Nursery Rhymes and Songs E Lov Buckle My Shoe by katiebeyer


									E Lov
               Nursery Rhymes and Songs
            1,2 Buckle My Shoe                                           Books for
E Pot       Appley Dapply’s Nursery Rhymes
E Tra       Baa Baa Black Sheep
J398.8Bab Baby’s Mother Goose
E Wel       The Bear went Over the Mountain                         birth to 2 years old
J398.8Him The Bedtime Mother Goose                                                 At the St. Tammany Parish Library
J398Dec     The Christian Mother Goose Treasury
J398.8Par   The Farmer in the Dell                                                 Ten good reasons to read to babies
E Raf       Five Little Ducks
E Chr       Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed                  Baby associates your voice with warmth, comfort, and security.
J398.8Mot The Glorious Mother Goose: selections
J398.8Hel   The Helen Oxenbury Nursery Rhyme Book                   Reading has a calming effect on a restless baby.
E Tra       Itsy Bitsy Spider
J784.624Lul The Lullaby Songbook                                    Baby is entertained by nursery rhymes and songs.

                                                                    Holding the baby while reading to him/her creates a
                                                                    close,loving bond between parent and baby.

                                                                    Baby makes an association between reading and being held.
                   Music to soothe and relax
Cassette J782.42Fre         Globalullabies                          The pleasure of being held transfers to the desire to be read to.
Cassette J782.42Kal         Lullaby berceuse
Cassette J782.42Loo         Looney Tunes Lovables Lullabies         Baby will learn to listen and will grow up ready to read.
CD JBaby                    Baby Classics
CD J782.4215 Dre            Dreamland: world lullabies &            Baby will begin imitating sounds and words.
                                    soothing songs
                                                                    Baby must hear English (or French or whatever) in order to
                                                                    learn that language.

                                                                        It’s fun to read to a baby!
                               Children’s Services
                               985-893-6280 ext.112
                                                              From Babies need books: sharing the joy of books with children from birth to six by
                                                              Dorothy Butler 028.5 But
                 Lullaby Books                                                          Animal Books
E App      Barnyard Lullaby                                               E Fle        Barnyard Banter
E App      Bayou Lullaby                                                  E Taf        Early Morning in the Barn
E Mar      Close Your Eyes                                                E Taf        Have You Seen my Duckling?
E Car      Dreamland: A Lullaby                                           E Fle        In the Small, Small Pond
E Mer      Goodnight to Annie: an Alphabet Lullaby                        E Bor        Little Gorilla
E Lon      Hush Little Baby                                               E Bro        The Runaway Bunny
E Boe      Lullaby Babes                                                  E Hill       Where’s Spot?
E Hig      Moonsong Lullaby                                               E Lon        Wiggle Waggle
E Nic      Once, a Lullaby

                                                                         All About Me
                                                            E Law    Baby Loves
                              Bedtime Books                 E Ste    Baby Says
               E Boo         Bedtime Hugs for Little Ones   E Orm    Bend and Stretch
               E Ink         One Bear at Bedtime            E Bow    Busy Toes
               E Bro         Goodnight Moon                 E Car    From Head to Toe
               E Orm         Moonlight                      E Isa    I See
               E Fox         Time for Bed                   E Mil    Now I’m Big
               E Zie         Sleepy-O                       E Woo    Piggies
                                                            E O’Ke   Love Me, Love You
        Concept Books (numbers,colors, alphabet)            E Wil    More, More, More Said the Baby
E Kay      A, You’re Adorable                               E Orm    Peek-a Boo
E Mar      Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?         E Orm    This Little Nose
E Ehl      Color Zoo                                        E Ali    Welcome, Little Baby
E Plu      Counting Kittens                                                           My World Around Me
E Gle      Counting Rhymes: Teddies                                          E Taf        The Ball Bounced
E Cre      Freight Train                                                     E Mur        I Like It When…
E Ink      Kipper’s A to Z                                                   E Fle        Lunch
E Ink      Kipper’s Book of Numbers                                          E Bar        Machines at Work
E Wal      Mouse Count                                                       E Wel        Read to Your Bunny
E Ban      Ten Nine Eight                                                    E Mor        Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
E Car      The Very Hungry Caterpillar                                       E Taf        What the Sun Sees

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