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									India Bhutan Tibet                                                                                            Darjeeling Sikkim

     Himalayan Frontiers                                                                                                          Overland to Lhasa
                              Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bhutan                                                                                                                   Nepal Tibet
 Code: HTHF (13 nights / 14 days)                                                                                            Code: HAOV (11 nights / 12 days)
 Travel from the tea plantations of Darjeeling to the neighbouring state of Sikkim, one of the                               For many hundreds of years, the Tibetan plateau was all but unreachable; one had to cross the
 last Himalayan Shangri-Las with its remoteness, spectacular mountain terrain, hundreds of                                   great Asian plains and walk through the mountains to get there. Even then the government of
 varieties of orchids and ancient Buddhist monasteries. Then continue to the remote mountain                                 the land took a dim view of travellers and usually sent them back. Now this hidden kingdom is
 kingdom of Bhutan. Closed to foreigners for many years, Bhutan has now opened its doors                                     open to visitors. One of the greatest civilisations on earth is yours to discover.
 to just a few thousand tourists a year, in an attempt to maintain its traditional heritage. We
 travel through spectacular Himalayan scenery and have the opportunity to visit traditional                                              • Fantastic views of the Himalayas and Mt Everest
 Buddhist temples. An exciting trip for those keen to see something unique.                                                              • Potala Palace
                                                                                                                                         • Monasteries and pilgrimage sites
 Itinerary                                       traveller                                       Dates
 Day 1, KOLKATA (CALCUTTA) - Arrive and
 transfer to hotel.
                                                    more inclusions                              Starts Sun
                                                                                                               Ends Sat
                                                                                                               Kolkata       Itinerary                                         adventurer Dates
                                                                                                 08-Apr        21-Apr                                                                                                            Starts Sat    Ends Wed
 Day 2, TRAIN - Morning city tour of                                                             22-Apr        05-May        Day 1, KATHMANDU - Arrive in                         grass roots                                    Kathmandu     Kathmandu
                                                Maximum Group Size 15
 Calcutta. Evening board the sleeper train                                                       02-Sep        15-Sep        Kathmandu.                                                                                               2007
                                                                                                 16-Sep        29-Sep                                                                                                            09-Jun        20-Jun
 to Darjeeling.                                 Arrival Transfer                                                             Day 2, KATHMANDU - Morning walking                                                                  30-Jun        11-Jul
                                                                                                 30-Sep        13-Oct                                                           Maximum Group Size 18
 Day 3, DARJEELING - Arrive New Jalpaiguri      Airport transfer to hotel day 1                  14-Oct        27-Oct        tour of the market area of Asan, Durbar                                                             21-Jul        01-Aug
                                                                                                 28-Oct        10-Nov                                                           Arrival Transfer                                 11-Aug        22-Aug
 and transfer by road through wonderful                                                          11-Nov        24-Nov        Square and Swayambunath Temple.                                                                     01-Sep        12-Sep
                                                Fully Escorted
 mountain scenery to Darjeeling. Afternoon                                                       25-Nov        08-Dec        Day 3, ZHANGMU - Travel overland from              Airport transfer to hotel day 1                  22-Sep        03-Oct
                                                By Imaginative Traveller tour leader,                 2008                                                                                                                       13-Oct        24-Oct
 at leisure to explore the Mall, Darjeeling's                                                    23-Mar        05-Apr        Kathmandu to Zhangmu in Tibet.                     Fully Escorted                                        2008
                                                services of local guides                                                                                                                                                         14-Jun        25-Jun
 commercial street, lined with souvenir                                                          06-Apr        19-Apr        Day 4, NYALAM PASS - LALUNG LA -
                                                                                                 20-Apr        03-May                                                           By Imaginative Traveller tour leader             05-Jul        16-Jul
 shops. (B)                                     Transport                                        07-Sep        20-Sep        XEGAR - We ascend rapidly up a narrow                                                               26-Jul        06-Aug
 Day 4, TIGER HILL & GHOOM                      Private coach, train, plane                      21-Sep        04-Oct        and fertile valley, hugging the banks of           Transport                                        16-Aug        27-Aug
                                                                                                 05-Oct        18-Oct                                                                                                            06-Sep        17-Sep
 MONASTERY - Excursion to Tiger Hill to                                                          19-Oct        01-Nov        the Bhote Kosi River until we arrive on top        Private coach and / or jeep, plane               27-Sep        08-Oct
                                                Flight                                                                                                                                                                           18-Oct        29-Oct
                                                                                                 02-Nov        15-Nov        of the Tibetan plateau. The views of the
 watch the sunrise over Mount Everest           Paro to Calcutta                                 16-Nov        29-Nov                                                           Flight
 followed by a visit to Ghoom Monastery.                                                         30-Nov        13-Dec        Himalayas and Mt Everest are incredible as         Lhasa to Kathmandu
 Free afternoon in Darjeeling. (B)              Activities                                                                   we cross the Nyalam Pass (3,800m) and
 Day 5, GANGTOK - Morning drive to              Walking at sites                                                             the Lalung La Pass (5,050m). (B)                   Activities
 Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, situated by                                                     We end the day in           Day 5, XEGAR - EVEREST - A scenic drive            Walking
 the foothills of the mighty Kanchenjunga.                                                       Wangdi where we stay        to Rongbuk, close to Everest Base Camp.            Accommodation
                                                12 nights tourist class hotels,
 Afternoon visit to Rumtek Monastery and                                                         in a lovely resort          There is a small monastery here and                11 nights simple hotels                          overlooking the
                                                1 night sleeper train
 Gangtok bazaar. (B)                                                                             situated on the edge of     unrivalled views of Mt Everest. Return to                                                           Jokhang Temple to
 Day 6, GANGTOK - 40km north of                 Meals - As per itinerary                         a river in the middle of    Xegar for the night. (B)                           Meals - Breakfast included each day in Tibet.    watch the many
 Gangtok is the impressive Phodang              B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner                   a beautiful valley. (BLD)   Day 6, SHIGATSE - A long drive from                Allow US$10-15 per day for other meals           devout pilgrims as they
 Monastery, which we visit. Walk to the                                                          Day 11, PARO - Drive        Xegar to Shigatse crossing a 5,220m pass,                                                           circle the temple, head
                                                Entrance Fees - Included for all sites visited
 nearby Labrang Gompa. Enjoy the                                                                 to Paro via the             visiting Sakya Monastery if time allows.           Entrance Fees - Not included. Allow US$50        for the summer palace
                                                as part of itinerary
 spectacular scenery and views of                                                                impressive Punakha          There are sweeping views over the varied           for all sites listed as part of the itinerary    of the Dalai Lama and
 Kanchenjunga. (B)                                                                               Dzong. (BLD)                and majestic landscape. (B)                        Local Payment - See price pages.                 ‘thief’s island’ or scour
                                                Local Payment - See price pages.
 Day 7, KALIMPONG - Drive to Kalimpong,                                                          Day 12, PARO - Visit        Day 7, GYANTSE - Morning visit to the              Must be paid in cash on day 1 of your tour       the markets for
                                                Must be paid in cash on day 1 of your tour
 a centre for mountain viewing,                                                                  the ruined fortress of      Tashilhunpo, the monastery of the                                                                   beautiful Tibetan
 birdwatching, hillwalking, visiting world                                                       Drugyel and the nearby      Panchen Lama. With its traditional Tibetan                                                          souvenirs. (B)
 famous flower nurseries, and taking scenic                                                      Rinpung Dzong which         architecture, striking golden roof and 26m       Day 9, LHASA - A full day to visit the exquisite   Day 11, KATHMANDU
 drives. (B)                                                                                     serves as the               high Buddha this is the largest yellow hat       temples and palaces of Lhasa. We enjoy a           A spectacular flight over
 Day 8, PHUNTSOLING - Drive to the                                                               administrative centre       monastery in Tibet and one of the most           guided tour of the Jokhang Temple, the Potala      the Himalayas from
 border with Bhutan. Stay overnight in the                                                       and school for monks.       impressive. Continue to Gyantse where we         Palace and the important monasteries of Sera       Lhasa to Kathmandu. (B)
 border town of Phuntsoling. (BD)                                                                In the afternoon there is   visit the Kumbum stupa and the Phalkor           and Drepung. (B)                                   Day 12,
 Day 9, THIMPU - A marvellous drive as the                                                       an option to do a 2-3       monastery. (B)                                   Day 10, LHASA - A full free day to further         KATHMANDU
 road twists its way through lush forests and                                                    hour hike to the            Day 8, LHASA - Scenic drive via Karo La          explore Lhasa. Relax on a rooftop cafe             Tour ends.
 scattered villages to end the day in Thimpu,                                                    viewpoint of Taktsang       (5,010m), Kambala (4,794m) and the
 capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan. (BLD)                                                         Monastery. (BLD)            sparkling turquoise Yamdrok Lake to Lhasa. (B)
 Day 10, WANGDI - Morning sightseeing of                                                         Day 13, KOLKATA -
 Thimpu. Afternoon spectacular drive via the                                                     Transfer to Paro airport
 Dochula Pass to the old capital of Punakha.                                                     for the flight back to
                                                                                                 Kolkata. On arrival,
                                                                                                 transfer to hotel. (B)
                                                                                                 Day 14, KOLKATA -                                                                 Tour ends. (B)

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