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              Indonesian Tourism Boost as Holidays to Bali Voted as Amongst World's Best

       By Prakash Patel
       Dated: Aug 13, 2009

       Travel and Leisure magazine has named Bali as the worlds favourite holiday island following a recent poll
       of its readership.

       Greenford, London, UK, -- The recognition comes as great news for the Indonesian tourism industry which
       once again is facing a crisis following terrorist attacks. The latest of course being the bombings of the JW
       Marriot and Ritz Carlton hotels in Jakarta last month.

        Bali topped the list of Island destinations nominated which included the Galapagos and Maui. The head of
       the Bali Tourism Board, Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, commented that he hoped the first place would be
       further evidence that Bali and Indonesia holidays would remain a successful economic earner for this part
       of South East Asia.

        Many people believe that the latest bombings are unlikely to signal the catastophic decline in holidays to
       Bali and Indonesia that the original bombing in 2002 produced though initial figures do show that many
       have cancelled their flights and holidays to Bali. "Although some hotels in Bali had reported cancellations
       of foreign tourist arrivals, this could not yet be taken as reflecting the whole situation in the industry,"
       Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) chairman Ben Sukma said. It is being
       reported that many luxury hotels throughout Indonesia have seen significant occupany decline, presumably
       as propsective guests are fearful of similar attacks, whilst the backpacking fraternity, the Australian youth
       and other such traditional tourists to the area seem to be unperturbed.

        Since the original Bali bombing in 2002 targets closer to home have of course been targeted and there is a
       considered feeling amongst many travellers that the risk of terror attack is just as likely at home as in
       countries such as Indonesia. For further information about holidays to Bali visit http://

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