Use of Self Literature Review by iem58695


									                      Use of Self Literature Review

Naomi Craig at the Higher Education Academy Psychology Network is
collating references to the Use of Self in learning and teaching about mental

We are interested in exploring:

       where ideas about the use of self feature in articles about learning and
        teaching across the disciplines (and particularly where these relate to
        learning and teaching about mental health)
       what concepts this issue links to (e.g. reflective practice, emotional
       what practical examples are given of teaching approaches

We are trying to identify key journals within in each subject area to begin our
search in. For example, Social Work Education; Medical Education; the
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing etc.

We are also trying to identify the key search terms to use eg emotional
intelligence, survivor involvement, reflective practice, relationship based
practice etc.

Finally, we are planning to limit our searches to within the last 2-3 years,
however at this stage any examples would be gratefully received.

To give you some ideas, some examples have been provided below;

   Freshwater, D. & Stickley, T. (2004) The heart of the art: emotional
    intelligence in nurse education, Nursing Inquiry 11 (2), 91–98.

   Vijayakrishnan, A., J. Rutherford, et al. (2006). "Service user involvement
    in training: the trainees' view." Psychiatric Bulletin 30: 303-305.

   Skumsnes, A. (2007). "Including student narratives in teaching." Journal of
    Teaching in Social Work 27(3/4): 185-197.

   Haidet, P. & Stein, H. (2006) The Role of the Student-Teacher
    Relationship in the Formation of Physicians: The Hidden Curriculum as
    Process, Journal of General Internal Medicine 21 (1), 16–20.

References can be added directly to the READING LIST through the useofself
wiki (see over)

Please contact Naomi if you have ideas about useful journals to look in,
references and/or resources
                               Useofself wiki

A wiki is computer software that allows users to easily create, edit and link
web pages. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites. One of the
best-known wikis is Wikipedia – the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit:

We have set up a wiki on the use of self in learning and teaching about mental
health. The wiki name is ‘useofself’.

                              The Use of Self in learning and teaching about
                              mental health.

                              This wiki has been set up by the Mental Health in Higher
                              Education project to support collaborative work in this area -
                              across the disciplines in UK higher education

You can find the wiki here:

To edit the wiki you will need the password which is: mhhe

The wiki is easy to edit. If you need any help in using it, please contact: or

Please use the wiki to help us to:

   -   collect articles relevant to the use of self in learning and teaching about
       mental health

   -   share resources and exercises that you use in teaching

   -   network with others with an interest in this issue.

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