Quick Release Plate Chart Courtesy of the Foto Geeks by chriswallace

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									                                                                Quick Release Plate Chart
                                                                Courtesy of the Foto Geeks

 Manufacturer                                 Brand or Series                                       Model              Panhead    Q.Shoe
Bogen           Quick R. Adapter " Low Profile"                                                                                      394
Bogen           Rapid Connect Mounting Plate (1/4Ó‐20) for 3026 (Spare)          3026                                               3027
Bogen           QR Mounting Plate (1/4'‐20) for 3026 (Spare)                     3026                                               3041
Bogen           Replacement mtgplate                                                                                                3048
Bogen           QR Mounting Plate (1/4'‐20 Thumb Screw)                          3038,3039,3047 and 3055 (Spare)                    3049
Bogen           Adapter Plate converts Tripod to 1/4'‐20 Mounting Screw                                                             3054
Bogen           Rapid Connect Mounting Plate ‐ Sliding (1/4‐20")                  for 3066 (Spare)                                  3158
Bogen           Quick Mounting Plate (1/4‐20) w/ 90 Vert. Alignment Stop          3038,3039,3047,3055,3057,3063,3296                3267
Bogen           QR Mounting Plate (1/4‐20)                                        for 3270, 3275 and 3436QR (spare)                 3271
Bogen           Quick Release Adapter w/ 3049 plate                                                                                 3296
Bogen           Compact QR Adapter w/ 3157N Plate                                                                                   3299
Bogen           QR Mounting Plate (1/4‐20)                                       for 3410 (spare)                                   3411
Bogen           Quick Release Plate Rep/ 3157A                                                                                    3157AN
Bogen           QR Mounting Plate 1/4‐20" replaces 3157 and 3266A QR plates                                                        3157N
Bogen           Quick Release Architectural plate 1/4                                                                             3157NR
Davis Sanford
Davis Sanford   H4 
                H4                                                               2 piece camera screw & disc
                                                                                 2 piece camera screw & disc                          CS
Davis Sanford   SH200                                                            2 piece camera screw & disc                          CS
Davis Sanford   SH200S                                                           2 piece camera screw & disc                          CS
Davis Sanford   V2                                                               2 piece camera screw & disc                          CS
Davis Sanford   FM15                                                             2 piece camera 1/4‐20 screw & disc                CSFM
Davis Sanford   FM25                                                             2 piece camera 1/4‐20 screw & disc                CSFM
Davis Sanford   FM15                                                             2 piece camera 3/8‐16 screw & disc               CSFM38
Davis Sanford   FM25                                                             2 piece camera 3/8‐16 screw & disc               CSFM38
Davis Sanford   F10                                                              Looks like Hourglass                                QC
Davis Sanford   RTH1                                                             Looks like Hourglass                                QC
Davis Sanford   RTH2                                                             Looks like Hourglass                                QC
Davis Sanford   F12 Head                                                                                                           QRF12
Davis Sanford   FG10 Head‐‐‐MagnumXL w/ lever quick release & OIL FLUID label                                                       QRP
Davis Sanford   Explorer Series w/ all black logo on legs                                                                          QRPER
Davis Sanford   Ranger Series w/ all black logo on legs                                                                            QRPER
Davis Sanford   Explorer Series w/ blue & black Davis Sanford logo                                                                  QRPL
Davis Sanford   Traveler Series w/ blue & black Davis Sanford logo                                                                  QRPL
                FG10MPH head MagnumXL w/ push button QR & 
Davis Sanford   square corners on release socket                                                                                 QRPMPH
                FG10MPH head MagnumXL w/ push button QR & 
Davis Sanford   rounded corners on release socket                                                                                QRPMPH1
Hakuba Velbon   Branner                                                          BR‐5‐SG                                          HCA‐BR5
Hakuba Velbon   Branner                                                          BR‐5‐CBL                                        HCA‐BR5CL
                                                    Quick Release Plate Chart
                                                    Courtesy of the Foto Geeks

 Manufacturer                     Brand or Series                                    Model   Panhead    Q.Shoe
Hakuba Velbon   Branner                                              BR‐5‐CGR                          HCA‐BR5CL
Hakuba Velbon   Branner                                              BR‐5CSL                           HCA‐BR5CL
Hakuba Velbon   U‐Type Series                                        UP‐4DXII                PH‐248      QB‐4L
Hakuba Velbon   Victory Series                                       UP‐4DXII                PH‐248      QB‐4L
Hakuba Velbon   VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐I                 PH‐248      QB‐4L
Hakuba Velbon   CX Series                                            CX‐440                  PH‐446Q    QB‐4LC
Hakuba Velbon   D Type Series                                        DF‐10ML                 PH‐446     QB‐4LC
Hakuba Velbon   D Type Series                                        DF‐40                   PH‐446     QB‐4LC
Hakuba Velbon   T‐Type Series                                        T‐3500                  PH‐446     QB‐4LC
Hakuba Velbon   VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐400               PH‐446     QB‐4LC
Hakuba Velbon   Wal‐Mart                                             5000                    PH‐446Q    QB‐4LC
Hakuba Velbon   CX Series                                            CX‐444                  PH‐249Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   CX Series                                            CX‐470                  PH‐349Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   CX Series                                            CX‐544                  PH‐249Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   CX Series                                            CX‐570                  PH‐349Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon
Hakuba Velbon   CX Series
                CX Series                                            CX 690
                                                                     CX‐690                  PH 259Q
                                                                                             PH‐259Q    QB 4W
Hakuba Velbon   D Type Series                                        DF‐50                   PH‐249Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   D Type Series                                        DF‐MINI                 PH‐349Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   S‐Type Series                                        S‐4000? (NEW)           PH‐349Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   S‐Type Series                                        S‐6000 (NEW)            PH‐259Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐404               PH‐349Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐504               PH‐259Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   Wal‐Mart                                             7000                    PH‐349Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   Wal‐Mart                                             9000                    PH‐259Q    QB‐4W
Hakuba Velbon   Albinar                                              9500                    PH‐556Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   Albinar                                              9900                    PH‐258Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   D Type Series                                        DV‐40                   PH‐556Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   D Type Series                                        DV‐48                   PH‐258      QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   S‐Type Series                                        S‐400                   PH‐556Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   S‐Type Series                                        S‐600                   PH‐258Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   S‐Type Series                                        S‐900                   PH‐258Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   S‐Type Series                                        STRATOS 470             PH‐258      QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   Victory Series                                       VICT‐150                PH‐156Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   Victory Series                                       VICT‐450                PH‐156Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   Victory Series                                       VICT‐460Q               PH‐252Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   Victory Series                                       VICT‐480                PH‐156Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   Victory Series                                       VICT‐550                PH‐156Q     QB‐5L
Hakuba Velbon   Victory Series                                       VICT‐650                PH‐156Q     QB‐5L
                                                     Quick Release Plate Chart
                                                     Courtesy of the Foto Geeks

  Manufacturer                     Brand or Series                                   Model    Panhead   Q.Shoe
Hakuba Velbon    Albinar                                              7500                   PH‐656Q    QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    Albinar                                              9500                   PH‐656Q    QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    CX Series                                            CX‐540                 PH‐656Q    QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    CX Series                                            CX‐580                 PH‐458     QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    CX Series                                            CX‐640                 PH‐656Q    QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    CX Series                                            CX‐680                 PH‐468     QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        S‐4000                 PH‐656Q    QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        S‐5000                 PH‐458     QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    Victory Series                                       VICT‐451               PH‐656Q    QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐500              PH‐458     QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐600              PH‐468     QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐601              PH‐468     QB‐5LC
Hakuba Velbon    Albinar                                              9900                   PH‐358     QB‐5RL
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        S‐900                  PH‐358     QB‐5RL
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐507              PH‐358     QB‐5RL
Hakuba Velbon
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE II
                                                                      VMATE‐II               PH 358
                                                                                             PH‐358     QB 5RL
Hakuba Velbon    CX Series                                            CX‐684                 PH‐159Q    QB‐5W
Hakuba Velbon    D Type Series                                        DF‐60                  PH‐159Q    QB‐5W
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        S‐6000                 PH‐159Q    QB‐5W
Hakuba Velbon    PX Series                                            PX‐781K                PH‐268      QB‐6
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        SGB‐38BC               PH‐268      QB‐6
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        STRATOS 460Q           PH‐262Q     QB‐6
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        STRATOS 480            PH‐268      QB‐6
Hakuba Velbon    PX Series                                            PX‐781K                PH‐268R    QB‐6R
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        STRATOS 480            PH‐268R    QB‐6R
Hakuba Velbon    S‐Type Series                                        SX‐681K                PH‐268R    QB‐6R
Hakuba Velbon    CX Series                                            CX‐687                 PH‐368     QB‐6RL
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐607              PH‐368     QB‐6RL
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐III              PH‐368     QB‐6RL
Hakuba Velbon    VideomateSeries                                      VMATE‐IV               PH‐368     QB‐6RL
Slik                                                                  511 QF                             6014
Slik                                                                  EZ Hold                            6014
Slik                                                                  EZ Pod                             6014
Slik                                                                  502                                6027
Slik                                                                  503                                6027
Slik                                                                  504                                6027
Slik                                                                  512                                6027
Slik                                                                  523 QF                             6027
                                   Quick Release Plate Chart
                                   Courtesy of the Foto Geeks

  Manufacturer   Brand or Series                                       Model        Panhead           Q.Shoe
Slik                                                322 VF                                             6111
Slik                                                505QF                                              6111
Slik                                                506Qf                                              6111
Slik                                                U6000                                              6122
Slik                                                U6600                                              6122
Slik                                                U8000                                              6122
Slik                                                U9000                                              6122
Slik                                                300 DX                                             6123
Slik                                                700                                                6124
Slik                                                800 DX                                             6124
Slik                                                700                                                6125
Slik                                                800 DX 3/8"                                        6125
Slik                                                Able 300 DX                               300 DX Short Column
Slik                                                U212DX                                        6121QR Post
Slik                                                Able 700 DX                               700 DX Short Column
Slik                                                Professional & Professional 4
                                                    Professional & Professional 4              Pro 4 Short Column
                                                                                               Pro 4 Short Column
Slik                                                Professional II                            Pro II Short Column
Vanguard                                            PROMASTER 6000                            CAMERA PLATFORM
Vanguard                                            CT‐1 Coleman                                  No Quickshoe
Vanguard                                            CT‐278                                             QS‐01
Vanguard                                            VT‐154M                                            QS‐01
Vanguard                                            VT‐950                                             QS‐01
Vanguard                                            20‐08‐56 MINI K                                    QS‐02
Vanguard                                            20‐08‐58 VIDEO K                                   QS‐02
Vanguard                                            CT‐205BL                                           QS‐02
Vanguard                                            CT‐208                                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                            CT‐208G                                            QS‐02
Vanguard                                            CT‐268                                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                            CT‐288B                                            QS‐02
Vanguard                                            Mars 2                                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                            MP‐15                                              QS‐02
Vanguard                                            SKT‐200                                            QS‐02
Vanguard                                            VT‐124                                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                            VT‐126                                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                            VT‐127                                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                            VT‐214                                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                            VT‐214B                                            QS‐02
Vanguard                                            VT‐218                                             QS‐02
                                  Quick Release Plate Chart
                                  Courtesy of the Foto Geeks

 Manufacturer   Brand or Series                                     Model   Panhead   Q.Shoe
Vanguard                                           VT‐288B                            QS‐02
Vanguard                                           VT‐726                             QS‐02
Vanguard                                           WT‐6 TRIPOD                        QS‐02
Vanguard                                           PROMASTER 6600                     QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VGT‐4 MONOPOD                      QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐110SPX                          QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐115X                            QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐120X                            QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐132                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐145                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐145H                            QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐180                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐185                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐210                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐215H                            QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT 548
                                                   VT‐548                             QS 03
Vanguard                                           VT‐548B                            QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐550                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐558                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐578                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           VT‐95X                             QS‐03
Vanguard                                           20‐08‐57                           QS‐04
Vanguard                                           PRO K                              QS‐04
Vanguard                                           PROMASTER 6300                     QS‐04
Vanguard                                           SKT‐300                            QS‐04
Vanguard                                           VT‐128                             QS‐04
Vanguard                                           VT‐508                             QS‐04
Vanguard                                           VT‐518                             QS‐04
Vanguard                                           VT‐520                             QS‐04
Vanguard                                           PROMASTER 6050                     QS‐05
Vanguard                                           PT‐188                             QS‐05
Vanguard                                           PT‐80X                             QS‐05
Vanguard                                           VT‐168                             QS‐05
Vanguard                                           VT‐216                             QS‐05
Vanguard                                           VT‐361                             QS‐09
Vanguard                                           0V‐500                             QS‐10
Vanguard                                           PROMASTER 6200                     QS‐10
Vanguard                                           VT‐831                             QS‐10
                                  Quick Release Plate Chart
                                  Courtesy of the Foto Geeks

 Manufacturer   Brand or Series                                       Model   Panhead   Q.Shoe
Vanguard                                           VT‐840                               QS‐10
Vanguard                                           VT‐841                               QS‐10
Vanguard                                           Mars 1                               QS‐14
Vanguard                                           PROMASTER 6100                       QS‐14
Vanguard                                           VT‐143                               QS‐14
Vanguard                                           VT‐150                               QS‐14
Vanguard                                           VT‐152                               QS‐14
Vanguard                                           VT‐154                               QS‐14
Vanguard                                           VT‐200                               QS‐14
Vanguard                                           VT‐421                               QS‐15
Vanguard                                           VT‐432                               QS‐15
Vanguard                                           Milliennium Series                   QS‐29
Vanguard                                           MK‐2                                 QS‐29
Vanguard                                           MK‐3                                 QS‐29
Vanguard                                           MK‐4                                 QS‐29
Vanguard                                           OV 300
                                                   OV‐300                               QS 29
Vanguard                                           OV‐400                               QS‐29
Vanguard                                           TOURIST 5                            QS‐29
Vanguard                                           VT‐216M                              QS‐29
Vanguard                                           VT‐217                               QS‐29
Vanguard                                           VT‐219                               QS‐29
Vanguard                                           VT‐931                               QS‐29
Vanguard                                           CT‐2 Coleman                         QS‐36
Vanguard                                           CT‐3 Coleman                         QS‐36
Vanguard                                           CT‐4 Coleman                         QS‐36
Vanguard                                           CT‐5 Coleman                         QS‐36
Vanguard                                           MT‐100 w/ MT‐110H                    QS‐36
Vanguard                                           20‐08‐47                             QS‐47
Vanguard                                           20‐08‐52                             QS‐52
Vanguard                                           20‐08‐87                             QS‐87
Vanguard                                           VT‐90X                               QS‐87

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