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									The Association for the Export of Canadian Books
Deadline for receipt of applications: Friday, March 6, 2009
Applicants must complete Part A and B of the application form and all required forms pertaining to the programs for which an application is submitted. All applicants must include with their application a copy of their company's most recent financial statements and a statement by an independent public accountant on Eligible Export Sales for their company's most recent financial period.
Software required: Acrobat Reader 8 Digital Signature:

To which program(s) are you applying? (Check relevant boxes.) Export Marketing Assistance Program (EMAP) Parts A, B, and C Parts A, B, and D

Foreign Rights Marketing Assistance Program (FRMAP)

PART A: General Information
Photocopy blank forms as needed. Please type or print in block letters. Company name Address Previous name (if applicable) Mailing Address (if different)

Person authorized to sign the Contribution Agreement Contact person's title Email Applicant's financial statements covered by this application to

Contact person Telephone Website Fax

yes yes yes yes

no no no no

Was the applicant eligible for the Aid to Publishers component of the Book Publishing Industry Development Program (BPIDP) 2008-2009? Was the applicant eligible for Block Grants 2008, Canada Council for the Arts, Book Publishing Support? Is the applicant Canadian-owned? (See IMA 2009-2010 Guidelines, Definitions.) Has the applicant's ownership structure changed (in regards to the benefical ownership or control, directly or indirectly) since its most recent application to BPIDP or Canada Council for the Arts? Has the applicant fulfilled all contractual obligations with respect to author royalty payments by the deadline for receipt of applications?



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