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					Bill Of Quantity (BOQ)    Bid specifications for provision of books and other library materials  American University of Sharjah Library  General Information The AUS Library will award contracts for the provision of books and other library materials based on vendor responses to this tender. These materials must be processed to a “shelf-ready” condition and must be accompanied by an acceptable cataloging record in an electronic format compatible with our library automation system – Innovative Interfaces Millennium. Orders will be placed on a regular basis over the course of a fiscal year – June 1st to May 31st. Shipments are to be sent by air freight in as economical manner as possible. Payment for all items will be made on invoice for each shipment as it is received, terms to be negotiated.

Technical Requirements Section One – general questions Please provide a brief answer to each question. Include enough specific detail to allow an accurate assessment of your response. 1. Describe your system for establishing and maintaining a “profile” for suggested acquisitions. Include a copy of any profiling worksheets or reports. 2. Describe your web-based selection and acquisitions services. 3. Describe the process of placing and maintaining standing orders. Include any standard reports that are provided to track standing orders. 4. Our acquisitions and cataloging are done on the Innovative Millennium (III) system. Please describe the specific services available, and your ability to interface with that system, including the ordering process, loading of invoice information, and provision and loading of MARC 21 records. 5. Describe your abilities and specific techniques to supply titles that are out of print. 6. Describe your ability to provide media items (DVDs, audio books, music CDs, kits, etc.). Please provide details on sources for media that you may access if you do not have requested items in-stock.

7. Describe your system to help prevent duplicate orders. If we ordered two items with same ISBN a month apart on different orders would your system alert us? If we ordered same author/title but different ISBN? 8. Describe methods and fees for RUSH services. 9. Provide the names and e-mail contacts of three references at institutions similar to ours.

Section Two – Cataloging records specifications

1. We wish to contract for a cataloging service which provides the most economical records, and which will provide at least a provisional record for each item (including any e-book purchases). Describe your proposal for such a service, the source of records (indicate primary, secondary, and any other sources in order of preference) and detail the costs involved. 2. Describe your cataloging process. • for derivative cataloging • for original cataloging 3. For original cataloging, what is the encoding level of cataloging performed? 4. Describe your authority control process. 5. What foreign languages do you perform cataloging in? 6. Describe your quality control mechanisms. 7. What mechanism(s) do you use to distribute records? 8. Do you provide cataloging interfaces with the Innovative Millennium system? If so, please describe. 9. Do you provide any management reports related to customer cataloging? • What type(s) • Frequency of report 10. Confirm that the item record information will be placed in the cataloging record as part of creating the record prior to shipment.


949 1 |i30001001190703|lgen|p5876|t0|zAED@ Subfield definitions |i barcode |l library item location |p price in local currency |t item type |z local currency AED 11. Confirm that the invoice information will be placed in the 980 field of the cataloging record as part of creating the record prior to shipment. The invoice information can follow either of these two options: • • Net price subfield |e must include the cataloguing and processing fee for each book as well as price Separate invoices must be created for total cataloging and/or total processing fees for all items in each shipment.

Example: 980 |a060127| b3950|e3358 |f754292|zUSD@ Subfield definitions |a Invoice Date |b Eprice |e Net price |f Invoice Number

|z Currency 12. Confirm that the order record information will be placed in the cataloging record as part of creating the record prior to shipment in the 935 field of the MARC record Example 935 |a.o10512688@ Subfield Definition |a Innovative order record number

Section Three – Physical processing specifications Confirm your ability to provide processing as specified, or state alternate proposal. Include breakdown of costs. At your option, you may include samples of cases, covers and other processing items for us to evaluate.

BOOKS 1. Plain adhesive backed spine label, approx. 2.3 cm wide and long enough to display call number in 12 point type, placed 1.5 cm above bottom of spine (except if number can’t be fully displayed, in which case it is moved to front cover next to spine at same height). Label should be printed by laser or other non-dotmatrix technology. Label covered with durable transparent tape/film. 2. Custom AUS Library barcode label placed horizontally on back cover above or beside ISBN barcode. Label covered with durable transparent tape/film. Property stamp on top page edges.

3. Paperback books processed with Life-guard, or similar durable transparent plastic cover. 4. RFID tag, provided by AUS, applied on inside cover of book. RFID tag must also be programmed using conversion workstation supplied by Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG. Equipment to be purchased by supplier. AUS Library can provide contact details for Bilbliotheca RFID Library Systems AG if necessary. MEDIA 1. Plastic bottom open (short side) transparent plastic case for videotapes. DVDs, Cassettes, etc., in original plastic or vinyl packaging (if original is paper, must be replaced with cover similar to videotape). 2. Set of two call number labels and title labels (book card or pocket size). One call # label and one title label applied to label area of videotapes only. One call # label applied to “spine” of original paper or vinyl cover of item. Please propose storage/processing options for DVD and audiocassettes. 3. Barcode label applied to back cover of item, centered and at least 1 cm from bottom edge, not obscuring any critical information.

Section Four – Financial specifications

1. Please state the average per item discount rate for a TOTAL annual commitment at the levels specified in the following Table:
(Please indicate whether this discount is off the price listed in your online database, or off of the publisher’s list price.)

Table: Discount rates USD 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 Books E-books Media

2. Include one example of your invoice with “real” data showing for a typical shipment to an academic library customer. 3. Include one example of your monthly statement with “real” data for an academic library customer. 4. Discuss the method of shipping, shipping charges and how they are invoiced. Include sample documentation which shows shipping charges. Section 5 – At your option, attach any supplemental material which has a direct bearing on our requirements.


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