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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “The change required is mainly in the
4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                lifestyle. It can’t happen in two years.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     — hamdan al shaer

Green Building Rules
will be Ready by January
                                                                                          Target-driven Strategy Vital
                                             Method), launched its Gulf model
                                                                                          to Shrink UAE’s Footprint
Zoe Sinclair                                 system at the MEED Green Buildings
                                             2008 event last night.
dubai - The city’s green building regu-         The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning
lations are nearly complete but the          Council has also introduced its own                                                       Masdar. Public awareness campaigns                           0.32 per cent of global resources.           sions - 80 per cent of its ecological
plethora of potential systems will re-       “Estidama” regulations while Masdar          Global environment                           and education programmes will also                              However, he said any significant           footprint, to provide policy and objec-
quire years of training of the property      has drawn up Key Performance Indi-                                                        need to be developed,” Bin Fahad                             reduction in the per capita ranking in       tives for reducing emissions in differ-
industry, according to green building        cators (KPI) for sustainable develop-        report card finds                             said.                                                        time for the 2010 Living Planet Report       ent sectors.
experts.                                     ment.                                        country takes world’s                           “Furthermore,reductionindemand                            could only be reduced through policies          —
   Dubai Municipality Planning De-              Design consultants WS Atkins CEO          heaviest ecological toll                     of natural resources and improvement                         which set targets.
partment Senior Environmental Plan-          Keith Clarke said the systems should                                                      of efficiency across all sectors - recy-                           “The change required is mainly in
ner Adi Zuhair Afaneh said the green         ultimately include reduction of carbon                                                    cling, reusing, energy efficiency etc. -                       the lifestyle. It can’t happen in two
building regulations, being drawn up         emissions as one of the main compo-          Zoe Sinclair                                 and diversification of energy supply by                       years. It takes steady negotiation with
by the municipality and the Dubai            nents of design.                                                                          using more low-carbon technologies                           stakeholders to reduce the footprint,”
Electricity and Water Authority, would          However, he said, the current green       dubai — The United Arab Emirates             are some of the areas that we believe                        Hamdan said.
be prescriptive in their initial stages to   building systems needed to adapt bet-        needs target-driven policies to reduce       will influence our carbon footprint,”                             “We need to make a Metro - but we
counter a lack of awareness of green         ter to reduce carbon emissions.              its ecological footprint after it ranked     he suggested.                                                need to make people use the Metro,
building requirements.                          “It’s (LEED) tolerances and param-        the highest per capita in a global en-            Dubai Municipality’s Director of                        too.”
   “We feel there is a need for a transi-    eters for carbon is akin to Stone Age        vironment report card issued on              Environment Hamdan Al Shaer point-                               Razan Al Mubarak, Managing Direc-
tional period. There will be continuous      accounting. No KPI system is perfect,        Wednesday, according to officials and          ed out that the country only demanded                        tor of Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF,
improvements and we will be increas-         BREEAM, I think, is even further off.”        environmentalists.                                                                                        cautioned that the ranking had to be
ing the scope as we go,” he said                Clarke pointed out that the learning           The World Wildlife Fund(WWF)                                                                         considered in the context of UAE’s
   The regulations, due to be com-           cycles of implementing green build-          Living Planet Report 2008, which eval-                                                                    rapid development which had pro-
pleted by January 1, 2009, will then go      ing systems, measuring the buildings’        uates a country’s impact on the planet       Largest Footprints                                           vided economic growth and a high-end
before the Dubai Executive Council for       performance and further adapting the         by accounting for factors such as car-       Global hectares                                              lifestyle for its residents.
approval and legislation.                    systems took several years.                  bon emissions and resource consump-                                                                            “The options for residents to live
   Afaneh said the regulations would            Design firm Perkins and Will princi-       tion, found the average UAE resident           10                                                         more sustainably have not come on
then be phased in “to shock the mar-         pal Peter Busby said the systems need-       needs 9.5 global hectares to support                 9.5                                                  line yet,” Al Mubarak said.
ket” and serve as the minimum re-            ed to be flexible to each environment         the lifestyle, or about 4.5 planet earths.                            8.9                                    “You’ve got Masdar and the Metro
quirements with future phases requir-        and countered criticism that LEED was             This is the highest per capita eco-        8                                                         and green buildings… but we need ad-
ing higher performance.                      not an effective model for Dubai.             logical footprint worldwide and comes                                               8        7.8          ditional initiatives that individuals,
   However, a range of green building           “It has to be modified for the envi-       after the country’s top ranking two                                                                       the private sector and government can
systems can also be applied for which        ronment,” he said.                           years ago.                                      6                                                         take up.”
offer a project a performance rating.            “However, these standards get pow-            However, Minister of Environment                                                                            Al Basama Al Beeiya, partner of
   The Emirates Green Building Coun-         er and strength in numbers. Educating        and Water Dr Rashid bin Fahad said the                                                                    EWS-WWF, was established after the
cil has adapted the US system LEED           a market on one system is a challenge        country was taking initiatives to curb          4                                                         2006 report to verify the data and col-
(Leadership in Energy and Environ-           but issues will crop up with different        its toll on the environment.                                                                              late statistics to better inform policy in
mental Design) for the UAE environ-          systems.”                                         “The UAE is taking the right steps                                                                   future.
ment by requiring features such as              Busby said his organisation had been      to reduce its carbon footprint through                                                              2.7         Mubarak said the organisation,
stricter water efficiency. The UAE             involved in the training of 7,000 LEED       initiatives like Masdar, development of                                                                   at the end of the first phase, recom-
LEED model is expected to be ap-             accredited practitioners in Canada           green building codes, public transport,                                                                   mended the establishment of a federal
proved by the US council this year.          which took four years. He estimated          hybrid vehicles and Metro by Dubai                                                                        statistics database and a carbon emis-
   The British green building scheme,        there were 10,000 designers, engineers       RTA, development of a zero gas flaring           0                                                         sions inventory.







BREEAM (Building Research Estab-             and consultants who potentially need-        policy by ADNOC and carbon capture                                                                             The project would now concen-




lishment Environmental Assessment            ed green building training in Dubai.         and storage initiatives by ADNOC and                                                                      trate on the country’s carbon emis-


                                                “There is little or no green building
                                             awareness here to date. When the regu-
                                             lations come in by January 1, it will be a
                                             mad scramble.”
                                                However, Martin Townsend, direc-
There is little or                           tor of BREEAM, said multiple systems
                                             encouraged green building develop-
no green building                            ment.
                                                “If we are going to make change hap-
awareness here                               pen, it is good to have more than one
to date. When the                            code for market transformation. We
                                             need competition to make us constant-
regulations come in by                       ly learn and improve. The number is ir-                                                                                                                                                             KT Graphic : Rashid Hussain
January 1, it will be a                      relevant as long as we start to measure
                                             carbon in the same way across them
mad scramble                                 all.” —

                                                                                                                                       Solar Plant Just Latest Initiative
                                                                                                                                       dubai — The UAE has introduced                                  However, the Dubai Electricity and        to Masdar property development di-
                                                                                                                                       a range of sustainable development                           Water Authority Managing Director            rector Khaled Awad.
                                                                                                                                       measures in the recent years to combat                       and CEO Saeed Al Tayer told Khaleej             Awad, speaking at the Middle East
                                                                                                                                       the toll its rapid development is taking                     Times in an interview this month that        Green Building event, said the devel-
                                                                                                                                       on the environment. Only this week, it                       although renewable energy was being          opment's use of renewable energy
                                                                                                                                       announced that the Middle East's larg-                       considered, its adoption was more like-      would ensure it not only supported the
                                                                                                                                       est solar panel manufacturing plant                          lytobeencouragedbytheconsumerend             incorporated buildings, but produced a
                                                                                                                                       would be set up in Dubai.                                    rather than at the source of energy pro-     surplus of clean energy.
                                                                                                                                          The plant, due to start production                        duction. He further stated solar power          In Dubai, where buildings and their
                                                                                                                                       in 2010, is expected to accelerate the                       required substantial space to generate       construction are the largest contribu-
                                                                                                                                       adoption of solar energy by rapidly ex-                      any significant energy amount.                tor of carbon emissions, green build-
                                                                                                                                       panding manufacturing capacity and                              But in Abu Dhabi, Masdar - an initia-     ing legislation has been introduced by
                                                                                                                                       reducing the cost of production, ac-                         tive which incorporates a research and       His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin
                                                                                                                                       cording to Dilip Rahulan, chairman and                       development facility for renewable en-       RashidAlMaktoum,Vice-Presidentand
                                                                                                                                       CEO of Solar Technologies FZE, the                           ergy, investment fund and carbon neu-        Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of
                                                                                                                                       company responsible for the initiative.                      tral city - is going full steam, according   Dubai. —

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