Grade BOB Books The Homework Machine Honus and Me by jennbrink


									4th Grade BOB Books 2008-09
The Homework Machine
Honus and Me
Cricket in Time Square
The Landry News
Stone Fox
The Trolls
The Best School Year Ever
Who Was Sacagawea

5 Grade BOB Books 2008-09
City of Ember
Room One
Each Little Bird That Sings
The Dark Hills Divide
Out Of the Dust
Who Was Ben Franklin
                  Battle of the Books Information Sheet
    All Terra Linda 4th and 5th grade students will participate in
                               Library class
What is Battle of the Books?
         Battle of the Books is a reading activity in which you will test your knowledge of
certain books against other members of your class. The Battles are between teams of
three players from your class. Each team member will read at least three of the books on
the list, take notes about those books to use later, and be ready to Battle when their team
is called.

What books am I supposed to read?
        There are nine books on the list (next page). Divide the books up between the
members of your team so that no one is reading all of the books. If you see a book you
have already read, you should let someone else on the team read it. Be sure that you are
being fair when you divide up the books and don’t make one person have to read all of the
longest books. It is a good idea to take the five finger test for the book before you agree
to read it (See next page for five finger rule test).

How am I supposed to get all of this reading done?
        You will read at least three books, but probably more before April or May. Read
at home on weekends, days off and evenings. Partner read with a friend who is also
reading the same book. Have a parent read to you as a family read aloud. Use your
imagination! I don’t have any worries about you getting the reading done in the next two
or three months. If you are a slower reader CD’s or cassette tapes will be available for
almost every book. You will need to get your teacher’s permission first.

What is a Battle like?
        Two Battles are held during each library time. The two battling teams will be up
front and will be given chances to answer questions. There will be one question from each
book during each match. If a question is asked and neither team can answer it, that
question goes back into the envelope and I will ask it again in another match. If you’re in
the audience and you hear a question that isn’t answered from one of your books, make
sure you know what the answer is. It might be given to you in your next match. The top
team from your class will compete with the top teams from Oak Hills Elementary.

How do we get started?
         The Battle books are located on the shelves in the Reference section. You are
limited to only one Battle book at a time. Be sure you also take a note-taking form for
each book you read as they will help you to remember things about the story you might
be asked in the match. You may start when ever you are ready.
           Battle of the Books Book Review
What is the name of the book?

What is the name of the main character and what is important about them?

What are the names of other characters and what is important about them?

Where did the book take place and about what year did it take place?

Name three important events in the book.

Who is the author of the book?

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