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A Bibliography of Some Picture Books For Older Students
Picture Books for Older Children. Our society is becoming more visually oriented. Artists and writers have discovered picture books as a challenging medium for their talents. Book editors are willing to take risks for the sake of artistic integrity. Developments in printing techniques have made it possible for the picture book to develop as an art form in itself. Picture books now appear on the New York Times best-seller list as these sophisticated picture books are enjoyed, appreciated, and collected by adults as art. Characteristics of Picture Books for Older Children: 1. Older Children. Older children are defined as children in upper elementary, middle grades, junior high, and high school. 2. Mature Themes. Picture books for older children often have mature themes. Older children have the mental and emotional maturity to deal with sensitive issues and to make connections to historical events. Therefore themes may deal with war, genocide, social issues such as homelessness, or distant times and places. 3. Prerequisites. Prerequisites involve reader knowledge and experience. Older children bring a core of knowledge and experence to their reading. Picture books for older children often provide a medium for deeping artistic response and increasing awareness of other literary and aesthetic forms. a. Older children are able to compare variants of tales, noting patterns of likeness and seeing reversals or alternations of familar motifis and events. b. Older children are able to reread stories from their earlier childhood and visually interpret them in new and unexpected ways. c. Illustrators often create visual contexts rich in subplots or references to historical, literary, or artistic events that are best appreciated by older children and even adults. 4. Provide a wide range of fact, fantasy, and realism. Picture Books for the Secondary Classroom by Barbara Brewer Picture Books for Young Adults Compiled by Don Yarman Aliki. The Kings' Day: Louis XIV of France Anno, Mitsumasa. Anno's U.S.A __________. Anno's Italy Bash, Barbara. Desert Giant: The World of the Saquaro Cactus Climo, Shirley. The Egyptian Cinderella Cooper, Susan. The Silver Cow: A Welsh Tale


Page 2 of 2 DeFelice, Cynthia. The Dancing Skeleton Fisher, Leonard Everett. Cyclops Gallaz, Christophe and Roberto Innocenti. Rose Blanche Hodges, Margaret. The Arrow and the Lamp __________. Buried Moon __________. The Kitchen Knight __________. Saint George and the Dragon Hunt, Jonathan. Illuminations Locker, Thomas. Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle __________. Where The River Begins Mayer, Marianna. Twelve Dancing Princesses Noyes, Alfred. The Highwayman Scieszka, Jon. The Frog Prince, Continued __________. The True Story of the Three Pigs: by A. Wolf Turner, Ann. Dakota Dugout Van Allsburg, Chris. Bad Day at Riverbend __________. The Garden of Abdul Gasazi __________. Jumanji __________. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick ___________. The Stranger __________. The Sweetest Fig ___________. The Z Was Zapped Wisniewski, David. Golem __________. The Warrior and the Wise Man __________. The Wave of the Sea-Wolf Yolen, Jane. Dove Isabeau __________. Encounter __________. Sky Dogs Young, Ed. Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Story from China


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