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Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited by eqt50313


									                                        Notification to Customers

In compliance with the State Bank of Pakistan's directive to obtain Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) / National
Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) from all existing customers latest by 31st December, 2009, all Standard
Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited customers maintaining accounts (or utilizing a financing facility) are requested to furnish
the same at the earliest convenience.

With reference to the State Bank of Pakistan’s Circular No. 30 dated September 30th 2009 banks will start using the debit
block marking option to such customers who fail to submit an attested copy of their valid CNIC/NICOP by December 31st
2009. Please note that debit blocks will only be removed from accounts upon submission of an attested copy of valid

 An attested photocopy of valid CNIC/NICOP should be submitted to the branch where account(s) are maintained so that
operations are carried out smoothly.

Standard Chartered would like to thank all those valued customers who have already submitted a copy of their

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