; SPANISH Library Resources September Books for Learning Spanish Language
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SPANISH Library Resources September Books for Learning Spanish Language


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									SPANISH Library Resources (September 2007) Books for Learning Spanish: Language Books Spanish Literature PC 4000 PQ

AV Materials / NSCC Library: Speak Spanish For Beginners by Michele Thomas/CD’s. Speak Spanish Advanced by Michele Thomas /CD’s. Spanish Verbs 101: CD. Talk Spanish / DVD’s Destinos: DVD. A course in Spanish presented as a soap opera. DATABASES: • • Informe: Magazine and journal articles in Spanish. Facts on File. Scroll down to the bottom. On the right-hand side, click on “World Press Links.” Choose the newspaper you want under the country listed.

NETLIBRARY Books: Remember, you must create your Netlibrary account on campus. You may then access the books from any computer with an Internet connection. A sample of relevant Netlibrary books: Accounting Dictionary: English-Spanish The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms Cliffs Study Solver Spanish I Cliffs Quick Review Spanish II Countdown to Spanish: Learn to Communicate in 24 Hours The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Learning Spanish on Your Own Webster’s New World 575+ Spanish Verbs SPANISH / ENGLISH DICTIONARIES: • From the library homepage, click on CATALOG then: Click on blue tab: REFERENCE E-BOOKS then Choose Oxford Reference Online Click on Bilingual Dictionaries

A GOOD WEBSITE FOR LEARNING SPANISH: BBC Languages: www.bbc.co.uk/languages

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