CPL Books By Title March Title About Alice Boleyn by jennbrink


									             CPL Books By Title March 2007
Title                                  Author
About Alice                            Trillin, Calvin
Boleyn Inheritance                     Gregory, Phillippa
Brother Odd                            Koontz, Dean
Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers                Braun, Lillian Jackson
Cross                                  Patterson, James
Exile                                  Patterson, Richard North
For One More Day                       Albom, Mitch
For One More Day (sound recording)     Albom, Mitch
God Delusion                           Dawkins, Richard
God Don't Play                         Monroe, Mary
Hannibal Rising                        Harris, Thomas
Hunters                                Griffin, W.E.B.
I Like You                             Sedaris, Amy
Marley & Me                            Grogan, John
Next                                   Crichton, Michael
Plum Lovin'                            Evanovich, Janet
Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties   Stone, Robert
Sea of Thunder                         Thomas, Evan
Shadow Dance                           Garwood, Julie
Stalemate                              Johansen, Iris
This I Believe                         Allison, Jay and Gediman, Dan
Treasure of Khan                       Cussler, Clive
Wealth of Nations                      O'Rourke, P.J.
Web of Evil                            Jance, J.A.
Wild Fire                              DeMille, Nelson

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