Okinawa Military Lodge No. 68 Masonic District No. Seven by gfc19530


									                               Okinawa Military Lodge No. 68
                                Masonic District No. Seven
                          Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge
                                        F. & A. M.
                            WASHINGTON and JURISDICTION
                                      Office of Worshipful Master
                                     Stephen W. Cummings
                                                                                       05 December 2006
SUBJ: Vision

Greetings and most humble salutations,
God is the author of our existence and to Him I give praise. I pray that you and your family stay in His
watchful care, and protecting arm in great times and in trying times.
My brothers, it is humbling to serve as Your Worshipful Master. This charge, I take up with a passionate
heart, with humble tongue, with a discerning eye, with attention to discipline, and with a desire to unite.
Brothers, I ask for your support, your encouragement, your candor, and your service. Together, on one
accord, we can strengthen our unity, our craft, and our relationships with one another. I look forward to
leading the Brothers of Okinawa Military Lodge No.68 in this coming year.

Brothers, search your hearts so that we can grow as one body in the art of Masonry. Become an
engaged Mason who seeks to know his brother. Discover and understand Masonry for yourself, so that
you are a positive example to your brothers, to your family, and to your community. Live out a good
Masonic life and others will eagerly seek that “good thing” you have! My vision for Okinawa Military
Lodge No. 68 is to unite the Craft. Let us excel at our craft. Our walk, our talk, and our spirit of
brotherhood should be evident to an onlooker, who can say in turn “they have found a good thing.”

Educating the brethren
Brothers, education are the cornerstone of a good Mason. Just like our children, what is our worth
without the proper education? How can we value ourselves in Masonry, if we are not learned Masons?
Therefore, I am encouraging each of you to choose a topic in Masonry in which you wish to excel, and
once you have understood the topic for yourself, present this teaching to the Craft. These teachings are
of your choosing; so select a topic in which you have a keen interest, and you will have the responsibility
and honor to teach your brothers. Keep in mind that it is not necessary that you have previously held, or
are currently holding an office in the lodge, in order to prepare and present a topic. This is an open
assignment – this is extended to all.

Impacting the community
Community service is our charity. It is often without reward, therefore, I ask that you commit your time in
our community service projects that arise, and become involved in the cause. If your heart is in your
service, then your reward and recognition will surely follow. There is much work to be done. Let us
continue to partner with Mentally Challenged School, the AmerAsian School, our local DODDS Schools,
our churches, and other organizations so that we can improve living and the spirit of community. If you
have a community project to present, do not hesitate to do so. In the course of the year, we will promote
unity with our sister Lodge Torii Lodge #46 and Electa Chapter #25 OES through joint community service
projects. I also plan to invite these other houses to join us in our work in the community.
The Prince Hall Masonic Family
It is my vision that we meet each other on the square rather than because we belong to different
organizations. A Mason is a brother regardless of his affiliations.      Our works should follow in the
obligations we uphold. The Prince Hall family is one family and although occasionally we have
relationships with other fraternal organizations we must treat one another fairly, and as family regardless
of the circumstance.

I commit and ask you follow this vision to strengthen our ties, our relationships and collaboration within
our District #7. Brothers, commit to uphold the values and traditions of the brotherly love that we speak
about so often and so heartedly.

How can I say “I know my brother” when I don’t know that which comes from my brother – his family?
When this happens in our own families, it points to a dysfunction, broken ties, and miscommunication. I
call upon you to mend ties with our families, and get to “know” each others families. It is my goal for us to
get together and know all of our families by getting us out of our comfort zone and cliques. Visit each
other and check up on one another. A strong family has strong ties and allegiance to one another. We
should want to know each others families. So, brothers, I charge you to step out of your comfort zone
and reach your brother’s family.

To the Craft
My Brothers, I wish to have more Masons attend our meetings. I cannot do this alone; this is a team task.
I intend to preserve the great works, the stability and integrity of this lodge. You have entrusted me with
the Charter of this lodge and all of the responsibilities that come with it, and I will serve in my capacity
with a fullness of mind and heart. This is your lodge, my brothers. I will uphold and defend the
Constitution of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Washington and Jurisdiction.

To the Past Masters and Craft, I ask for your support and encourage your feedback. The lines of
communication are open! Our meetings are a place in which we conduct business, a place of fellowship,
and a place of discipline. Let us come to our meetings, prepared for action, speaking with clarity, infusing
new ideas, discussing our business. Our lodge will, here forward conduct business effectively and
efficiently. Together, we can prosper and reach new heights. Brothers, I intend to let my actions speak
for themselves – commitment, discipline, family-centered, education, unity - hold me to these.

Fraternally Submitted,

Worshipful Master
Okinawa Military Lodge #68
Masonic District #7
State of Washington and Jurisdiction

“A New Beginning”


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