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biosecurity brochure home quarantine by benbenzhou


biosecurity brochure home quarantine

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									strengthen our ability considerably, to prevent the outbreak of disease
pandemics and to initiate timely and effective control measures, when
                                                                                    A Discussion Meeting On
In view of emerging concerns for biosecurity affecting agriculture,
environment, and human health, National Institute of Advanced Studies,
Bangalore and M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai are jointly
organizing a two day Discussion meeting during 23 – 24 November 2006 at   Setting Up A National Agenda Towards
J R D Tata Auditorium, National Institute of Advanced studies, Indian                  Biosecurity
Institute of Science campus, Bangalore. The thematic session of the
proposed discussion meet includes:

  •   Biosecurity in Food and Agriculture
  •   Biosecurity and Human Health                                                   November 23-24, 2006
  •   Biosecurity in National Context                                               J R D Tata Auditorium
  •   Preparedness for ensuring biosecurity
                                                                             National Institute of Advanced Studies
Many invited experts in the above areas will be participating in the
discussion meeting. The meetings will finally convey a set of
recommendations for ensuring biohappiness in our country, based on a
scientifically sound and socially relevant agenda for biosecurity in
appropriate areas of concern. We encourage students, researchers and
policy makers and other interested individuals to attend the meeting as
                                                                             National Institute of Advanced Studies
observers. Anyone interested in participating may kindly contact:              Indian Institute of Science Campus
                                                                                       Bangalore – 560012
           Professor P.K. Shetty
           National Institute of Advanced Studies
           Indian Institute of Science Campus,
           Bangalore - 560012
           Phone: 080-2360 2760 / 080-2360 2050
           Fax : 080-2360 6634
           Email:                                    M S Swaminathan Research Foundation
           Website:                                           3rd Cross Street, Institutional Area,
                                                                                  Taramani, Chennai – 600 113
Biosecurity is a strategic and integrated approach that encompasses the            Trade Organisation specifications of sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
policy and regulatory frameworks that analyse and manage risks in the              The National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) has been
sectors of food safety, animal life and health, and plant life and health,         intercepting many alien invasive pests in imported agricultural
including associated environmental risk. Currently, India has no effective         commodities. Hence, the NCF has been holding consultations on
system for detecting, reporting and effectively mitigating outbreaks of new        developing a National Agricultural Biosecurity System characterised by
diseases or pests in crop plants and animals. Similarly, no validated              high professional, public, and political credibility. The NCF has stressed
intervention strategies that could be applied to our food production,              the urgent need for a National Biosecurity System with the following
processing and distribution system are available once an intentional               principal goals:
contamination or biosecurity threat has occurred.
                                                                                     • To safeguard the income and livelihood security of farm and fisher
India urgently needs a national biosecurity system to strengthen its                   families as well as food, health, and trade security of the nation. This
capability to prevent pandemics. Our national preparedness and capability              through effective and integrated surveillance, vigilance, prevention,
in the area of biosecurity are presently the issues of widespread debate               and control mechanisms designed to protect the productivity and
following the detection of the H5N1 strain of avain influenza virus in many            safety of crops, farm animals, fish and forest trees.
parts of the country. India is one of the most vulnerable countries that run
the risk of facing threats of bioterrorism. Biosecurity has wider                    • To enhance national and local level capacity in initiating proactive
implications in biological warfare and bioterrorism. This area is obviously            measures in the areas of monitoring, early warning, education,
a matter of serious concern to the National Security Council. The world is             research and international cooperation. And to introduce an integrated
truly becoming a global village with reference to communication and                    biosecurity package comprising regulatory measures, education, and
transport. Disease causing organisms can spread rapidly through aeroplanes             social mobilisation.
and farm trade. India is the transitory home for many migratory birds.
Therefore, home quarantine assumes as much importance as international               • To organise a coordinated national biosecurity programme on a hub
quarantine. Cross-border movement of farm goods and animals with                       and spokes model with effective home and regional quarantine
neighbouring countries is an additional area of biosecurity significance.              facilities. This should be capable of insulating the major agro-
Agricultural biosecurity is a series of management steps taken to achieve              ecological and farming zones of the country from invasive alien
enhanced agricultural productivity and increased quality of produces and               species of insects, pests, pathogens, and weeds.
products as well as to maintain overall safety and security of food supply
for the present and future. Similarly, animal agriculture biosecurity refers       It is urgent to take necessary measures in this regard. Public awareness is
to a series of management steps taken to prevent the introduction of               the most important task. People must be aware of the methods of
infectious agents into a herd or flock of farm animals. In our country,            management of pests. A lot of research and development work is also
agricultural biosecurity is of even greater significance since it relates to the   necessary to have adequate number of labs to identify the pathogens and
livelihood security and major percentage of the population, food, health,          the disease and also to have a stockpile of vaccines. All existing acts
and trade security of the nation.                                                  related to biosecurity must be identified and reviewed and a national
                                                                                   biosecurity policy must be created. Biosecurity should become the
Recently, the National Commission on Farmers (NCF) has stressed the                objective of not only the government organizations or educational
need for a systematic review of the present infrastructure and institutional       institutions but also the motto of each and every person. This will help to
framework in the area of agricultural biosecurity, including the World

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