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Title           A Reckless Grace
                     An Account of Pilots and Their Planes from the Jennys to the Jets
    Author            Taliaferro, Margaret

Title           Architecture of Leadership, The
                     Preparation Equals Performance
    Author            Phillips, Donald T., and James M. Loy

Title	          Art of Command, The
                     Military Leadership from George Washington to Colin Powell
    Author            Laver, Harry S. and Jeffrey J. Matthews (eds)

Title           Coalition Air Warfare in the Korean War: 1950-1953
    Author            Neufeld, Jacob and George M. Watson, Jr (eds)

Title	          Complexity, Networking, & Effects-Based Approaches to
    Author            Smith, Edward A.

Title	          Effects Based Operations
                     Applying Network Centric Warfare in Peace, Crisis, and War
    Author            Smith, Edward A.

Title           Final Countdown
                     NASA and the End of the Space Shuttle Program
    Author            Duggins, Pat

Title           Hell Hawks!
                     The Untold Story of the American Fliers Who Savaged Hitler's
    Author            Dorr, Robert F., and Thomas D. Jones

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Title           Military Airpower
                    A Revised Digest of Airpower Opinions and Thoughts
    Author            Westenhoff, Charles M. (Col)

Title           Missile Contagion
                    Cruise Missile Proliferation and the Threat to International Security
    Author            Gormley, Dennis M.

Title           Off I Went into the Wild Blue Yonder
    Author            Knudsen, John James

Title           Preludes to U.S. Space-Launch Vehicle Technology
                    Goddard Rockets to Minuteman III
    Author            Hunley, J.D.

Title           Rampant Raider
                    An A-4 Skyhawk Pilot in Vietnam
    Author            Gray, Stephen R.

Title           Reflections on Air Force Independence
    Author            Wolk, Herman S.

Title           Robots in Space
                    Technology, Evolution, and Interplanetary Travel
    Author            Launius, Roger D., and Howard E. McCurdy

Title           Shooting the Front
                    Allied Aerial Reconnaissance and Photographic Intepretation on the
                    Western Front -- World War I
    Author            Finnegan, Terrence J.

Title           To a Distant Day
                    The Rocket Pioneers
    Author            Gainor, Chris

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Title           U.S. Space-Launch Technology
                    Viking to Space Shuttle
    Author            Hunley, J.D.

Title           War Wings: Films of the First Air War
                    A Guide to the World War I Aviation Documentary Motion Pictures
                    Held in the U.S. National Archives
    Author            Stewart, Phillip W.

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