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					                                  WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING
                                            REGULAR SESSION
                                      COMMISSIONERS MEETING ROOM
                                            107 W. Locust Street
                                             Boonville, Indiana
                                                April 19, 2006
                                                 4:00 P. M.

The Warrick County Commissioners met in regular session with Carl Jay Conner, President; Don Williams, Vice-
President and Phil Baxter, Member (absent).

President Carl Jay Conner called the meeting to order.

Commissioner Don Williams lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Auditor Richard Kixmiller recorded the minutes.

Approval of Minutes
March 8, 2006 @ 4:00p.m…Regular/APC Session

March 15, 2006 @ 4:00p.m…Regular Session

March 20, 2006 @ 4:00p.m…Subdivision Control Ordinance Special Session

March 22, 2006 @ 4:00p.m…Regular/APC Session

March 30, 2006 @ 3:30p.m…Payroll Session

Commissioner Don Williams approved all minutes. Motion carried two (2) to zero (0).

Tabled Items

Mickey & Jenny Clymer – Discuss Wilson Lane Flooding

Mickey Clymer and William Baumholzer present. Jenny Clymer not present. Roger Garrison will furnish dirt for dirt work.

Items for Discussion

EMS Monthly Report

EMS Director, Dennis Young, present. Commissioner Carl Conner stated he is confident in the ability to move forward with
the changes and will contact them with final changes on the contract by next week. Commissioner Don Williams had no
questions or comments.

John Wasson – Road Access Issues

John Wasson present. Mr. Wasson presented information regarding Peabody Coal Company’s petitions for road closure on
Eby Road from the August 2, 1971 meeting minutes.

Jane Bruce – Soil & Water Conservation Board – New Office Rent Policy

Jane Bruce, Danny Hart, Carolyn Bradley and Craig Farmer present. The new office rent policy was presented to the Board
of Commissioners. Commissioner Conner made a motion to take under advisement and submit to the Warrick County
Council One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Dollars ($1,930.00) in the Commissioner’s budget for 2007. Commissioner
Don Williams second the motion. Vote two (2) to zero (0).

Departmental Reports

County Auditor – No new business.

County Attorney – No new business.

County Administrator

Stonehaven Area Sewer

County Administrator, Roger Emmons, reported he and Commissioner Baxter will attend a meeting set up by Judy Dicus
Thomann from IDEM, Monday, April 24th at City Hall. Jim McGoff, head of SRF program, will also attend meeting to
discuss possible wording in the Interlocal agreement for the County to lease the sewer system to the City for
maintenance purposes.

COBRA Administration – Request for Reinstatement of COBRA Participant Terminated by MedBen for Non-
Payment of Premium

Count Administrator, Roger Emmons, and Jeanie Boling, Auditor’s Office, presented information for a public defender’s
COBRA insurance. After much discussion Commissioner Carl Conner made a motion to approve the reinstatement and
for the public defender to pay back premiums. Commissioner Don Williams second the motion. Vote two (2) to zero (0).
       -2-       Warrick County Commissioners Meeting – Regular Session                       April 19, 2006

County Engineer

Right-of-Way Services Agreement – Lincoln Ave. Phase I

Warrick County Highway Engineer, Bobby Howard, submitted the Right-of-Way Services Agreement for the Lincoln
Avenue, Phase I, to Attorney, Doug Welp. Attorney, Doug Welp, has a call to Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates, to
discuss the agreement. Commissioner Don Williams made a motion to table. Commissioner Carl Conner seconds the
motion. Vote two (2) to zero (0).

County Highway – No new business.

County Disposal Center – No new business.

County Sheriff

Sick Day Reimbursement – Marlin Weisheit

Chief Deputy, Brett Kruse present. Chief Deputy Kruse reported funds have been transferred to another account for
sixty (60) days. Commissioner Don Williams made a motion to approve. Commissioner Carl Conner seconds the
motion. Vote two (2) to zero (0).


Commissioner Conner: Commissioner Conner at the next Commissioner’s meeting he wishes to discuss the sale of the
Boonville Industrial Park and the latest appraisal of same.

Commissioner Baxter: Absent.

Commissioner Williams: No new business.

ADOURNMENT: Commissioner Don Williams made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Carl Conner seconds the
motion. Vote two (2) to zero (0).

                                                                        WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                                                                        CARL JAY CONNER, PRESIDENT

____________________________________________                            DON WILLIAMS, VICE PRESIDENT
WARRICK COUNTY, IN                                                      ______________________________________
                                                                        PHILLIP H. BAXTER, MEMBER

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