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Recommended method books for beginning students Mark Wessels A


									Recommended method books for beginning students:
Mark Wessels, A Fresh Approach to Snare Drum Mark Wessels, A Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion Randall Eyles, Mallet Percussion for Young Beginners

Recommended solo collections for beginning students:
John Pollard, Shazam

Recommended method books for intermediate students:
Gifford Howarth, Simply Four Garwood Whaley, Primary Handbook for Timpani (w/CD)

Recommended solo collections for intermediate students:
Edward Freytag, Rudimental Cookbook Julie Davila, Impressions on Wood

Recommended method books for high school students:
Jeff Queen, The Next Level Bill Bachman, Rudimental Logic Leigh Howard Stevens, Method of Movement Anthony Cirone, Portraits in Rhythm Fred Albright, Contemporary Studies for the Snare Drum George L. Stone, Stick Control Raynor Carroll, Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for Timpani Tommy Igoe, Groove Essentials (book and DVD) Steve Houghton/Tom Warrington, Essential Styles (book w/CD) Ed Soph, Big Band Primer Ted Reed, Syncopation

Solo recommendations based upon experience and interest

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