version 1.1 (2009/05/05)

                                                     by Klemens Bobenhausen
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Project’s Name             developed by            Status / Description        Links / Literature           Demo-/Test-Version

I. Latin
TUSTEP                     Wilhelm Ott             AMM software,               Publication list here        no
                                                   completed, for use          Short description here
HEXA                       Helmut Berschin         AMM software,               Literature: Automatische     no
                                                   completed, no longer        metrische Analyse
                                                   supported                   lateinischer Verse.
                                                                               Linguistik und Didaktik,
                                                                               1, 1, 72-80a, 1970, online
Versbetonung               Andreas Jacobs          AMM software, no longer     Short description here       broken link here
An Expert System for the   Daniele Fusi            AMM software,               Description here             no
Classical Languages:                               completed, for use
Metrical Analysis
II. Classical Greek
An Expert System for the   Daniele Fusi            AMM software,              Description here         no
Classical Languages:                               completed, for use
Metrical Analysis

The Letters of Euridipes   Edward Wesley Walton    theoretical work, AMM      Description here         no
                                                   software, completed, not
                                                   for use

III. Middle High
ErmaStat                   Friedrich Dimpel        AMM software,              Description here         no
                                                   completed, for use

IV. Recent German

YASP                       Peter Stadler et. al.   AMM software, no longer    Website here             no
                                                   online, no longer
metricalizer               Klemens Bobenhausen,    AMM Software, under        Project description in   Demo Version here
                           Günter Gehl             development, for use       German language here
                                                                              English Abstract here
FRAME            David H. Chisholm,        This program identifies     FRAME: A User's            no
                 Royce Robbins             prevocalic, vocalic and     Manual . With Royce
                                           postvocalic sound           Robbins. Tucson, 1991.
                                           repetition patterns in      Revised 1995 and 2000.
                                           poetry and prose, taking
                                           into account the distance
                                           (measured in syllables)
                                           between the repeated
                                           phonemes. The program
                                           can also be adjusted to
                                           account for socalled
                                           "impure rhyme."
CAP              B. Beckert, A. Bell und   poem generator with                                    Demo Version here
                 P. Sanders                aspects to metrical
Computer-Lyrik   Götz Friedemann           early poem generator with   Literatur:                 no
                 Schaudt, Manfred          aspects to metrical         Manfred Krause / Götz F.
                 Krause                    patterns                    Schaudt, Computer-Lyrik.
                                                                       Poesie aus dem
                                                                       Droste Verlag,
                                                                       Düsseldorf, 1969, 2.
                                                                       erweiterte Auflage.
Poesieautomat               Hans Magnus         theoretical work with   Hans Magnus                no
                            Enzensberger        aspects to metrical     Enzensberger, Einladung
                                                patterns                zu einem
                                                                        Poesieautomaten, edition
                                                                        suhrkamp, Suhrkamp
                                                                        Verlag, Frankfurt am
                                                                        Main, 2000, online here

V. Spanish

A Logic Programming         Pablo Gervás        AMM software,           Description here           no
Application for the                             completed, for use
Analysis of Spanish Verse

VI. Russian
Metrical Analysis of        David J. Birnbaum   AMM software,           Website here               no
Russian Verse                                   completed, no longer
                                                supported               Examples here
Metrical Analysis of       Igor' Pil'shchikov   AMM software, under        Detailled Paper here          no
Russian Verse                                   development                Abstract here

Automated Accentual        Anatoli Starostin    for use                    „presented at the Ninth       no
Analysis                                                                   International conference
                                                                           on the Linguistics and
                                                                           poetics of Slavic verse
                                                                           held in Moscow in June

VII. Italian

An Expert System for the   Daniele Fusi         AMM software,              Description here              no
Classical Languages:                            completed, for use
Metrical Analysis

Sound and Metre in         David Robey          theoretical work, AMM      Website here                  no
Italian Narrative Verse                         software, completed, for
                                                use                        Literature:
                                                                           Robey, D.: Sound and
                                                                           Structure in the Divine
                                                                           Comedy. Oxford
                                                                           University Press, 2000.
                                                                           Robey, D.: Rhythm and
                                                                           metre from Liberata to the
                                                                           Conquistata. The Italianist
                                                                           26/2006, 247-273.
VIII. Old English
The Metre of Beowulf: A    Michael Getty               theoretical work with       Book online here            no
Constraint-Based                                       aspects to the Optimality
Approach                                               Theory (OT)                 German Review here

Computer Analysis of       Barquist, C. R., Shie, D.   theoretical work            Computer Analysis of        no
Alliteration in Beowulf    L.                                                      Alliteration in Beowulf
                                                                                   Using distinctive Feature
                                                                                   Theory. Oxford Journal of
                                                                                   Literary and Linguistic
                                                                                   Computing, vol. 6, no. 4

IX. English

Scandroid                  Charles O. Hartman          AMM software,               Website here                Demo Version here
                                                       completed, for use
                                                                                   Literature: Charles O.
                                                                                   Hartman: Experiments in
                                                                                   Computer Poetry, Univ.
                                                                                   Press of New England,

Computerized Analysis of   Marc Plamondon              AMM software, also with     Website here                no
Poetry                                                 rhyme detection
The Colours of Poetry   Jason Robinson   theoretical work,            Master's thesis at the     no
                                         unpublished                  university in Georgia
                                                                      involved software for
                                                                      phonetic and metric
                                                                      analysis of poetry
McGonagall              Ruli Manurung    Poem generator with          Doctor’s thesis here       no
                                         aspects to metrical
                                         patterns, theoretical work   A Flexible Integrated
                                                                      Architecture For
                                                                      Generating Poetic Texts,
                                                                      2000, here

TACT                    Daniel W. Kim    theoretical work             Description here           no

Erica T. Carter         Jim Carpenter    poem generator with                                     Online version here
                                         aspects to metrical
Patterns 'N Poetry      ljrwrite         „software for creating       Website here               Demo Version here
                                         new poetry forms and
                                         recreating classical poem
Prehistoric Digital Poetry   C. T. Funkhouser          theoretical work, collects   Prehistoric Digital Poetry.   no
                                                       some poem generators         An Archaeology of forms.
                                                       working with metrical        1959-1995. The
                                                       patterns                     University of Alabama
                                                                                    Press, 2007

X. Portuguese

Text Generation based on     Hugo Oliveira             theoretical work, master's   Thesis here                   no
Rhythm                                                 thesis at Universidade de

An Electronic Assistant      Nuno Mamede, Isabel       no information               Description here              no
for Poetry Writing           Trancoso, Paulo
                             Ara´ujo, and C´eu Viana

XI. French

Metrometer                   Valerie Beaudouin,        AMM software, no longer      The Metrometer: A Tool        no
                             Credoc and Echess,        supported                    for Analysing French
                             France and Francois                                    Verse, here
XII. Middle Indo-
Automatic Analysis of the                   Yumi Ousaka, Moriichi   AMM Software, for use,      Website here             Downloadable from the
Canon in Middle                             Yamazaki                supported                                            Website
Indo-Aryan                                                                                      Relevant Literature is
                                                                                                linked on the Website
(often cited as „Automatic Analsyis ...“)

XIII. Finno-Ugric

                                            Ilse Lehiste            theoretical works in the                             no
                                                                    context of prosodical and
                                                                    metrical patterns

Disztichon Alfa                             Tibor Papp              poem generator with                                  no
                                                                    aspects to metrical

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