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					Books for Babies
All these books can be found in area public libraries or can be requested from

Six to 12 Months
When choosing books for older babies, look for board books with bright images and simple texts about the world they are just discovering. Babies love rhythm, rhyme, and sound effects. Interactive books with textures to feel or flaps to lift are great fun. Row, Row, Row Your Boat by Annie Kubler. Here’s a new version, complete with added verses that encourage sound effects. Five Little Ducks by Dan Yaccarino. Mother Duck sets out to find her five little ducklings as they disappear. Tails by Matthew Van Fleet. Seven textures, a scratch-and-sniff, and pull tabs and flaps provide surprises on every page. Noisy Barn! by Harriet Ziefert. A boisterous parade of farm animals on their way to the barn certainly can cause quite a stir. Humpty Dumpty and Other Rhymes by Iona Opie with pictures by Rosemary Wells. Captivating pictures add to the charm of these traditional rhymes. The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. Serious silliness for all ages as an ark full of animals gets ready for bed. Clap Your Hands by David Ellwand. Teddy bears demonstrate the actions of a familiar song.

12 to 24 Months
Early toddlers like books that are repetitive and predictable. Both big books for lap sharing and little books to carry about have great appeal. Toddlers also enjoy spotting details in illustrations. Rhyme and rhythm add toddler appeal. Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker. Count to ten with the Big Fat Hen, her friends and all of her chicks. The Baby Goes Beep by Rebecca O’Connell. A baby makes various sounds as he explores the world around him. My Cat Jack by Patricia Casey. Full page pictures of the everyday antics of a playful cat. What Are You Doing, Maisy? by Lucy Cousins. Maisy does lots of things, but what is she doing now? Look at the picture clues and lift the flaps to find out! Wibbly Pig Likes Bananas by Mick Inkpen. Babies point to what they like in this interactive board book. Trucks, Trucks, Trucks by Peter Sis. Trucks that plow, trucks that roll, trucks that haul, trucks that lift--Matt just can't get enough of his favorite toys. I Love You Just the Way You Are by Virginia Walters. Even when Bartholomew the bear is having a very bad day, patient George lets him know that he is still loved. Ask the librarian for more suggestions.

Birth to 6 Months
When choosing books to share with the youngest babies, look for those that have thick, sturdy pages and not much text. Pictures should feature simple, geometric designs, with high contrasts, and bright colors. Pictures of human faces are especially attractive to babies. Other good choices are nursery rhymes and songs. Baby at Home by Monica Wellington. Brightly colored pages with baby toys that children will recognize. My Fuzzy Farm Babies by Tad Hills. A touch and feel book for babies. Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round by Raffi. A song with hand motions that has great baby appeal. Peekaboo Baby by Margaret Miller. Babies love to peek at other babies. Baby Signs for Bedtime by Linda Acredolo. Help babies learn how to tell you what they want—with baby sign language. Black on White by Tana Hoban. Simple images make for a sweet game of ‘guess what?’ with baby.

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