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									                                  List of Projects / Tasks

 Year                     Plant          Location                              Task

 2005          Wind turbines
  to           8 x Nordex N90         Estonia          Overall Project Management until Final Acceptance
 2004          18.4 MW

               Wind turbines
                                                       Overall Project Management for a complete tower
 2004          8 x Nordex N80         France
                                                       repair programme in situ
               20 MW

                                                       Establish guidelines and concept for the customer
 2004          Organisation           Germany          project documentation for a wind turbine

               Wind turbines
                                                       Overall Project Management until successful hand
 2004          20 x Nordex N80        Scotland
                                                       over to the Customer.
               50 MW

               Wind turbines                           Financial closing negotiations with the Customer, the
 2004          50 x Nordex N43        Egypt            Engineer and the End User after the end of warranty
               30 MW                                   period

               Wind turbines
 2004          16 x Nordex N80,       Norway           Site inspection during operation of the wind park
               40 MW

               Wind turbines
 2004          10 x Nordex N80        Ireland          Claim negotiation after project completion
               25 MW

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