Intro to Biblical Literature - Study Guide, Exam #2

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					               Intro to Biblical Literature - Study Guide, Exam #2
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1. Be able to identify the following personalities and concepts:

Aaron                 Covenant              Hagar                  Josiah              Rebekah
Abel                  Cyrus the Great       Hannah                 Laban               Rehoboam
Abraham               David                 Hermeneutics           Laments             Revelation
Absalom               Deborah               Hezekiah               Leah                Samson
Adam                  Dreams                Holiness               Lord of hosts       Samuel
Ahab                  Eli                   Isaac                  Lot                 Sarah
Amos                  Elijah                Ishmael                Moses               Saul
Atonement             Elisha                Jacob                  Nathan              Sennacherib
Baal                  Esau                  Jeremiah               Nebuchadnezzar      Seth
Balaam                Eschatology           Jeroboam               Nehemiah            Shema
Baruch                Exile                 Jesse                  Noah                Solomon
Bathsheba             Ezra                  Jezebel                Parallelism         Tabernacle
Bethel                Gideon                Jonathan               Passover            Wycliffe
Cain                  Gog and Magog         Joseph                 Rachel              Yahweh
Caleb                 Gomer                 Joshua                 Rahab               Zedekiah

To study these effectively, try using a flashcard system.

2. Know the major emphasis of the following Bible chapters:

Genesis 1-2                          Exodus 20                           Psalm 51
Genesis 3                            Joshua 24                           Proverbs 31
Genesis 12                           Psalm 23                            Isaiah 53

3. On a map, be able to pinpoint the location of the following:

Dead Sea                   Jerusalem                   Mediterranean Sea         Samaria
Jericho                    Jordan River                Mt. Carmel                Sea of Galilee

4. Be able to match up the names of all the Old Testament books with descriptive phrases about their
   contents (remembering that the material in Chronicles parallels that of Kings).

5. Be able to summarize the story of the Old Testament in one paragraph using the following events
   (given here in alphabetical rather than chronological order):

Call of Abraham            Monarchy Established        Fall of human beings      Promise of Redeemer
Conquest of Canaan         Exile                       Northern kingdom falls    Return from Exile
Creation                   Exodus                      Period of Judges          Southern kingdom falls
Division of Kingdom

6. Why does our textbook say that the walls of Jerusalem were such an issue with Nehemiah? (p. 153)

7. What does our book say is the lesson for us today from Ezra’s preaching against mixed marriages?
   (p. 152)

8. What was your favorite photo in chapters 10-17 of the textbook?

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