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									                                    WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING
                                              REGULAR SESSION
                                        COMMISSIONERS MEETING ROOM
                                              107 W. Locust Street
                                               Boonville, Indiana
                                               December 19, 2007
                                                   4:00 P.M.

The Warrick County Commissioners met in executive session with Don Williams, President; Phil Baxter, Vice-President,
and Nova Conner, Member. Also present Roger Emmons, County Administrator; Doug Welp, County Attorney; Larry
Lacer, County Auditor; Tammy Serbus, Auditor Secretary; Bobby Howard, County Highway Engineer; and Joe
Grassman, County Purchasing Manager.

President Don Williams called the meeting to order.

Auditor, Lawrence C. Lacer, recorded the minutes.

Commissioner Phil Baxter led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Minutes
November 14, 2007 @ 4:00p.m…Regular/APC Session
November 21, 2007 @ 8:00a.m…Regular Session
November 26, 2007 @ 8:00a.m…Regular Session
November 30, 2007 @ 3:30p.m…Executive Session
December 6, 2007 @ 3:30p.m…Payroll Session

Don Williams: We have five (5) minutes to look at and approve, if in order. On Item C, November 26th which is basically
we had a special session to approve the claims that the Auditor requested. I was not at that session, so I would like to
take that separate and ask if I have a motion for the 26th.

Nova Conner: I make a motion that we approve the minutes from November 30 th.

Don Williams: The 26th.

Nova Conner: The 26th.

Don Williams: That was the Monday morning meeting. Do I have a second?

Phil Baxter: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second to approve the minutes of November 26 th. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: I abstain. Let the record show there was a two (2) with one (1) abstention. Commissioner Williams
abstaining; he was not at that meeting. I was in Indianapolis. Next, the approval of minutes November 14 th Regular
APC Session, November 21st Regular Session, November 30th Executive Session, December 6th Payroll Session; I will
entertain a motion on those four (4) together.

Phil Baxter: I move to approve.

Don Williams: Do I have a second?

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Aye. Motion carries. Mr. Riordan, you are up to bat.

Items for Discussion

Brian Riordan: We’re still waiting for Jared to arrive. Is it alright if we let Sharon James go before us?

Sharon James, Nursing ~ Report on Drive thru Flu Shot Disaster Drill

Don Williams: Yeah, we can. Sharon, if you’re ready why don’t you come forward and we’ll take your report first, kind of
switch the batting order a little bit since they’re waiting on one (1) person?

Sharon James: As you know, I’m Sharon James and I’m a Nurse with the Warrick County Health Department. And Mrs.
Conner asked me to give you a report about an activity that we have been participating in lately; and we undertook a job. I
brought Frank Hijuelos with me. He’s our Local Public Health Coordinator in case you have any questions. There might be
something you want to ask that he knows…can answer better than I. After the flu season 2006, the nurses in the Health
Department started thinking about how we could provide flu vaccine, alternate methods and requirements for the Indiana
State Department of Health with regards to pandemic influenza planning. We felt there had to be a better, more efficient way
then what we had been doing in the past. We had heard that a local medical group, Welborn Clinic, had provided the flu
vaccine for their patients in a drive thru clinic, and we wondered if we could use that scenario to meet out needs. After talking
-2-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                                 December 19, 2007

with them, we started planning our own drive thru. On the first two (2) Saturday’s in November of this year, the Health
Department Nursing Division held a drive thru clinic. It was the first of its kind in this county and we held it in the parking lot
of Wal-Mart in Boonville and the Apple Center in Newburgh. The clinics were planned to fulfill our seasonal flu vaccine
program, as well as exercise our mass prophylaxis plan and ability to rapidly provide immunizations to a large number of
people in a short amount of time such as a disease outbreak, a terrorist incident, pandemic flu outbreak or some other public
emergency situation. And, Frank just handed you the scenario written out in the format that we used. Our goal was to
dispense up to five hundred (500) flu shots in a three (3) hour period of time. We enlisted the assistance of individuals from
our medical volunteer roster, as well as other volunteers in the community. These individuals included nurses and others to
serve as clerical or administrative and traffic controllers. EMA, Central Dispatch, Warrick County Sheriff’s Department, two
(2) local fire departments, EMS, Red Cross and the Salvation Army provided supportive services as well. There were
between thirty (30) and forty (40) individuals including some County Employees and some other community volunteers that
worked each day. The clinics were slated to run from ten in the morning to one in the afternoon. We started a little early on
the first day. We had a lot of eager beavers. There were people there as early as quarter after nine wanting to know if they
could wait in line. And we were still giving them even after one o’clock each day. Based on the number of vaccines that we
initially ordered and the extras that we were able to purchase from a local company in Evansville, we gave over five hundred
(500) doses each day. Because we were able to offset some of the costs with some of the bio-terrorism grant money, we
were able to provide the vaccine at a reduced cost of ten dollars ($10.00). Our minimum cost for the vaccine and everything
is fifteen ($15.00). That’s just pretty close to the actual cost. We felt the reduced cost was a good incentive to get people to
come out to participate. We did increase the price back to fifteen ($15.00) for people who had been in the office since the
drill. Sanofi Pasteur, who we purchased the vaccine from, was every supportive of our event and provided lunch for
volunteers and workers. I have talked with our local representative from Sanofi Pasteur since the event and she has
indicated there possibly could be grant funds available to offset some of these costs involved for next year if we decide to do
this again. Bill Spurlock, who is the Deputy Director Public Health Michigan and Indiana for Sanofi Pasteur, was instrumental
in providing assistance and has forwarded the information about our drill and the outcomes to several of his managers and
his supervisors. We have heard from several District Public Health Coordinators and other local Public Coordinators and
they see our scenario as a very viable way of providing mass immunization or medication. The Indiana State Department of
Health has indicated they may use our scenario as a template for Indiana’s Pandemic Flu Plan. We were asked by the
Center for Disease Control to count the number of individuals that went through our clinic and to list them according to age
ranges. This information was faxed to the CDC the morning after the drill, and the data was to be used for a part of a data
collection for a pilot reporting system that the CDC is developing. We tried to anticipate any incidence and plan for
intervention as needed. Law enforcement, Red Cross and Salvation Army were on site and EMS was on notice to provide
for any emergency or other incident that we might need them. Thankfully, we did not have any problems. The only negative
feedback we have received have been little things on things that we really either had no control over or things that really
thought we needed to address. There were a few things that we discovered after the first day that required a little tweaking.
We learned it would be a good idea to have the client stop by the Red Cross just to check in before they leave as kind of a
last minute catch all and that seemed to work out really well for us. We didn’t have any problems through the whole day. We
did add a third traffic line as an express lane for people. We had staff on either side of the car and we had an express lane
for the driver only. That way we waste our individuals for that passenger side that there was no one there and that did seem
to speed things up a little bit. Due to the overwhelming positive comments and response we feel this is a likely, viable, way to
serve, protect and meet the needs of the citizens of Warrick County in the future either for our seasonal flu vaccine other
some other event, be it natural or manmade. Any questions?

Nova Conner: I think that you need to be commended for that in terms of…

Sharon James: Thank you.

Roger Emmons: I attended the first one and got the shot, but I don’t remember getting the evaluator feedback form. I mean I
filled out the other sheets that you got in the front, but I never did get that form.

Frank Hijuelos: We had approximately five (5) objective evaluators that came in just to watch the process and program; and
they were given those forms so that we could get the feedback from them. Plus, all of the participants, not the people getting
the shots but the people participated also had an evaluation form and it was overwhelming. I mean there was not a negative
a negative one in there.

Roger Emmons: I thought it went great.

Nova Conner: I did too. I commend you for that.

Frank Hijuelos: I think what was really good and what was interesting is that the feedback from the public was totally
positive. The comments were, “This is so convenient”, “Thank you for getting the cost down.” Many people that have
disabilities and mobility problems were thankful that this made it real easy for them to get their shots, and what we did was
made this as real world as possible. If there were an event then this is what we would do and this is the way we would do it
and that’s how we exercised. So, it was really a very, very successful exercise.

Don Williams: Thank you both for your report.

Sharon James: We even had people who had such a good time on the first day that they wanted to come back and work the
second day. So, that was pretty good.

Don Williams: I thought you were going to say you had people who wanted to come back and get a second shot.

Sharon James: We had workers who were only scheduled for the first weekend who wanted to come back and work the

Don Williams: Thank you for you report. Okay, EMS?

        EMS Monthly Report

Brian Riordan: Good afternoon. Brian Riordan, St. Mary’s Warrick EMS. The monthly report for the month of November
was responded to two hundred and ninety nine (299) calls. We had forty nine (49) refusals of care, four (4) fire runs, twenty
eight (28) private calls, one (1) scene death and we transported two hundred and seventeen (217) patients to the hospital.
Year to date we are a hundred and seventy two (172) runs ahead of where we were this time in 2006. We received seven
(7) customer surveys this month. All seven (7) gave us a positive feedback. We did have a couple questions from patients.
One (1) question was whether we knew the shortest way to the hospital, and the other one complained that we billed too
-3-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                                 December 19, 2007

quickly. So, I won’t worry about those two (2) this month. Our fractile response time, I just received the data from Sherry
from the Sheriff’s Department this afternoon about two o’clock and I have not had time to review that. So, I will email that to
you so you guys can see that. I don’t expect any problems at all. I’m sure we hit our ninety (90) percent or above for the
month so I don’t expect any problems there. Station updates; again we’re back in the Chandler EMS Station. We haven’t
had any issues there as far as I know. We are still waiting on some firm direction on the garage, but at least we’re in the
station and things are going well there. Boonville Station, the roof repairs still continue. They took out tower down today and
got the AC units off the roof. So, I would say within the next few days we’ll see some pretty big progress on our roof, and
we’re still waiting on a plan for the windows. I think that’s it for me. Any questions? Okay. Jared Florence is here. Yes?

Phil Baxter: Brian, I got a question for you. It came to our attention last week that one of the surplus ambulances is in
Yankeetown at the Fire Department.

Brian Riordan: Yeah. We wanted to put one of our regular back-up trucks in the Alcoa station, and instead of putting that
truck outside, Yankeetown allowed us to park it over there at their fire house until you folks make a decision tonight on what
you’re going to do with those surplus trucks. But, that’s simply there for storage. We wanted to take one of our actual
operating back up units and put it in the Alcoa station so we have two (2) ambulances in the southern district so if something
were to happen to one of those other trucks we could send another crew to get that other truck quickly.

Phil Baxter: So, is it surplus, or is it not surplus?

Brian Riordan: Yes. It is surplus. I’m sorry. Yes. They’ve sent in a letter to request a donation of that truck to their service to
use for equipment purposes, which I gave that to Joe Grassman this evening so he has that. If you folks don’t decide to give
that to them or donate to that, however that works, we’re going to pick that truck up and take it to the Sheriff’s Department
and park it out there. We have the keys and everything at our station but it’s just simply there for storage purposes so it’s not
sitting outside.

Phil Baxter: Okay.

Brian Riordan: Okay. Jared Florence is here for your financials.

Jared Florence: Good evening, Jared Florence with St. Mary’s. A report that we received for November once again it looked
like we had a very favorable month. Revenue, cash that we collected, was favorable to budget for the month by almost thirty
two thousand ($32,000.00). Year to date that brings us twenty four thousand dollars ($24,000.00) favorable on cash
collections. As you recall, we started off the year very unfavorable in that area and we’ve completely caught up, and
exceeded budget at this point. Expenses overall for the month, I believe looked very favorable. The same items that were
unfavorable this month or the same ones we’ve discussed all along the worker’s comp and the insurance premiums. That’ll
continue until we have our new budget and they reflect better our actual numbers that we have. I did want to point out, and
Brian had brought this to our attention, there was an invoice that did not make it in on time. It was for eight thousand dollars
($8,000.00) for a stair chair that moved patients on steps into the ambulance, and that was eight thousand dollars
($8,000.00). So, that didn’t make it onto this financial. Even if we had included it in, we still would have been favorable from
an expense standpoint, but did want to point that out because that’ll come through next month as additional items. So, really
we were only about nine thousand five hundred dollars ($9,500.00) on month expenses for the month. But, I wanted to point
that out so when we got to next month you were aware. Overall, we are looking at year to date favorable expense variance
of seventy thousand dollars ($70,000.00) if we adjust for the item I just talked about, we’re sixty two thousand ($62,000.00)
favorable. Again, we’ve come along way in the second half of the year to bring those expenses in line and I guess the bottom
line, and most importantly to the county, is the bottom line cost to the county so far year to date nine hundred and ten
thousand ($910,000.00) versus a budgeted amount of a million forty one thousand ($1,041,000.00) or 12.6% favorable to our
budget. So, that is where we are at. I don’t expect to see any major changes in December that would cause us to end up the
year unfavorable.

Nova Conner: Can you tell me in your budget what the “other” is?

Jared Florence: Oh, the eight hundred dollars ($800.00)?

Nova Conner: Yes, in terms of the county…yeah, right. It’s two thousand ($2,000.00) and then you have eight hundred
($800.00) in “other.” What does that include?

Jared Florence: I honestly don’t remember off the top of my head. Let me go back, look it up and we will email that out.

Nova Conner: I was just curious what “other” was. What was included in that?

Jared Florence: I honestly can’t remember that specific item.

Nova Conner: Okay. I noticed in just of terms of looking at year to date that the instruments and the minor equipment is way
over. I mean because year to date you budgeted five thousand nine hundred ($5,900.00), but you’re at about seventeen
thousand ($17,000.00) now. Was there…?

Jared Florence: Yeah. Part of that is coming from…if you go all the way down to the very bottom, the very last line,
equipment line…

Nova Conner: Right.

Jared Florence: Is significantly under. It just has to do with…

Nova Conner: So, it’s just…

Jared Florence: Misclassification between the two lines items.

Nova Conner: I see.

Jared Florence: Between Minor Equipment and Equipment it’s kind of fuzzy sometimes when we record it.

Nova Conner: I mean in terms of…I was just curious too I was just…because you were so under…”Other Supplies” what is
under that? Just “Other Supplies” because you were under…
-4-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                                December 19, 2007

Jared Florence: That’s going to be stuff we use in the office…paper, pens, that kind of item. It could also be things for the
truck. Its really, it’s a catch all. But, you know that’s not in one of the above items. If it’s not Medical, not Office or Minor
Equipment it would be under Other Supplies. So, it could be a wide variety of things. It could be maintenance and repair
items, light bulbs, just about anything.

Nova Conner: Are you on a fiscal year or are you on a calendar year?

Jared Florence: We report to you on a calendar year.

Nova Conner: Right okay.

Jared Florence: Yeah.

Nova Conner: But, as far as your…okay.

Jared Florence: The Company itself is on a fiscal year.

Nova Conner: Is it?

Jared Florence: But, we report only to you on a calendar year.

Nova Conner: Right okay. I was just wondering in terms of so when is your fiscal…I was just wondered in terms of
anticipated expenses when you do your next budget, I just wanted if you’re foreseeing anything?

Jared Florence: We do our budget on a calendar year for you guys so that it matches.

Nova Conner: Okay. So, even though you operate there you still give it to us? Okay. So, it’s coming to a close.

Jared Florence: That way we’re both on the same page, so we’ve decided to operate like that.

Nova Conner: So, as far as foreseeing next year you don’t…?

Jared Florence: The only major change that we’ve got next year that I’m aware of…we already know what all of our insurance
premiums are for next year and we’ve got those built into the budget that we submitted. At this point, I don’t see any
significant issues with that. Benefits and items like that appear to be fine for next year. The only item that will change
somewhat and I’ve mentioned this at the last few meetings, is we are changing two of the crews to 12-hour shift crews and
that’s going to cost salaries and wages to go up from where its at today, but again significantly below where we were at the
beginning of this year. But, it will go up and the budget that we submitted did take that into account.

Nova Conner: Okay. Are there going to be any increases in any of your fees as far as you know your private runs or
anything, or any services?

Jared Florence: No. We’ve not budgeted to do that. If we do any rate increases we would do the rate increases in July,
2008 related to that. But, at this point in time we don’t know. Part of that falls in line…Medicare provides us new rates in
October so we start to see that around the July time line so it’s a good indicator for us as far as what payers or going to be
doing as far as rates. So, we elect that time line.

Nova Conner: Okay.

Don Williams: Any other questions?

Phil Baxter: No.

Don Williams: Thank you very much.

Jared Florence: Thank you.

Don Williams: Okay. Department Reports. County Auditor?

Departmental Reports

       County Auditor

Payroll Claim

Larry Lacer: I have payroll claims to present to you for approval in the amount of four hundred and eight thousand eighty
five dollars and thirty one cents ($408,085.31).

Don Williams: Do I have a motion?

Phil Baxter: I move to approve the payroll claim.

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Aye. Motion carries to pay the claims.

Larry Lacer: That’s all I have. Thank you.
-5-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                              December 19, 2007

       County Attorney

CSI ~ Premium Software Maintenance Agreement

Doug Welp: I have a few matters. The first one is the CSI (Computer Systems, Inc.) Premium Software Maintenance
Agreement. I believe the Clerk, Ms. Weisheit is here to speak about that.

Shannon Weisheit: My name is Shannon Weisheit. I’m the Warrick County Clerk. The CSI is for the computer system
for the courts and also for the Clerk’s office. I’m a little behind on this because all of this was kind of turned over to me
during budget time and I really didn’t know about this part of this agreement until the end of November when CSI, their
President, called my office and said, “Where is the contract? It is supposed to be signed.” At budget time, the Auditor
asked that the computer budget for the courts and the Clerk be taken out of his budget. When we had a meeting with
the judges, all three (3) judges and myself, they agreed to take it out then I had to go to the Council and the Council had
to set me up a line budget. None of the judges want to take that deal on so they said the Clerk could do it. So, it’s now
in my lap. So, we finally got CSI to fax us a copy of the old contract and I talked to Roger and we had Doug to look at it
and he has some new copies of it. I think he can probably go from here.

Doug Welp: We made some changes to it some standard things you know that if the Council determines that there’s no
funding, that the contract is cancelled that the charges cannot exceed the prices in the attachment. But, the agreement
meets legal approval and I would recommend approval of this.

Shannon Weisheit: The Council did set the money up in my budget and made a new line item for my office for the Clerk,
and so I’ll always be responsible to pay for that. They did put enough money in there to pay for the maintenance
agreement, and that’s really what it is, but I’d never saw the contract before. I don’t know who did it and Doug had never
seen this before either.

Don Williams: Any questions from the board? If not, I’ll entertain a motion.

Nova Conner: I make a motion that we approve the Premium Software Agreement.

Don Williams: Do I have a second?

Phil Baxter: Second.

Don Williams: All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries three (3), zero (0).

Shannon Weisheit: Thank you so much.

CCD Fund Resolution

Doug Welp: The next matter on the agenda is the CCD Fund Resolution, and it is a resolution approving the expenditure
of Cumulative Capital Development funds, CCD funds, and this is for the benefit of the Department of Storm Water
Management. The Department of Storm Water Management again, the Commissioners formed this department as a
way of implementing the MS4 requirements which are imposed on local municipalities such towns, cities and counties by
the State and Federal Government. The Department of Storm Water Management does not have any funds right now
because the department is going to be funded by utility user fees, which will be imposed on all property owners, or at
least most all property owners within the county. Those fees will not be collected until…by the county at least by
approximately until June of next year; and so this is a stop gap measure to take funds from the CCD fund and to expend
those funds for the benefit of the Department of Storm Water Management. It is Resolution 2007-11. Roger may have
more detail on that.

Roger Emmons: Correct.

Don Williams: That is a loan from the CCD and will be paid back as soon as those funds are in.

Doug Welp: Yes.

Don Williams: That’s what the resolution states, correct, or not?

Doug Welp: It is not set up specifically that way, but it can certainly work that way. The loan process the County Council
went through the process of basically making a temporary loan that will be paid back for a similar type situation; I believe
to pay existing bills in 2007 for the Department of Storm Water Management.

Don Williams: Right.

Doug Welp: But, this could be paid back. It’s not specifically stated in the resolution.

Nova Conner: Right. That’s the thing that we were looking at. Putting the money back in when we receive. And there
is a certain amount written in there, though isn’t it in that resolution?

Doug Welp: There is. The CCD Fund has a current balance of eight hundred ninety thousand two hundred fifty nine
dollars and twenty four cents ($890,259.24). It is anticipated to have a positive balance exceeding five hundred
thousand dollars ($500,000.00) from the period ending June 30, 2008; and so this resolution 1) declares an emergency
which is required for expenditure of funds under the CCD statute; and also expends the amount of four hundred seventy
seven thousand seven hundred and seventy five dollars ($477,775.00) of accumulated CCD funds for the purpose of
funding the Department of Storm Water Management for the period January 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008.

Nova Conner: And Doug it wouldn’t make any difference if we would not just need that specific amount if it would last…I
-6-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                          December 19, 2007

mean does it have to be?

Don Williams: I think as long as its less it’s not a problem.

Nova Conner: Yeah, is that right?

Doug Welp: That is correct.

Nova Conner: Yeah. Okay.

Phil Baxter: Resolution Number 07-11?

Don Williams: Right. Any questions? If not, I’ll entertain a motion.

Phil Baxter: I’d move to approve Resolution Number 2007-11.

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries. Anything else, Mr. Attorney?

Doug Welp: No. The AT&T Sheriff’s maintenance agreement should be ready in January. We’ve been working on that.
That’s all that I have.

                            WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS RESOLUTION 2007-11


       WHEREAS, the Department of Storm Water Management was created through Ordinance No. 2006-12 of the
Board of Commissioners to provide for and implement the requirements of the Indiana Municipal Separate Storm
System (MS4) – NPDES Permitting Program 327 I.A.C. 15-13 (MS4 Requirements) in Warrick County, Indiana; and

      WHEREAS, the MS4 Requirements have been forced upon local governmental units by State and Federal
Government, and Warrick County, Indiana is required to implement certain measures relating to the MS4 Requirements;

        WHEREAS, the Department of Storm Water Management’s budget is funded through storm water utility rates as
established by the Department of Storm Water Management; and

        WHEREAS, the rates implemented by the Department of Storm Water Management will not be charged to, and
due from, County property owners until approximately May 12, 2008, and the Department will not receive revenue until at
least June of 2008; and

       WHEREAS, the Department of Storm Water Management will incur fees, costs and expenses from January 1,
2008, to June 20, 2008, in the nature of employee salaries, payment of Department programs, professional and other
contractual expenses, among other fees, expenses and costs, due to the requirements to comply with the MS4
Requirements; and

        WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners of Warrick County declares that an emergency exists due to the
necessity of providing start up costs for the Department of Storm Water Management of Warrick County, Indiana, and
due to the lack of current funding necessary to operate the Department of Storm Water Management, which situation will
persist until at least June of 2008; and

         WHEREAS, the Cumulative Capital Development Fund (“CCD Fund”) has a current balance of $890,259.24, and
is anticipated to have a positive balance exceeding $500,000.00 for the period ending June 30, 2008; and

       WHEREAS, pursuant to I.C. 36-9-14.5-8(c), in light of the Board of Commissioners’ declaration that an
emergency exists in the funding for the operation of the Department of Storm Water Management of Warrick County,
Indiana, and recognizing that the source of funding for the Department of Storm Water Management in the form of storm
water utility fees will not be received until the year 2008, the Board of Commissioners hereby determines that it is
necessary to expend $477,775.00 of accumulated funds from the CCD Fund for the purposes of funding the Department
of Storm Water Management for the period of January 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008.


       Section 1: The Board of Commissioners approves the expenditure of $477,775.00 from the Cumulative Capital
Development Fund for the benefit of the Department of Storm Water Management for the period January 1, 2008 to
June 30, 2008.

      Section 2: This resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and execution by the Board
of Commissioners of Warrick County.

RESOLVED this 19th day of December, 2007.

                                                      WARRICK COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                                      Don Williams, President
-7-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                              December 19, 2007

                                                      Phillip H. Baxter, Vice-President

                                                      Nova Conner, Member


Lawrence C. Lacer, Auditor
Warrick County, Indiana

Don Williams: Okay. Roger? County Administrator.

       County Administrator

Stonehaven Area Sewer

Roger Emmons: Thank you Mr. President. The only item I have listed is the Stonehaven Area Sewer. And again on
January 3rd ’08 at five thirty P.M. in this room, the Warrick County Council will conduct a public hearing to regarding and
then consider adoption of a resolution making a determination to issue general obligation bonds of the county to finance
the Stonehaven Area Sewer Project. I have also kept the State agencies informed regarding this public hearing, and Mr.
Paul Cluxton, who is with IDEM’s enforcement section has emailed me today that he plans on being here for that public

Nova Conner: Great.

Roger Emmons: And, you know I don’t set the agenda so I responded to Mr. Cluxton that I kind of got the cart before
the horse that I would talk to County Council President Greg Richmond, make sure they know he’s coming and to
encourage them to listen to what he has to say; that it would be a valuable part of the minutes for that public hearing. I
mean it’s a public hearing, so it’s open to anybody, and I really thing it’s to their benefit to listen to Mr. Cluxton. I also
talked to our Engineer on the project, Brian Mundy and he feels like the general obligation bonds hundred (100) percent
open market and not to proceed with the SRF loan would probably be in the county’s best interest. Two (2) of the items
that he mentioned is if we go for the SRF loan he knows from the state agencies that they’re going to revisit the
environmental issues and its also going to require him to do more work to the PER, the Preliminary Engineering Report.
So, if the Council decides to issue the bonds in an amount to cover everything, then bond counsel can draft a
reimbursement resolution to reimburse the county off of the top of the proceeds of the bond sale for everything that
we’ve spent engineering…I assume legal costs would be in there, acquisition of the easements, acquisition of the one
(1) right-of-way parcel needed for the lift station, and then of course the actual construction costs. That’s, you
know…that’s all I’ve got on Stonehaven. If you’ve got any questions or comments you’d like to add to that, but we’re just
waiting on the Council’s action on January 3 rd. I think from comments that I’ve heard from the Council’s Attorney that
probably the County Council is really set for some definite action that day to get these issues as early as possible. The
other items that I listed are basically for information, but there are some on there that you’d like to visit.

       Letter from Warrick County School Corporation Superintendent, Brad Schneider

Don Williams: I’d like to visit number one (1).

Roger Emmons: Number one (1) has to do with a letter from the Warrick County School Corporation Superintendent,
Brad Schneider regarding the construction of the new middle school on Casey Road.

Don Williams: The Casey Road has a ten (10) ton limit on it and they want…well, it’s not that they want to; they have to
use that road to bring materials in. So, I would recommend that we do a standard with the school. Bobby makes
contact or you make contact, that we take pictures and see if they are willing to pay any damages.

Roger Emmons: The standard road usage agreement?

Don Williams: Right. The standard road usage agreement and that way the road would be repaired out of that. But, I
think they need to bring the materials in. We don’t have a choice really.

Roger Emmons: Yeah.

Don Williams: Unless we don’t want a new school.

Roger Emmons: But, I think…correct me if I am wrong Doug, but I mean I think we can require them to repair any
damages that they might cause.

Doug Welp: Right. Even regardless if there is a “usage agreement” providing you can prove they are the ones that
damage that road.

Roger Emmons: Yeah.

Bobby Howard: I assume we would waive any bond with that road use agreement.

Don Williams: Sure. I’m willing to waive any kind of a bond with the school corporation, and if I need to, I will put that in
the form of a motion that we grant Mr. Schneider’s request for using Casey Road to deliver materials with the standard
road usage agreement with no bond being required. Do I have a second?

Nova Conner: I second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.
-8-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                               December 19, 2007

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries. Any other items we need to discuss? I’m asking the board.

       Claim Appeal – Ron Bacon

Roger Emmons: There’s one issue that I’d like to ask Doug about. On November 21 st, you upheld the appeal of a claim
decision, and I know that those documents were not signed that day. And I thought Doug was going to take a look at those
to advise you as to which ones to sign.

Don Williams: Which documents?

Doug Welp: I wasn’t here at that meeting the 21st.

Roger Emmons: Oh, that was your partner.

Doug Welp: I have not seen those documents.

Roger Emmons: I will get them to you.

Doug Welp: Okay. But, this is whether to make it a permanent change or whether it’s a one (1) time? Right? That’s
the issue?

Roger Emmons: Yeah. There’s a…let me find it.

Don Williams: Basically, we did a reversal and the intent of the board, if I recall, was to make it a permanent reversal
where it would apply to other people also.

Roger Emmons: I did fax it out to you on the 18th, but I don’t think you…

Doug Welp: That was before the meeting.

Roger Emmons: Yes. That was three (3) days before the meeting. You’ll see the forms in there basically says whether
its affirmed, reversed or reversed in part; and I think you know they reversed it but then do we fill out the extra
contractual form?

Doug Welp: I would just go with what we’ve gone with in the past. We’ve done this before. We’ve reversed a denial.

Roger Emmons: Yes.

Doug Welp: And then it’s a matter if we want to go on the extra contractual if you want it to be…are we changing the
agreement? Are we changing the form so that we are setting a precedent from here on out? Or, do you want this to be
a one (1) time decision for this issue? And then that will determine which form you fill out.

Roger Emmons: The reason I say it should be just the one (1) time is because we need to keep in the plan document
the requirement that procedures are pre-certified. And you know the plan participant went through that process, but
there was a miscommunication.

Don Williams: Right. A miscommunication, that’s why we approved the reversal.

Doug Welp: Then I would make it…fill out the form that’s it a one (1) time. Right?

Roger Emmons: Yes. Yes.

Doug Welp: And then you know what for that is, don’t you? Or you can find it?

Roger Emmons: Yeah, we’ll get it.

Doug Welp: Okay.

Roger Emmons: Let’s see if there are any other items.

       Capital Improvement Plan

Doug Welp: The Capital Improvement Plan? It’s expiring.

Roger Emmons: Bobby and I looked at that and it expires 12-31-07. And, Doug prior to the meeting, I was talking to
Don about this and I know when I…years ago, when I came back as Administrator I researched the issue of the Capital
Improvement Plan. And there were some administrations that approved a Capital Improvement Plan by motion rather
than ordinance. Most of them have been ordinances. You know we’ve amended the plan and it’s been from a date to a
date you know expiring. And it lists all of the projects. It lists the cost, etcetera. But, I didn’t know if they could pass a
motion to extend the current Capital Improvement Plan to a certain date in ’08 until we can get this finalized?

Doug Welp: Certainly we can do that. And even though an ordinance is not drafted at this point, just an ordinance
stating you know, “Whereas, the Capital Improvement Plan expires on December 31 st and it is therefore ordained that
the Capital Improvement Plan attached hereto”, and then attach it, is extended through a certain date in 2008. Put on
the signature blocks and go that way.

Roger Emmons: I think that’s a good idea. You know the CIP is needed in order to legally expend EDIT funds.

Doug Welp: Yeah.
-9-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                             December 19, 2007

Roger Emmons: So, we have…you know those are constantly coming in. We spend EDIT Construction funds constantly
and of course it also covers the Department of Economic Development.

Phil Baxter: Thirty (30) days. We’ve got a meeting on the 23rd that’ll be the third (3rd) meeting of the month.

Don Williams: January? No, the 23rd will be the fourth (4th) meeting of the month. It’ll be the third (3rd) meeting on the
month. Yeah, right. We have the first on the 9th, the second on the 16th and the third on the 23rd. We can get together
and review it before then.

Phil Baxter: We can possibly do it then.

Roger Emmons: I mean I don’t think you need to do it in any haste.

Don Williams: Can we not just extend it by motion until the 23rd?

Doug Welp: I think that would be okay.

Don Williams: Okay. So, why don’t we just do that and act on it the last meeting of January? So, I would move that we
extend the CIP as is until January 23rd when a decision will be made. Do I have a second?

Phil Baxter: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Aye. Motion carries. Anything else, Mr. Administrator?

Roger Emmons: No, Mr. President. That’s all I have unless any of the board members wish to discuss anything else.

Don Williams: Okay. Anything else from the board? Okay. Mr. Grassman? You’re up.


Surplus Vehicles

Joe Grassman: We’re going to deal today with some disposition of surplus personal property in the form of vehicles,
and I’d like to handle…talk about first the Sheriff’s Department has nine (9) vehicles, eight (8) of which they wish to trade
in on the purchase of new vehicles. One (1) is a Crown Victoria that is basically stripped down to nothing and they
would like just basically to…the value of the vehicle is what the tow company will charge to come and get it and haul it
off. So, they just want to get rid of it. But, the other eight (8) they want to trade in. You know I really couldn’t find
anything in the Indiana Codes that really addressed trade in’s specifically. Doug you may know more about this. But,
what I would propose to do is when Paul Weinzapfel is going to solicit bids for these new vehicles, I would recommend
that he just put the trade in of whatever vehicle he wants to trade in on that particular bid as an element of the
contractual conditions of the request for a quote. There is an issue of if they do turn this into dealership does that
dealership have to paint that vehicle, you know in a monochrome color scheme or scheme that doesn’t resemble a
police vehicle or a sheriff’s vehicle? I think they probably…they might be required to do that. So, Paul will have to work
that out with the dealership and we would also have to provide them with a copy of the subsection which details that

Doug Welp: You’re correct on that. Yes.

Joe Grassman: Okay. So, back to my original suggestion, I would suggest that we give Paul, or you give Paul the
authority to trade those vehicles in.

Don Williams: Are they trading for eight (8) new vehicles?

Paul Weinzapfel: Paul Weinzapfel, Warrick County Sheriff’s office. No. Not eight (8). We’re trying to get five (5).
Some of these have been sitting for a while. They are pool units that we keep a spare vehicle. The one that he was
talking about that was stripped down, with that one we had sent it over to the body shop that does move of our work.
We’ve been pulling parts off that trying to save ourselves some money by using the used parts off of those cars versus
going out and buying them. One of them is a Ford Explorer that is I mean they are all just completely worn out. Several
of them don’t run. The transmission is out, blown cylinders, just they need more work than the vehicle is worth; and I
don’t predict to get a whole lot of money out of the bunch.

Joe Grassman: Weren’t you still thinking about trading them in?

Paul Weinzapfel: Oh, definitely because there are some that run.

Joe Grassman: One or two vehicles per one unit?

Paul Weinzapfel: Right. They are all being traded. I mean any money we can save off the costs of those five (5)
vehicles we’re buying we’re going to be better off. I mean obviously its just less County money we’re spending.

Don Williams: What about January? Are there any vehicles you can roll in when they start giving you three grand
($3,000.00) for them? Doesn’t that happen every January? So, what do you need from us there Joe?

Joe Grassman: Well, I guess I’m going to have to ask Doug about this, whether or not they disposing of this property
under as a condition of a contract, does it have to be declared surplus by the Commissioners for one thing?

Doug Welp: I think you have to declare it surplus and it has to be in the specifications…the bidding specifications then.
- 10 -      Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                              December 19, 2007

Joe Grassman: Okay.

Doug Welp: Because these people that are going to bid on it are going to have to come out, appraise it, right?
Determine what they would give in exchange for it or trade value; whatever the case may be?

Joe Grassman: Yes.

Don Williams: We’re not talking about an auction here are we? We’re talking about just a trade in?

Joe Grassman: Yeah. But, what Doug is saying you know the dealer is going to have to see them. They’re not just
going to go on his word and say, “We’ll it’s probably worth five hundred ($500.00).” They’re going to want to come and
you know evaluate it themselves and then they’ll put a value on that vehicle that will be taken off the price that we will
pay for the new vehicles. You know they’re going to have to come to an agreement with the Sheriff’s Department what
they think that piece of equipment is worth, that vehicle is worth.

Don Williams: Then do we have to approve the trade in value that sort of thing?

Doug Welp: You would just approve the contract for whoever is the successful bidder, and then it would all be washed
through the contract.

Don Williams: Just approve the contract? Okay. So, do we need to take any action today until they find out…?

Doug Welp: You need to declare it surplus either today or when we…really wouldn’t have to do it today. We’d want to
do it before they executed the contract.

Don Williams: We need the VIN numbers to declare them surplus.

Joe Grassman: Okay.

Don Williams: So, get us those. We’ll do that January 9th. Is that okay?

Paul Weinzapfel: Doug, can I ask you…?

Doug Welp: Sure.

Paul Weinzapfel: On the two tone paint they are now, I’ve been told that there’s no penalty for not having them
monotone. Is there a reason that we have to?

Doug Welp: It’s just set out in the statute. But, what the statute says is if this section is not complied with that’s a Class
“C” Infraction.

Paul Weinzapfel: Okay, so it does impose a penalty?

Doug Welp: Yeah.

Paul Weinzapfel: Okay. I just didn’t know for sure. I’d been told at one of the local departments they weren’t painting
there’s and that’s what I was wondering, but it does impose a “C” infraction.

Joe Grassman: If the big ones aren’t going to be used on a State Highway they don’t have to be, but if someone is
going to be driving them on a State Highway they have to be painted.

Paul Weinzapfel: Most of them are going to end up being in parts yards.

Joe Grassman: In that case, they wouldn’t have to paint them.

Doug Welp: It’s any public highway in Indiana, which would include city, county, state.

Paul Weinzapfel: Okay.

Phil Baxter: How is that enforced when you sell them at an auction?

Doug Welp: One is the purchasing agency has to give a copy of this code section to the purchaser and has to advise
them that they are required to paint it in this monochrome fashion. You know if they don’t, then what it is it’s a Class “C”

Phil Baxter: I understand that, but I’ve never seen it enforced. I was just wondering.

Don Williams: It can be two tones. It just can’t be the same tones.

Joe Grassman: It can’t duplicate the original or any State Law Enforcement vehicle.

Doug Welp: Right. It’s probably one of those sections that there’s not a lot of enforcement action on it.

Don Williams: How many of the eight (8) run? Do we know how many of the eight (8) actually run or our best guess?

Paul Weinzapfel: Yeah, I can give you a pretty close guess. Do you have that one I showed to you?

Joe Grassman: I would go for a trade in before I take the risk of auction.

Phil Baxter: I can’t believe a dealer is going to give you anything for them.

Nova Conner: I was thinking the same thing Phil.

Doug Welp: Are any of the items less than a thousand dollars ($1,000.00)?
- 11 -      Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                             December 19, 2007

Paul Weinzapfel: I don’t know.

Don Williams: When we get the VIN numbers and the proposed costs I think we can take action at that time.

Doug Welp: Because if they are then you can sell them at a public or a private sale without advertising.

Paul Weinzapfel: And I would think some of them are obviously more than a thousand dollars. I mean I’m hoping. I
mean we need the money pretty desperately.

Joe Grassman: If you sell these contractually thought it won’t matter what the value is. It still won’t have to have a

Doug Welp: That’s correct.

Paul Weinzapfel: I would say probably four (4) of them run.

Doug Welp: Four (4) of them run out of the eight (8)?

Paul Weinzapfel: Right. And the others, I mean they’ve got severe issues. I mean these cars when we’re finished with
them there’s just not much left because they go from front line cars to pool cars to run around cars. I mean they just
keep…and by the time they’re finished there’s just not much left.

Don Williams: The next step is the VIN numbers with the offer. I don’t think we have to take any action tonight.

Joe Grassman: First, you’ll want the VIN numbers to declare them surplus and then we can give you the offers.

Don Williams: Do you have those VIN numbers with you tonight?

Joe Grassman: I’ve got some of them, but I don’t have them all.

Paul Weinzapfel: And that’s my fault. I apologize.

Joe Grassman: I’ll have them for you at the next meeting.

Don Williams: Okay.

Joe Grassman: Thank you. We have another issue.

         Surplus EMS Ambulances

Joe Grassman: EMS ambulances and we have six (6) of those. We have four (4) organizations that want four (4) of
those six (6) and two (2) of those six (6) will need to be declared surplus so we can either sell them on auction, internet
or public sale; however we can derive the most benefit from that sale of those two (2). I’d like to handle this first item
and it’s listed on the paperwork I gave you as “vehicle #1”; it’s a ’99 Ford E350 Trauma Hawk. The EMA Department or
EMA wants this vehicle. All you have to do is to adopt a resolution that is identical for both entities. I would propose
using this Fixed Asset Notification form which we’ve used in the past, which basically list what the item is, how it’s being
disposed of and to who and signed by somebody on your board and by Dallas Scott. Dallas Scott has already agreed to
sign it with no problem. I would suggest since this can be made in any amount, I would suggest that it would be sold to
EMA for the price of $0.00 dollars and that is your decision to make. The other three (3) that are requested, they are
requested by volunteer fire departments; Yankeetown Fire Department, Ohio Township Fire Department and Newburgh
Fire Department. Basically, to transfer ownership of these vehicles basically it can be done by a sale, like a gift or an
arrangement of identical resolution agreement. Here again, I would say this is entirely up to you if you want to sell it or
give it to them, you just need to decide if you want to sell it to them for how much and that you’ll give it to them.

Don Williams: Do they constitute government agencies being fire departments even though they are volunteer?

Doug Welp: Are we talking about emergency service vehicles now?

Joe Grassman: Yes.

Doug Welp: Those have to be offered to the volunteer fire departments in the county, can be given to them by sale, or
by gift or by any other acceptable arrangement. But, they have essentially a right of first refusal – these volunteer fire
departments do on emergency service vehicles.

Don Williams: Now, number five (5)…

Joe Grassman: Five (5) and six (6) basically nobody has spoken for.

Don Williams: I got a question. Has Boonville, Lynnville, Elberfeld, Tennyson fire departments been notified that we
have one available?

Joe Grassman: Not to my knowledge.

Brian Riordan: Brian Riordan, Warrick EMS. All of the fire departments were told in the Chief’s Meeting last month.
Elberfeld was interested at a point, but budget-wise they have seen the condition of the trucks and know that they just
can’t support you know putting that kind of money in a vehicle. One (1) of the six (6) is not even usable. It’s in pretty
bad shape.

Don Williams: Right. I see that. Shot motor, shot transmission and the rear end have been removed. It doesn’t move.

Brian Riordan: I cannibalized it to keep the others running.

Don Williams: I understand.
- 12 -     Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                               December 19, 2007

Brian Riordan: But, none of the other departments are interested right now. They do know that there’s one (1) left that’s
usable, but nobody has come forward with any interest to get those trucks yet.

Don Williams: So, what we need to do is just make them surplus I take it at this point?

Joe Grassman: Yes. But, like I say its two (2) different situations here; one is with EMA which is another government
entity and the other three (3) situations are with volunteer fire departments. So, you got two (2) different sets of
circumstances here. Here again, you need to I guess authorize or vote to agree to a joint resolution with EMA I would
say to be put on this Fixed Asset Notification Form as our print copy of the resolution to sell that vehicle, that #1 vehicle
to the EMA.

Don Williams: We can’t just transfer since it’s a government agency?

Joe Grassman: Well, you can transfer it for any amount or property or cash. So, I guess you could you know if you
wanted to give them a pencil for it, you know you could do that too. But, you’ve got to…

Don Williams: Can’t we just transfer that?

Doug Welp: It’s going to another governmental agency? Excuse me?

Don Williams: The Emergency Management.

Roger Emmons: It’s a County Department.

Don Williams: Yeah it’s a County Agency.

Doug Welp: Yeah. So, no we don’t have to go through this process because that’s another governmental body.

Don Williams: Just a motion to transfer?

Doug Welp: Yes.

Nova Conner: Can we just make all four (4) of them gifts?

Don Williams: If we gift them we can make a motion on all four (4) of those.

Nova Conner: Yeah.

Doug Welp: Really, it’s just a change on your Fixed Asset form.

Don Williams: I’d like to keep it as simple as possible.

Nova Conner: I agree.

Don Williams: Does someone want to make a motion, or do you want me to make a motion?

Phil Baxter: Go ahead.

Don Williams: I would make a motion that we give vehicle #1 the 1999 Ford E350 Trauma Hawk to EMA and also
declare that surplus. The 1996 Ford 350 to Yankeetown Fire Department and declare it surplus. The 1992 Ford 350 to
Ohio Fire Department and also declaring that surplus and the 1997 Ford 350 to the Newburgh Fire Department and
declaring it surplus. In addition, I would move that the motion also make the 1994 Ford 350, vehicle #5, also surplus
and vehicle #6 the 1995 Ford that has been cannibalized also surplus without any direction for the use of those two (2)
vehicles. Do I have a second?

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Aye. Motion carries.

Larry Lacer: I’d like to add Joe please send us a copy of the fixed assets so we can update our files.

Joe Grassman: Okay.

Larry Lacer: Okay. Thank you.

Don Williams: On the last two (2) items I guess when somebody either wants one of them or we junk it, or whatever,
then we just do whatever we go to do with them.

Doug Welp: That’s the emergency vehicles.

Don Williams: Right, those last two (2). One (1) has been cannibalized and one somebody has spoken for. We just
made a motion to make them surplus and passed that we haven’t made any motion as what to do with them.

Nova Conner: The two (2) that are left.

Don Williams: Thank you, Joe.
- 13 -      Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                           December 19, 2007

         County Engineer

Commercial Driveway Request Lot 7 Warrick Research and Industrial- Change from platted location.

Don Williams: County Engineer?

Bobby Howard: I had a request for Lot 7 in Warrick Research and Industrial Park. It was originally a shared driveway
entrance and this is a requested change from the platted location due to the shared driveway building lot to the west. It
was actually purchased by a developer to the west. The building shares both lots, so the shared driveway is no longer
required would recommend approval of the change.

Don Williams: Do I have a motion?

Phil Baxter: I move to approve the request for Lot 7.

Don Williams: Do I have a second?

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries. Thank you. Anything else, Bobby?

Bobby Howard: Thank you. That’s all I have.

         County Highway

Don Williams: County Highway, not here.

         County Disposal Center

Don Williams: County Disposal Center, not here.

         County Sheriff

Don Williams: County Sheriff. Do you have anything else Officer Weinzapfel?

Paul Weinzapfel: I don’t know. The Sheriff handed me this stuff when I was walking out the door because he had
something come up. He was concerned about our Civil Process Servers, our part-timers, and he’s got a note on here.
“Probably not a concern according to part-time employee definition. The Council wasn’t interested.” But, we’ve got a
part-time employee who is over his one thousand thirty nine (1039) hours, but according to the Employee Handbook, if I
am reading this correctly, it says that “part-time employee is anybody who is scheduled to work less than forty (40) hours
a week” which is what he does too. And the Sheriff didn’t think it was a problem, he just wanted to confirm everything is
okay. And the second issue was on our Reserve Deputies, we keep a faithful performance blanket bond on them, I
guess basically in case they run off with money or something in the course of their job. If McNeely Insurance wants to
check with our attorney and be sure that the bond is still required and that the five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) limit is

Doug Welp: I do not know off the top of my head, believe it or not.

Paul Weinzapfel: I’m shocked. And, I can leave this with you if you want to look it over, and then we can figure it out.

Don Williams: Give it to us January 9th, our first meeting.

Paul Weinzapfel: Okay.

Don Williams: Let him have that.

Paul Weinzapfel: This expires February 6th, the current bond, of 2008. I think the Commissioners have paid it in the
past. Its ninety seven dollars ($97.00) deal to cover us on it.

Don Williams: Do you need to give our attorney the paper or anything on that? If you could, look at that and get back
with us the first meeting in January, if you can?

Commissioners Items for Discussion

Commissioner Williams: Commissioner Conner do you have anything?

Commissioner Conner: The only thing was I was going to tell you that I am getting a lot more information on the lap
band, and that I have talked with Karen Peak, who really specializes you know in that area and that she is sending me
additional information and that I make sure you get it so that can be considered.

Commissioner Williams: Okay. Anything else?

Administrator Roger Emmons: Nova, on that I just wanted to make sure that the lady that sent it, she said this was good
information for third party administrators to review, so it’s okay to get that then to MedBen?
- 14 -      Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                          December 19, 2007

Commissioner Conner: Yes.

Administrator Roger Emmons: Okay. Thank you.

Commissioner Williams: Do you have anything Commissioner Baxter?

Commissioner Baxter: No.

Commissioner Williams: Okay. The only thing I have under my business, and we may have to change the ordinance
number since it’s got a 2008-01, but since January 1st is before our Commissioners’ meeting in January; I would like for
this board to go ahead and approve the Holiday Schedule for 2008. So, can we change that ordinance number a 2007,

Tammy Serbus: 2007-32

Commissioner Phil Baxter: 32?

Commissioner Williams: It’s going to be Ordinance Number 2007-32. A couple “where as” and then they observe

                              WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ORDINANCE 2007-32

        Whereas, Indiana Code 5-10-6-1 provides that the Warrick County Board of Commissioners shall, by ordinance,
establish dates designed to be Holidays for the year.

        Now, Therefore, be it ordained by the Warrick County Board of Commissioners that this Board establishes the
following days as legal holidays for the year 2008:
New Year’s Day                                             Tuesday             January 1

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day                                 Monday                January 21

President’s Day                                             Monday                February 18

Good Friday                                                 Friday                March 21

Primary Election Day                                        Tuesday               May 6

Memorial Day                                                Monday                May 26

Independence Day                                            Friday                July 4

Labor Day                                                   Monday                September 1

General Election Day                                        Tuesday               November 4

Veterans’ Day                                               Tuesday               November 11

Thanksgiving Break                                          Thu-Fri               November 27 & 28

Christmas Eve & Christmas                                   Wed-Thu               December 24 & 25

New Year’s Eve                                              Wednesday             December 31

This Ordinance passed and ordained this 19 th day of December, 2007.

                                                            Warrick County Board of Commissioners

                                                            Don Williams, President

                                                            Phillip H. Baxter, Vice-President

                                                            Nova J. Conner, Member


Lawrence C. Lacer, Auditor

Commissioner Williams: So, I look for a motion as far as Ordinance Number 2007-32. It is “32”, right?

Tammy Serbus: Right.

Commissioner Conner: I make a motion to approve 2007-32.

Commissioner Baxter: I got a question. I thought there were fourteen (14) holidays in the past. Maybe I’m probably

Commissioner Williams: I’m pretty sure it’s fifteen (15).
- 15 -     Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                           December 19, 2007

Administrator Roger Emmons: It has varied over the years.

Commissioner Baxter: I counted, I think fourteen (14) this year and I don’t remember.

Administrator Roger Emmons: There’s fifteen (15) there.

Commissioner Williams: That’s the normal amount we normally have. We took one (1) away and used it as a half day
on New Year’s and Christmas Day.

Administrator Roger Emmons: I think it was Columbus Day.

Commissioner Williams: We quit observing Columbus Day and put that divided in half day and make full days for New
Year’s and Christmas. That was probably…

Commissioner Baxter: I thought there were only fourteen (14) holidays. But, I’m probably wrong.

Commissioner Williams: This is the same as last year I believe. If you’d like to check it, we can…

Commissioner Baxter: No. I’m fine.

Commissioner Williams: Okay.

Commissioner Baxter: I’ll second it.

Commissioner Williams: Okay. Thank you.

Commissioner Baxter: I was just asking a question.

Commissioner Williams: There’s nothing wrong with that. All in favor say aye.

Commissioner Baxter: Aye.

Commissioner Conner: Aye.

Commissioner Williams: Aye. Motion carries. That’s all of the business I have. I will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Commissioner Baxter: So moved.

Commissioner Williams: Do I have a second?

Commissioner Conner: Second.

Commissioner Williams: We are adjourned.

                                                                           WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                                                                           DON WILLIAMS, PRESIDENT
____________________________________________                               PHILLIP H. BAXTER, VICE PRESIDENT
WARRICK COUNTY, IN                                                         ______________________________________
                                                                           NOVA CONNER, MEMBER

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