Fast power factor correction

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					Fast power factor correction
The increasing complexity and sensitivity of electronic equipment calls for replacement of
conventional static power factor correction (PFC) systems by dynamic PFC systems that
react in real time. Typical applications are found in welding equipment, industrial presses,
and robots with electric drives. Electronic thyristor modules of the TSM-LC series have been
specially developed for these applications. In contrast with electromechanical switches, the
thyristor modules are maintenance-free, free of wear and tear, and self-monitoring. Their
typical response time of 7 ms deserve special mention.
The series is intended for use in damped and undamped systems. The TSM-LC 25 and
TSM-LC 50 models can handle capacitive loads up to 25 and 50 kvar respectively at an
operating voltage of 400 V. Various operating modes and data, such as power, voltage or
error messages, are displayed by LEDs. Thanks to their compact dimensions of only
157 × 200 × 180 mm, the modules can also be installed where space is at a premium. Screw
terminals for connection to the AC line and capacitors ensure fast and easy assembly.
The TSM-C thyristor module has the same features as the TSM-LC types plus options for
monitoring capacitor current and temperature. It also offers a separate test key for manual
starting and an alarm relay with floating contacts. The load and/or capacitor bank can thus be
disconnected if critical values are reached.
Type TSM-AT has been specially developed for the higher voltage range from 525 to 690 V.
Designed for capacitive loads up to 100 kvar, it also permits permanent monitoring of line
voltage, capacitor current and module temperature. A built-in display shows the parameters
set from a menu, values measured and error messages in plain text from a multilanguage
selection. Error messages are stored, displayed as full text and evaluated. An alarm contact
is available here as well.