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									ADHD in Children - Books
100 questions & answers about your child's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder / Ruth D. Nass. FM 265 N37 2005 The AD/HD book: answers to parents' most pressing questions / Beth Ann Hill. FM 265 H54 2005 ADHD: a complete and authoritative guide / Michael Reiff. FM 265 R45 2004 ADHD - living without brakes / Martin L. Kutscher. FM 274 K88 2008 Dr. Larry Silver’s advice to parents on ADHD / Dr. Larry Silver. FM 265 S559 1999 The Explosive child / Ross Greene, Ph.D. GK 800 G73 2005 From chaos to calm: effective parenting for challenging children with ADHD and other behavioral problems / Janet Heininger. FM 265 H45 2001 The gift of ADHD: how to transform your child's problems into strengths / Lara HonosWebb. FM 265 H66 2005 How to reach and teach children with ADD/ADHD: practical techniques, strategies, and interventions / Sandra Rief. FM 265 R54 2005

Hiperactivo, impulsivo, distraído: ¿me conoces?: guía acerca del deficit atencional para padres, maestros y profesionales = Hyperactive, impulsive, distracted: do you know me?: a guide about attention deficit for parents, teachers and professionals / Jose Bauermeister. FM 265 B38 2002 Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger's, Tourette's, bipolar, and more! : the one stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals / Martin Kutscher. FM 265 K88 2005 Making the system work for your child with ADHD / Peter Jensen. FM 265 J46 2004 Parenting a child with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder / Nancy S. Boyles. FM 265 B69 1999 Skills training for children with behavior problems: a parent and practitioner guidebook / Michael Bloomquist. GK 800 B59 2006 Socially ADDept: a manual for parents of children with ADHD and/or learning disabilities / Janet Z. Giler. FM 265 G55 1998 Taking charge of ADHD / Russell A. Barkley. FM 265 B27 2005 Teenagers with ADD and ADHD: a guide for parents and professionals / Chris A. Zeigler Dendy. FM 265 Z45t 2006

Why is my child's ADHD not better yet?: recognizing the undiagnosed secondary conditions that may be affecting your child's treatment / David Gottlieb. FM 265 G68 2006 Your defiant child: eight steps to better behavior / Russell A. Barkley GK 890 B37 1998

For Young People
A bird's-eye view of life with ADD and ADHD: advice from young survivors: a reference book for children and teenagers / Chris A. Zeigler-Dendy. FM 265 Z45 2003 The girls' guide to ADHD: don't lose this book! / Beth Walker. FM 265 W35 2004 Jumpin' Johnny get back to work!: a child's guide to ADHD/hyperactivity / Michael Gordon. FM 265.5 G67 1991 Learning to slow down and pay attention / Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. FM 265.5 N33 2005 Putting on the brakes: young people's guide to understanding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder / Patricia O. Quinn. FM 265 Q56 2001 Shelley, the hyperactive turtle / by Deborah M. Moss. FM 265.5 M85 2006

1-2-3 magic: training your preschoolers and preteens to do what you want [VHS] / Thomas W. Phelan. GK 722 P51 1990 Managing oppositional youth: effective, practical strategies for parents and teachers to manage the behavior of oppositional kids [VHS] / Arthur Robin. GK 890 R63 1997 Managing the defiant child: a guide to parent training [VHS] / Russell A. Barkley. GK 890 B37 1997

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ADHD in Children
Megan Barkelar, Mary Jo Boland and Kaye Crampton, Consumer Health Librarians September 2008

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