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                                            JULY/AUG 2004

New Books ~ New Looks

                                  THE OVERHAUL OF
                                    HOLY TRINITY’S

                                                 Dallas, Texas
                                                   Pastoral Message
NEW BOOKS-NEW LOOKS                                                                                My goal as a priest and pastor is to
                                                                                                 have an educated congregation in the
  ~ THE OVERHAUL OF HOLY TRINITY’S BOOKSTORE                                                     Faith. The more inspired we are to read
    St. Paul wrote in his letter to the          to live up to St. Paul’s command…to take        and grow in Orthodoxy, the more brilliant
Romans “For whatsoever things were               what is written and learn about God!            the flame of witness becomes. There was
written previously were written for our          After her health made it impossible to          a time when Orthodox literature was not
learning, that through patience and comfort      maintain the responsibility, Michael West       available in this country. Many of our
in the Scriptures we might have hope.” It        helped in the interim. He served as a           parents and grandparents attended Sun-
is in this spirit that I am so happy to share    stable bridge in order to hand it over to       day School in our churches using Protes-
the new direction of our Bookstore, located      Erika. Thanks for your help too, Michael.       tant materials. Those days are long gone.
in the southeast area of the Arthur L. Sarris                                                    There are numerous opportunities to learn
                                                     Fr. George Grube, in his book entitled      and grow as Orthodox Christians! Praise
Community Center. Please come visit.             “The Orthodox Church A to Z” (a new             God for the multitude of blessings that
   Since Erika Zanders returned from her         book in the new bookstore) states that in       come down to enrich our minds and
mission trip to Argentina, she still felt that   order to guide our lives as contemporary        hearts through words of Faith, both
there was much service to provide the Lord       Orthodox Christians, we must “Read              written, and heard.
and His Church. I am most thankful that          Holy Scriptures and good Orthodox
she directed her missionary spirit close to      literature to increase your knowledge of            Thank you Erika, for taking on the
home, and has undertaken the task of             your Faith. Take every opportunity to           responsibility of leading and improving
running Holy Trinity’s Bookstore. When           learn what the Church teaches. God gave         the Bookstore Ministry here at Holy Trin-
Erika agreed to take over such a vital role      us His Church to sanctify us, teach us,         ity. And thank you, to all parishioners that
in the ministries of the Church, we both         and keep us in His love.” As a parish,          will help us grow this vital area of need. I
knew that the task would be monumental.          there is no better way to live up to such a     will also remind you all that we are in the
The Bookstore was in need of great help          challenge than to provide a stronger            process of establishing a reading library
and attention in order to return it to (and      bookstore for you. We really are working        as well. This is an expensive process. If
even surpass) previous days.                     hard to serve you better, and hopefully the     we are to do it correctly, the proper books,
                                                 Bookstore is a tangible example of that.        periodicals, videos and furnishings are
   With great pride and dedication, Katina                                                       required. Please consider helping us make
Politz directed the course of the Bookstore          Not only have we increased the in-          our Library a reality. Let me know if you
for many years. She grew the ministry            ventory of books, but you can’t help but        can help. You’ve seen and will benefit
from a hand cart; relocated it several times     notice the new religious items that are         from the improvements of the Bookstore…
as it grew; and for years, boxed it up and       available. Fr. Nick brought back crosses,                 that is only the beginning.
temporarily moved it to the Board Room           icons, censors, candelia and other items
for the Greek Food Festival! Her vision          from Greece. And the children’s section                       With Love in Christ,
and care made it possible for so many of us                                                                    Fr. Anthony
                                                 is wonderful.

     SUNDAY SERVICES                                    St. Mary Magdalene,
              Orthros 8:50 am                     Myrrh Bearer & Equal to the Apostles
          Divine Liturgy 10:00 am                St. Markella, Virgin-Martyr of Chios
                                                             Monday, July 22nd
             Sunday, July 4th                     Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am              ADULT EDUCATION
Doxology for American Independence Day to                                                                  Morning Bible Study
         follow the Divine Liturgy                  St. Paraskeve the Great Martyr                        ~Thursdays, 11:00 am~
  Dormition of the Theotokos Feast                           Saturday, July 26
                                 th               Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am                   PUBLICATION
            Sunday, August 15
 The Beheading of St. John the Baptist                       St. Panteleimon                                 REMINDERS
            Sunday, August 29th                              Tuesday, July 27th                  The monthly Ekfonesis deadline is the 10th of
                                                  Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am         the preceding month. The deadline for the
   WEEKDAY SERVICES                              Great Vespers for the Transfiguration            Sunday Bulletin is Wednesday noon for the
                                                                                                     next Sunday issue. Please submit all
              Great Vespers                           Thursday, August 5th at 7:00 pm            announcements to Katherine Nicolaou in the
            Saturdays at 5:00 pm                                                                  Church Office. (Digital format preferred.)
                                                  Feast Transfiguration of our Lord
                  Vespers                                    Friday, August 6th
          Wednesdays at 6:30 pm                   Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
                                                 Blessing of the Fruits of the Season (Grapes)     Dormition of the Theotokos
      St. Marina the Great Martyr
             Saturday, July 17th                         The Feast of Indiction
   Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am                                                        Sunday, August 1st through August 15th
                                                       (Ecclessiastical New Year)
           St. Elias the Prophet                        Wednesday, September 1st                       Service of Small Paraklesis
             Tuesday, July 20                     Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am          celebrated every evening at 7:00 pm
   Orthros 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

     "The Holy Trinity"
           13555 Hillcrest Road
            Dallas, TX 75240

           Under the jurisdiction of the
            Holy Metropolis of Denver,
     the Holy Archdiocese of America and the
     Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Rev. Oikonomos, Anthony Savas, Acting Proestamenos
      Rev. Protopresbyter, Nicholas E. Katinas
         Rev. Presbyter Gregory Hohnholt
             Rev. Deacon Mark Pakes

  Larry Wright, Director of Church Administration
     Katherine Nicolaou, Office Administrator               JULY/AUG 2004
      Joy Konstans, Administrative Assistant

                                                                    Church Office Hours:
              SUPPORT STAFF
               Basil Xeros, Neokoros                        Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
         Carlos Palacios, Facilities Manager                     Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
                                                                 Phone Number: 972-991-1166
       HOLY TRINITY ACADEMY                                       Fax Number: 972-661-1717
           Dr. Gloria Bayouth, Principal                   Email Address: HTGOC@TICNET.COM
                                                            Church Web Site: www.holytrinity.info
             PARISH COUNCIL                                 Archdiocese Web Site: www.goarch.org
             President: Diane Pappas
         Vice President: George Michael
                                                               Our NEW Church Website:
             Treasurer: Sam Paulos                               www.holytrinity.info
       Recording Secretary: Beverly Palmer
      Corresponding Secretary: Hellen Smith
                                                                      Bookstore Hours:
                                                          Sundays after Divine Liturgy, until 1:00 pm
     Nicolas Carayannopoulos, John Christon,                      (And after other services, if needed)
   Bernie Everson, John Fox, Timothy Georgelas,
    Paul Kolostroubis, Ray Miles, David Nayfa
   George Spiliotis, James Tassos, Harry Thomas,                  EKFONESIS Editor: Fr. Anthony Savas
                   Sula Tsevoukas                                   Assistant Editor: Demmye Booras

                                                        On the Cover: Erika Zanders, the new Director of
                                                        Holy Trinity’s Bookstore, is working diligently to
                                                        revitalize and expand the bookstore’s ministry

                               Bulletin Board
PARISH                                            A Request from Our Clergy:

 REGISTRY                                         If you or a family member, are ill or
                                                  in the hospital and would like to have
                                                                                                        g{x i|Çx
                                                  a priest visit, please call the Church       Orthodox Christian Radio Program
Congratulations:                                  office personally. Even though it is
… to Christina & Terry Moros                      very helpful to hear the information                       Sunday Mornings
on the birth of their baby boy, Evangelos.        from a concerned friend or parish-                     8:30 am (KSKY AM 660)
                                                  ioner, that information will still need
Baptisms:                                         to be verified by yourself or a family
Afsaneh Allena Sazmand                            member. Our priests are here to serve
Joseph John Fedro                                 you and want to know when they are
Irene Nadya Khanchowdry                           needed.
                                                                                                      Austin Street
Scott Anthony Pontikes &
                                                     New Office Mail Slot                               Shelter:
   Julie Elizabeth Crawford                                                                             July 14th - Wed
                                                    A mail slot has been installed
Prayers for Health:                                 for parishioners who would like                    August 11th - Wed
Magdalene, Warren, Rosemary, Elaine,                to drop off notes, donations,                 We prepare a hot meal for the
Joannne, Jane, David, Kay, Evgenia, George,         etc, after church office hours.               homeless. To help, please call
Demetria, Constantina, Costakis, Mary,              The slot is located on the wall to            Dean Xeros at 972-907-9249.
David, Fr. Peter, John, Reed, Mike, Flora,          the left of the business office
Katherine, Maria, Nina, Mike, Amy, Pat,             door.
Adrienne, Nikki, Evangelia, Kanell, Jenny,
Soula, Elizabeth, Charles, Ethel, Paulette,
Amy, Angelos, Nellie, Zoe, Michael, Mary
Helen, Effie, Tasha, Zoe, George, Nikos,
Tom, Evelyn, Sophia, Evangelia, Paul,                                             Greek Food Festival
Esther, Karen, Andy, Alex, Bill, Victoria,                                                  September 16 - 19
Bertha, Leroy, Marilyn, Katina, Anna,
Alexia, Anne Marie.                                                                 See page 6 & 7 for more details.
Our sympathy and prayers:
 … to the family of Haig Kupelian who fell
 asleep in the Lord.
 … to the family of Katie Miller who fell
 asleep in the Lord.
 … to the family of Chris Victor Semos who
 fell asleep in the Lord.
 … to the family of John Hohnholt, father
 of Fr. Gregory Hohnholt, who fell asleep in
 the Lord.

                                                                               Collection dates: July 15 - August 15
                                                                                         Groceries or Donations Accepted!
         Registry Announcement                                              For more info, contact Joanne Canellos at 214/352-6105.
All names included for Prayers for Health                                               Please see page 15 for details!
will be printed with first names only. This
practice is more consistent with our tradition
of how names are offered within the church,
such as the Paraklesis service, the Proskomede,
or Artoklasia service. This will also help to
                                                     E    veryone is welcome to be a part of Holy Trinity’s Greek Food
                                                     Festival. Please sign-up to work the festival, volunteer to be a Church
respect the privacy of those who truly require       tour guide, lend a hand cooking pastries, or host a table of friends at
our prayers, but would rather their condition        Premier Night. With everyone’s support, we can make this special 48th
not be made public. We hope that this will           anniversary year a truly memorable and successful year!
encourage more people to submit their names
to be lifted up in prayer by the faithful mem-       Visit our website at www.greekfestivalofdallas.com to keep abreast of
bers of our community.                               the latest developments with the festival.

                            Bulletin Board
                                                                Christ Community Church Property

              V      acation Bible School was a
               wonderful week filled with happy
               children, God’s teachings and special
fellowship! Fr. Anthony, Fr. Nick and Fr. Gregory
taught the children each morning in the chapel
about the “Creatures of God’s Creation.” We thank
them for their loving guidance and for this special
time they shared with all of us. It is truly a blessing
to everyone. We would also like to acknowledge
our wonderful volunteer teachers Lindsey Alexiou,
Evangeline Pittman, who was helped by her sister,
Carrinicole Pittman, Sandra Pleasant, Stephanie
Christ and MaryAnn Trapalis. They greeted the
children each day with a smile, taught them the
special stories from the bible, and led them
through crafts, snacks (thanks to Mary Campbell –
our snack coordinator!) and playtime each day.
                                                            Our community closed on the CCC property on
Special thanks to Presvytera Alexandra Poulos, as                   Monday, June 28th, 2004!
she helps each year by teaching the children bible
songs and hymns from the church. The children
sang beautifully! One of the greatest joys are all
our young helpers –who once attended Vacation                                             5th Annual
Bible School and now return to volunteer – many
thanks to all of you! Finally, we would like to give                                     Lavish Buffet
thanks for the gracious donations given by so                                                Saturday,
many that makes this week come together so
beautifully – our energetic volunteer moms, the                                            August 21, 2004
snacks and monetary donations by the parents,
the continual dedication and support of Mrs. Dena
Parker and a very special donation by Mrs. Katherine
Canakes, in loving memory of her husband Tom              Agape Visitations Committee Update
Canakes. May God’s blessings continue to be with
our community and our ministries. Looking forward             We are up and "running"! Nearly everyone on our shut-in and
to seeing you next year!                                   nursery home lists have been either contacted by phone or greeting
                                                           card or by a personal visit. Most of them have been personal visits.
                                                               The Committee recently attended a Parish Council Meeting to
       Penny Koutsogeorgas and Beckie Pope                 update our leaders. They were very enthusiastic about this committee,
                                                           and we received excellent feedback from people who had first-
                                                           hand knowledge of some of the visits. Our ONLY problem has been
    HOLY TRINITY ACADEMY                                   that we have more people who want to make visitations than we
                                                           have people to visit. If you know of anyone who would like to be
        PRE-SCHOOL - 4TH GRADE                             visited, please contact Joanne Canellos at 214-352-6105, or notify
                                                           our priests or the Church Office.

                            Sign-up for the                   The next phase for our Committee is to provide to anyone who
                                                           would like to have them with cassette tapes of the Divine Liturgy
                         2004/2005 School Year             and/or videos of lives of the saints, etc. We will also be happy to
                                NOW!                       provide books. We have been given a start-up fund of $100 from
                                                           Philoptochos and $200 from Arthur Nahatis who is serving on the
                                                           Committee. We are deeply grateful to both for their support in
                                                           achieving a long-term goal of Fr. Nick's and Fr. Anthony's. We are
                                                           there to help our clergy as much as we can and, they, in turn, are
                                                           helping us.
                                                               Thanks to everyone who has volunteered for this Committee.

             Greek Food Festival
I   t is amazing to think
we are less than 3
                                                            Festival              TICKET PRICES
months away from the                                     Kick-Off
                                                         Kick-                          Lunch
Greek Food Festival!
In this issue of Ekfonesis                                   Event
                                                             Event                        Adult - $11
we have published the                                                                     Child - $8
complete         c o o k i ng                                August 4th
                                                                at                      Dinner
schedule and listing of
all the chairpersons that are responsible for          YiaYia’s House                     Adult - $16
various areas of the Festival.                                                            Child - $12
                                                               at the
We do this for one simple reason; we continue        Dallas Children's Museum           General Admission
to need help in all areas. The cooking for the               located at                  over 12 years old - $5
Festival starts on July 7th with Dolmades.                Valley View Mall
                                                                                         5 to 12 years old - $3
Due to the wonderful response our festival has
received these last two years we are cooking
more items to keep up with this demand. Your          2nd ANNUAL 5K RUN
volunteer time is critical to us being able to
achieve these production numbers and ensure                        benefiting
that these efforts do not fall on the shoulders of
                                                      Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
just a few.
Please mark your calendars for these important              the Austin Street Shelter
cooking dates.
                                                            Saturday, September 11
Speaking of dates, the official kick-off of
the festival will be held on August 4th at the

                                                       Preview Night
YiaYia’s House exhibit at the Dallas Children's
Museum located at Valley View Mall.
There will be Greek dancers, music, a dolma
rolling contest, worry bead stringing and much         at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
more. We will also kick off festival ticket sales,
$5 raffle sales, car raffle sales and volunteer        Thursday, September 16th
sign-up. Festival posters and flyers will also be
available that day, so come pick up your supply.         6:30 Cocktail Reception
Please mark your calendar so that we can                 7:30 Dinner
make this event a great success.
                                                       Please join us on Thursday, September 16th as we sail
Also, if you are interested in helping in a par-       through "Paradise in the Mediterranean" for
ticular area of the Festival – please reach out
                                                       an evening of feasting and festivities. Take a sneak peak of
to the chairperson listed to offer your time and
                                                       the Greek Food Festival, as you pass through the islands of
                                                       Greece. Join us for music, entertainment, shopping, and
As we all know, this event has become a signifi-       fabulous Greek cuisine. Reservations to be held at the door.
cant part of the Dallas area fall festivities and
an important part of our community’s ability to        Tickets: $40 Individual, $400 Table Host (10 seats).
grow and prosper.                                      Benefiting the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation.
With our parishioners support, we are confident
that this rich tradition will continue.
Your Greek Food Festival Chairmen
    Dean & Deanna Xeros
    Kerry & Katina Tassopoulos
                    September 17, 18, 19
        2004 Festival Chairs                      Festival                                Schedule of Events
5 K Run/Walk         Teresa Alexandris            Tour Book                           September 11, Saturday
Accounting           Greg Pakes
                                                  Ad Prices                           2nd Annual 5K Run
Advance Ticket       Elaine Xeros                                                     September 16, Thursday
                                                   Full page- $750                    Preview Night 6:30 pm
                                                   Half page- $400
                                                                                      September 17, Friday
Agora                Charles Pappas                ¼ page- $275
                                                                                      11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Lunch
Ala Carte            Connie Mathas                Contact:                            5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Dinner
Beverage             Arthur Nahatis & Nick        Harry Papas at                      September 18, Saturday
                     Dixie                        (214) 415-9364                      11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Lunch
                                                       Buy your                       5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Dinner
Bookstore            Erika Zanders
                                                      ad before
                                                                                      September 19, Sunday
Car Raffle           TBA                            the August 27th
                                                                                      11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Lunch
Church Tours         Fr. Anthony, Fr. Gregory &
                     Christine Patts
Contract Labor       Bernie Everson
                                                      2003 Festival Cooking Dates
                                                                      Cooking sessions start at 9:00 am
Entertainment        Katina Tassopoulos
                                                   Items                 DatesChair
Festival Dancers     Angela Papas                  Dolmathes                  Fr. Nick Katinas
                                                                         July 7,8,9
Festival Signs                                     Spanakopita                Angela Papas, Anna Dimou
                                                                         July 30,31
                                                   Tiropita              Aug 7Amelia Fritz
Food                 Gus Xeros & Gary Maroulis     Souzoukakia                Tassos Lalangas
                                                                         Aug 22
                                                   Paximadia                  MaryAnn Trapalis, Helen Trapalis,
                                                                         Aug 28
Food Line            Diane Pappas, Jane Stathis
                                                                               Vanessa Mihalopoulos
                     & Greg Konstans
                                                   Koulourakia    Aug 31      Dora Tsevoukas
Friday School        Christine Patts               Fenikia        Sep 3       Mary Zotos, Tasia Stover,
Program                                                                        Joanne Canellos
                                                   Sesame Cookies Sep 4       Presv. Angela Katinas, Irene
Hospitality          Elias & Katherine Makris &
                                                                               Kalantzis, Tina Augustus
                     Farzin & Maria Satari
                                                   Kourambiedes   Sep 6       Demetra Spiliotis
Kitchen & Grill      George Naftis, Dean Xeros,    Baklava        Sep 9,10,11 Eleni Papathanasiou, Reena
                     Kerry Tassopoulos & Chris                                 Morris, Angie Austin
                     Alexandris                    Packaging      Sep 12, 13 Athina Christ
Marketing            Janice Maragakis & Harry
                                                                                          Central Kia Subaru
                                                                       2004 KIA Sorento

Outside Set-up       Frank Mihalopoulos
                                                                                               Of Plano
Pastries & Packing   Eleni Papathanasiou, Angie
                     Austin & Reena Morris
Preview Night        David & Andrea Nayfa,
                                                                                           Paul Fotopoulos, Frank Mihalopoulos
                     Sam & Aphrodite Paulos,                                               and John Mihalopoulos of Central KIA
                     and Angie Augustus                                                    Subaru of Plano, TX have graciously
                                                                                           donated a 2004 KIA Sorento for this
Raffle-$5            Daphne Fox & Callie Papas
                                                                                           year’s festival. We will sell a limited
Ticket Collection    Milton Plomarity &                                                    number of tickets - only 500 - for the
                     Antigoni Pappas                                                       opportunity to win this car! They are
Trans/Parking/       Mike Manouel                                                          offered for a nominal amount of
Security                                                                                   $100 per ticket. Buy your ticket now!
Volunteers           Beverly & George Palmer

                                                                                           $100 per ticket
                                                                                            Limited number of tickets!

                                                                            June 16, 2004

Reverend Anthony Savas, Proistamenos
The Esteemed Parish Council
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
13555 Hillcrest Road
Dallas, Texas 75240

Beloved in the Lord,

    With this letter I herby appoint your priest, Father Anthony Savas, as the
Proistamenos of your beloved parish, now that he holds the rank of Economos in the
     I am convinced that you, and the parishioners in general, believe that Father Savas
has been serving the parish in a most conscientious manner. I am truly pleased with
the progress of the parish and its many Christ-centered programs.
      Above all, I am grateful to Father Nicholas Katinas who has truly exemplified a
spirit of humility when he stepped down from his position of proistamenos four years
ago, after more than twenty-five years as proistamenos. His fatherly demeanor toward
Father Savas and the other clergy of the parish has been filled with his continued love
for the parish and for his fellow clergymen. This is a rare quality with priests who have
been pastors for most of their priestly ministry. He is to be admired and honored for
having such a priestly character.
    Father Savas has learned much from Father Katinas, and I know that he will
continue to do the fine work which he has done thus far. I am certain that he will
continue to seek the guidance of Father Katinas whenever something presents itself
which needs special attention, as he serves the needs of all the people.
     I commend all of you for your wise leadership, as servant-leaders of our Lord and
His people, and also for your personal sacrifice of time and talents in serving the needs
and the high purposes of our holy faith in your blessed parish of the Holy Trinity.

                                              With Paternal Blessings,

                                               Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver

cc:    Reverend Nicholas Katinas

4550 East Alameda Avenue, Denver, CO 80246-1208 Telephone (303)333-7794 Fax (303)333-7796
               web: www.denver.goarch.org e-mail: metropolis@denver.goarch.org

                                     of a priest...
Orthodox Ordination

Fr. Gregory’s Ordination to the Priesthood
       Sunday, June 13, 2004

                                                             Holy Trinity Academy
                                                                                         13555 Hillcrest Road
        THROUGH                                CALENDAR OF EVENTS                        Dallas, TX 75240
        4TH GRADE
                                                                                         Ph: 972-490-7060
                SIGN-UP FOR                August                                        Fax: 972-991-3424
               THE 2004/2005                                                             Principal: Dr. Gloria Bayouth
               SCHOOL YEAR                 Aug 17     First Day of School for
                   NOW!                                2004/05 School Year               School Office Hours
                                                      Noon Dismissal for all students    Please call the school office for
                                           Aug 21     Lavish Dinner                      July and August hours.
                                                                                         Financial Manager: Jill Hamilton
From the Principal...                                                                    www.holytrinityacademy.com
                                                                                         Email: htacademy@earthlink.net
   Dear Parishioners of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church,
       As I sit here in my office at HTA amidst boxes and files I am purging,
   I realize this is the last Ekfonesis article I will write and feel nostalgic.                 Holy Trinity Academy
   June is a bittersweet month for me. I will be closing on my house at the
   end of the month, packing the remains of my life in Dallas and moving to
                                                                                               2004-05 School Year
   Wichita Falls -- excited to be in the same city as my fiancée. The feelings             Pre-School (by September 1)
   I have about leaving HTA are quite the opposite.                                        M-W-F           8:30 am - noon
                                                                                           M-F             8:30 am - noon
       Upon announcing my plans to move due to my engagement to a                          Pre-Kindergarten
   wonderful man, many have come up to me to ask how I can leave “my                       M–F             8:30 am - noon
   baby”? Although I will not be involved in the day-to-day operations of                  Kindergarten through 4th Grade
   Holy Trinity Academy, it will always be “my baby”. I gave my heart and                  M–F             8:30 am to 3:30 pm
   soul to Fr. Nick’s dream and did exactly what I set out to do -- get the
   school off the ground. I leave “my baby” in strong and competent hands.                      ~ Extended Day Program ~
   After working side-by-side with Dr. Bayouth the Monday after Family Fun                    Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten
   Day, I understand and appreciate her vision to make HTA succeed. I                                (noon to 3:30 pm)
   thank all of you who supported me, but more importantly who supported                      ~ Before School/After School ~
   and will continue to support the success of HTA. With the continued                        Before school drop-off 7:30 am
   grace of God, we will truly fulfill the mission set forth by those so dearly                After school pick-up 6:00 pm
   invested in the success of Holy Trinity Academy.
       I truly appreciated all the well wishes at the 4th Annual Family Fun             Support HTA by
   Day on June 6. It was nice to be approached and thanked by so many. I                shopping with your
   would like to close my last article by thanking those parents and students           Target® Visa® or
   I met and loved these past four years, the school board who so unselfishly           Target Guest Card®.
   give their time to seeing HTA succeed, the staff I have worked with these            Target will donate 1% of your purchases at
   past four years who believe in HTA’s mission and desire to see it succeed,           Target stores or target.com. Also, 1/2% of
   as it will, the Parish Council who agreed to let HTA house itself in the             Target Visa purchases outside of Target
   Arthur L. Sarris Community Center and has stood by the Academy, and                  stores or target.com will go to HTA.
   the community who supports our mission. This is not a goodbye, as I will                         Call 1-800-316-6142
   only be 2 hours north east of Dallas. This is a “see-you-soon”.                              HTA’s Target School ID is
              With heartfelt appreciation,                                                           Shop at Kroger and present
              Ms. Chryssovergis                                                                         HTA’s Kroger Number
              Principal, Holy Trinity Academy                                                        (or use a Kroger Share card)
              2000-2004                                                                 A percentage of your Kroger purchases
                                                                                        will be refunded back to HTA.
Youth Ministries & Education
                                                                    Our JOY and GOYA
                                                                     members welcome
                                                                Fr. Gregory & Prsv. Sophia
                                                                    Holnholt and family.
                                                         We look forward to the upcoming year!
 Young Adult
 Pnevmatiko Kafenion
 3rd Wednesday of each month
                                                                Drop in after church on Sunday and see the changing
 YAL Weekly Bible Study                                 face of the bookstore. We are making an effort to stock new books
                                                               and merchandise. There are new items from Greece.
 Thursdays @ 7:30 pm ~ location TBA
                                                              We have set up a Library area with books that have been
 To receive YAL emails and event updates,                      inaccessible. This area will be expanded in the future.
 please contact Michael Vaughn at                                      Your suggestions are always welcome.
 blur900@yahoo.com.                                     Our Holy Trinity bookstore is an important ministry of our church
                                                          and with your support will be a treasure of Orthodox resources.


Our next food drive for North Dallas Shared Ministries will begin on July 15th and continue through August 15th. Let’s
do the best we can in our efforts in helping stock the NDSM Pantry with nutritious food and hygiene items which are
appreciated and sorely needed. We did not do so good last time so we really need to extend ourselves this
time. Please be generous with either groceries or money. Thank you! Joanne Canellos

      Special Pantry Needs              Items Always Needed                   NDSM needs Large Brown Paper Bags,
Rice                               Maseca (Instant Corn Tortilla Mix)         Large Shopping Bags with handles, and
Pork & Beans                       Salt
Canned Pinto Beans                                                            Grocery Store Plastic Bags with handles.
Canned Carrots                     Salmon
                                   Coffee                                    Donations of money in lieu of food can also
Canned Meats                       Tea
Canned Pineapple                                                             be made by writing a tax deductible check
Canned Tomatoes                    Jello                                         to North Dallas Shared Ministries.
Canned Refried Beans               Hot & Cold Cereal
                                   Jelly or Jam
Canned Sweet Peas                  Canned Spinach
Fruit Cocktail                     Pudding Mix
Canned Mixed Vegetables            Peanut Butter
Canned Ranch Style Beans           Laundry Detergent Face/Hand
Evaporated Milk                    Soap
Macaroni & Cheese                  Toilet Tissue
Pancake Mix                        Razors
Syrup                              Sanitary Napkins
Sugar (2-4 lb)                     Shampoo
Flour (2-5 lb)
Pasta                                                                             Thank You for your support!
Cooking Oil
Dried Pinto Beans

                             C A T E C H E T I C A L C o r ne r
                                                                         SCHOOL BULLETIN
                          Achievement Award                                  Before you know it - Catechetical
                          Quiz                                               School will begin again.
                                                                                      Our STARTING DATE this year
                          Below is a continuation of the                                  is Sunday, August 15th.
                          list of questions the 11th/12th
                                                                             This, of course, is Panagia's - what a wonderful
                          graders must answer correctly
                                                                             beginning for a new school year. Please be
                          to receive an achievement
                                                                             sure to bring your children -- all the teachers
                                                                             are busy this summer planning great and
                          How many can you answer?                           wonderful things for your children.
                          We will provide answers for all                    Our Catechetical School teachers will be
                          the questions in the September                     recognized on Sunday, August 8th. We ask
                          issue. So, how is everyone                         you to always pray for us, to give us strength to
                          doing?                                             teach your children wisely and to instill in them
                                                                             a love for our faith that will sustain throughout
                          Once again, good luck!!!
                                                                             their entire lives.

                                                                         38. For Orthodox Christians, who can interpret the Bible
NEW TESTAMENT                                                                perfectly and without mistakes in interpretation?
                                                                              a. The Church                  c. The bishop
31. Which of the following is not a part of the New Testament?                b. The priest                  d. No one
     a. Apocalypse of St. John      c. Epistles of St. Paul
     b. Gospel of St. John          d. Epistles of St. Thomas            39. Which of the following is not one of St. Paul’s letters in the
32. What is the name of the man chosen by the apostles to replace            New Testament?
    Judas?                                                                    a. Romans                      c. Niceans
     a. Jude b. Barnabas c. Matthias d. Timothy                               b. Thessalonians               d. Hebrews

33. Who were the apostles who witnessed the transfiguration of           40. In what city was Jesus born?
    Christ?                                                              41. Finish this phrase: Blessed are they that hunger and thirst
34. Where did the transfiguration take place?                               after righteousness, for ____________________.

35. When Christ was transfigured on the mountain, which two              42. Which of the following was a real person and not a person
     O.T. people were seen talking to him?                                  from a parable of Christ?
     a. Moses and Isaiah           c. Moses and Daniel                        a. Samaritan woman at the well c. Publican and Pharisee
     b. Moses and Elijah           d. Adam and Eve                            b. Prodigal Son                  d. The Good Samaritan

36. Who was the first martyr for the Church?                             43. Who saw the burning bush in the wilderness?
     a. St. Philip                  c. St. Stephen                            a. Elijah b. Moses c. Abraham d. John the Baptist
     b. St. Matthias                d. St. Paul                          44. Which book of the Bible records the vision of St. John con-
37. When the prophet Isaiah and the Gospels talk about “the voice           cerning the coming of God’s Kingdom?
    of one crying out in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the               a. First epistle of St. John c. Revelations of Apocalypse
    Lords, make His paths straight,” who are they referring to?               b. Acts of the Apostles      d. Gospel according to St. John
     a. Jesus                       c. Elijah                            45. The New Testament is seen as the fulfillment of the
     b. John the Baptist            d. Moses                                Old Testament of the Jews.
                                                                              True or False

                            Community News
Pentecost Sunday Celebrations hosted by St. Barbara’s Philoptochos

        Pentecost Sunday Luncheon &
Farewell Fr. George & Welcome Fr. Gregory
      Reception held May 30th, 2004

  Metropolitan Isaiah,
Fr. Nick and Fr. Anthony
   enjoy the luncheon
honoring Fr. George and
       Fr. Gregory.

                                                                      Presvetera Sophia & Fr. Gregory Hohnholt,
                                                                     Presvetera Christa, Evie & Fr. George Dokos
                                                                          celebrate new beginnings together.

       YES, I will help make Holy Trinity debt free!                       Goal
       I will contribute $250 per year over the next four years              To pay down the $1 million
       (a total of $1,000) to reduce Holy Trinity’s debt.                    owed, eventually freeing Holy
                                                                             Trinity from all debt.
___________________________________________________                        How we can do it
                       (name)                                                Have at least 400 parishioners
       I am interested in making my contribution through automatic
                                                                             pledge $250 per year for 4
       withdrawals from my checking account or my charge card.               years specifically for debt
       Please contact me at                                                  reduction.

___________________________________________________                        Results
                       (phone)                                               With 400 pledges, at $250 per
                                    day      evening                         year, debt will be reduced by
                                                                             $100,000 per year!
 Note: Freedom 1000 contributions go directly into a separate
 Freedom 1000 account. Each month, these funds are paid against               (Also, we will eliminate the
 the principal of our mortgage. Freedom 1000 is a complementary               second tray for the “building
 program to the Stewardship program that supports the daily                   fund”!)
 operation of Holy Trinity. Please contribute to both programs.

                                            Christ Community Church Property
 Many thanks to all who contributed to Holy Trinity’s purchase of the Christ Community Church property. Donors, as of this printing, are:

Ebby Halliday Acers                            Jim & Pam Christon                             Hellenic Cultural Society of Dallas
Pete & Carolyn Achilleos                       George & Angie Christon                        Holy Trinity Academy
Gerald & Penelope Adams                        Christon Company                                  Parents' Organization
Steven & Laura Afendis                         Nicholas & Kristie Cimino                      Holy Trinity Choir
AFGLC                                          Gary & Penne Collett                           Dimitrios & Nancy Horiates
AHEPA                                          Tom & Kris Condos                              Katherine Joann Hronas
John & Vicki Alexandris                        Maria Corley                                   Peter Hronas
Lindsey Alexiou                                Cosmos & Lorraine Cosmopoulos                  James Hronas
Christos Alexiou                               Mary Costas                                    Andrew & Marti Iatridis
George & Petroula Anagnostis                   Michael & Eleni Crimmins                       Chad & Maureen Imgrund
Ann Parsons Memorial Foundation                Marios & Anna Damianides                       Alexia Isaak
Anonymous                                      Tanya Darcy                                    Michael & Karen Janiak
Anonymous                                      Daughters of Penelope                          Robert & Dimitra Johnson
Anonymous                                      Stephen & Kay Dekas                            Stephen & Helen Johnson
Anonymous                                      Annette Dempsey                                Angelo & Irene Kalantzis
Anonymous                                      George & Venus Diamond                         Peggy Kanakis
Anonymous                                      James Dimoff                                   William & Helen Kanelos
Anonymous                                      George & Anna Dimou                            Constantinos & Sandra Kaperonis
Chris Antoniou                                 Nick & Julia Dimoulakis                        George & Glenda Karahal
Ted & Patricia Antoniou                        Bill & Marie Dobson                            William Karahal
Louis & Karen Antos                            Fr. George & Prsv. Christa Dokos               Gus Karey
Lillian Aramoonie                              James & Sheila Dolmas                          Anna Karintis
Laurencio & Monica Arroyo                      Dimitri & Helen Dousis                         Steve & Margaret Karnavas
Andy & Elaine Atalis                           Athanasios Dousis                              Dr. Anastasios & Catherine Karni
Sam & Anthe Atalis                             John & Lili Dracopoulos                        Sam & Rose Kartalis
Gus Athas                                      Michele Driver                                 Andrew & Ntina Kastanos
George Lyles Athens                            Doyle & Laurene Dunn                           Fr. Nick & Presv. Angela Katinas
John & Bonnie Athens                           Elizabeth & Brian Dunne                        Gus & Evelyn Katsigris
Pete & Keve Augustus                           Michael & Theodora Dyke                        Anthony & Teresa Katsulos
Angelika Augustus                              Neil & Teitsa Eisner                           Katherine Kazanas
Spiro D. Augustus                              Constantinos & Cleopatra Eliopoulos            Chris & James Kazanas
Wayne & Linda Baham                            Bernie Everson                                 Christina Keltner
Sam Beys family                                Eric & Holly Fedro                             Georgia Kiriakos
Olga & Betty Bithos                            Matthew & Brooke Fossey                        Sam Kiriakos
Peter George Bithos                            Dr Fred & Martha Foster                        James & Diane Kiriakos
Jimmy & Georgia Bonney                         Paul & Maria Fotopoulos                        Paul & Laura Kolostroubis
Demmye Booras                                  Thomas Foukas                                  Stephen & Joy Konstans
Tom & Vangie Bouchlas                          George & Beverly Fox                           Greg & Nina Konstans
Catherine Bouchlas                             Tom & Athena Fox                               Sondra Konstans-Irvin
John & Elizabeth Boyd                          Ellena Fox                                     Konstantinos Kostas
Bobby & Khatuna Brazeal                        John & Daphne Fox                              Constantine & Bev Kotsanis
Ben & Sue Briwa                                Evelyn Freeman                                 Phoebus & Helen Koutras
A. A. Brockles                                 Gus Galanis                                    Georgean & Chris Kouvelis
Leroy & Florence Buehrer                       Vickie Galanis                                   (CK Maintenance)
Sarah Burach                                   Thomas & Patricia Galas                        Ronald & Julie Kuhn
Steve & Rebecca Campbell                       Nancy Gannon & Miguel Romero                   Ike & Mary, Mario & Andrea Kyprianou
Steve & Joanne Canellos                        Thanasi & Vicki Georgalis                      Petros & Linda Kyprios
Dr. Nick & Maria Carayannopoulos               Elia & Lisa Georgalis                          Demetrios Lahiri
Dr. George Carayannopoulos                     Timothy & Martha Georgelas                     Byron & Mary Lambert
Drs Leon and Mary Carayannopoulos              John & Christa Glavas                          Carl & Soula Lanier
Helen Carnegis                                 Andrew & Carmen Gourgourakis                   Angelo Laros
Tatyana & Thomas Carrington                    Jim & Sue Gragg                                Paula Liberis
Maria Chantly                                  Gragg Company                                  Dr. Matthew Lippas
Angelos & Zoe Chatas                           Greek School PTA                               Dr. Philipos & Demetria Loizou
Andy, Froso, Nick & Theo Chrissikos            Chris & Popi Grendas                           Jimmie Lontos
George & Athina Christ                         Richard & Ileana Grube                         Ernest & Nancy Lontos
Stephanie Christ                               Paul Hanson                                    John Faithon Lucas
Costa Christ                                   Helen Harper                                   Eftihia & Timothy Lyons
John & Maria Christon                          Dr. Brent & Sophia Harvey                      Naim & Catalina Maalouf
                                            Christ Community Church Property
 Many thanks to all who contributed to Holy Trinity’s purchase of the Christ Community Church property. Donors, as of this printing, are:

Tom Maglaras                                   Louis Papaliodis                               Steven Slagel
Elias & Katherine Makris                       Panos & Sandy Papamichalis                     Daisy Spahis
George & Lisa Mangos                           Fotis & Litsa Papanicolaou                     Mike & Joanna Spahis
Gus Manolis                                    Harry & Kally Papas                            Helen Spaliaris
Peter & Libby Manos                            Dimitrios & Eleni Papathanasiou                Brett & Sanka Stalcup
Michael & Mary Mantas                          Arthur Papathanasiou                           Steven & Jane Stathas
Chris & Genny Mantzuranis                      Pavlos & Deborah Papathanasiou                 Alex & Andrea Stojanovski
Christina Mantzuranis                          George & Vickie Papilaris                      Scott & Christi Stovall
James Mantzuranis                              Nichelle Marie Pappas                          Henry & Tasia Stover
Jim & Amalia Mantzuranis                       Diane Pappas                                   Kerry & Katina Tassopoulos
Tony Mantzuranis                               Charles & Christina Pappas                     John & Mary Theophilou
Terry & Janice Maragakis                       Antigoni Pappas                                Dwaine & Irene Thomas
Eleftherio & Janice Maragakis                  Helen Pappas                                   James & Anastasia Thomas
Maine Maria                                    Patricia Parker                                Harry & Sandra Thomas
Gary & Jennifer Maroulis                       Angelo & Dena Parker                           Nicole Thornton
Amy Massad                                     Philemon & Maria Patitsas                      Michael & Nicole Tishlias
Sue Massey-Briwa                               Steven & Michelle Pearson                      Harry & Christine Tomasides
Constantine & Ann Mathas                       John & Kim Peet                                Katrina Tomkus
Antonio & Paula Mavridis                       Helen Peroulas                                 Mary Ann Trapalis
Richard & Martha McBride                       MacKenzie Peterson                             Trinity Public Relations
Jane McIntire                                  Christie & Lief Peterson                       Sula Tsevoukas
Peter & Harriet Medes                          Michael Petridis                               Bill, Letta & James Tsevoukas
Dr. Chris Michael                              Alex & Sofia Petropoulos                       Kostas & Paula Tsioumas
George & Liz Michael                           Pete Petropoulos                               Bill & Priscilla Tsougarakis
Frank & Maryann Mihalopoulos                   Karanathu & Aleyamma Philip                    John & Anthi Valos
John & Katie Mihalopoulos                      St. Barbara Philoptochos                       Alex & Marcella Vantarakis
Ray & Jane Miles                               John & Rena Pispidikis                         Georgios & Ann Vastardis
In memory of Katie Miller                      Milton & Susie Plomarity                       Joanne Vatsis
Mary Miller                                    Presv. Alexandra Poulos                        Mary Vatsis
Virginia Miller                                Michael & Bridget Psaromatis                   Jimmy & Vickie Velis
Adil & Thespina Mina                           Litsa Ralli                                    Spiros & Kathy Vergos
Michael & Maria Molett                         Demetrios & Constance Raptis                   Dr. Anthony Viazis
Kristina Morariu                               Dimitrios & Tassi Reppas                       Tim Walker
James & Reena Morris                           Aristidis & Pamela Rigopoulos                  Jack & Angeliki Weissinger
George & Patricia Mougridis                    Lisa Robertson                                 Carol Wellington
Nafpaktian Brotherhood                         Peter & Barbara Rokkas                         Holly & J. Michael West
George & Katherine Naftis                      Johnny & Tonya Rodriguez                       Mary & Steve Wininger
Arthur Nahatis                                 John Sallas                                    Larry Wright
In memory of Sue Nahatis                       John & Joanne Samaras                          Steven & Ophelia Wu
Alyssa Nahatis                                 Michael & Vicki Saponjic                       Basil & Elaine Xeros
Takis Nahatis                                  Costas & Elli Saravanos                        Christina Yampanis
Nell Nayfa                                     Arthur & Linda Sarris                          Barry & Nicki Young
Andrea & David Nayfa                           Fr. Anthony & Presv. Andrea Savas              William & Georgia Zaemes
Lawrence & Georgia Nichols                     Jason & Brenda Sayegh                          Erika Zanders
Katherine & Jim Nicolaou                       Allena Sazmand                                 Angelus Zarafonetis
Gus & Antoinette Nicolaou                      Charles & Cathy Semos                          George & Georgette Zarafonetis
George & Vickie Nikolopoulos                   Chris & Tassie Semos                           Pantelis & Stacey Zarras
Fred & Estelle Odell                           Panayiotis & Susan Shiakolas                   Mehret & Ogbai Zere
Chahe & Julia Ohannessian                      Stanley & Janine Shinn                         Helen Zournas
Peter & Yota Orfan                             Basil & Helen Shropulos                        James Zoys
Vassili & Helen Pafilis                        George & Millie Shropulos                      Helen Zoys
Greg & Diane Pakes                             Katerina Sideris                               George Zoys
Dr. Steven & Nancy Pakes                       George & Pamela Sideris                        Dr. Timothy N. Zoys
Ted & Anne Palles                              Dino Sideris                                   George & Mary Zygouras
George & Beverly Palmer                        Evangelos & Diane Sitaras
Eddie & Tracy Panousieris                      Frank & Jenny Sideris
Thero & Judy Pantaze                           George & Pamela Sideris
Georgia Papageorge                             Katerina Sideris
Achilleas & Sheila Papakostas                  John & Jeanne Skaras
                               July 2004                                                                       Holy Trinity Monthly Planner

     Sun                    Mon                     Tue                   Wed                 Thu                     Fri                Sat
                                                                                        1                       2                  3
                                                                                        Morning Bible Study
                                                                                        11:00 am

                                                                                            June 27-July 3 GOYA Senior Camp

4                      5                      6                      7                  8                       9                  10
5th Sunday of        Office Closed                                   Cooking at 9 am:   Cooking at 9 am:        Cooking at 9 am:   Caregivers
Matthew              for                                             Dolmathes          Dolmathes               Dolmathes          9:30 am
Orthros 8:50 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am
                     Fourth of July                                                     Morning Bible Study
Doxology for                                                                            11:00 am
Independence Day

                                                                     Vespers                                                       Great Vespers
                                                                      6:30 pm           YAL Bible Study                            5:00 pm
                                                                                         7:30 pm

11                     12                     13                     14                 15                      16                 17
6th Sunday of                                                        AUSTIN             Morning Bible Study                        St. Marina
Matthew                                                              STREET             11:00 am                                   Orthros 9:00 am
Orthros 8:50 am                                                      SHELTER                                                       Divine Liturgy 10 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am

                                                                     Vespers            YAL Bible Study                            Great Vespers
                                                                      6:30 pm            7:30 pm                                   5:00 pm

18                     19                     20                     21                 22                      23                 24
Sunday of the                                 St. Elias the                             St. Mary Magdalene
Holy Fathers                                  Prophet                                   & St. Markella                             Clergy-Laity
Orthros 8:50 am                               Orthros 9:00 am                           Orthros 9:00 am                            Conference
Divine Liturgy 10 am                          Divine Liturgy 10 am                      Divine Liturgy 10 am                       NYC 7/24-7/29
                                                                                        Morning Bible Study
                                                                                        11:00 am
                                                                     Vespers                                                       Great Vespers
                                                                      6:30 pm           YAL Bible Study
                                                                                                                                   5:00 pm
                                                                                         7:30 pm

25                     26                     27                     28                 29                      30                 31
8th Sunday of          St. Paraskeve          St. Panteleimon                           Morning Bible Study     Cooking at 9 am:   Cooking at 9 am:
Matthew                Orthros 9:00 am        Orthros 9:00 am                           11:00 am                Spanakopita        Spanakopita
Orthros 8:50 am        Divine Liturgy 10 am   Divine Liturgy 10 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am

                                                                                                                                   Great Vespers
                                                                     Vespers                                                       5:00 pm
                                                                      6:30 pm           YAL Bible Study
                                                                                         7:30 pm

                Strict Fast                       Fish Allowed               Wine & Oil Allowed                Dairy, Eggs & Fish Allowed

   from the
       Parish Council
Summer Greetings!                                                        suggestions you may have in person or by email at
Congratulations to all of you who contributed and helped make the        dianepappas@juno.com.
Christ Community Property a success. A Big THANK YOU to the              For your council,
Fund Raising Committee chaired by Tom Fox and to Jimmy Christon
for their commitment and dedication to this property purchase.           Diane Pappas, President
The Art Expo was wonderful and I enjoyed seeing all of your
works. I didn’t know we had so many talented artists in our
community. Keep up your creative works for another showing.
The Metropolis Choir Conference was a successful event and the
beautiful voices we heard all weekend were uplifting. Thanks to all
of you who helped organize, those that sang and to the sponsors of
                                                                                                             Icon of the
the event.                                                                                                   Panayagia
Don’t forget to help out with Festival Cooking this summer. Fr.
Nick kicks off the schedule with Dolmades on July 7th. If you are
new to the community or just haven’t been able to help, this is the                                         Agia Sophia
year to participate. We are increasing quantities on several items
and will need extra help. You don’t have to have prior experience;                                                in
there will be many eagerly willing to teach you. From my own
past cooking experiences, these times give you a chance to get to
know your fellow parishioners on a more personal level. As you
roll, shape, cut and package the pastries and food, you visit in
small groups with one another. I look forward to helping out and                       AUGUST BIBLE GUIDE
hope to see you at one of the cooking sessions.
                                                                          *1    Sun   1 Cor 3:9-17            Mt 14:22-34
Representing Holy Trinity at the Clergy Laity Conference to be             2    M     Acts 6:8-7:5,47-60      Mt 21:33-42
held in New York, July 25th -30th will be Fr. Anthony, Fr. Nick            3    T     1 Cor 15:29-38          Mt 21:23-27
along with Lay Delegates; Dr. Nicolas Carayannopoulos, Ray Miles           4    W     1 Cor 16:4-12           Mt 21:28-32
and myself. The wide variety of sessions we will be attending are          5    Th    1 Pet 1:1-10            Mt 21:43-46
centered on the Congress theme, “Building Communities of Faith             6    F     2 Pet 1:10-19           Mt 17:1-9
& Love: Orthodox Parishes in Worship and Ministry.” I am also              7    S     Rom 15:30-33            Mk 9:2-9
excited to visit New York since I have never been there.                   8    Sun   1 Cor 4:9-16            Mt 17:14-23
As promised, here is a copy of the check from the Freedom 1000             9    M     Acts 1:12-26            Mt 23:13-22
bank account paying down another $11,185.62 towards the                    10   T     2 Cor 2:1417,3:1-3      Mt 23:23-28
mortgage.                                                                  11   W     1 Cor 11:31-12:6        Mt 18:1-11
                                                                           12   Th    2 Cor 4:1-12            Mt 24:13-28
                                                                           13   F     2 Cor 4:13-18           Mt 24:27-33,42-51
                                                                           14   S     1 Cor 1:3-9             Mt 19:3-12
                                                                         **15   Sun   Phil 2:5-11             Lk 10:38-42,11:27-28
                                                                           16   M     1 Tim 3:13-4:5          Lk 9:51-57,10:22-24
                                                                           17   T     2 Cor 5:15-21           Mk 1:16-22
                                                                           18   W     2 Cor 6:11-16           Mk 1:23-28
                                                                           19   Th    2 Cor 7:1-10            Mk 1:29-35
                                                                           20   F     2 Cor 7:10-16           Mk 2:18-22
                                                                           21   S     1 Cor 1:26-2:5          Mk 3:13-21
August happenings begin with August 4th as the kick off for                22   Sun   1 Cor 15:1-11           Mt 19:16-26
Advance Festival Ticket Sales during Greek Day at Yia Yia’s House          23   M     Phil 2:5-11             Lk 10:38-42,11:27-28
at the Dallas Children’s Museum. Greek dancers, a dolma roll-              24   T     2 Cor 8:16-9:5          Mk 3:13-21
ing contest and worry bead stringing are some of the entertainment         25   W     Tit 1:1-5,2:15-3:15     Mt 5:14-19
planned for the children. Volunteers are also needed to help that day.     26   Th    Heb 10:32-38            Mk 3:28-35
Catechetical School begins August 15th, HTA School starts on               27   F     2 Cor 11:5-21           Mk 4:1-9
August 17th and the HTA Lavish Dinner is August 21st. Mark                 28   S     1 Cor 2:6-9             Mt 22:15-22
your calendars for all of these events.                                    29   Sun   Acts 13:25-32           Mk 6:14-30
                                                                           30   M     2 Cor 12:10-19          Mk 4:10-23
The drop lockbox has been installed in the hallway outside the             31   T     Heb 9:1-7               Lk 10:38-42,11:27-28
office. Feel free to use this to make payments or for correspon-
                                                                           * Fast Begins     ** Falling Asleep of the Theotokos
dence after hours or on the weekends. I welcome any comments or
                       August 2004                                                                        Holy Trinity Monthly Planner

     Sun                    Mon                 Tue               Wed                    Thu                      Fri                   Sat
1 Dormition            2                  3                  4                      5                      6                       7
Fast Begins                                                                         Morning Bible Study    Transfiguration of Cooking at 9 am:
9th Sunday of                                                                       11:00 am               Our Lord           Tiropites
Matthew                                                                                                    Orthros 9:00 am
Orthros 8:50 am                                                                                            Divine Liturgy 10 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am                                                                                       Blessing of Fruits of
                                          Small Paraklesis   Small Paraklesis       Great Vespers for      the Season (grapes)
Small Paraklesis       Small Paraklesis                                                                                            Great Vespers
                       7:00 pm            7:00 pm            7:00 pm                the Transfiguration    Small Paraklesis        5:00 pm
7:00 pm                                                                             7:00 pm                7:00 pm

8                      9                  10                 11                     12                     13                      14
10th Sunday of                                                                      Morning Bible Study                            Caregivers
                                                             AUSTIN                 11:00 am
Matthew                                                      STREET
                                                                                                                                   9:30 am
Orthros 8:50 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am

                                                                                    YAL Bible Study
                                                                                                                                   Sunday &
                                                                                     7:30 pm
                                                                                                                                   Dormition Great
Small Paraklesis       Small Paraklesis   Small Paraklesis   Small Paraklesis       Small Paraklesis       Small Paraklesis        Vespers
7:00 pm                7:00 pm            7:00 pm            7:00 pm                7:00 pm                7:00 pm                 5:00 pm

15                     16                 17                 18                     19                     20                      21
Dormition of the                                             HTA                    Morning Bible Study
Theotokos                                                     Classes Begin         11:00 am
Orthros 8:50 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am                                                                                                               Great Vespers
Catechetical                                                                                                                       5:00 pm
School Begins                                                Vespers                                                               HTA Lavish
                                                              6:30 pm               YAL Bible Study
                                                                                     7:30 pm

22                     23                 24                 25                     26                     27                      28
12th Sunday of                                                                      Morning Bible Study                            Cooking at 9 am:
Matthew                                                                             11:00 am                                       Paximadia
Orthros 8:50 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am

                                                                                    YAL Bible Study                                Great Vespers
                                                             Vespers                 7:30 pm
                                                              6:30 pm
                                                                                                                                   5:00 pm

29                     30                 31                 Sept 1                 Sept 2                 Sept 3                  Sept 4
Beheading of St.                          Cooking at 9 am:   The Feast of
John the Baptist                          Koulourakia        Indiction
Orthros 8:50 am
Divine Liturgy 10 am                                         Ecclesiastical
                                                             New Year
                                                             Orthros 9:00 am
Great Vespers                                                Divine Liturgy 10 am
5:00 pm                                                      Vespers
                                                              6:30 pm

                Strict Fast                   Fish Allowed            Wine & Oil Allowed                  Dairy, Eggs & Fish Allowed

 Ekfonesis        Ekfonesis Ekfonesis
 Advertise in EKFONESIS!                                         GREEK ISLES GRILLE
     ⅛ page:                  $150
     ¼ page:                  $250
                                                                    & TAVERNA
                                                                                   also Catering
     ½ page:                  $400
     Back ½ cover             $500                                3309 Central Expressway @ Parker Road
                                                               Ruisseau Village, Suite 370 Plano, Texas 75023
Ekfonesis editor has the right to approve copy
and content for publication.                                                       “D” Magazine
                                                                  2001-2002 “Best Neighborhood Restaurant”
Sponsorship for each issue is also available
at $1,500 per month and the donor will be
prominently acknowledged.                                                                                   Now Open Sundays
                                                          Gus Kostas (972) 423-7778                                 5 to 9 pm
Copy and payment due on the 15th of the month,
prior to the publication month.
Payment policies:
• Full payment due with copy                                                KOLLIVA Reminder
• 3 month minimum commitment.                              Families are encouraged to bring Kolliva for their
• One month free with 6 month commitment                 loved ones; however, if it is desired, the Church will
(6 months of ads for the price of 5 months)
                                                         provide Kolliva for a charge of $150. Effective April
For more info, call the Church office 972-991-1166      1st the charge will be the same for both the Saturday
 Advertise in EKFONESIS!                                                   & Sunday service.

 Ekfonesis        EKFONESIS        ekfonesis
                                                                         Prosforo Recipe
            JULY BIBLE GUIDE                         Please consider baking a few loaves of this special Altar bread which is a
                                                     necessity in the celebration of our Liturgical life.
1    Th    1 Cor 12:27-13:8       Mt 10:1-8                                    The Prosforo recipe is:
2    F     Heb 9:1-7              Lk 1:39-49
3    S     Rom 8:14-21            Mt 9:9-13                                    5 cups of flour sifted
4    Sun   Rom 10:1-10            Mt 8:28-9:1                                 1-1/2 cups warm water
5    M     Gal 5:22-6:2           Mt 11:27-30                                     2 cakes of yeast
6    T     1 Cor 1:1-9            Mt 13:24-30
7    W     1 Cor 2:9-3:8          Mt 13:31-36                                   1 teaspoon of salt
8    Th    1 Tim 4:9-15           Mt 13:36-42                               Religious seal (sfrangitha)
9    F     1 Cor 4:5-8            Mt 13:44-54         Dissolve yeast in warm water. Add sifted flour and salt and knead until
10   S     Rom 9:1-6              Mt 9:18-26
11   Sun   2 Cor 6:1-10           Mt 9:1-8             smooth. Place in bowl, cover and let rise. When double in size, knead
12   M     1 Cor 5:9-6:11         Mt 13:54-58          again. Then divide dough in half and put in cake pans that have been
13   T     Heb 2:2-10             Mt 14:1-13         floured only (no grease). Dip seal in flour and stamp bread, leaving stamp
14   W     Rom 16:1-16            Mt 14:35-15:11                      on until bread is ready to bake. Let rise,
15   Th    1 Cor 13:11-14:5       Mt 15:12-21
                                                            remove seal and bake for about 30 minutes at 375 degrees.
16   F     1 Cor 7:35-8:8         Mt 15:29-31
17   S     Gal 3:23-4:5           Mk 5:24-34
18   Sun   Titus 3:8-15           Mt 5:14-19
19   M     1 Cor 9:13-18          Mt 16:1-6
20   T     James 5:10-20          Lk 4:22-30
21   W     1 Cor 10:12-23         Mt 16:20-24
22   Th    1 Cor 10:28-11:8       Lk 8:1-3
23   F     1 Cor 11:8-23          Mt 17:10-18
24   S     Rom 13:1-10            Mt 12:30-37
25   Sun   Rom 6:18-23            Mt 14:14-22
26   M     Gal 3:23-4:5           Mk 5:24-34
27   T     2 Tim 2:1-10           Jn 15:17-16:2
28   W     Acts 6:1-7             Mt 20:1-16
29   Th    1 Cor 14:6-19          Mt 20:17-28
30   F     Acts 15:35-41          Mt 21:12-20
31   S     Rom 14:6-9             Mt 15:32-39

 Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
 13555 Hillcrest Road
 Dallas, Texas 75240-5412

        2004                                                                                   The 2004
      Car Raffle                                                                              KIA Sorento

                                                         Please cut along solid line above
                                               48th Greek Food Festival of Dallas
                                                Car Raffle — 2004 KIA Sorento
                                            Raffle Tickets x @ $100.00 per ticket = $
                           (# of Tickets)
                                                                                              Please detach and complete this
Name:                                                                                         form, and mail with your payment
Address: _
                                                                                                  Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox
City:                                           State              Zip                                      Church,
                                                                                                     Attn: Car Raffle Chair
Phone: (   )                            ________ Email                                                   13555 Hillcrest
                                                                                                        Dallas, TX 75240
Payment:         Check                  Credit Card
                                                                                              A raffle stub will be returned to you after
                                                                                              payment has been processed and your entry
Credit Card #                                                    EXP         ______________   will be placed in the hopper prior to the
Signature                                                        ______________
                                                                                              ONLY 500 tickets will be sold!

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