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         BYE-LAWS, 2007

                             The Gazette of Pakistan
                        PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY

                     Islamabad, __________________, 2007

                                    PART II
                      Statutory Notifications (S.R.O.)
                    GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN
                   Ministry of Science and Technology

                       Islamabad, __________, 2007

      S.R.O. ….. In exercise of Powers conferred by Section 25 of the
Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Act as amended vide Ordinance No.
XLIX of 2007 dated 17th           September, 2007 in relation to continued
professional development as contemplated in Section 8 d (o) of PEC Act, the
Governing Body with the previous sanction of the Government is pleased to
make the following byelaws namely:-

                                     Part- I

1. Short title and commencement:
      a.    These byelaws may be called the Pakistan Engineering Council,
            Professional Development of Engineers, Byelaws 2007.
      b.    They shall come into force on 01 January 2009 and shall apply
            to all persons registered as Registered Engineers and
            Professional Engineers under Section 16 of PEC Act 1976.

2. Definitions. In these byelaws unless there is anything repugnant in the
      subject or context:-

a.   “Act” means Pakistan Engineering Council Act 1975 (v of 1976)
     amended vide Ordinance No. III of 2007 dated: 3 rd February,
b.   “Council” means Pakistan Engineering Council constituted
     under section 3 of PEC Act 1975 (v of 1976) as amended.
c.   “Continued Professional Development (CPD)” means the
     systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of
     knowledge, understanding and skill, and the development of
     personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional
     and technical duties throughout the individual‟s working life.
d.   “Accredited Engineering Qualification” means engineering
     programme which is included in first Schedule or Second
     Schedule of the Act.
e.   “Professional    Engineering     Bodies”     means   professional
     engineering institutes, institutions, associations and academies
     etc registered as such by the council.
f.   “Credit Point” means quantification of acknowledgement of a
     student‟s completion of a course.
g.   “Engineering Practice Exam” (EPE) means the assessment
     examination administered under PEC which is based on general,
     theoretical and practical knowledge of an engineering discipline.
h.   “Enrolment Committee” means Enrolment Committee referred
     to in subsection (1) of Section (17) of the Act.
i.   “Registered Engineer” (RE) means a person who holds an
     accredited engineering qualification, whether working privately
     or in the employment of an engineering public organization and
     is registered as such by the Council.
j.   “Professional Engineer”(PE) means a person who holds an
     accredited engineering qualification and has a minimum
     experience of five years in the practice of engineering profession,
     whether working privately or in the employment of an

           engineering public organization and is registered as such by the
     k.    “Formal Education” means higher education/qualification
           recognized by PEC/HEC.
     l.    “Work Based Learning” means engineering related work
           including management.
     m.    “Individual Activities” means participation in training and
           development programmes.
     n.    “Developmental Activities” means attending programmes to
           update knowledge.
     o.    “Engineers Mobility Forum (EMF)” is a multi-national
           agreement between engineering organizations in the member
           jurisdictions which creates the framework for the establishment
           of an international standard of competence for professional
           engineering, and then empowers each member organization to
           establish a section of the International Professional Engineers

3.   PEC, Engineering Professional Development Board (EPDB). It
     shall be a body working under overall directions of the Governing
     Body of PEC. The Board shall take all measures and perform all
     functions which may be necessary or helpful for professional
     development of all engineers registered with PEC. EPDB shall
     administer and evaluate CPD and EPE. The Headquarters of the Board
     shall be located within HQ, PEC Islamabad and may extend its branch
     offices in other locations.

4.   Provisions of PEC Act 1976. According to PEC Act 1976(as
     amended), the Council is responsible for :-
     a.    Maintaining a Register of engineers possessing an accredited
           engineering qualification and who apply for registration. The

           certificate of registration issued shall be renewable for any
           number of years not exceeding three at a time (Section 16).
     b.    Setting and maintaining realistic and internationally relevant
           standards of professional competence (Preamble of the Act).
     c.    Ensuring     and      managing    of   Continued        Professional
           Development through engineering academies and professional
           bodies (Section 8).

5.   Purpose of Byelaws. These byelaws are aimed at regulating matters
     related to conduct of professional development of engineers and thus
     ensuring the following levels of competence for an engineer registered
     with PEC in line with requirements stated in Section 4.
     a.    Application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations and
           to evolve innovative solutions of real life problems.
     b.    Application of concepts and ingredients of management to
           professional works including relevant aspects of law and
     c.    Acquisition and application of necessary communication skills.
     d.    Knowledge of latest developments in various fields of
           engineering including information technology for specific and
           cross disciplinary application.
     e.    Adherence to professional ethics and acquisition of a broader
           understanding of obligations of engineers to society.

6.   Policy on Professional Development of Engineers. In order to
     satisfy the requirements in Sections 4 and 5 above and to maintain
     minimum standards of competence, practical knowledge and skills of
     registered engineers, the following policy shall be adopted:-
     a.    A graduate engineer from a PEC accredited engineering
           qualification shall be registered as RE.

     b.   A RE after initial registration shall remain in practice of
          profession in relevant discipline, for a minimum period of five
          years in a recognized engineering organization/institution
     c.   A RE shall accumulate 25 credit points of CPD after
          registration, and before applying for Engineering Practice
          Examination (EPE).
     d.   A RE may qualify for registration as PE after qualifying in EPE.
     e.   A RE/PE shall continue to acquire at least 5 credit points of
          CPD per year for renewal of his/her PEC registration.
     f.   A PE already registered with PEC shall not appear in EPE but
          shall accumulate 5 credit points of CPD every year in a
          prescribed manner for renewal of registration.
     g.   An engineer registered as professional engineer by members of
          Engineers‟ Mobility Forum (EMF) shall on application be
          recognized by PEC as PE. Others with foreign engineering
          degrees from universities mentioned in „Second Schedule‟ will
          go through the same procedure as local engineers.

7.   General Requirement and Conduct of CPD.
     a.   A registered engineer may, accumulate up to a minimum of 25
          credit points in first five years after initial registration and
          thereafter minimum 5 credit points every year.
     b.   Additional credit points accumulated during any one year may
          be carried over to subsequent years, subject to maximum of 25
          in first 5 years after initial registration and 15 for every three
          years, thereafter.
     c.   Categories of CPD. The CPD programmes include additional
          qualifications, professional skills, relevant management and
          communication skills acquired through additional training and

     experience. These aspects are grouped into four different
     categories of training:-
     (1)   Formal     Education. Acquiring knowledge through
           formal technical education i.e. M.Sc Engineering, Ph.D
           Engineering and related education in Management, Law,
           Finance, Economics and Architecture etc. Such activity
           includes face to face education, distance education, and
           short courses etc. A diploma course is defined as a face to
           face course of a minimum four months duration involving
           specialist presenters/ resource persons who are external to
           the workplace.
     (2)   Work-based Learning. It includes on-job learning that
           takes place because of the workplace requirements on a
           project like construction and operation at site, and
           development of computer programmes/ software package,
     (3)   Developmental Activities. Attendance of            international
           level structured educational /developmental meetings
           over a period of time like conferences, workshops,
           seminars and refresher courses from PEC approved
     (4)   Individual Activities. Publications of technical articles
           in reputed journals, part time lecturing in an approved
           technical institution, evaluation of dissertation at post-
           graduate       level   as   external   examiner,    and   other
           participatory activities in PEC recognized technical
           associations/institutions etc are covered under this form
           of activity.
d.   Accumulation of CPD. CPD shall be accumulated in the four
     categories described in Annex-A. At least one credit point must
     be obtained annually from categories 2 and 3.

e.   Conduct of CPD. The Governing Body of PEC shall ensure
     and manage the professional development of engineers in terms
     of its obligation under the Act. However, the EPDB shall
     administer the professional development activities according to
     specified criteria and guidelines laid down by PEC. Professional
     institutions and associations, CPD academies, engineering
     universities/colleges and private institutions, registered by PEC
     may impart CPD in coordination with EPDB. All these
     institutions shall be known as professional engineering bodies
     in terms of Section 2(e). PEC shall ensure that the
     responsibilities outsourced to the bodies are carried out in a fair,
     equitable and responsible manner. The PEC retains the right to
     withdraw any outsourced responsibility from a registered
     professional engineering body if the circumstances so require.
f.   Recording of CPD.
     (1)   Unless exempted in terms of these rules, all registered
           engineers must, with effect from 1st January 2009, record
           their CPD activities with EPDB in the following manner:
           (a)    Either manually by posting an authenticated copy
                  of   certificate    received   from    a     professional
                  engineering body to EPDB, or electronically in a
                  password-protected       private   domain      for   each
                  registered         engineer,       through       website
           (b)    Registered persons may record individual CPD
                  activities with EPDB on continuous basis as they
                  occur, provided that all CPD activities undertaken
                  are recorded within 60 days after completion of
                  each activity.

           (c)   All CPD activities shall be backed by authenticated
                 certificate/document issued by a professional
                 engineering body and shall be produced on demand.
     (2)   When recording CPD activities under sub-rule 7f (1), any
           registered person who is registered in more than one
           professional category must inform the EPDB regarding
           category of registration which is most appropriate to
           his/her area of practice, in which case the EPDB
           evaluates the appropriateness of the CPD activities so
           recorded in the context of the registration category
           preferred by such person.
     (3)   CPD records will be checked and verified by EPDB
           against requirement of CPD policy and supporting
           documents provided. In case further clarification is
           required, this information will be provided to EPDB or an
           interview may be arranged at a mutually convenient time
           and place. The verification may take the form of a
           certificate/result/record   of   attendance   with   written
           verification from the registered provider/institution of
           CPD activity. In case the CPD record fails the
           verification activity audit, recommendations for remedial
           measures may be made. False claims shall be treated as
           serious breach of ethics and invite disciplinary actions as
           per the Act.
g.   Possible Exemptions/Remissions for CPD Requirement.
     (1)   RE/PE undertaking post-graduate studies is not exempt
           from CPD requirement until award of the qualification.
     (2)   RE/PE practicing abroad          should meet     the same
           requirements as in Pakistan for initial/renewal of PEC
           registration except those registered with Engineers
           Mobility Forum.

     (3)   On attaining the age of 75 years, an engineer would be
           presumed to have retired and would automatically be
           included in PEC database as such, unless he/she declares
           to the PEC otherwise and continues to acquire minimum
           3 credit points per annum.
     (4)   RE/PE may apply for deferment of CPD. Such cases will
           be reviewed by EPBD and decided on merit. Cases of
           physical disability, serious illness or other extenuating
           circumstances may be considered for exemption for an
           appropriate period of time.
     (5)   A prospective candidate can appear in EPE after a
           minimum five years of practical experience. However,
           the following credit of experience may be given if he/she
           has obtained a recognized post-graduate engineering
           degree, as under:-
                                         Provided the Degree is obtained
           (a) M.Sc      12 Months
                                         from an accredited engineering
           (b) Ph.D      24 Months

h.   Audit. PEC will conduct random audits of up to 10% of the CPD
     records of all registered engineers in different categories of
     registration annually. If selected for audit, registered engineers
     will be required to send, within eight weeks of initial
     notification, verification of their CPD activities in the form of a
     certificate, list of results, record of attendance, receipt of course
     payment, or a written verification from the registered
     educational institution, which presented the developmental activity.
i.   Non-Compliance. In the event of a RE/PE not complying with
     the requirements of the CPD system, PEC may impose any one
     or more of the following conditions:
     (1)   The concerned engineer may be required to follow an
           approved remedial programme of continuing professional

                  development within a period prescribed by PEC.
           (2)    Suspension of PEC registration for a period of time up to
                  two years or more if necessary.
           (3)   Withdrawal of registration as a RE/PE as the case may be.
           (4)    Any other condition which PEC/EPBD may impose
                  before renewal is permitted.
     j.    Right of Appeal.
           (1)    Any registered person aggrieved by a decision of the
                  EPDB, within sixty days of the communication of an
                  order, shall have the right to prefer an appeal to
                  Governing Body of PEC.
           (2)    Upon receipt of an appeal under subsection (1), the
                  Governing Body may, after holding such inquiry as it
                  may consider necessary and giving the appellant an
                  opportunity of being heard in person or through an
                  advocate, pass such order as it may deem fit according to
                  the Act.
     k.    Role of Employers. The employers are responsible for creating
           a suitable working environment and encouraging promotion and
           participation of engineers in activities that maintain their
           competence/professional development.

8.   Engineering Practice Examination (EPE). For assessment of
     engineering competence, knowledge and skills of an applicant
     engineer, EPDB shall hold an examination which may be arranged and
     conducted through local or foreign services hired/availed for the
     purpose. The EPE is optional for a RE but is an essential part of
     assessment for the title of PE.
     a.    Eligibility. When a RE has attained a minimum of five years of
           practical experience in relevant field of engineering from a
           recognized engineering organization/institution/service and has

           earned 25 credit points, he shall become eligible to apply for
           EPE. Application form for EPE is attached at Annexure-B.
     b.    Format of the EPE.
           (i)     The examination shall comprise three parts of 2 hours
                   each. Part-1 shall be common to all and Part-II and Part-
                   III   shall   be   discipline-based   breadth   and   depth
                   examinations respectively. Syllabus of each part of EPE
                   will be finalized by EPDB. Outline of syllabus of each
                   part is at Annex-C.
           (ii)    Qualifying marks for each part will be 60 percent.
                   Candidate failing in any part shall be ineligible for next
                   part(s).Qualifying in all three parts is mandatory.
           (iii)   The Examination will be held twice in a year and results
                   shall be published through press and PEC website.
           (iv)    An application for EPE shall be supported by two
                   professional engineers with minimum 15 years of
                   professional standing or a PE authorized by the EPDB. A
                   PE supporting a prospective candidate shall send an
                   independent report to EPDB on Performa attached with
                   the Application Form at Annex-B.
     c.    EPE Centres. The examination shall be conducted under
           Engineering Professional Development Board (EPDB) at
           various designated places in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar,
           Lahore, Multan, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Karachi and Quetta or any
           other place approved by PEC.

9.   Renewal of PEC Registration. Renewal of the certificate of
     registration shall be a regular annual/periodical obligation of registered
     persons subject to provision of the Act and acquisition of prescribed
     credit points. All registered persons shall be required to apply for

      renewal of registration on the form prescribed in PEC Byelaws 1976,
      at least two month prior to the date of expiry of their registration.

10.   Grant of PE title.
      When a registered person has accumulated at least 25 credit points
      after first five years after initial registration and has qualified in the
      EPE, both of which have been certified by EPDB, PEC Enrolment
      Committee may grant the title of „PE‟ to a „RE‟ after a formal
      application submitted by him/her.

11.   Privileges of a Professional Engineer (PE).
      a.    Recognition of professional excellence and use of title „PE‟.
      b.    Preference for promotion to higher levels of engineering
            professional status.
      c.    Approval of studies, drawings, cost estimation and other related
            engineering activities.
      d.    Certify that the construction/operation is in accordance with the
      e.    Certify the design quality of a Product/Process/Project.

12.   Fee. The EPDB shall verify/certify the accumulation of CPD credit
      points and EPE and charge the following fee:-
      a.    For annual Certification of CPD      Rs.100/-       or as prescribed
      b.    For EPE                    Rs.9,000/- ($150)        by the PEC/EPDB.

Establishment of Engineering Professional Development Board (EPDB)

1.   These byelaws are meant to provide for establishment of EPDB to
     implement the provisions of Professional development of engineers
     and matters connected with it as envisaged in Part-I.

2.   Purpose and Establishment of EPDB
     To maintain and develop the professional knowledge, skills and
     competence of engineers in Pakistan, to improve their opportunities
     for employment inland and abroad and to derive the best out of their
     talent for betterment of national economy and social well being.

3.   Powers and Functions of the Board
     a.   To prescribe and review standards of professional development
          in coordination with PEC such that these are in line with
          internationally recognized standards
     b.   To coordinate implementation of CPD activities.
     c.   To   regulate/register   the     engineering   professional   bodies
          imparting CPD.
     d.   To record and quantify the CPD for each registered person. The
          Board shall issue a certificate regarding present position of CPD
          to any registered person on demand against a prescribed Fee.
     e.   To conduct EPE and publish results of the Examination.
     f.   To perform any other function related to professional
          development of engineers.

4.   Composition of the Board. The Board consists of following

     a.   Chair. Additional Vice Chairman, PEC shall be the Chair of
          EPDB. He shall be nominated by Governing Body of PEC three
          months before nominations/elections of members. The Chair
          shall cause to complete formalities for nomination/election as
          indicated above within three months of his date of nomination.
     b.   Members.
          (1)    3 Members nominated by PEC from within the PEC
                 Governing Body. One of the members may be from
          (2)    3   Members          from    engineering   universities.   Each
                 engineering university shall nominate one member for the
                 Board. These nominated members after a meeting under
                 Chair EPDB, will finally elect 3 members from amongst
                 themselves to be members of the EPDB.
          (3)    3 Members from the engineering professional bodies
                 registered with EPDB. Each registered body shall nominate
                 one member for the board. After meeting under Chair
                 EPDB, these nominated members shall elect 3 members
                 from amongst themselves to be members of EPDB.
     c.   Registrar, PEC
     d.   Executive Director EPDB

5.   Period of Membership. Board members shall hold office for a period
     not exceeding three years. A board member may not serve for more
     than two consecutive terms. At least three of present members should
     be re appointed to maintain continuity. A member must immediately
     vacate office, if he or she :-
     a. Is convicted of any offence under PPC/PEC Act.
     b. Has been removed from an office on account of misconduct.

6.   Disclosure of Interest. If a member has a direct or indirect interest in
     any matter to be dealt with at any meeting of the Board, that member
     may declare such matter to the Chair in writing and may not attend a
     meeting or a relevant portion thereof or may not influence any other
     member in any way related to the interest matter.

7.   Executive Director
     a.   The Board, in consultation with Chairman PEC, may appoint the
          Executive Director        on    contract   basis at   market   based
     b.   The Executive Director may be reappointed at the expiry of
          his/her term of office.

8.   Staff of the Board
     a.   The Board may appoint such employees as are necessary to
          enable the Board to carryout its functions on such conditions as
          may be determined by the Board.
     b.   The Board will pay its employees such remuneration, allowances
          and subsidies etc as the Board determines.
     c.   A Government Employee may be seconded to the Board subject
          to prevailing Government Rules.

9.   Meetings
     a.   The Board must meet at least four times a year.
     b.   The Chair of the Board or, in his or her absence, the person
          presiding over the meeting, must give each member of the Board
          one month written notice of the time, date and place of the
          meeting and the matters to be discussed.
     c.   In the absence of the Chair, a member of the Board elected by the
          members present, presides over meetings of the Board.

      d.   The Chair may at any time call an additional meeting of the
      e.   The Board must keep a register of attendance and minutes of its
           meetings and must circulate copies thereof to the members of the
           Board within two weeks after the meeting to which it relates. The
           agenda items will be issued two weeks before the meeting.
      f.   The minutes, when confirmed at the next meeting and signed by
           the person who chairs that meeting, are true and correct record of
           the proceedings.
      g.   The quorum for a meeting of the Board is fifty percent of its
      h.   A decision of the majority of the members of the Board present,
           at any meeting, constitutes a decision of the Board.
      i.   In the event of an equal number of votes, the person presiding
           over the meeting has a casting vote in addition to that person‟s
           deliberative vote.

10.   Evaluation and review
      a.   The Board must facilitate a review of its activities in relation to
           its goals and objectives, at least once every three years.
      b.   A panel drawn from the public sector and the private sector and
           appointed by the Chairman PEC on the basis of expertise in
           relation to the functions of the Board must undertake the
      c.   The panel must submit its report and recommendations to the
           Chairman PEC on completion.

11.   Keeping of Records and Register
      a.   The Board shall maintain record of quantification of CPD and
           results of EPE in respect of all persons registered with PEC under

           Section 16 of the Act. For this purpose, the Board shall keep and
           maintain a register of prescribed particulars of registered persons.
      b.   The registered persons on attaining CPD shall inform the Board
           as required vide Section 7 (f), Part-I.
      c.   The Board shall provide to every applicant verified and certified
           record of CPD and EPE about his person, against a prescribed fee.

12.   Funding of Board
      a.   The funds of the Board consist of:-
           (1) Money appropriated by Government of Pakistan and/or PEC,
                for the achievement of the objectives of the Board.
           (2) Income derived by virtue of the exercise and performance of
                its powers, functions and duties.
           (3) Donations or contributions received by the Board from any
                source with the approval of the Chairman, PEC.
           (4) Any other income, including interest earned on any
                investment made in terms of this section.
      b.   The Board must:-
           (1) Use its funds to defray expenses incurred by it in the
                exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions
                and duties.
           (2) Use donations or contributions contemplated in subsection
                12(a) (3) for such purposes and in accordance with such
                conditions, if any, as are specified by the donor or
                contributor concerned, with the approval of the Chairman,
      c.   Executive Director must open an account in the name of the
           Board with a scheduled Bank of Pakistan.
      d.   The Board may invest any unspent part of the Board's funds and
           use interest accrued on such investments to defray expenses in

           connection with the exercise of its powers and the performance
           of its functions and duties.
      e.   The Board must in each financial year, submit a statement of the
           Board‟s estimated income and expenditure for the following year
           to the Council for approval.

13.   Secrecy
      a.   The Executive Director, staff and all members of the Board may
           not disclose to any source, outside of the Board, information that
           may be considered confidential except in section 11 above.
      b.   Any person who breaches subsection 13 (a) is subject to
           disciplinary action conducted in the prescribed manner.

     Guidelines for Registration of Professional Engineering Bodies

1.    General
      Registration of Professional Engineering Bodies shall form the basis
      of imparting effective CPD to Engineers of relevant field and therefore,
      such bodies shall play a pivotal role in mentoring the engineering
      profession. The process of registration of these bodies therefore,
      should be objective, detailed and continuous with purpose of
      supporting each such organization in its growth and development.
      An assessment/review of any such body should be based on
      ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses of the organization with a
      purpose to assess its present standard and intrinsic functioning. An
      efficient management system and an effective self-assessment process
      in an organization based on knowledgeable, trained and experienced
      manpower shall promote the purpose of professional development.

2.    Criteria for Registration
      a.   Government/private charted institution.
      b.   Autonomous, registered and stable Professional Body with a
           minimum membership of 250.
      c.   Stable Management, Charter, Code of ethics, appeal procedures
           and self-assessment process.
      d.   Shared objectives and compliance with PEC Act, byelaws and
           regulations etc.
      e.   Willing to be a registered member as a PEC Professional
           Engineering Body and pay a prescribed fee.

3.    Principles of Registration
      a.   Even-handed, objective and continuous review process through
           trained volunteer peers.

     b.   An initial detailed review progressively focusing on support
          rather than compliance.
     c.   Focus on qualification, training and experience of people
          involved and procedures evolved for management and conduct of
          proceedings with emphasis on self-assessment.
     d.   Review based on demonstrated and appropriately documented

4.   Registration
     a.   Process under EPDB.
     b.   Registration valid for three years based on a physical review
     c    Registration Certificate to be issued by EPDB.

5.   Procedures for Registration
     a.   Receipt of Application for Registration on a Prescribed Form.
     b.   Consider the:-
          (1) Data Presented
          (2) Last report of the Visit team
          (3) Annual report of Professional Body
          (4) Other evidence/reports available
     c.   Analysis and clarifications before visit
     d.   Visit to be planned after discussion with Chair EPDB and
          Convener of visit team on objectives, agenda, participants etc.
     e.   Assembly of Visit team under Convener and alignment with
          checklist and the details of application. Evolve aspects for focus.
     f.   Conduct of Visit. Prepare report on specified format.
     g.   Approval of EPDB. Consideration in regular meetings of EPDB
          for approval or otherwise.
     h.   Based on approval, a formal registration certificate shall be
          issued by EPDB.
     i.   The whole process to be completed within six months.

                     CATEGORIES OF CPD                       Annexure-A
  Category       Applicable CPD         Credit Credit         Remarks
                    program              Hr     Points
Formal           a. Post-graduate                 2      All achievements
Education          Diploma (PGD)                         must be supported
(Higher                                                  with records and
Education duly   b. Award of Post-                4      certificates.
recognized by     graduate Degree
PEC/HEC)          in Engineering
                  and related
                  subjects i.e.
                  IT, Finance,
                  Management,                            Limit = 2 credit
                  Law, Economics                                 points/year

                 c. Award of                      6
                  in Engineering
Work-based       Work Experience            400   1
Activities       (Engineering
                 related work
                 including relevant                      Limit = 2 Credit
                 aspects of                                      points/year
Developmental a. Membership of                    0.5    (Limit of
Activities       a recognized                            memberships= 4 to
                 professional                            be accounted for
                Association                              Credit Points only
                /body                                    once)

                 b. Participation                 1
                    in Training
                   & Development

                 c. Participation                 0.5
                    in academic
                    Meeting                              Limit = 2 Credit
                 d. Participation in
                   (1) Conference           06    0.5

              (2) Seminar            06   0.5

              (3) Workshop           06   0.5

              (4) Lectures           06   0.5

              (5) Refresher          06   0.5
Individual   (1) Invited                  1     Lectures excluding
Activities       Lecturer or                    routine teaching at
                 Symposium                      institutions and
                 Panelist                       university

             (2) Writing and              1     Publication after a
                 publishing a                   peer review. Only
                 Research                       comprehensive
                Article                         engineering
                 /Technical                     project-based
                 Report                         reports will be

             (3) Authoring a              2     Approved by a
                 Book                           professional body

             (4) Part of                        Professional
                activities                0.5   contribution in such
                such as                         activities
                recognized                      Limit = 2 Credit
                Social Work                             points/year


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                           PABX : 2829296, 2829348, 2829311, Fax : 2276224

                     Application Form For
            Engineering Professional Examination (EPE)

      Name: ____________________________________________

      Father‟s Name: _____________________________________

      PEC Registration #:___________________Discipline: ______________________

      Gender: _____________Domicile: __________________Nationality: __________

      Date of Birth: ________/________/________
                   (Day)    (Month)    (Year)

      Present Address:_____________________________________________________


      Permanent Address: __________________________________________________


      Phone Number (Line #): ___________________Mobile #.____________________



                            Name of         Year of     Obtained               Certificate/Degree
 2.   Qualifications:     University /      Passing      Marks        %age      with discipline
                            College /                    /Total
                        Institute / Board                Marks

 2.1 F.Sc
     or Equivalent

 2.2 B.E.      /B.Sc.
     Engg. Degree or

 2.3 Post-graduate
     or Equivalent

 2.4 Doctorate
     (Ph. D)
     or Equivalent

2.5    Any Other non-engineering qualification (Post graduation) Obtained:



       Note: In case of qualification in more than one engineering discipline, indicate field
       of specialization.


 Sr.      Name of                        Status        Designation Experience Experience
 #   Company/Organization           (Govt./Semi-Govt                From- To    Years/
                                  /Autonomous/Private)                         Months










 Sr.    Category       Sub-Category        Professional      Credit  Credit   Remarks
 #                     (As per           Engineering Body    Hours   points
                       Annex-A)                             Claimed Claimed

 4.1 Education
     Education duly
     recognized by

 4.2 Work Based
     related work

 4.3 Developmental

 4.4 Individual
     Authoring of
     social work

5.     Any Other Achievement



 Note: Attach additional sheets if required.

6.     Discipline of Professional Engineer applied for:


7.    Examination Centre

      Examination will be held at Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Lahore, Multan,
      Sukkur, Hyderabad, Karachi and Quetta.

             Sr. #   Preferred Locations in order of priority

8.    Fee
      Prescribed Fee of Rs……………………for EPE has been paid in Bank …………..
      Branch…………………Vide Challan No./Draft No ……………..Dated………… ..
9.    Declaration
             I wish to take the EPE for (spring/fall) year 20… prescribed by PEC in
              discipline as mentioned in the application form.
             I undertake to inform the EPDB/PEC of any change in my postal address and
             I have no objection against my EPE process being stopped, should there be
              inaccuracy in the submitted information.
             I also undertake to abide by the PEC Act, Bye-Laws, relevant rules and
              Codes of Ethics and Conduct, prescribed for the members of the Council.
             I certify that the above particulars mentioned by me are true and correct.

         Date: ________________ Signature of the Engineer:_______________

10.   Sponsors

      From Personal knowledge of the applicant and in consideration of his/her
      qualifications as stated in the form, we recommend him/her as being in every way a
      fit and proper person to be certified as Professional Engineer.

      10.1 Sponsor-1

         Name: ________________________PEC Registration Number: ____________



         Signature: ___________________

         Date:____________________ Official Stamp:__________________________

       10.2 Sponsor-2

          Name: ________________________PEC Registration Number: ____________



          Signature: ____________________

          Date:_______________________ Official Stamp:_______________________

Note: An application shall be supported/sponsored by two professional engineers entitled
      with 15 years of Experience or a„PE‟ entitled by the EPDB.

      Please ensure provision of following documents with the application form.
          1. Attested copy of PEC registration Certificate
          2. Attested Copies of Experience Certificates
          3. Supporting Documents of CPD activities
          4. Attested copy of NIC and Domicile
          5. Two Passport size Photographs (duly attested on the back side)
          6. EPE fee paid receipt

Applications must be sent to;

       EPE Directorate, EPDB,
       Pakistan Engineering Council,
       Ataturk Avenue (East),
       G-5/2, P.O.Box No.1296,

                           To be filled by each Sponsor

                            (Confidential when completed)

   To be filled by each Sponsor and sent separately to EPDB/PEC in a sealed envelope;

Report on Mr./Miss____________________________S/o,D/O______________________

Discipline:___________________________ PEC Registration #:____________________

   1. How long have you known the applicant? ……………………Years

   2. In what Capacity?               Employer         Advisor       Sr. Colleague

                                      Colleague        Friend        Client

   3. Do You recommend the applicant for certification as Professional Engineer

                             Yes            No

   4. If yes please give your own impression of the candidate and why you consider
      him/her a fit person to be certified as Professional Engineer (PE)in around 50 words.

Signature: ____________________ Name of Sponsor:____________________________


PEC Registration #____________________________

Correspondence Address_____________________________________________________


Contact #.____________________________ Email id:_____________________________

      Sent to:-

      EPE Directorate, EPDB, Pakistan Engineering Council,
      Ataturk Avenue (East), G-5/2, P.O.Box No.1296, Islamabad.

                                  (FOR OFFICE USE ONLY)

A. Accounts Section
                              Mode:-              Cash       Cheque        DD
Received Rs.____________________

Receipt No._____________________ Chq/DD No.______________________________

(Signature of Accounts Clerk)                                  (Accounts Executive)

B. CPD Directorate

1. Discipline __________________________ 2. PEC Reg #:: ______________________

3. Renewal Upto: ______________________ 4. Registration Year:__________________

5. Experience:_________________________ 6. CPD Credit Points__________________

7. Recommendations of CPD Directorate:

       (Eligible/ Not Eligible)

                                                                  (CPD Directorate)
C. EPE Directorate

10. EPE Roll No:_____________________ 11. EPE Centre:_______________________

12. EPE Grading:

    Sections       Marks            Total        Percentage Remarks
                   Obtained         Marks





13. For PE Title

       (Selected/Not Selected)

Discipline: __________________
Registration Number: ________________
                                                                 (EPE Directorate)

                             SYLLABUS FOR EPE                                Annexure-C

             This is common to all comprising 30 questions of one mark each
(total marks 30) with the duration of 2 hours.

Syllabus                                                 Description
Management        Quality issues Basic Concepts, application and role etc
(Engineering      Finance          Cost Analysis, Financial Discipline etc.
Related)          Procurement      Contracts,        Arbitration,  guarantees,
                  /Legal           liabilities etc.
                  Latest trends in Emerging         technologies  and     their
                  Industry         applications etc.
Written           English Language communication skills. etc
Ethical and   Code of ethics and professional obligation of engineers etc.
social issues

     This is a discipline based breadth examination comprising 30 multiple
choice questions of one mark each (total marks 30) with the duration of 2
hours. The syllabus will generally conform to BE/equivalent qualification.

Discipline                                               Description
Civil           Syllabus for Civil Engineering

Electrical      Syllabus for Electrical Engineering

Mechanical      Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering

Chemical        Syllabus for Chemical Engineering

Electronics     Syllabus for Electronics Engineering

Metallurgy      Syllabus for Metallurgy and Material Science

   This is a discipline based depth examination comprising 40 multiple
choice questions of one mark each (total marks 40) with the duration of 2

Discipline                                  Description

Civil           Area of practice e.g. structural, geotech, transportation,
                management etc

                Area of practice e.g. electrical power, machines,
Electrical      instrumentation, control systems, management etc.

                Area of practice e.g. machines design and material
Mechanical      knowledge, HVAC and refrigeration knowledge, management

                Area of practice e.g. plant designs, process control, safety,
Chemical        energy, environment, management etc

                Area of practice e.g. circuits and networks, electronic
Electronics     communication, controls, management etc


                                              ENGR DR M. AKRAM SHEIKH,
                                                 Pakistan Engineering Council