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Recruitment Case Study doc confirmed case by benbenzhou


Recruitment Case Study doc confirmed case

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									                    Governor Recruitment
     A Case Study of strategies used by West Herts College

The Search Committee of West Herts College set itself the following targets for
improving the diversity of the board, approved by the Corporation in November 2005, in
order to ensure that it best represented the community it serves:

Gender:            50% male, 50% female
Ethnicity:         20% non-white British
Age:               reduction of average age from 50-59, to 40-49
Disability:        the recruitment of at least one disabled board member

In reflecting its community, the board chose to reflect in its percentage target the Ethnic
Minority Group (EMG) population of the college students, in light of the variances in the
EMG population in the local towns. In addition, the committee revised its recruitment
selection material, to ensure a consistent approach during selection interviews, with
selection assessment criteria that focus on the personal qualities and individual skills
that the board are seeking.

Strategies used: since January 2006 A recruitment campaign, led by the Clerk
to the Corporation and the Search Committee, included the following activities:

   The Clerk had several meetings with the Chief Executive of Watford Race Equality
    Council, to obtain greater information on the diversity of the communities within the
    area and assistance in contacting diverse organisations.

   A recruitment leaflet for governance at West Herts College was designed and
    distributed (approx. 500) to business organisations, ex-students and ethnic
    community groups, in addition to poster campaigns within the college and in local
    community venues. The leaflet was aimed at attracting a younger business
    orientated market, and those who did not necessarily have previous governance
    experience, to attract fresh ideas and thinking to the board. The recruitment leaflet
    used is below.

   The distribution of the leaflet was planned to coincide with local newspaper
    advertisements advertising a ‘Governance Workshop’, which was held in May
    2006, allowing prospective members to receive a two hour overview of the role of
    governors at the college, and to meet current governors. Additionally the Clerk
    held individual sessions for those unable to attend the workshop. The workshop
    included small group discussions which enabled the assessment of the prospective
    candidates in that environment.

   21 potential members responded, resulting in 6 applications. Following interview,
    three were recommended, and accepted, for appointment to the board, and are
    now serving members.
 The Clerk liaised with the other 3 Hertfordshire college clerks in an attempt to
  organise a Hertfordshire recruitment event. Although not taken up in the first
  instance, interest in a joint campaign was rekindled at the end of the year, with the
  Clerks of all four colleges meeting to plan a joint recruitment strategy.

 The joint planning by the Hertfordshire College Clerks resulted in the production of a
  joint advertisement for 3 of the 4 colleges (Hertfordshire Regional College, Oaklands
  College and West Herts College), published in the local press of each of the 3
  colleges involved. The advertisement copy (below) was designed and produced by
  West Herts College Marketing Department. The single ‘governance email’ address
  was supplied by North Herts College and a member of the administration staff of
  West Herts was the initial point of contact for enquiries, distributing details to the
  respective Clerks.

  The outcome of the campaign by June 2007 across all the colleges was:
 A total of 46 expressions of interest and, by the end of June 2007,
  6 board appointments with further appointments anticipated
 Furthermore, the sharing of potential governors between colleges was enabled by
  this approach and the involvement of some of the applicants not selected into other
  areas of college life, e.g. task groups, employer panels.

 During the initial evaluation meeting in April 2007, all of the Clerks noted a higher
  calibre of applicant than in previous campaigns. In one case, a college noted that it
  was able to recruit from an area it had previously experienced difficulties in recruiting
  from. The advertisement was also noted for having attracted a higher number of
  ethnic minority and female applicants than previously experienced, and a greater
  diversity of ages of those interested. All of the colleges confirmed that they would
  wish to take part in future campaigns of this sort.

 Further activities for West Herts own recruitment campaign have continued in the
  background, with varied activities and outcomes including:

          Establishing contact with the local Volunteer Bureaus, who posted the
           college’s recruitment material on their websites and in their local centres,
           together with inclusion of leaflets at volunteering fairs. This has resulted in 4
           expressions of interest but no appointments to date.

          A letter campaign to the two main local retail centres in the area. This
           resulted in one initial expression of interest, but did not lead to any

          The Clerk taking a more active role in community networking e.g.
           volunteering services, business networks, local consultation forums.
           Contacts made at these have included useful contact with an ex-EMG
           school governor, providing valuable information on how to attract, appoint
           and keep an EMG governor.

          Advertisment in a local Chamber of Commerce newsletter, which resulted in
           three applications, none appointed.
         A college website webpage dedicated to governor recruitment, which has
          already produced an application, currently being processed.

         The production of a recruitment DVD: A governors’ meeting was filmed,
          alongside interviews with the Chair of the Corporation and the Principal, and
          this has now been produced as a DVD click here. The DVD is
          downloadable from the college web pages and can be sent out to
          prospective applicants and accompany future recruitment campaigns.

         Electronic advertisement on the Non-Executive Director website www.non-
, specifically directed at potential governors with financial and
          audit expertise, producing 4 applicants, 2 appointed.

Sheila Selwood                                                     November 2008
Clerk to the Corporation

For more information please contact or telephone 01923 812608

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