Russia 1914 - 1917 by pjx18257


									                     By Mr Crowe

Russia 1914 - 1917
Alexandra and Alexei
Russia in 1914

 A huge country
 Ruled by the Romanovs
 Emperor in 1914 was Nicholas II
 His German wife was Alexandra
 His son Alexei suffered from
The Russian People

 Many Russian people were peasant
  farmers – they were poor and illiterate
 Most of the land was owned by the
 There was a growing URBAN
  population which worked in the factories
  – they lived in poor conditions
 So for most Russians life was hard
The Ruling class

    The Tsar was an AUTOCRAT – he
     held power
    He ruled with the support of
1.   The nobility
2.   The secret police – OKHRANA
3.   The army
The Duma

 This was a type of Parliament set up in
  1905 after a revolution
 Nicholas II paid little attention to it
Into World War 1

    In 1914 Russia entered the war
    It had a massive army BUT faced
1.   It was badly equipped
2.   It was badly led by poor generals
3.   Supplies and communications were
     slow in Russia
Nicholas II takes charge of the

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