First PaPerback edition Bookmarks reading in Black and white by jennbrink


									                                 First PaPerback edition              Zora Neale hursToN                                     secoNd sTar To The riGhT                         The Jewish Graphic Novel
                                 Bookmarks                            collected plays                                        peter pan in the                                 critical approaches
                                 reading in Black and white           Zora Neale Hurston                                     popular imagination                              Edited by Samantha Baskind
                                 a memoir                             Edited by Jean Lee Cole and                            Edited by Allison B. Kavey and                   and Ranen Omer-Sherman
                                 Karla FC Holloway                    Charles Mitchell                                       Lester D. Friedman
                                                                                                                                                                              “The graphic novel is a vital and
                                 “BookMarks is a moving and           Eleven of Hurston’s forgotten                          “Whether a Victorian, Edwardian,                 emerging genre, and this is the
                                 revelatory memoir, as Hol-           dramatic writings are published                        or twenty-first-century postmodern,              only book that focuses on its rela-
                                 loway contemplates her own           together for the first time in this                    earthbound adults of all ages will               tion to Jewish culture, literature,
                                 reading history as well as that      carefully edited and annotated                         find Second Star to the Right an en-             and history. A highly readable
                                 of her family . . . this is a work   volume. Filled with lively char-                       gaging and illuminating collection.”             and informative collection that
                                 of fiercely intelligent scholar-     acters, vibrant images of rural                        —Thomas Doherty, Brandeis                        will be of great interest to read-
                                 ship.”                               and city life, and, most impor-                        University                                       ers across a wide range of disci-
                                 —Susan Larson, New Orleans           tantly, the blues, readers will                                                                         plines.”
                                 Times-Picayune                       discover a “real Negro theater”                        The engaging essays in Second                    —Deborah R. Geis, editor of
                                                                      that embraces all the richness                         Star to the Right approach Peter Pan             Considering MAUS: Approaches
                             “Holloway shares her research            of black life.                                         from literary, dramatic, film, televi-           to Art Spiegelman’s “Survivor’s
                             into the seldom-explored sub-            424 pages • paper • $24.95                             sion, and sociological perspectives.             Tale” of the Holocaust
                             ject of death and dying in the           978-0-8135-4292-8                                      288 pages • 24 illustrations                     360 pages • cloth • $49.95
African American community . . . in this fascinating sociologi-       Multi-ethnic literatures oF the                        paper • $24.95                                   87 illustrations
cal survey.”—Margaret Flanagan, Booklist                              aMericas (Mela) series                                 978-0-8135-4437-3                                978-0-8135-4367-3

“Holloway combines historical research with interviews . . . the      holy prayers iN a                                      horrors of slavery                               The physioloGy of New
book is an elegantly written survey for general readers and           horse’s ear                                            or, The american Tars in Tripoli                 york BoardiNG-houses
cultural historians alike.”—African American Review                   a Japanese american memoir                             William Ray                                      Thomas Butler Gunn
240 pages • 10 illustrations                                          Kathleen Tamagawa                                      Edited by Hester Blum                            Edited by David Faflik
paper • $19.95 •978-0-8135-4351-2                                     Edited by Greg Robinson and
                                                                      Elena Tajima Creef                                     “William Ray’s Barbary captivity                 This classic 1857 account of ur-
                                                                                                                             narrative takes us on a wide-rang-               ban habitation explores the pro-
                                                                      Originally published in 1932,                          ing journey through genres and                   cess by which boardinghouse life
                                                                      Kathleen Tamagawa’s pioneer-                           geographies: Ray narrates the re-                was translated into a lively urban
                                 First PaPerback edition                                                                                                                      vernacular. Physiology is at once
                                 for The love of God                  ing Asian American memoir is                           markable history of his experiences
                                                                      a sensitive and thoughtful look                        as a sailor, prisoner, and keen po-              an essential introduction to a
                                 The Bible as an open Book                                                                                                                    “lost” world of boarding, even
                                 Alicia Suskin Ostriker               at the personal and social com-                        litical observer during the Tripoli-
                                                                      plexities of growing up racially                       tan War.”                                        as it comprises an early, engag-
                                                                      mixed during the early twentieth                       —Elizabeth Maddock Dillon,                       ing, and sophisticated analysis
                                 “The perfect antidote to fun-                                                                                                                of America’s “urban turn” during
                                 damentalist readings of the          century.                                               author of The Gender of Freedom:
                                                                      224 pages • 9 illustrations                            Fictions of Liberalism and the                   the decades leading up to the
                                 Bible, For the Love of God                                                                                                                   Civil War.
                                 artfully conveys the mul-            paper • $21.95                                         Literary Public Sphere
                                                                      978-0-8135-4298-0                                      240 pages • paper • $24.95                       234 pages • 34 illustrations
                                 tiple meanings that can be                                                                                                                   paper • $23.95
                                 gleaned from biblical texts.”        Multi-ethnic literatures oF the                        978-0-8135-4413-7
                                                                      aMericas (Mela) series                                 subterranean lives series                        978-0-8135-4440-3
                                 —Judith Plaskow, author of
                                 Standing Again at Sinai:
                                 Judaism from a Feminist              visioNs aNd divisioNs                                                                                   The americaN New womaN
                                 Perspective                                                                                 auToBioGraphy of aN
                                                                      american immigration                                   aNdroGyNe                                        revisiTed
                                                                      literature, 1870–1930                                  Ralph Werther                                    A Reader, 1894-1930
                                “No one who reads this amaz-          Edited by Tim Prchal                                                                                    Edited by Martha H. Patterson
                                ing, brilliantly written book will                                                           Edited by Scott Herring
                                                                      and Tony Trigilio
                                ever read the Bible the same                                                                                                                  “Martha Patterson is the right
                                way again.”                           During the Progressive Era,                            “Scott Herring’s strategically
                                                                                                                             brilliant introduction to this new               person for this project. I see a
—Elaine Pagels, professor of religion, Princeton University           mounting racial hostility towards                                                                       bright future for this book in
                                                                      immigration began to show the                          edition of Autobiography of an
                                                                                                                             Adrogyne provides a valuable                     undergraduate and graduate
“The perfect antidote to fundamentalist readings of the Bible,        nation in a different light. The                                                                        courses—from American litera-
For the Love of God artfully conveys the multiple meanings            literature of this period reflects                     measure of the advances made
                                                                                                                             in sexuality studies in recent de-               ture and history to media and
that can be gleaned from biblical texts.”                             the controversy and uncertainty                                                                         women’s studies.”
—Judith Plaskow, author of Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism           that abounded regarding the                            cades.”
                                                                                                                             —Michael Moon, Emory University                  —Ann Ardis, University of
from a Feminist                                                       meaning of “American.”                                                                                  Delaware
                                                                      408 pages • paper • $26.95                             256 pages • paper • $22.95
184 pages • paper • $19.95 • 978-0-8135-4503-5                                                                               978-0-8135-4300-0                                360 pages • paper • $23.95
                                                                      978-0-8135-4234-8                                                                                       25 illustrations
                                                                      Multi-ethnic literatures oF the                        subterranean lives series
                                                                      aMericas (Mela) series
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         mama, phd                                                         afTermaThs
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                                                                                                                                  Literature & Culture	 							
         women write about motherhood                                      exile, migration, and diaspora
         and academic life                                                 reconsidered
         Edited by Elrena Evans and                                        Edited by Marcus Bullock and
         Caroline Grant                                                    Peter Y. Paik
         Foreword by Miriam Peskowitz
                                                                           “A volume that is at once sophisti-
         “Well-written, personal, insightful                               cated and readable, pushing at the
         and engaging, Mama, PhD gives                                     boundaries of common conclusions

                                                                                                                                                                  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                Turning the page in publishing
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         an accurate glimpse into the feel-                                about globalization, immigration,
         ings and conflicts that mothers in                                and diaspora.”
         academia don’t often reveal be-                                   —Caroline Levine, University of
         cause such disclosure is felt to be                               Wisconsin-Madison
         unprofessional.”                                                  244 pages • paper • $24.95
         —Karen V. Hansen, author of                                       978-0-8135-4406-9
         Not-So-Nuclear Families: Class,                                   new directions in international
         Gender, and Networks of Care                                      studies series
         288 pages • paper • $19.95

                                                                           hemispheric americaN
         BloomiNG ThrouGh

         The ashes                                                         Edited by Caroline F. Levander and
         an international anthology on                                     Robert S. Levine
         violence and the human spirit

         Edited by Clifford Chanin and                                     “These superb essays represent
         Aili McConnon                                                     cutting edge contributions to the
         Prologue by Seamus Heaney                                         burgeoning field of transnational
                                                                           and hemispheric studies, and ex-
         Blooming through the Ashes fea-                                   pand its scholarship by offering
         tures writings about this historic                                new ways in which scholars might
         violence and its aftermath in a                                   refocus, from the national to the
         global anthology that brings to-                                  hemispheric and global. This col-
         gether the work of Nobel laureates                                lection’s aim to decenter American

         Seamus Heaney, Toni Morrison,                                     Studies is an imperative to the evo-
         Czeslaw Milosz, Wole Soyinka, Elie                                lution of the field.”
         Wiesel, Imre Kertesz, Alexandr                                    —Emory Elliott, Center for Ideas
         Solzhenitsyn, Eugenio Montale,                                    and Society at the University of
         and Pablo Neruda.                                                 California, Riverside
         326 pages • paper • $24.95                                        366 pages • 17 illustrations
         978-0-8135-4213-3                                                 paper • $27.95
         The Traffic iN poems                          orderiNG iNformaTioN
         Nineteenth-century poetry and
         Transatlantic exchange                  Use 02FLC8 to receive 20% off your order for these titles. To
         Edited by Meredith L. McGill            order by credit card, call 800.848.6224 or visit
         The transatlantic crossing of peo-
         ple and goods shaped nineteenth-
         century poetry in surprising ways       Professors and teachers who wish to consider Rutgers
         that cannot be fully understood         University Press books for course use should request
         through the study of separate na-       examination copies on official school letterhead
         tional literary traditions. The elev-   using our exam copy request form which can be found at:

                                                                                                                                                                               NJ 08901
                                                                                                                                                                               New Brunswick
                                                                                                                                                                               Permit 322
                                                                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
         en essays in this book focus on
         poetic depictions of exile, slavery,
         immigration, and citizenship and        We limit the number of exam copies educators can request to
         explore the traffic between British     4 per academic year.
         and American poetic cultures.
         276 pages • paper • $24.95
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