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									National Rural Health
   Mission - India

      Shiv Chandra Mathur
 State Institute of Health and Family
     Welfare, Rajasthan, Jaipur

• The Mission is an articulation of the
  commitment of the Government to raise public
  spending on Health from 0.9% of GDP to 2-3%
  of GDP, over the next 5 years.
• It aims to undertake architectural correction of
  the health system to enable it to effectively
  handle increased allocations as promised
  under the National Common Minimum
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• Provision of a health activist in each village

• Village health plan prepared through
  panchayat involvement

• Strengthening of the rural hospital on IPHS

• Integration of vertical Health & FW
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• The acronym stands for accredited
  social health activist
• Accreditation to a female activist
  volunteering to take up community
  health work at grassroots will be given
  after a four phase modular training
• She will strength primary health care
  particularly in inaccessible area

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             Village Health Plan

• Planning for health to be initiated from
  village level will transfer the ownership
  of all health program to the villagers
• District Annual Plan would generate
  from village level through a participatory
• Plan will largely indicate expected level
  of achievement for each of the health
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Indian Public Health Standards
• All peripheral health facilities would be
  rejuvenated on standards developed at the
  central level by Ministry of Health and
  Family Welfare.
• This initiative will take care of rectifying
  the manpower weaknesses, equipment
  and appropriate furnishings in health

  7/30/2010    SHIV CHANDRA MATHUR/sihfw   6
    Integration of Vertical Health

• All vertical health program like
  Malaria control, TB control, Leprosy
  control, Blindness Control, Water
  and Sanitation and Reproductive and
  Child Health program would be

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            Guiding principles
• Promote Equity
• Enhance People orientation and
  community based approaches
• Ensure Public Health Focus
• Recognize value of traditional
  knowledge base of communities
• Decentralize and involve local bodies.
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• Reducing IMR and MMR by 50% from existing levels
  in next 7 years
• Universalize access to public health services : such
  as Women’s health, child health, water, sanitation,
  immunization, Nutrition….
• Prevention and control of communicable and non-
  communicable diseases, including locally endemic
• Access to Integrated comprehensive primary
• Assuring Population stabilization and , gender
• Promotion of healthy life styles
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  Institutional Mechanism - National
• National Mission Steering Group chaired be
  co-chaired by Health and Family Welfare
  Minister with Deputy Chairman Planning
  Commission. Membership would cover
  Ministers of Panchayat Raj, RD, HRD. Public
  health professionals would be nominated by
  HFM in consultation with PM. Health and
  Family Welfare Secretary would be its

• At lower level an Empowered Programme
  Committee will be chaired by Secretary HFW.
  There will also be Standing Mentoring Group
  for ASHA
 7/30/2010      SHIV CHANDRA MATHUR/sihfw   10
     Institutional Mechanism - State

• State Health Mission (Chaired by Chief
  Minister; co-chaired by Health Minister;
  State Health Secretary as Convener-
  representation of related departments,
  NGOs, private professionals etc)
• District Health Mission (under the
  leadership of Zila Parishad (District
  Council) with District Health Head as
  Convener and all relevant departments,
  NGOs, private professionals etc
  represented on it)
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      Institutional Mechanism (cont.)

• Village Health & Sanitation committee (at
  village level consisting of Panchayat
  Representative/s, ANM/MPW, Anganwadi
  worker, teacher, ASHA, community health

• Autonomous societies for community
  management of public hospitals

7/30/2010      SHIV CHANDRA MATHUR/sihfw   12
 Role of Peripheral Democratic Bodies
 ASHAs would be selected by and be accountable
  to the Village Panchayat.

 The Village Health Committee would prepare the
  Village Health Plan, and promote inter-sectoral

 The untied fund at Sub-centers to be deposited in
  a Bank Account, jointly operated by ANM and

 District Health Mission to be led by the Zila
 Parishad. The DHM would also guide activities
 of sanitation.
   7/30/2010     SHIV CHANDRA MATHUR/sihfw    13
        Role of Peripheral Democratic
                 Bodies (PRIs)
 The DHM will control, guide and manage all
  public health institutions in the district, Sub-
  centres, PHCs and CHCs.
 PRI involvement in autonomous societies for
  good hospital management.
 Training to members of PRIs.
 Making available health related databases to all
  stakeholders, including Panchayats at all levels.
 States to indicate in their MoUs their commitment
  for devolution of funds and programmes to PRIs.

  7/30/2010     SHIV CHANDRA MATHUR/sihfw    14
   Role of NGOs for the Mission
In institutional arrangements
Standing Mentoring Group for ASHA
Member of Task Forces
Provision of Training, BCC and
 Technical Support for ASHAs/DHM
Health Resource Organizations
Service delivery for identified
 population groups on select themes

7/30/2010   SHIV CHANDRA MATHUR/sihfw   15
    Milestones to be achieved
 Health Provider in each village             2005-2008

 Upgrading of Rural Hospitals                 2005-2007
 Creation of New Hospitals                   2005-2008
 District Planning operational               2005-2007
 Village Health Plans                        2006
 Merger of Multiple societies into           April 2005
 District/State Mission
 Operational PMUs                            2005-2006

 Technical Support                           2005-2007

7/30/2010        SHIV CHANDRA MATHUR/sihfw                16

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