Statement of demand for reduction of US Marine Corps by gfc19530


									Statement of demand for reduction of US Marine Corps on Okinawa and closure of
USMC Futenma Air Station

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to Mr. Chairman and Members of the
Commission on Review of Overseas Military Facility Structure of the United States,
for giving me this opportunity to submit my statement regarding the United States
Marine Corps Futenma Air Station located in Ginowan City (I call it Futenma Air
Station hereinafter) and U.S. Marine Corps on Okinawa.

Sixty years will have passed next year since U.S. Forces began to construct its military
bases here during the U.S. Forces occupation of Okinawa in World War . However, no
municipality in Okinawa has testified or submitted this kind of statement to a
commission or committee under U.S. Congress for such long period of time. As the
mayor of one of the municipalities which have been forced to shoulder the burden
arising from the U.S. Forces for as much as sixty years, I submit this statement, being
well assured that the time to let the people of Okinawa liberated from this excessive
burden has come, in way of closing or reducing the U.S. bases, which we have long
desired. I also strongly request that the Commission have an opportunity to inspect
the U.S. bases in Okinawa and discuss with local representatives including me
regarding various problems associated with the U.S. military here.

This statement develops as follows;
1. Purpose of Statement;

2. Why I demand the closure of Futenma Air Station;
 (1) How the agreement to return entire Futenma Air Station was made and how it
    has progressed
 (2) Drastically increasing training flights around Futenma Air Station and measures
    taken by Ginowan City
 (3) How Futenma Air Station was founded, and danger imposed on densely populated
    residential areas
 (4) Dangerousness of training flights revealed by the USMC CH-53D helicopter crash
 (5) Recurring U.S. military helicopter accidents and Futenma’s inappropriate
    maintenance system
 (6) Public opinion polls and municipal council resolutions        growing desire for
    transferring Futenma Air Station to abroad
 (7) Progress in measures to redevelop the areas after Futnema Air Station is
3. Why I request that the United States consider to include its forces on Okinawa in
   the ongoing process of U.S. Forces transformation on a global scale;
 (1) Excessive burden carried by the people of Okinawa
 (2) Outdated U.S. military bases constructed during its forces’ occupation of Okinawa
 (3) More-than-half-a-century campaign to retrieve our own lands from U.S. Forces,

4. Conclusion

Enclosure: (1) Futenma Air Station Return Action Program
           (2) Letter to Mr. President of the United States
           (3) Letter to Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
           (4) Crashes Caused by Aircrafts Based on Futenma Air Station
           (5) Summary of Findings of the CH-53D Crash Investigation by USMC
           (6) Ginowan Citizens’ Resolution
           (7) Local Authority Councils’ Resolutions to Protest the U.S. Military
                Helicopter Crash

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