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					                                                           Qasim Shahid

1400 Herrington Rd Apt 17011                                                            Phone (205)-454-7591
Duluth, GA 30044                                                                        Email: qas1981@gmail.com

  Bachelor of Engineering (B.S)
  Major: Computer Science, Minor: Math


       Software Engineer, Cadillac Jack 2420 Meadowbrook Pkwy Duluth, GA (Oct 2007 –Current)
             Worked closely with external customers to develop/enhance reporting system.
             Managed 1TB sized databases from a developer perspective to enhance application portfolio performance
             Performance tuned ASP.NET Ajax WEB pos application.
             Created documentation for customer support, business units and external customers to reference
             Worked to reduce Tier 2 support by enhancing Tier1 support diagnosis tools
             Lead Developer for custom Reporting Engine.
             Debug/Support/Enhance C/C++ antiquated applications.
             Increased ASP.NET reliability by implementing MSMQ messaging
             Worked to increase performance of real time C/C++ gaming engines
             Worked onsite with customer to resolve issues pertaining to application performance/tuning
             Added revenue to the bottom line by effectively reducing repetitive task performed by management.
             Used agile methodologies to effectively implement new I.T. initiatives
             Implemented use of OOP to effectively reduce framework code base
             Worked with team to implement a WEB based POS solution using ASP.NET,AJAX,XML,MSMQ
             Used external customer’s business requirements to design and implement required software
             Through use of quality QA testing and test cases effectively reduced errors in production.
             Implemented successful process for performance tuning of large SQL Server databases.
             Worked with field technicians to solve onsite issues related to software performance or failure

       Billing Systems Developer, Southern Company, 600 18th St. Birmingham, Al (Aug 2005- Oct 2007) Stock: (SO)
             Architect and Implement financial accounting systems with invoices totaling $1 billion plus dollars yearly, contributing direct
              revenue to the bottom line of the company. (C#, Visual Basic, Sybase)
             Provide as an effective medium for communication for customers needs, system anticipations and budget constraints through
              understanding of customer requirements and goals for each implementation (Design documents, URD’s, Project Plans).
             Lead Developer for custom energy billing application (C#, SQL Server, Sybase).
             Implement complex reusable business objects to procure numerous energy contracts through use of rapid application
              development on time and under budget (business objects on Sybase Server).
             Work with business unit to evolve strategies for implementing new procedures to decrease project implementation timelines
              and decrease budget by 20% using reusable components (client server applications).
             Worked to reduce cost by increasing IT efficiency.
             Used SDLC to provide accurate results driven by requirements
             Implemented of object oriented design on all projects.
             Conducted Training for business customers & end users for newly implemented projects and old projects.
             Created technical design documents for business users and technical users to consume.
             Worked closely with business users to translate business concerns into technical requirements.
             Conducted requirements meetings where business and technical developers worked together to produce results.
             Used principles of OOP to reduce repetitive process
             Implemented & supported enterprise applications.

       Lead Information Systems Developer, Arthur Wilbur Company Inc, Tuscaloosa, Al (Dec 2004-2005)
            Architected and implemented e-commerce information technologies to align and compete with like businesses.
            Used open source technologies (PHP, MySQL, Unix, Linux) to keep implementation cost down and revenue high.
            Evaluated use of new technologies to see where inclusion into the business.
            Worked directly with Marketing to develop new I.T. strategies to push the product line into main stream.
            Using PHP and MySQL produced customer product tracking tool.
         Using PHP and MySQL produced automated emailing tool.
         Using .NET technologies created data migration tool for scrubbing old data for conversion from MySQL into SQL
         Introduced the usage of remote administration tools.
         Introduced .NET technologies, which in turn produced faster, reusable results.
         Produced business cases for design and implementation of software to reduce manually intensive tasks and
          streamlined internal processes reducing man hours, thus reducing the workforce budgets. .
         Lead developer for all internal & external software development and procurement projects
         Effectively integrated new vendor warehouse management applications systems to increase bottom line by 20%.
         Used VeriSign COM modules & C# Win forms to produce an POS system for internal sales.
         Maintained C++ code.
         Used Vendor supplied requirements documents and design documents to build systems to conform to standards.
         Learned new technologies very quickly and implemented them where needed.
         Worked 24/7 on call support as lead developer to ensure storefront remained highly available.

    Production Support Engineer, Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Vance, Alabama, (Jan 2002 – Dec 2004) Stock: (DCX)
         Created management reporting tools to capture system metrics using various programming languages (Perl, C++, PL/SQL,
            Visual Basic & .NET) to improve business process to increase efficiency in turn reducing system operational cost.
         Managed systems demanding 99.9 % uptime for business process producing logistical analysis for external warehousing
            vendors to use.
        Aided to refine and implement JIT based business process.
         Lead teams to conduct system analysis to mitigate performance issues using custom process metric capturing applications
            (C++, VB.NET, Bash Scripting, & Perl) to reduce system downtime and increase plant productivity.
         Aided Logistics and Inventory Control through superior supplier communications, translating complex IT process and
            constraints into business language.
     Worked to implement JIT based logic into IT solutions.
     Implemented PERL/VBA based reporting tool to produce real time plant data into a GUI.
     Supported complex legacy C application which operated the entire MBUSI plant.
     Created technical design documents to detail complex legacy systems.
     Worked with UNIX based wireless scanners to interface/ record plant data.
     Managed vendor applications and added modules where needed. (CITRIX).
     Used RFID technology to track plant products.

    Technical Support Specialist, Ferguson Center, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (Aug 2001 – Jan 2002)
          Identify the needs of clients companies, and design and implement information systems solutions
          Systems integration, and Web development
          Maintained one of the largest nodes of computing facilities of U.A. at the Ferguson Center
          Managed computer equipment inventories
          Installed and maintained networking equipment
          Provided full technical support for Student Union and offices within
          Created/designed University Office of Judicial Affairs web site and served as Webmaster

    Web Developer, Media Relation, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Al (Jan 1999, May 2001)
         Developed and maintained PHP portion of the experimental website for Media Relations
          Developed dynamic web application for statistical analysis of student data.
         Created/designed University Office of Judicial Affairs web site and served as Webmaster
         Used open source languages and tools to reduce cost
         Developed & Designed main page for Media Relations
         Worked with business users and business clients to meet demands for web portal.

         ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET,AJAX, MSMQ, SOAP, PHP, JavaScript ,XML, XHTML, HTML, Visual Basic, SQL , PL/SQL,
          Perl, Bash scripting, C++, C ,ASP, Reporting Services, Sharepoint, nihibernate, wpf, silverlight
       Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Microsoft Access
       Microsoft Office XP, DOS, Citrix
       Installation, implementation, configuration, and management of Windows 98, 2000, XP and NT
       Management and implementation of DHCP, DNS, Group Policy, WINS, RAS, IIS, and Terminal Services
       Problem solving and troubleshooting of software failure
       Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, 2003, XP, DOS, Redhat, AIX, Linux, UNIX,

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