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					                                 CLEAR CREEK SOLUTIONS, INC.
                                 15800 Village Green Drive #3
                                 Mill Creek, WA 98012

BAHM PROJECT BOOK is now available.
The BAHM PROJECT BOOK includes step-by-step instructions with pictures
for designing more than 20 different representative projects including:
    pond sizing using AutoPond,
    manual pond sizing,
    offsite basin projects,
    bypass basin projects,
    full infiltration,
    partial infiltration,
    sand filter sizing,
    vault sizing,
    irregular-shaped pond sizing,
    tank/pipe sizing,
    use of the SSD Table,
    lateral flow basins and dispersion,
    gravel trench bed sizing,
    permeable pavement modeling,
    rain gardens,
    bioretention facilities,
    planter boxes,
    multiple points of compliance, and
    modeling an entire watershed.

It also comes with a CD of the BAHM project files for each project.

For BAHM project reviewers there is a section describing how to review
BAHM files and output and a reviewer checklist is included. This 495-page
book is a compilation of the knowledge and insight of BAHM’s three
developers: Doug Beyerlein, Joe Brascher, and Shanon White.

The BAHM PROJECT BOOK is now available. We are offering the BAHM
PROJECT BOOK for the price of $140.00 plus $8.00 shipping and handling
(total $148.00). It can be ordered from We
accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
Make checks payable to Clear Creek Solutions, Inc.
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