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									                              Rhodia in China
                                       Year 2003

Rhodia China   07 / 02 / 03       CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES

• 1970 ’s                     Rhodia ’s predecessor company, Rhône-Poulenc, starts to
                   do business in China
• 1980             First Representative Office set up in Beijing
• 1993             First two Joint Ventures established ( Qingdao Silica, SuZhou Anli)
• 1998 - January   Creation of Rhodia
                   Rhône-Poulenc and Hoecsht merge their life science
                   businesses; Rhodia is created as an independent
                   company through the combination of R-P ’s chemical &
                   polyamide businesses
•   1998- June     Rhodia listed on New York and Paris Stock exchanges
•   1999           Rhodia sets up Representative Offices in China
                   ( Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang )
•   2000 - June    Rhodia (China) Co. Ltd. established in Shanghai
•   2002 - Sept.   Trading Company established
•   End 2002       Rhodia operates in China through 16 Legal Entities with
                   capital investment of more than 300M USD

    Rhodia China                   06/ 02 / 03       2            CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                        Overall Picture

  In China, Rhodia is involved in:
                            1. Chinese Operations

       • 1 Holding Company (HQ in Shanghai / Branch in Beijing)
       • 15 Local Enterprises
       • 3 Representative Offices (Shanghai / Beijing / Guangzhou)
         + Rhodia Hong Kong
       • 1 Trading Company (HQ in Waigaoqiao/Liaison Office in Shanghai)

                              2. Asia Pacific Zone Headquarters

       • Regional Enterprises - Electronics & Catalysis
                              - Pharma Solutions
                              - Engineering Plastics
                              - Polyamide Intermediates
                              - Textile Fibers
       • Regional Functions   - Purchasing
                              - Industrial

Rhodia China                      06/ 02 / 03        3           CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                       Holding Company

                             Rhodia China Co., Ltd.

        Scope :
         Equity in various Rhodia Projects in China
         Platform of Services for Local Enterprises

        Location :
        HQ in Shanghai Technology Park
        + Branch in Beijing

        Shared Services:
        GM, Projects, Finance/IS/Accounting, Legal, Communication, HR, etc…
        + Innovation Center (R&D)

        Hosting Center
         Asia Pacific Purchasing
         Industrial (Regional AP Tech Center)

Rhodia China                     06/ 02 / 03       4           CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                                  15 Local Entities

               12 Joint Ventures & 3 WOFI*                                           Division
 Shanghai Longma Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.               36
 Qingdao Zhongda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.                     493
 Yingkou Yinglong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.                    466       Automotive, Electronics and Fibers
 Baotou Rhodia Rare Earth Co., Ltd.                           181
 Liyang Rhodia Founder Rare Earth New Material Co., Ltd.      831
 Rhodia Wuxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                         260
 Jade Fine Chemical (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.*                         25        Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals
 Ruohai (Zhejiang) Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. *                 138
 Rhodia Silica Qingdao Co.,Ltd.                               114
 Rhodia Silicones Shanghai Co., Ltd.*                         52        Industrial Care and Services
 Rhodia Suzhou Anli Specialty chemicals Co., Ltd.             24
 Rhodia Specialty Chemicals Wuxi Co., Ltd.                    75
 Beijing Rhodia Eastern Chemical Co., Ltd.                    112
 Rhodia-Hengchang (Zhangjiagang) Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd. 545 Food and Consumer Care
 Yunnan Luoping Phosphates Chemical Co. Ltd.                  168

   * WOFI: Wholly Owned Foreign Investment
Rhodia China                                 06/ 02 / 03            5               CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
               Diversified Approach for Business

                         Sales & Marketing

        Representative     Rhodia                Rhodia Trading
           Offices        Hong Kong               Company

      • Shanghai                             •    HQ in Waigaoqiao
      • Beijing                              •    Liaison Office in Shanghai
      • Guangzhou

Rhodia China              06/ 02 / 03    6              CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                     Rhodia Presence in China

                                                                                    RHODIA BJ OFFICE
                                                                                    RHODIA EASTERN CHEMCIAL
                                                                                    RHODIA YINGKOU FIBER
                                                      Beijing                       RHODIA QINGDAO SILICA
                                               Baotou                     Yingkou   RHODIA QINGDAO ZHONGDA FIBER
                                                               Qingdao              RHODIA SUZHOU ANLI
                                                                                    RHODIA SHANGHAI SILICONE
                                                                                    RHODIA LONG MA
               RHODIA WX SPECIALTY CHEM.                      Liyang                RHODIA CHINA CO. LTD
               JADE WUXI
               RHODIA WX PHARMA
                                                  Hengchang                         RHODIA TRADING CO.
                                                                                    RHODIA SHANGHAI OFFICE
                                                                 Suzhou   Shanghai
               KUNMING LUOPING,.
                                                                                    RUOHAI FINE CHEMICALS

                                             Guangzhou                              RHODIA GUANGZHOU OFFICE

                                                         HK                         RHODIA HANGKONG

Rhodia China                            06/ 02 / 03                7                  CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                                    Business in China (1)

Automotive, Electronics and Fibers                             Pharmaceuticals and
•    Technical Fibers
Flock, BCF                                                     •    Rhodia Pharma Solutions
PA6,PA66 staple for Non-woven                                  •    Perfumery, Performance Products &
Kermel Fire-Resistant Fiber                                         Agrochemicals

•    Engineering Plastics

•   Polyamide Intermediate                                     Food and Consumer Care
ADN & AA, AH Salt & PA66 Polymer
                                                               •    Home, Personal Care & Industrial
•    Nylstar                                                        Ingredients
Filament and Staple for textile                                -Detergent
                                                               Surfactants, Acid thickener,Additive & Biocides
•    Electronics & Catalysis                                   Performance concentrates
La-Ce products for polishing powder
Pr-Nd products for magnets Materials & Capacitor               -Personal care
     manufacture                                               Anionic & Amphoteric surfactants ,Performance
Ce-Series products& Ce-Zr products for Autocat & other         systems,Viscosity modifiers
     special glasses                                           Conditioning agents for shampoo & shower gel
Tb-Bass products and Yi & Yi plus Eu products for              Viscosifiers & polishing agents for toothpaste
     Fluorescent powder manufacture
La products with optical grade for electronic & optical        -Agro Formation Additives
     glasses manufacture                                       -Industrial and Oilfield Systems
                                                               -Polymer Specialty Systems

    Rhodia China                                 06/ 02 / 03         8                  CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                                      Business in China (2)

                                                            •    Performance Products for Multifunctional
   •    Food
   Food phosphates
                                                            -Decorative Paint
   Hydrocolloids Stabilizer Systems
                                                            Latex emulsions, Defoamers,Dispersant & Wetting
   Lactic Culture for Dairy
                                                            Agents,Thixotropes & Thickener, Extenders,Driers
                                                            Solvent and water based aliphatic ,polyisocyanate
   •    Phosphates & Phosphorous Derivatives
   -Industrial Intermediates
                                                            Rhodia solvent
   Halides, Sodium Hypophosphites
   -Performance Products
                                                            -Textile chemicals
   phosphorus Specialties
                                                            Acrylic-based sizing for textile and paper markets
   Flame Retardants
   THPS leather
                                                            -Acrylic Resin
   -Rhodia Water
                                                            Acrylic Resin for Roof Tile
   THPS & Phosphonates
                                                            2-K Acrylic Resin

                                                            -Construction materials
   Industrial Care and Services                             Concrete admixture
                                                            Ceramic tide adhesive
   •     Silicones
                                                            Mortar additives
   -Performance additives & Coatings
                                                            Shotcrete accelerator
   -Engineered Elastomers
                                                            Water repellents
   -Construction Sealants & Adhesives
                                                            Damp proof course injection fluid
   Anti-adhesive silicone resin
                                                            Soil consolidates
   Silicone intermediate, Silicone Oil & Emulsion
    Mould release agent
                                                            •    Silica Systems
                                                            Highly dispersible silica

Rhodia China                                  06/ 02 / 03              9                  CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                      Sales Evolution in China

                                                         Sales: MUSD



               1999         2000                 2001            2002

Rhodia China                       06/ 02 / 03          10        CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES
                          Long-term Policy

Rhodia is committed to Sustainable Development Policy
         Health, people and product safety, the environment
         Economics to drive sustainable growth
         People directly involved with social, societal and ethical issues

Long term commitment by creating and managing
   industrial sites

Reinforcing technical and commercial support

To be “Asian in Asia” and “ Chinese in China”

Rhodia China                    06/ 02 / 03     11          CHALLENGING BOUNDARIES

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