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									    G3 Visas & Passports
                                    1230 Ave. of the Americas
                                         7th Floor, Room 778
                                                                              Visa Instructions
                                        New York, NY 10020
                                       Phone: 646.756.2566
                                           Fax: 917.639.4005
                                     Toll Free: 888.448.4727
                                            Email:           (Non-U.S. Citizens)

                                                        Required Documentation
    All documents listed below are required in order to process your request for a visa.

                Original passport with at least 6 months until the passport's expiration date and one unused visa page.
                Please submit one copy of the id page and every page with a visa stamp.

                A copy of your Alien Registration Card or U.S. Visa & I-94.
                Students must submit a copy of the I-20 and a recent letter from the school confirming your enrollment.

                One completed and signed visa application form.

                One original color passport photo that was taken within the last 6 months. Passport photos must have
                a light colored background, be 2" by 2" in size and be on photo paper.
                Business Visa Applicants will require a letter from their company stating the purpose of their trip and providing a financial
                guarantee (original).
                All applicants must submit an employment verification letter from the employer in the US.
                Copy of flight itinerary.
                Copy of hotel reservations or notarized letter of invitation from your host in Morocco.

                Please send this sheet and the attached "Traveler Information" page with all fields complete.

                                                               Applicable Fees
                                               Embassy Fees for Visa Processing
         Number of Entries                        4 Business Days               6 Business Days                   8 Business Days
            Single Entry                              $71.00                        $51.00                            $31.00
           Double Entry                               $86.00                        $66.00                            $46.00
         Transit (48 Hours)                           $57.00                        $37.00                            $17.00

                                                      G3 Visas Processing Fees
           Type of Visa                          4 Business Days                6 Business Days                   8 Business Days
       Tourist or Transit Visa                      $90.00                          $70.00                            $60.00
          Business Visa                             $100.00                         $80.00                            $60.00

                              Mailing Fees for Return of Visa via Federal Express
       3 Business Days            Overnight Delivery            8 AM Delivery**       Saturday Delivery**         Same Day Delivery**
           $15.50                      $23.50                       $75.00                  $38.50                    Please Call

    (International delivery available)                                                                           **If available in your area.

G3 Visas acts on the behalf of the client, and takes no responsibility for the services rendered by Travel Agents, Consulates, or Embassies in connection
  with granting visas. G3 Visas takes no responsibility for delays or loss of passports as may occur through above services or by any delivery service.
                                                          Damage compensation is not available.

       Revised 2/5/2009
                                                                Traveler Information
                                           Note: All fields are required for each individual that will be needing a visa

   1. Name:

          Date of Birth:

   2. Name:

          Date of Birth:

   3. Name:

          Date of Birth:

   4. Name:

          Date of Birth:

                                                                  Travel Information

 Departure Date:                                                    Date Needed By:

                                                       Shipping & Contact Information
                            Note: This is the address we will ship your Visa to. This must be a physical address - NO PO BOXES

 Attention to:

 Company (If applicable):

 Street Address:

 Apt/Suite Number:



 Postal Zip Code:

 Home Phone:                                                             Office Phone:

 Cell Phone:                                                             Fax Number:

 Email Address (Tracking # will be emailed):

                                                                Payment Information

 Select Payment Type:                                                                    Amt from pricing       Total # of Travelers       Total Per Item
                                                                        Embassy Fee:                        X                          =
            Check                                              G3 Visa Processing Fee:                      X                          =
                                                                        Shipping Fee:                       X                          =
            Established Acct
            Credit Card                                                                    Additional 5% fee for Credit Card Payment:
                                                                                                            Total Payment Enclosed:

 For Payment via Credit Card:

 Cardholder Name (exactly as it appears on the actual card):

 Account Number:

 Expiration Date (mm/yy):

 Security Code (last 3 digits on the right from the back of the card):

 Billing Zip Code:

 Cardholder Signature:
Revised 4/13/2006
                           Sample Business Letter
         ******Please print your business letter on company stationary*******

June 1, 2008

Consulate General of (Country you are traveling to)

Consular Section

Dear Visa Officer,

Jeremy Simmons (Insert your name), Vice President (Insert your position), International
Public Policy, East Coast Promotions, Inc. (Insert the name of your company) is
planning a business trip to (Country you are traveling to) on Monday, August 3 through
August 17 (Dates of your trip). During this trip he has scheduled meetings with a
company colleague to discuss the sale and distribution of our products.

His agenda is to meet and discuss business with Mr. Hank Hartford (Insert Name of
Contact) at:

Company Name
Street Address
City, Country Zip code
Telephone number

(It is important to indicate which company and individual you are going to visit.)

East Coast Promotions, Inc.(Insert Company Name) will assume all financial
responsibility for any debts incurred by Jeremy Simmons while traveling on business in
(Country you are traveling to).

I appreciate your attention to this matter.


Barry G. Hart (Please have someone other than the applicant sign this letter)
Senior Vice President,
East Coast Promotions, Inc.

                                     CONSULAT GENERAL A NEW YORK

                                               Numero du visa accorde:

  DEMANDE DE VISA                                              Nom de famille:
  VISA APPLICATION                                             Family name

A remplir lisiblement en                                       First name
Anglais ou Francais.
Please fill in very clearly                                    Nom de jeune fille:
                                                               Maiden name
in English or French.

Date de naissance:                            Lieu de naissance:
Date of birth                                 Place of birth

Nationalite d’origine:
Nationality of origin                                                                          PHOTO

Nationalite actuelle:
Present nationality

Etat civil:                                   Nombre d’enfants:
Civil status                                  Number of children

Adresse domicile:                                                                    N# passeport:
Home address                                                                         Passport #

Adresse bureau:                                                                      Delivre le:
Office address                                                                       Delivered on:

Profession:                                                                          Par:
Profession                                                                           By:

Date approximative d’arrivee au Maroc:                                               Expire le:
Approximate date of arrival in Morocco                                               Expires on:

                                         Transit a destination de:
                                         Transit to:                                 RESIDENT ALIEN CARD

Nature et duree du visa demandee:                                                    Registration #
(Le carre ci-contre doit etre rempli.    Arret de                    jours
Rayer les mentions inutiles)             Stop over of                days            Delivered on:
Nature and length of visa applied for:
(Please fill in opposite square.         Sejour de                   jours           By:
Cross out when not applicable.)          Stay of                     days
                                                                                     Expiration date: permanent
                                         Sejour de              mois
                                         Stay of                months

But de votre visite au Maroc:
Aim of your visit in Morocco:

   il agit un
S’ s’ d’ voyage d’           affaires, donnez les noms et addresses exactes des personnes que vous comptez voir:
If this is a business trip, please give names and exact addresses of the business people you plan to see:

Precisez le port ou l’aeroport d’ entrée au Maroc:
Please state port or airport of entry in Morocco:

Adresse exacte ou vous comptez sejourner au Maroc:
Exact address where you plan to stay in Morocco:

Avez vous l’intention d’ etablir un commerce ou une industrie au Maroc:
Do you intend to start a business or an industry in Morocco:

Ou avez vous l’intention d’aller en quittant le Maroc:
Where do you plan to go when leaving Morocco:

Je m’ engage a ne pas accepter un emploi salarie ou un travail remunere (en argent ou en nature) pendant mon sejour
au Maroc; a ne pas tenter de rester definitivement au Maroc; a quitter le territoire du Maroc a la date d’expiration du
visa qui me sera accorde.
I hereby agree not to accept a salaried job or any other work which offers remuneration during my stay in Morocco;
to make no attempt to stay permanently in Morocco; to make no attempt to stay permanently in Morocco; to leave
the Moroccan territory on the expiration date of the visa granted to me.

Ma signature engage ma responsabilite et m’expose aux poursuites par la loi en cas de fausses declarations.
My signature is binding and makes me subject to legal action in case of false statements.




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