAS Extension Service
Local Weather Warning     2                   Family and Consumer Sciences Team

To Wash or Not to Wash    2

Contact Information       2
                                               “Solutions for Your Life”
Local Weather Warning Radios
June 1—November 30 is hurricane season here                             your area so that you can prepare and safeguard
in Florida. If you are new to the state, you may                        your family accordingly.
not be familiar with many aspects of hurricane
preparation.                                                            There are two basic types—desktop and port-
                                                                        able. Desktop models are larger and usually
There are many contingencies you need to pre-                           run on electricity; portable models are smaller
pare for such as high winds, heavy rain, flooding,                      and are battery-powered. The portable types
tornadoes, and the resulting power outages that                         are the most useful during and after a storm
usually accompany such occurrences.                                     since loss of electricity is a strong possibility.
When preparing your disaster kit, the top two                           Staying apprised of the most up-to-date weather
things on your list should be food and water.                           developments before, during, and after a major
However, high on your list of hurricane supplies                        storm can help you better plan, prepare, and
should be a weather warning radio. These handy                          cope with any disaster.
tools alert you when severe weather threatens
                                                                        Investing in a weather radio may save your life.

To Wash or Not to Wash Produce?
With recent concerns about bacteria on fresh pro-                      not say "pre-washed" or "ready-to-eat" should be
duce, many people are wondering what produce                           washed. Melons of all kinds should be washed
they should wash, and how to do it.                                    before they are cut.
Food safety specialists agree that pre-washed,                         Produce should be washed only with cool running
ready-to-eat salad does not need to be washed                          tap water and spun or patted dry. Bleach and
again. Washing it is not likely to remove any                          detergent do not help, and might cause problems
more bacteria.                                                         on food. Be sure to wash your hands, cutting
                                                                       boards and all utensils that touch fresh produce.
Loose salad greens and other produce that does

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