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					                               What Does It All Mean?

AB             Assembly Bill
ADA            Americans with Disabilities Act
AED            Automated External Defibrillator
AEU            Amador-El Dorado Unit (CDF)
AFSS           Administrative Fire Services Section
AIRS           Arson Information Reporting System
ALS            Advanced Life Support
AV             Assessed Valuation -or- Ad Valorem
BCII           Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information
BIA            Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLM            Bureau of Land Management
BLS            Basic Life Support
BMPs           Best Management Practices
BOR            Bureau of Reclamation
BOS            Board Of Supervisors
CAFR           Comprehensive Annual Fund Report
CALBO          CALifornia Building Officials
CALMAC         CALifornia Multi-Agency Command
Cal-OSHA       California Occupational Safety & Health Administration
CalTrans       California Department of Transportation
CATIC          California Anti-Terrorist Information Center
CBRNE          Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Environmental (HazMat term)
CDF            California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
CERT           Community Emergency Response Team
CEQA           California Environmental Quality Act
CFCA           California Fire Chiefs Association
CFIRS          California Fire Incident Reporting System
CFSTES         California Fire Service Training & Education System
CICCS          California Incident Command Certification System
COBRA          Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
               (continuation of health insurance after termination)
COLA           Cost Of Living Adjustment
CORI           Criminal Offender Record Information
CPF            California Professional Firefighters
CPR            Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation -or- California Performance Review
CPS            Child Protective Services
CSA            County Service Area
CSAC           California State Association of Counties
CSCDA          California Statewide Communities Development Authority
CSDA           California Special Districts Association
CSFA           California State Firefighters Association
DOJ            Department Of Justice
DPR            Department of Parks and Recreation (State)
DSL            Digital Subscriber Line
DUNS           Data Universal Numbering System
ECC            Emergency Command Center
EIR            Environmental Impact Report
EIS            Environmental Impact Study
EMPG           Emergency Management Performance Grants
EMS            Emergency Medical Service
EMT            Emergency Medical Technician
EOC            Emergency Operations Center
EPA            Environmental Protection Agency
ERAF           Education Revenue Augmentation Fund
ESA            Endangered Species Act
ESRI           Environmental Systems Research Institute
FAIRA          Fire Agency Insurance Risk Authority
FAQs           Frequently Asked Questions
FASIS          Fire Agency Self-Insurance System
FDAC           Fire District Association of California
FDAC-FASIS     Fire Districts Association of California - Fire Agency
               Self-Insurance System
FDIC           Fire District Instructor Conference
FEMA           Federal Emergency Management Agency
FETN           Fire & Emergency Training Network
FIRESCOPE   FIrefighting RESources of California Organized for Potential Emergencies
FIS         Fire Insurance Services
FLSA        Fair Labor Standards Act
FMAG        Fire Management Assistance Grant
FMLA        Family Medical Leave Act
FPO         Fire Prevention Officer
FPPC        Fair Political Practices Commission
FRA         Federal Response Area
GACC        Geographical Area Coordination Center
GASB        Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GIC         Guaranteed Investment Contract
GIS         Global Imaging System
HazMat      Hazardous Material
HIPAA       Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HMDO        HazMat (hazardous materials) Duty Officer
IA          Initial Attack
IAFC        International Association of Fire Chiefs
IBN         Interest-Based Negotiations
IC          Incident Commander
ICS         Incident Command System
ICT         Incident Command Team
IMT         Incident Management Team
ISO         Insurance Service Office
JAC         Joint Apprenticeship Committee
JIC         Joint Information Center
JPA         Joint Powers Authority
JTTF        Joint Terrorism Task Force
LAFCO       Local Agency Formation COmmission
LAIF        Local Agency Investment Fund
LAO         Legislative Analyst’s Office
LE-38       state form number for Defensible Space Inspection forms
LEMSA       Local Emergency Medical Service Agency
LNG         Liquid Natural Gas
LOCAL       Leave Our Community Assets Local
LPG         Liquid Propane Gas
LRA      Local Response Area
LTBMU    Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (Forest Service)
MACS     Multi-Agency Coordination System
MAST     Mountain Area Safety Taskforce
MD&A     Management’s Disclosure & Analysis
MOU      Memorandum Of Understanding
MPO      Metropolitan Planning Organization
MTZ      Mutual Threat Zone
NCDC     Native Communities Development Corp.
NCFDA    Northern California Fire District Association
NCR      No Carbon Required
NDF      Nevada Division of Forestry
NDOT     Nevada Department Of Transportation
NEMS     National Emergency Management System
NEPA     National Environmental Policy Act
NEU      Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit (CDF)
NFA      National Fire Academy
NFIRS    National Fire Incident Reporting System
NFPA     National Fire Protection Association
NHPA     National Historic Preservation Act
NHTSA    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NICC     National Interagency Command Center
NIFC     National Interagency Fire Center
NPS      National Park Service
NWCG     National Wildfire Coordinating Group
NYP      Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit (CDF)
OASDI    Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (Social Security)
OB Kit   Obstetrics Kit
OCJP     Office of Criminal Justice Planning
ODP      Office of Domestic Preparedness (FEMA is now under this office)
OES      Office of Emergency Services
OSC      Operational Section Chief
OSFM     Office of the State Fire Marshal
PACE     Peer Assessment for Credential Evaluation
PERS     Public Employees’ Retirement System
PIO        Public Information Officer
PMIA       Pooled Money Investment Account
POV        Privately Owned Vehicle
PPE        Personal Protective Equipment
PSI        Pounds per Square Inch
PUC        Public Utilities Commission
RCD        Resource Conservation District
RFP        Request For Proposal
RIT-Pack   Rapid Intervention Team Pack (spare air cylinder, mask, and other tools used to rescue
           a downed firefighter in a building)
SAR        Search And Rescue
SB         Senate Bill
SCBA       Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
SEMS       Standardized Emergency Management System
SEZ        Stream Environment Zone
SFMO       State Fire Marshal’s Office
SFWC       Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators
SOG        Standard Operating Guidelines
SOP        Standard Operating Procedures
SRA        State Response Area
SSV        Sierra Sacramento Valley (emergency medical)
STEAC      State Training Education Advisory Committee
SWAS       Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite -or- Sphere Within A Sphere -or-
           Social Work Admissions System -or- Simple Web Application System
TAC        Technical Advisory Committee
TEWG       Terrorism Early Warning Group
TO         Training Officer
TOT        Transient Occupancy Tax
TRAN       Tax Revenue Anticipation Note
UBC        Uniform Building Code
UFC        Uniform Fire Code
USAR       Urban Search And Rescue
USDA       United State Department of Agriculture
USDHS      United Stated Department of Homeland Security
USFS       United States Forest Service
VFIS       Volunteer FIre Service -or- Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services
WFCA   Western Fire Chiefs Association
WFSA   Wildland Fire Situation Analysis
WMD    Weapons of Mass Destruction
WUI    Wildland Urban Interface
YTD    Year To Date

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