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                                                                                                                        RANKED 21ST 24

      Fast Facts
      Population                23 mn (2009 est.)      GDP (per capita) $31,100 (2008 est.)      Average Life Satisfaction    5.5/10 (2008)
      Life Expectancy           69 years (2003 est.)   GDP (PPP)        $712 bn (2008 est.)      Freedom House Rating         Free (2009)
      Unemployment              4% (2007 est.)         GDP (growth)     0% (2008 est.)           Political System             Multiparty Democracy
      Inflation                 2% (2007 est.)

      Sub-Index Rankings                                                                 Index Comparisons
                                                                                         (Rank/No. of countries)

                                          26                                             Legatum Prosperity Index                               24/104
                                                                                         Average Life Satisfaction Ranking                      50/104
                                                                                         Per Capita GDP Ranking                                 24/104
                                                                                         WEF Global Competitiveness Index                        12/133
                                                                                         UN Human Development Index                                 n/a
                                                                                         Heritage/WSJ Economic Freedom Index                    35/178
                                                                                         TI Corruption Perceptions Index                        39/180
                                                                                         Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index                  37/144

      The numbers on the graph indicate rankings

Economic Fundamentals                                                                                                                   RANKED 19TH
Taiwan has strong fundamentals, but could do more to attract foreign investment

With unemployment and inflation rates at 4% and 2%, respectively, Taiwan has strong economic stability. Workers have access to a large amount
of physical capital, placing Taiwan 35th on this variable. The banking sector is efficient, with commendably narrow lending and borrowing margins of
1.5 percentage points, placing Taiwan at sixth place on this variable. Levels of household expenditure, at 26% of GDP, indicate reasonable domestic
demand. Taiwan’s performance on attracting foreign direct investment could be improved, in order to move Taiwan above the third lowest quartile
on this variable, where it currently stands. Data on non-performing loans, the domestic savings rate, raw material export concentration, and exports
as a capacity to import were not available for Taiwan.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation                                                                                                          RANKED 21ST
The Taiwanese invest heavily in R&D, reflecting the value placed on innovation

Entrepreneurship is encouraged in Taiwan, with just eight formal procedures required to start a business, a figure near the global average. High-tech
exports are low, at less than 0.2% of GDP, but investment in R&D is considerable, at 2.6% of GDP, locating Taiwan in the top 10 on this variable for
innovation. Data on value added by the service industry, internet bandwidth, secure internet servers, ICT exports, numbers of personal computers,
royalty receipts, and new businesses registered in 2007 were not available.

Democratic Institutions                                                                                                                 RANKED 29TH
Taiwan’s young regime performs very well on democratic processes but could improve constraints on executive power

Taiwanese residents enjoy very high levels of political rights and extremely high levels of civil liberties. This high ranking can be attributed to significant
checks and balances throughout the political system and an independent judiciary that is not subject to political interferences. Taiwan also promotes
open competition for both the executive and legislative branches of government, and regulates the electoral system efficiently. There are, however,
slightly fewer constraints on the power of the executive to act arbitrarily, placing Taiwan just inside the top 30 in this regard. Due to a fundamental
change in the regime fewer than 15 years ago, the political system as a whole, despite a good performance in many respects, is not deemed entirely

Education                                                                                                                                RANKED 9TH
Taiwanese workers are, on average, well educated as a reslut of high overall enrolment rates

Enrolment rates are generally high in Taiwan and drop only moderately across all three levels. Starting at 97% for primary schools, enrolment rates
increase to 99% at secondary level, and the tertiary education enrolement rate, at 84%, is the fourth higheset, internationally. Members of Taiwan’s
labour force have an average of 5.5 years in secondary education, and a very high 4.4 years in tertiary education, placing Taiwan at 24th place with
respect to the latter variable. Data on pupil to teacher and girl to boy enrolment ratios, as well as expenditure on education, are missing from this

                                                                                                             Taiwan        24
Health                                                                                RANKED 26TH
Despite a strong healthcare infrastructure, the Taiwanese are relatively                                          Regional Ranking:
dissatisfied with their personal health
For the average Taiwanese resident, health-adjusted life expectancy is very high at 69 years. Access to           Rank   Country
medical professionals is near the global average, with 14 doctors for every 10,000 people. Infant
mortality rates are low, at only six instances per 1,000 births, positioning Taiwan at 30th on this variable.     6      Australia
Similarly, an extremely low one out of 50 is undernourished. As few as 12% of Taiwanese residents
                                                                                                                  10     New Zealand
claim to have health problems and just 16% reported feeling pain, ranking Taiwan sixth on this variable.*
An equally positive three in four respondents reported feeling well rested, a proportion that ranks in            16     Japan
the top 25, internationally.* Despite these relatively positive scores, personal health satisfaction levels       18     Hong Kong
place Taiwan at only 60th, worldwide.* Additionally, only two-thirds of the Taiwanese population are              23     Singapore
satisfied with their water quality despite the population’s full access to sanitation facilities.*                24     Taiwan
                                                                                                                  26     South Korea
                                                                                                                  39     Malaysia
Safety and Security                                                                   RANKED 20TH
                                                                                                                  44     Thailand
Taiwan has relatively low crime rates, but only a moderate six out of 10 residents
                                                                                                                  45     India
feel safe walking alone at night in their neighbourhood
                                                                                                                  50     Mongolia
Taiwan has very minor problems with instances of state-sponsored violence against residents, ranking 12th         55     Philippines
internationally on this count. There were no casualties due to civil war recorded in 2008. While 14% of           58     Sri Lanka
the population stated having property stolen, only 4% claimed to have been assaulted in 2008, and 63%             61=    Indonesia
feel safe walking alone at night, ranking Taiwan 50th on this latter variable.* Data on refugees and internally
                                                                                                                  75     China
displaced individuals, group grievance, human flight, and homicide were not available for Taiwan.
                                                                                                                  76     Kazakhstan
                                                                                                                  77     Vietnam
Governance                                                                            RANKED 43RD                 87     Bangladesh
The Taiwanese population is distrustful of the government and the military                                        90     Nepal
                                                                                                                  92     Uzbekistan
Enforcement of the rule of law is universal and even-handed, ranking Taiwan at 30th place, globally.              93     Cambodia
Meanwhile, the operation of the Taiwanese civil service as well as the regulation of economic and
                                                                                                                  99     Pakistan
commercial activity is effective and efficient, placing Taiwan inside the top 30 on both variables. While
residents are afforded the legal right to free and fair participation in the political system, this right is
at times limited. As a result, only 21% of individuals have faith in the honesty of elections while fewer
than three out of 10 have confidence in the judicial system.* Public opinion of government and the
corporate world is also surprisingly distrustful, with approximately eight out of 10 residents believing
in widespread corruption in these entities.* Furthermore, the military holds the trust of only 37% of
Taiwanese residents, ranking Taiwan 96th with respect to this variable.*

Personal Freedom                                                                      RANKED 30TH
Taiwanese residents have many freedoms, despite notable dissatisfaction
over their day to day affairs

Taiwanese residents have unconstrained freedom to practise their religious beliefs, speak freely without
fear of government censorship, and travel freely within and out of Taiwan. Only 64%, however, are
satisfied with their freedom of choice in their everyday affairs, giving Taiwan a low rank of 80th in this
respect.* Despite the relatively low freedom, many Taiwanese feel that their society is tolerant of
difference and diversity, with over 70% of respondents stating that Taiwan is a good place for ethnic
minorities and immigrants to live.*

Social Capital                                                                        RANKED 73RD
Few Taiwanese residents engage in the voluntary sector

Most Taiwanese residents believe that friends are an important part of their lives and a high proportion
of the population feel that they are able to rely on friends and family in times of need.* However, only
a quarter of the population have trust in others, placing Taiwan 35th on this latter variable.* While
Taiwan’s performance is near the global average in terms of helping strangers and donating to charities,
volunteering remains low at 15%, relegating Taiwan to the 70th spot on this variable.* Taiwan residents
also have relatively low memberships of arts and environmental organisations.* By international
standards, Taiwanese residents are not overly religious, ranking 75th on this variable, and this is
confirmed by the rate of membership in religious institutions, which is at 19%.*

*Data taken from the Gallup World Poll


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